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  3. After the Potter home at Godric’s Hollow was attacked by Voldemort while James and Lily were out at an Order of the Phoenix meeting Harry has been neglected by his parents for his younger brother Charlus who is being hailed as the Boy-Who-Lived by the wizarding world. The only one of him family and friends of his family that still pays any attention to him is his Godfather Sirius Black even though he spends noticeably more time with Charlus than Harry too. A lot of the time Sirius is just using Harry to attract woman who are turned on by the apparently caring/fatherly front that Sirius is putting on when around them with Harry. Having given up trying to get any attention from his neglectful parents Harry instead chooses to idolize and try to imitate Sirius turning himself into a playboy and spends his time seducing beautiful woman from both the magical and muggle worlds. Charlus even though his is still revered by the man population of the magical world, the woman of the end up idolizing Harry for his prowess over his brother and ignore him when ever he tries to approach them in favour of his playboy brother.
  4. Hi Extreme, glad you liked the latest chapter. Regarding the ending, you're right that things have gone too far to go completely back to normal. I see Lara having a self realisation about how self-obsessed and narcissistic she's become, and try to make amends. She'll admit she had feelings for Sarah back in school, but was too worried about what other people would think and turned on her; she'll admit what a teasing bitch she was to her staff etc. After the year is out, Lara will get her Title back, but won't have anything to do with English upper society after seeing their true colours. Sarah and Lara get engaged and stay living together at Croft Manor. The maid stuff ends, as Lara really hates menial labour, although Lara agrees to continue limited sexual slavery (probably 1 week per month), including by the staff. When asked why not more often, she'll answer that it wouldn't be special if it happened every day. Lara is still a tease, but the staff don't mind because they know they'll get to punish her for it later each month. Winston retires. Tori takes over his role as Butler/head housekeeper, running Croft Manor. Zip and Alister get more credit for Lara's discoveries. I see the story ending with Lara off to raid another tomb, with a butt plug secretly stuck up her ass. So, the same but also not, if that makes sense?
  5. New chapter is great high quality like always I wonder what kind of “happy ending” this story will have i think it went too far to everything return normal like before story started. I am curious if Lara will find happiness in current situation because she enjoy humiliation and everything that happens to her.
  6. This is the review topic for my story Scooby Gang Time. Just to give you the summary: I’m working on a few different stories at the moment so I will update it as I can. If you go to the page I have a few author’s notes. Let me know if you have any suggestions for one shots. I’ve got several in mind already but you can always suggest more.
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    She is the One

    Now I’ve got something in my eye. Wonderful climax to a very well constructed chapter.
  8. The reason no one has written anything like this is because Anne Rice filed cease and desist orders with every fan fiction archive, AFF included, prohibiting the hosting of any derivative work based on her copyrighted material. While we are aware that Ms Rice is now deceased, her estate has not lifted the cease and desist order, and therefore, nothing based on any of Anne Rice’s work will be hosted on AFF.
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    Theatre of vampires

    Hi all. I'm new here and wondering if anyone can help me out. I love the movie 'Interview with the vampire' and in particular the infamous scene in "Theatre des vampires". It has been a fantasy of mine since I saw it. Ever since I've been on sites like this I've looked for fanfiction expanding on this scene but found nothing. I would love a story from the mortal woman on stages POV or maybe an expansion of what happened to her before she was dragged on stage followed by a more graphic depiction of the scene. That or a fresh story of another victim of the Theatre. If anyone has anything or could write it i would be grateful. Failing that any help writing it myself would be appreciated.
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  11. That would be awesome, would love to read that story. Hope someone knows where it is. Also, are there other new similar stories like this?
  12. Bear with me, okay? I seem to no longer have the ability to generate a password reset link. I’m not sure if that means the old link is fixed or not, but I’ve tagged the relevant people to check.
  13. So the plan, still working on it, is that the party ends up in the room, because of the sleep stuff they get captured by …… someone, and must deal with either escaping or being diplomatic etc. I am leaning more towards escaping and fighting their way out of the place and so on. But I thank all of you for your thoughts and ideas, gives me more ideas to work with.
  14. The next chapter of “Smooshed” is up! Chapter 13: Show, Don’t Tell
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    Sharing is Caring

    If sharing is caring does Jiraiya share Tsuande with Naruto later on?
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    Sharing is Caring

    After three years traveling with Jiraiya Naruto decides to reward his teacher for helping and training him during their trip. And the best way to reward someone pervert like Jiraiya is to share his beautiful girlfriend Hinata with him. Naruto x Hinata x Jiraiya
  17. I got the email and responded. Thank you!
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    Looking for fic

    Looking for a dark naruto fic wher naruto we’re he is a bastard or neglected son , is blamed for the uchiha massacre and made a missing ninja, and has sex with his sister and maybe kushina
  19. No problem! I’ve moved it to the right thread for you.
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