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  2. Forty One Thousand and Eight Hundred and Twenty Nine 41829 Behold the tide hath come once more as I speaker of the numeric that ends in odd.
  3. If I’m not entirely sure about which way to go with a story I’m working on, I ask for suggestions from one (or occasionally two) of my fellow writers. If the story is a fanfic, then I approach someone who is familiar with that fandom. For example, I’ve been having a PM dialogue with GrayNeko about a Big Hero 6 story I’m doing preliminary work on. I’ve asked him for suggestions about the science-y aspects of the plot, bounced ideas off him regarding including music in the story, and kicked around thoughts about the title. He’s been a big help.
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  5. The Mandalorian is a television series, so it would be under the Television subdomain. We do not have a separate subcategory for that show, unfortunately, so any stories would be posted under Misc TV Shows at present. At the moment, I believe the Search function remains disabled while we finish securing the site. Once it has been restored, we’ll update our FAQ on hos the use the Search function.
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    arranged marriages

    I like the idea (1) Naruko to become a submissive and obedient to her husband and get Punish Buy him to her Apologizing in Position at Dogeza Here is a picture of the Dogeza https://hypnohub.net/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=106086 (2) I think Naruko should still be the Hokage her husband Can use Naruko position as the Hokage Because he his connections and political power and He will be a idiot have Naruko Retire being the Hokage The benefit him more Naruko Stays as the Hokage Because his wife is the Hokage getting some more power. Specially, her is submissive and obedient to him (3) i think early in the beginning the story would be with Naruko finally broken she will show us how far she is willing to go to please him
  7. Hi, I am new to the site since it became .org instead or .net. I’m trying to figure out how to search for stories. I read the instructions from the site and am still having difficulty navigating. I am looking for Mandalorian fan fiction in particular. I searched TV and movies, found the Star Wars, could not find any or find a way to search for Mandalorian. I suppose I need a little help figuring out how to find the stories, if there are any. Thanks
  8. I’ve sent you fresh links, both to reactivate the account and to reset the password. Please reactivate before resetting the password. Even though you might have activated previously, this method works when resetting a password fails on its own. The browser is not the issue.
  9. 41825 Forty One Thousand Eight Hundred and Twenty five. Behold, Behold I hath come again to speak numeric that ends in odd for the tide comes in and tide comes out. A dance with no end.
  10. Just received an email with a Password Reset link. It seems my originally chosen password did not fulfill the requirements. So. once again I follow the link within the email to reset my password – and once again I’m sent to this site – and – I get an error message telling me: This Password Reset is no longer Valid! It seems no matter for whatever purpose I receive links from adult-fanfiction.org they always expire before I have a chance to make use of them. I’ve tried following the link using the Vivaldi browser as well as the Firefox browser. Same issue.
  11. Hi LHunt, as to your first comment, yes all of the filming will be remote - Sam will be using hidden cameras and a few stealthy drones. Later, she'll edit together a highlight movie for the big reveal at a Charity dinner down the track, when Lara's dirty little secret is finally exposed. After the African chapter, it'll be back to the newly renovated Croft Manor (or perhaps we should start calling it Green Manor) for the final arc of the story.
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    Crossroadsmk2 Updates

    Hey CrossroadsMk2, I think you mentioned Wildeer Studios before, so I'm assuming you follow Max's work as well. The ATWT with Lara reminded me of the double throating at the gulag and her quad anal had to make that tight little belly of hers bulge as well. I like how you put both of the Siberian gulag chapters together. My opinion, I think Lara could have went on forever just fucking the guards, then the prisoners while they were caged. I think she was getting a little too complacent until the fights and before the prisoners were let out of their cages. I'd think maybe it was Mr. K's plan to make her think she was safe and let her get a bit comfortable at first.....then change her whole outlook rather quickly. I think having to shoot one of them maybe showed her these men had no love or care for her well being at all.....not to mention practically impossible to escape. You'll hear no complaints from me regarding the village chapter - especially after what she went through at the gulag (she deserves to be pampered a little). I think a few hundred well hung - hard body - African men, who just want to pleasure her from morning to night, should make her feel like a goddess. Looking forward to next chapter as Sarah’s plan slowly comes together. Lead the Way Sir!
  13. Hey I don't know if there's any stores like this but I'm hoping to see one Purebloods coming to Harry Potter and expecting him to thank them for him saving their lives
  14. That’s enough personal info, I suggest the mods track that somewhere else and scrub it from this thread.
  15. You will need to validate the account and reset the password. I’ve emailed you links to do both things.
  16. I’ll send you new links via email—that is the pen name we have in the database.
  17. Its been a long time. I finally clicked on the verification email sent to me and was directed to the “no longer valid” message. I tried to log in and then I requested a reset password and was again sent a link to a “no longer valid” message. I have tried to reset my password and the site wont recognize the email link sent to me each time. pen name: jazzy2may
  18. It may be my mistake. I often use variations of it. I believe the right Pen Name is the one used here: Go69o. As this, in a sense, relates equally to the email address I used to sign up. Which is also the email address where I received the Activation Link, that seemingly expired within 15 minutes of it landing in my inbox.
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    Crossroadsmk2 Updates

    Hey CrossroadsMk2, Morning, noon & night – WOW! Sarah better get her a palette or two of Red Bull – Anything that involves her bestie Sam, in my opinion, is awesome and hot as hell. I hope Sam has brought enough film, batteries and some wide angle lenses for the gangbang of Lara’s life. I love that her BFF is filming it all…..too bad she wasn’t at the gulag, especially during the quad-anal, double throat fucking and Grand Finale pissing scene. Filming a few hundred men in a one woman gangbang will no doubt be the first in Sam’s career…..she’d have to wonder if it’s Lara’s first involving so many men….gives a new meaning to more the merrier. I expect Sam’s gonna have plenty to talk about during a certain Charity party. I’d think Sam will need a few very high tech drones that can go up close at all angles….or some pre positioned platforms for different camera placements to capture all the men at once during the evening’s events... I think when Sam sees the hundreds of native men and the enjoyment Lara’s showing – that would remove any remaining doubt she had, especially as she sees how much Lara is having such a grand ole time. Fucking awesome story plot! I’d hate to be in Sarah’s crosshairs is all I can say. Lead the Way Sir!
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