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  1. Having experience with the military (having been in, two brothers currently serving along with my soon to be husband), if it was brought on by the recruiter, then it was a bad recruiter. Yes, the military requires you to be at a reasonable weight or BMI (yes, it is an either or), but that is because it is a physical job. Yes, a recruiter may tell someone that they would need to lose weight to join, but they would recommend it with a healthy diet and exercise. The military is VERY careful with recruits. In basic training, we were watched to ensure we ate correctly and we would be stopped to ensure that we hydrated well. So until something comes up otherwise, this is a one off with either a bad recruiter that doesn't deserve to be in the military or the person took it too far on their own. The only reason this is news is because it involved the military. If the person had decided to diet with out ever contacting a recruiter and died as a result, we wouldn't be hearing about this. Sensational media at it's best.
  2. For all my wenches that love a man in a kilt - Here is a link to 50+ minutes of nomminess....

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      Bronxie, I was thinking of you... You'll have to let me know what you think of Jareth this year :)

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      was a good way to start the day!

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      omg...thanks for this! omg

  3. Hey everyone! I should apologize - We didn't put news up last month and I'm a day late this month. Here's the thing though: Nothing's going on! The site is chugging along and there is no huge news that it's important to share. That being said, as my life is getting busier (Holidays, fiancee coming home, wedding, cross country move, school, etc) and the site is settling into nice steady groove, we've made a decision to only post the news when necessary. I'm shooting for a quick update every 3-4 months, but if there's not something going on, I won't take up your time or mine! As things come up we will make sure to keep you up to date and we will ensure that the donations page and moderation status is kept current. If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know!
  4. Money, mascara/eyeliner for touch ups, chapstick/lipstick, cell phone and the tiny toothbrushes. And if it's a blind/internet date? Mace! If I plan on getting laid, then I also make sure I have condoms, cause that's not just a guys responsibility. In terms of what makes a date good? For me it's having fun and being able to be myself.
  5. Don't want to bug, but I'm new here and accidently left a post without logging in first. Would I be able to have it deleted? I have my real post under it. Also, where's a good place to start around here? It's at:

  6. I can't add anything that hasn't already been said! But I agree completely with them ^
  7. Oh crap oh crap... I forgot to plan Nano! Why did no one remind me... Feck... Okay, here's the plan - Finish last years Nano that Blue Eye's leave screwed with. Document had 6,933 words at midnight 50k to go!

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      plans? who needs plans? lol :) good luck and have fun!!!

  8. The other thing to keep in mind is that just because they don't respond in the forum doesn't mean that they don't read your responses. I'm showing one of your topics got over 1700 views and the other almost 1500.
  9. Prompt: Dwindle Please remember to follow the rules as outlined here: Rules Happy Writing!
  10. When we remove a user for registering while underage, there is no warning email sent, so you didn't miss anything. As the site is clearly labelled that you must be 18 years old to use it, people who break our biggest and most important rule are simply removed with no warning given. That being said, yes. Your stories are gone permanently.
  11. Them and their damn custom crap! My two cents: 1) If you are an author, you have to use them to post a story. So if you can use them to post a story that you (I assume) want other people to review, then don't use the reCAPTCHA as an excuse as to why you don't leave a review. 2) Yes, they are annoying. Yes, they suck. Yes, I hate it too. But I don't have anywhere near the number of staff needed to sweep the archive daily instead of weekly for spam etc and remove it, so it stays. As Rogue pointed out, refresh is always an option (Cause sometimes it takes a couple to find a decent one) or just C&P the review. Bottom line - the one we have is the best free option out there that has an audio option for our visually impaired users and doesn't require flash/java to use. If people want to pony up the several hundred dollars needed to get the best paid option that is a comparable in terms of stopping the spambots and has those features, please, let me know and we'll see what we can find!
  12. Prompt: Abate Please remember to follow the rules as outlined here: Rules Happy Writing!
  13. I can contact our POC at Adam & Eve to see if it's something they are affiliated with if you'd like!
  14. Ahhh, okay - Almost gave me a heart attack! Writing has always been an exception to most pornography laws because it's not 'real' people involved at least as far as I've read. It's a written description and not actual children doing actual acts. Though to ensure lines aren't crossed and to prevent possible legal issues, that's why we do not allow fiction involving real minors only fictional characters. In fact, despite many peoples dislike of fiction involving minors - I would much rather writing be that outlet than an actual child, so we continue to allow it. It doesn't appear it was the writing that initially got him in trouble, but the fact that he had pictures. Doing some digging, it looks like they were dismissed on an artistic merit aspect - basically because it was fictional in nature. While you are always free to post or not post, from what I've read up on we don't really have any legal issues from that aspect.
  15. I must have missed that - Can you link me out to info on that case? I try to keep up on that stuff for obvious reasons with the site, but must have missed that one...