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    It’s a good day when you get a first look at the cover art for your book, and it’s completely amazing!
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    Wear a mask. That is all...
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    The wee corgi is home! She’s a little bit stoned on meds, but she’s home, and I’m so glad to have her here!
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    I have cover art! NineStar Press is republishing my Witch’s Apprentice series, and Ghost’s Sight, the first book, has cover art. I’m really excited, and I can’t wait for the release date!
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    Last night, I was adding "heavy cream" to my grocery list, and the two words my phone suggested after "heavy" were "breasts" and "balls." Phone, you know me far too well.
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    Ok, so last time the news was nerve-wracking, but I’m happy to report that things have improved substantially. My little brother is fine (his symptoms never got worse than the mild ones I described last time), and my middle brother’s wife has tested negative several times now, so it seems she was never infected. Still sort of nervous about my aunt, but that’s two out of three COVID-related things that have turned out well so far. With all that in mind, I have some reviews to catch up on. I know Invidia has started reading Mortuus Orbis, and of course JayDee has left reviews of every chapter, and @Sinfulwolf has left three wonderful reviews on the finale of WitS, so over the next few days I’ll endeavor to respond to all of those. As for what’s coming up next, I have at least two things to work on in the near future. Both of them are science fiction stories tied to another work, one that’s not on AFF and I don’t really want to describe here. Suffice it to say I make weird friends for who I am. Then again the first friend I made here was JayDee so maybe not that weird. In the case of the longer one, my co-writer has asked if she could just start writing, so I have to make an effort to keep pace lest I be left behind (as well as work out precisely which of us will be writing what scenes). I know Sparrow may be concerned at the moment, but I don’t quite know what the co-writing process with her will be like, so it may not eat up as much time as one might fear, and after the weekend, I will endeavor to be on Discord more often. I have another idea for a story called Below, but that doesn’t have anybody waiting for it, so it can be placed on hold until other things get done. Bringing it all back to the beginning of this post, thank you to everyone who wished my family well and offered prayers and support. You have no idea how much I appreciated all of that.
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    Every member of Congress who has been humoring Trump about his election loss for the past 2 months had a hand in what happened today. I have spoken.
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    Because I think we need wondrous things in our lives, I decided to donate to help purchase JRR Tolkien’s home to help create a Tolkien Centre: https://www.projectnorthmoor.org/ I don’t know if anything will come of it, but I feel like I should do some little thing for all the joy he’s given me for all these years.
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    Keep yer fingers crossed that we get staffing issues finally settled for where I work. It has been BRUTAL. Sixty hours worked since Saturday. And I’m not done.
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    I am away for a week and will be without internet… wish me luck! Hopefully, I will get some writing done. I plan to extend and write more of an original story that @CloverReef has helped me with – thank you so much! If all goes well, I may start posting that upon my return. Later!
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    Keep your fingers crossed for me, looks like I actually get a day off Thursday!
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    Just going to leave this here:
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    WARNING: Personal politics ahead... So the petition against Trump making a state visit now has over 1.5m signatures. For context, the UK has a population of about 52m people who are over the age of fourteen. This evening, I was off out protesting in Sheffield. For such short notice there were a lot of people, so many we closed the main road in front of the town all. At one point I was out on the edges, when a woman asked me what it was about, since she had just finished work. I told her; so she joined in. Of all the slogans I heard chanted tonight, “Trump – better out than in!” is probably my favourite. Followed closely by the “Theresa the appeaser!” mentions from the speakers. Also memorable is the moment when a girl stood up in front of the microphone and declared: “I am a muslim woman! And an activist!” to rapturous applause. I’ve got to admit, I have (especially in my younger years) participated in many anti-racist and anti-fascist protests, marches and rallies, but this is the first where I felt protest and civic duty really merged together into one.
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    Lack of reviews.

    *shakes head* These writers apparently have NO idea just how much time and work goes into a concrit review. I have spent over an hour on some of my concrit reviews, it depends on the number of errors and how long the chapter is. I try to make them as professional as I can because the purpose of these reviews is to help the author improve their writing skills. Nobody is going to spend that kind of time on someone who can't appreciate it. You get one solid review and cry FLAME? The writer should be sending the reviewer flowers for taking the time to read their story and for writing a review meant to help them grow in the craft! If all a writer wants is fluffy reviews, they should put an author's note at the start of the story saying: Praiseful reviews only.
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    It’s been a hell of a year, right? I hope everyone has come through it okay… so far… And, well… I just thought I should warn you all, I’m planning to be around a bit more.
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    It was 27 years ago today that the daft bugger and I decided to do that marriage thing. I have a sneaky feeling it’s working out.
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    It’s so damn nice to be writing again after such a long-assed drought.
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    My Scrabble app does not recognize “jahoobs” as a word. Those 88 points were rightfully mine.
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    My cat has been trying to convince my dog to cuddle him for a good two years now but the dog is too scared. So the cat just spent the last few hours using a big farty dog ass as a pillow. That, my friends, is dedication.
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    woohoo! Two days off in a row! So far. Keep yer fingers crossed!
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    So, why do “family friendly” places get so upset when you try to create a family there?
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    So, NineStar Press has offered me a contract to republish Ghost’s Sight…
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    Lack of reviews.

    I'm going to be honest, I’ve been avoiding this thread like it's nuclear waste because it's the kind of thing that can lead to serious rants and some very hurt feeling but, after today, I decided to add my two pennies to it (and Apollo is checking those pennies to make sure I don't step over the line with this rant). For those on here that don't know, I've been an archive moderator since '08 and seen a lot of things over those years so I can quite honestly say that, despite what someone asserted, it's not a few bad apples that have ruined reviews for most everyone but a whole lot of them rotten apples that have killed it! That's no joke, folks! And the biggest problem with getting reviews is the authors themselves. They are the ones that have, bluntly, made it to where so many are out and out scared to leave a review of any kind for anyone. It's sad, but it's true! I know people are going to argue with that assertion but hear me out. One very shining example of this happened today. A few days ago, I was working on doing my ten reviews for AFF's Review Association (for those of you that don't know what that is we go in and review stories each month that have none. Our reward for that? We get a banner. Nothing else. If interested, they are always accepting members-plug over, back to rant...). It's been a few days since I did it so I didn't think anything of it until I woke up today and was getting ready for work. Checking the standard pages I do when I get up, I found that one of the beings I left a review for reported me for it! Now, being a mod, I know what the difference between what a flame and concrit is. I also know where the line is drawn and don't even step close to it. If I feel something I’m saying is too harsh, I get BW or Apollo to check it over for me to see if there isn't a way to soften up what I said or to ensure that I didn't step over any kind of line with it. The review in question wasn't even one I had to do that with. It was nicely worded, slightly blunt but not overly so, giving the issue, a link about how to fix the issue and how what was done affects the reader when trying to read it. I started and ended the review with positive things about the story. Nor did I rip the thing apart. But, still, I got reported for it and there was a long rant from the author about the whole thing basically saying I need to quit pretending this is a professional writing site or Hollywood and stop leaving those kinds of reviews. I was... STUNNED. Then I laughed my ass off! Am I mad about it? No, I thought it was funny as hell! Am I in trouble for it? No, because I did nothing wrong and I didn't flame or attack anyone. Is this odd? Yes and no. It's odd that I got reported but these kinds of tantrums over concrit reviews are quite common. There are plenty out there, more than just a small handful of them, that want nothing but fandpoodling OMGWTFILUFFIT reviews and for you to say nothing else though they ask for reviews. Other examples are just as bad. Plenty pimp the hell out of their stuff all over and ask for reviews but when you give them an honest one, they just delete it and don't bother to fix any of the issues you pointed out even if you give them a very easy way or solution to fixing what is wrong. Talking to Rogue, another member of the RA, we figured out that we are running about 50/50 with reviews we leave. About 50% stay up and the other 50 either get rid of the review or out and out delete the story (this month's 5 I did serious concrit for has resulted in 2 reviews already being deleted and one reporting me for what I had to say so you can see this is not an exaggeration). That is sad but true. And, generally, they all but beg for reviews in the story, the thread in the forum to promo the story or elsewhere. But if you don't just gush, they get rid of it. How many times are you going to go through with this until you give up? It generally doesn't take long before you throw your hands up and say 'I give' then quit. It get's worse though. Though many of you might think I’m joking (I can assure you, I’m not), it goes downhill from there. Like I said at the beginning, I’ve seen a lot over my time as a mod and a common thing to happen is the flame baiting by authors. BW and I have both had this happen to us because we're mods and the author didn't like something we told them to change. We've had them say something in the story then had their readers go after our stories with reviews that are intended to be retaliatory and bombing our ratings. And if they'll do it to a mod, who knows what's going on and how to handle it, you can damned sure bet they do it to reviewers that say something they don't like! They have too, many, many, MANY times. They leave a butt-hurt, whiney ass AN about how someone was so mean to them in a review or that they think they should just stop writing because of something that is said then BAM the reviewer gets nailed. It happens more than you think, folks! And if you think it's just younger authors that do this, think again! There are plenty of older ones that do the same thing. This, more than anything, has made it to where people are afraid to leave a review. Would you want attacked because you were honest or were giving feedback to someone that's not mean but intended to help them improve what they do? The majority of you would say no to this but it's what happens. And plenty have seen this so they back off and say nothing rather than be on the receiving end of that kind of flaming. That results in people not reviewing. Since this has gone on for years, the end result is what you see now; reviews are minimal. If someone gives one, it's just standard fanpoodling OMG update soon or something like that. So, know what? You want to bitch and complain to someone about this? Go find the authors that do this bonehead stupid stuff, and more I didn't mention, and let them know because they are the ones that have killed the reviews for the rest of you more than just the readers that never bother.
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    Actually - I'm not. It's foolish to think that someone who owns and operates the 2nd largest fan fiction website on the internet would be ignorant of copyright laws. Not only have I had discussions with various legal sources, I did my own research prior to consulting with them. Your arguments hold no water. Please also note, that as you are intent on infringing on EL James' copyright, your information including IP address data has been sent to both her and her editor along with copies of what was posted to this site and our removal of it. I wish you luck with your faulty arguments if and when they decide to send you a C&D letter I'd say happy writing, but it is apparent that you much prefer taking someone elses work in it's entirety as opposed to creating something of your own.
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    The first thing you should know is that this forum is for promoting your own story that you’ve uploaded to the AFF archive only. That is, no stories that you’ve uploaded to other websites not connected to AdultFanFiction. With that established, the first thing you need to do is to click on the ‘Start New Topic’ button. In the ‘Topic Title’ area, the simplest thing to put is just the name of your story. The main body of your post could begin with a brief intro, telling people you’ve posted a new story, or a brand new chapter of your story. That isn’t required, but the following information is: Author: Title: Summary: Feedback: Fandom: Pairing: Warnings: Solo story or chaptered story: URL: Review Reply thread: An example of what it should look like is below: Author: Melrick Title: An Interesting Story Summary: A really interesting thing happens, and then something else even more interesting happens! (Here you can write as detailed a blurb as you want to. A catchy summary to entice the reader.) Feedback: Feedback and constructive criticism much appreciated. Fandom: Original Pairing: N/A Warnings: M/F, Oral, Anal Solo story or chaptered story: Solo story URL: http://original.adul...ion.net/FakeURL Review Reply thread: Link to review reply thread in the appropriate forum, if and when you make one. You could, if you like, finish your post by thanking people for reading, or that you hope they enjoy it. And you really should make sure that your spelling and grammar is good, otherwise it won’t exactly leave a good impression about your writing skills! And that’s all there is to it!