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    How y’all doing you lovely smutmuffins?
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    The happiest of birthdays to @Melrick, and hoping this year brings nothing but good things for you!
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    “Any god that demands worship is by definition a tyrant” going through my 1st year college stuff and its cringy
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    Wishing the very happiest of birthdays to my dear Pittwitch! Love you!
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    Got my first jab today. Been about an hour, and so far no signs of zombie-ism… And I so want to add a joke about my 5G reception right here, but maybe I shouldn’t…
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    Authors: Sparrow and InBrightestDay Title: Bunkerkampf (Mortuus Orbis Part Two) Summary: Following the events of Part One, the remaining survivors attempt to rebuild their numbers, only to face new threats in the dead city. More pressing, however, is a threat already among them, that their fragile unity may not survive. Feedback: Reviews and constructive criticism much desired. Fandom: Misc Video Games/RPGs > Crossovers Warnings: Abuse Angst Bigotry BMod BP Contro HC Hum MCD MF MiCD Minor2 Oral Racist Rape Solo Tort UST Violence Solo or chaptered story: Chaptered URL: http://games.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600091480 Review Reply thread: http://www2.adult-fanfiction.org/forum/topic/69143-mortuus-orbis-discussion-thread/
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    Intimidated by the big thread game? Just want some closure? From Appalachia and feel like counting all your fingers? This is the forum game for you. How it works: Read the most recent post in the thread carefully. Type the next highest number. Submit the post. If the highest number in the most recent post is 11 the game is over. You’re too late. If it’s above 11 some guys from up the more rural hollows were taking part. If it’s not here at all the mods didn’t see the funny side. So. Here were go. It begins. 1
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    at this point Lincoln is like quagmire. all he needs a a Hawaiian shirt
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    So two things happened today that I didn’t expect. First, I spend time this afternoon that I should have spent on other things finishing the draft of “Just One Rule” chapter 9. Second, when I sent it to Jomahawk for beta, he responded, like, within the hour. So contrary to what I said earlier today, Chapter 9: No Substitute is now posted! As a result, three of my stories are now within one chapter of completion: “Cartooniverse,” “Rashomonster,” and “Just One Rule.” But I’ve got plenty more stories warming up in the bullpen.
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    Drafting the next chapter of “Just One Rule” is taking longer than expected, mainly because it’s been a busy weekend. Now I’m guessing it won’t be beta-ready until Tuesday. I’ve also had the first-world problem of having lots of reviews to respond to. Lady Freelove went on a reading-and-reviewing binge yesterday, and I’ve gotten a couple of reviews of “My Wish Is Your Command” and of original stories (including the first-ever AFF review of “The Wrong Locker Room”). Pretty happy about all that.
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    Chapter three is up. Much shorter than the previous one, I’m afraid.
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    https://mypen.name/#generate-names I find it weird that they all start sounding like Roger’s personas
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    Latest chapter for Ears is up here.
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    Chapter 3 of “Cartooniverse” is posted! Now the onstage action really gets out of hand. I’m making good progress on the next chapter of “Just One Rule,” but the progress just shows me how much more there is to do. In contrast, the first chapter of my Simpsons story, “My Wish Is Your Command,” should be ready to post soon. This story is kind of a ripoff of my own original story “Flesh,” and it’s very much a ripoff of that Treehouse of Horror episode that ripped off that Twilight Zone episode where Bill Mumy played a kid who was omnipotent and was a real brat about it.
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    Chapter two is up. Better grab a sandwich or something, because this is a long one.
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    The original x-men of Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, Angel, and Iceman? Soaping each other up?
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    So, I’ve just posted the first bits (ie, the prologue and chapter 1) of “My Wish Is Your Command.” This will be a longish one: 12 chapters, plus a prologue and epilogue. In other news, chapter 9 of “Just One Rule” should be ready for beta in the next day or two. Once that’s out of my hands, my main focus will be on the third and final chapter of “Rashomonster.”
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    InvidiaRed's review responses

    See, I didn’t know that, s’why I asked I looked into it after you mentioned it, found this – https://www.grammarphobia.com/blog/2017/12/icbm.html and I gotta say it’s pretty funny they changed from IBM to ICBM within a year because of nerds making the same mistaken association I did – IBM corp wins the day! Always worth knowing something new. Yeah, will do – I’m a little busy right now!
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    Responding to reviews for my Wild Cherry stories: http://cartoon.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600095203 As of April 2021, I decided to lump all episodes of Wild Cherry into a single “story” and removed all other individual chapters. Due to this, I’ll be replying to comments to stories that I have deleted.
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    Re: “A Day at the Beach” From Maxsteele1986 on April 11, 2021 Thank you! Not sure if you mean incest stories or little slice-of-life oneshots, but I have written more of both.
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    Re: “The Interview” From Maxsteele1986 on April 11, 2021 Max, I’m going to respond to the various parts of your three reviews out of order, because some of them kind of go together. Thank you! Wow -- this story has been posted for 7 years, and you're the first person ever to mention those errors to me. I've gone in and fixed them. Thanks! Honestly, I never thought about it. I tend to think of the dairy's employees as professionals who wouldn't be getting freaky at work. (Maybe at home after a long day of watching cows get bred, though...) No. This story was inspired by some "hucow" drawings I saw on Hentai Foundry. Also, this story started out as a oneshot (I changed my mind soon after posting it), which is why it’s titled “The Interview” – because the interview scene was the whole story. I don't have plans for one, no. I'm not planning a sequel to this story. I generally only write sequels if I have what I think is a good idea for an interesting new direction to go with the characters. I haven’t seen any forum posts about problems with posting reviews. You might want to report that in the General Staff Questions forum.
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    Re: “Firelight” From Maxsteele1986 on April 06, 2021 It’s wonderful to see a review of one of the first original stories I ever posted on AFF. I can scarcely believe that it’s been almost 8 years since then. I never wrote any more about those characters; the story pretty much ended where I wanted it to end. But I’ve got plenty of other furry stories on this site that you might like.