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  1. The penultimate chapter of “Itch Versus Scratch” is up! Chapter 3: Fun for the Whole Family
  2. So, quick updates: –Chapter 3 of “Itch Versus Scratch" has gone to beta. –My next goal is finishing the third and final chapter of "Casino Night.” –I’m still on track to start sending chapters of "Augmented2” to beta by the end of the month.
  3. Nice. I wrote a story called “Dil-Drones” about...well, you can probably guess.
  4. Maybe the chips could be stacked into a dildo. The more you win, the longer it is.
  5. As it happens, I’ve been writing a story involving poker. In that story, the cards are marked with ink that can only be seen under a blacklight. This is done to prevent people cheating by having a literal ace up their sleeve. But you could do something else with the invisible ink. Maybe, at a random point during the came, the lights go out and the black light comes on, revealing that certain cards have something written on them. Maybe its a sexual act they have to perform, or a person they have to perform it with. Or maybe it’s the chips that are marked.
  6. And now, a second second chapter for today, this one for “Itch Versus Scratch”! Chapter 2: Hygge for Two-ge
  7. The middle chapter of “Casino Night” is posted! Chapter 2: The Boiler Room
  8. Hey, all. I’m pleased to announce that the second chapters of both “Casino Night” and “Itch Versus Scratch” have gone to beta.
  9. Ah, okay. I was all like, “But alcohol has a really low freezing point, so how would that make sense?”
  10. Maybe she rubs an ice cube over her lover's lips before they kiss, and afterward says, "Mmm, I love them cold." This would be especially pause-worthy if she works in a morgue or a funeral home.
  11. Just posted a new First Time furry oneshot: First Time: Muli and Zaccara Summary: A big Rhenan named Ghen tells of his torrid encounter with a teen couple. Content Tags : Anal Anthro Bi COMPLETE Cuck Exhib MF Minor2 MM Oneshot Preg Voy
  12. From NaokoSword on March 30, 2024 I can’t really say at this point. It will depend on whether something in that movie gives me a good idea for a story.
  13. The first chapter of my The Ghost and Molly McGee story “Itch Versus Scratch” is posted! Itch Versus Scratch Two ghostly siblings tell Scratch they can rig Brighton's misery meter to show maximum unhappiness forever—if Scratch convinces Molly and Darryl to lend them their bodies for a few hours. What could go wrong? Content Tags : 3Plus Anal Bi FF Inc MC MF Minor1 Minor2 Oral Solo Chapter 1: Sibling Revelry In other news, it’s going to be another week or two before chapter 2 of Casino Night is ready for beta. Writing a poker game is hard when you actually care about the mechanics of the game. BTW, I've fallen out of the number one most recommended spot; the previous reigning champion, StarLightMassacre, has picked up a couple more recs. Now I'm back to being the spunky upstart challenger.
  14. Thanks, BW. But I notice that it appears last in the G-L list. Should I have requested, “Ghost and Molly McGee, The”?
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