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  1. FairySlayer wrote a wonderful Gravity Falls fic titled “The Secrets of My Sis” that had an Ancient-Egyptian theme. I didn’t realize until he told me afterward that the title was a reference to the 1970s kids show The Secrets of Isis (which I used to watch on Saturday mornings along with the Shazam! series it was paired with).
  2. Here are my responses to the latest reviews from that reading-and-reviewing machine known as @Yahegai: Re: "Learning a Daughter's Duty" Thanks! I had a lot of fun with that one. Re: "Caitlyn's Punishment" Thank you! Re: "Company Policy" This was another one of those stories where I thought about what is normal, rational, and predictable and then did the opposite. Re: "F**k Perfect" Thanks! That's exactly what I was going for. Re: "A Beach Like No Other" Thanks! This story was inspired by the artwork of Glassfish, who likes to portray cute young boys getting it on with busty adult women. I thought it would be fun to write about an entire world of that. Re: "A Beach Like No Other" Hmmm, I like that thought. Thank you! Re: "A Beach Like No Other" Thanks! I tried to think of what kind of movie they would make in a world like this, and Captain Cassie and the Boy Pirates was the result. Re: "Father's Love" Thanks. When I wrote this story, I didn't expect many people to like it, given the whole in utero sex angle. But it turned out to be a lot more popular than I expected--especially on Inkbunny, where it is far and away the most popular story I've ever posted there. Re: "A Little Goes a Long Way" Thanks! Re: "Unbidden" Thank you. This one was particularly fun for me to write because I could use a lot of the rape-fantasy scenarios that I had come up with previously but that I didn't think could carry a whole story on their own.
  3. So, a few bits of news: --I hope to have chapter 5 of “Out of Hand” off to beta this week. --I’ve started mulling ideas and outlining a sequel to my Big Hero 6 story, “Augmented.” Like the upcoming movie Twisters, this is a sequel no one asked for , but I just like the idea and am going for it nonetheless. --I have nearly finished an original short story, which I expect to post this week. It’s called “The Worst,” and it’s about a 12-year-old girl who likes to take her younger sister to an isolated beach where boys can take advantage of her. Yes, it’s one of my sick ones. --Even though only a few episodes of the new Disney toon Kiff have come out so far, I already have an idea for a fic that I want to write--a non-porny one, believe it or not.
  4. Yahegai, you are an animal! An extremely literate animal. Here are my responses to your many reviews: Re: "Satisfaction" Thank you! Originally, chapter 1 was going to be the whole story (this is also true of "The Interview"), but then I realized there was a lot more I wanted to do. Re: "Side Effects (COMPLETE)" Especially Greg, who wasn't even under the influence like Melanie was. Re: "The Playground" Thanks! Re: "The AngelPlay Winter Catalog" Glad you liked it. Re: "Keene's Really Good Week" Thanks! Re: "Keene's College Weekend" Isn't he, though? FYI, I've been kicking around ideas for a third and final story in this series, but nothing has really gelled yet. Re: "Daddy's Rules" Yeah, Ianu is a completely bad apple. Re: "The Single Mothers' Support Group" Thanks! It was a fun change of pace to write an all-dialogue story like this. Re: "Snow" Thank you! Re: "Darla" Why, thank you. Re: "Twins: An Incest Poem" Thanks! I'm only rarely inspired to do poetry, so I appreciate your appreciation. Re: "Darla's Dad" Oh, indeed. Re: "Darla's Dad" As an author of both fan fiction and original fiction, I was quite flattered that someone wanted to write a fanfic of my original fics. And I agree that she did a great job. Re: "The Small Hours" Thanks! I'm usually very concerned with plot and setup, but this time I was like, "Dang it, this time I'm going to write a PWP story." Re: "Wish List" Thank you! The trickiest part of writing this story was not making it too similar to the "Wild Side" stories. Re: "Some Days, You Get the Bear" Thanks! I wrote this one for a story contest that had a 500-word limit, and I did not have an easy time making it that short, so I appreciate the compliment. Re: "Backward Glance: A Multi-temporal Romance" Thanks! I'm very happy with how this one turned out. Now, I see that you’ve left another batch of reviews, which I’ll respond to soon.
  5. Yahegai, you are one heck of a voracious reader! (Not to mention a fast reader.) Here are my responses to all of your recent reviews. Re: “Firelight” Thank you! In this story, I was kind of trying to turn the prostitute/john trope on its head by (a) making the man the prostitute and (b) making their interaction respectful instead of degrading. I’m glad you liked the result. Re: "Wild Side" Thanks! This started as a simple one-shot story but, as you’ve seen, it grew into a lot more because I became so fond of the characters. Re: "Everything She Needs" Thank you! Re: "Make It All Better" Thanks! This story was meant to be a character study in addition to being pornographic. I really enjoyed showing the contrast between Dad and Angela’s very normal life together versus Daddy and Angie’s wild one. I felt that the story needed a twist at the end, and Gloria knowing about everything her husband and daughter had been doing seemed like the perfect thing. It also gave credence to Dad/Daddy’s statement at the beginning that his wild sex life with Angie was not about hurting Gloria. Re: "Leilaya's Evening" I’m glad. Like “Firelight,” this was a story in which I tried to subvert the prostitution trope by making the experience about fun instead of money and degradation. Re: "The Last Toy" Re: "The Interview" Thanks for the comment! This story was another effort to turn tropes on their heads: The corporation turns out to be benevolent instead of evil, and life as a human animal is pleasant and not horrific. Re: "Cruel Nature" Glad you liked it, considering that this is one of my nastier ones. Re: "A Day at the Beach" Glad you enjoyed! Once again, this was me taking what seems logical and expected and doing the opposite. My original idea was that the MCs would go to a secluded beach where they could have their incestuous fun alone, but then I decided to put them on a beach full of like-minded people instead. Thanks so much for all the comments!
  6. First off, I also like this new feature of being able to see that people have recommended their story. And yes, I’d be glad to be able to see who recommended my stories. But I think readers would like that, too, because if they can see who recommended a story they like, they can look and see what other stories that reader recommends. Just throwing that out there. I’ll understand if there are reasons why it’s technically difficult or inadvisable security-wise.
  7. I forgot to announce yesterday that the newest chapter of “Out of Hand” is posted! Chapter 4: Faculty Meeting
  8. Re: “Make It All Better” From Brugremawes on March 16, 2023 Yeah, I could see it.
  9. Avira makes a free VPN app that is supposed to be decent (not perfect, but decent). https://www.top10vpn.com/reviews/avira-phantom-free/
  10. “Weakness” is posted! Most teenage boys can only dream of having a sure thing, especially in the form of a hot, busty girl. But Jimmy has found a way, and he doesn't mind at all that the girl is his sister—or that her consent is dubious at best.
  11. I’ve been a little slow about getting “Weakness” out there, but that should happen this weekend. Also, I just got chapter 4 of “Out of Hand” off to beta.
  12. I don’t have immediate plans for a sequel to “Can’t Resist Her,” but I would certainly write one if a good enough idea hit me. And I will most certainly be writing more lesbian stories, including incestuous ones.
  13. I’d love to tell you that I always know exactly when and how a story will end. And that’s often the case, but definitely not always, because I sometimes write stories that don’t have a real plot arc. The chapters are more like series of vignettes in chronological order. One of these stories is “Country Summer,” a furry fic about a city girl who goes to the country to spend a month on her aunt and uncle’s farm and has one sexual adventure after another with the far more sexually liberal country folk. I had no plan for how long it would go or what would happen in each chapter; I was just pantsing it. But while I was writing chapter 8, I started thinking, “This story has got to end at some point. What would be a good way to do that?” I ended up writing 3 more chapters—2 for the grand finale (a big birthday party with lots of sexy fun), and 1 for the denouement. And I think that worked pretty well.
  14. Re: “There's a New Seraph in Town” From Yahegai on March 04, 2023 Thank you! I originally wrote this for a Halloween story contest on Hentai Foundry, and I decided at the time that it would be a nice change of pace to do a feel-good piece instead of a horror story. I’ve always been proud of the result.
  15. I know it’s cool to hate on Velma, but it’s actually an entertaining show. It’s funny, it’s sexy, and it’s fun to spot all the references to other old Hanna-Barbara cartoons. The only thing really “wrong” with it is that it’s not aimed at die-hard Scooby-Doo fans but at people like me who don’t mind it when they mock the source material.

    1. InvidiaRed


      I will respectfully disagree. Velma is latest definition of skinsuiting in which people will take a beloved and old franchise and rather than develop their own setting and stories. Force their own story where it doesn’t belong in a setting where it doesn’t belong and it shows.

      Like the wolf that ate little red riding hood’s grandmother. We can see the imposter wearing a well defined character that obviously doesn’t fit. Like the roach in MIB wearing the farmer it hollowed out.

      Everyone thanks to popular culture knows these characters. And rather than give us more appreciation for Velma the character it constantly bludgeons you over the head that this isn’t Velma. Its neither quirky nor fun watching some creature badly pilot her corpse and trash the setting in which its supposed to be in.

      The dissonance only grows more disquieting and horrifying the longer it goes on.

    2. Wilde_Guess


      I also have to respectfully disagree.  Velma is worse than “just” skinsuiting.  It’s Woke Skinsuiting.  While one seldom wins credibility by citing Wikipedia, I have to quote the last two sentences of the second paragraph from their English language article on the show.  “Audience reception was overwhelmingly negative.  A second season is in development.”

      Woke Skinsuiting isn’t merely “cultural appropriation,” it’s “cultural mis-appropriation.”  It is no more and no less than the soulless gangrenous circus-mirror reflection of Pat Boone (badly) covering Little Richard songs in the 1950’s.  Even Warner Brothers, the modern owners of all the Hanna-Barbera intellectual property, who love the Woke Dollar just as much as any other corporate megalith, flat-out refused to allow Velma’s producers to give Norville a dog—lawyers at the ready and all.

      If someone were to Whitewash The Boondocks, Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, or Dora the Explorer; or if they Whited out Hadji Singh from Jonny Quest, they would rightfully be ripped a new one.  Same-o same-o here.  If you want to create a cartoon series featuring lead characters of “non-perceived majority” demographics, then go for it!  But create that series, don’t just “Wokify” an existing one that is “too White” for you, especially if you don’t understand the original main characters and circumstances.

      Ret-conning the White out is fraught with peril at best, even if occasionally works.  For every Nick Fury, there are at least a dozen Velma Dinkleys or more.  In Fury’s case, you could make him Black all the way back to his WWII origins, and make him more believable as a character instead of less.  In the case of Velma, it’s somewhere between pointless and baloney.

      Velma won an amazing 40% on Rotten Tomatoes, with a seven percent audience score.  Perhaps they’re on to something?


    3. GeorgeGlass


      The first 10 things I can think of that are more worthy of outrage than Velma:
      1. The war in Ukraine
      2. The opioid crisis
      3. People dumping unwanted pets in public parks.
      4. Catalytic converter thefts. 
      5. Contractors who don't show up for weeks at a time while your kitchen remodel is only half finished.
      6. The fact that Honey Bunches of Oats contains more wheat, corn, and sugar than it does oats.
      7. Every Jaws movie after the first one. 
      8. HOAs that will fine you $500 for having pumpkins and Christmas decorations in your yard at the same time.
      9. The fact that Disney Plus has had season 1 of The Replacements since the service launched in 2019 but STILL doesn't have season 2.
      10. The astonishing lack of Hamster and Gretel r34 porn.

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