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  2. Harry Potter for many centuries has been exploring the many worlds, planets and even universes in his purview. That is until he arrives in a new world, much like his its a world flush with Magic and Magical beings. Unlike his own this is a world where magic is gifted by the God's, Demons and the Earth itself. It's here that he meets Rowan aka Tarot and learns of her battle against her sister. Fortunately for Harry it's a world of Beautiful women and Sex. Requirements: 1) Harry is the Master of Death, that makes him a minor God of a universal force, meaning he can travel across universes and through the cosmos. He must land now in the world of BroadSword Comic's flagship series Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose. 2) Harry must fight and fuck his way through the gorgeous ladies of the world. 3) As Raven Hex resists completely falling to the dark side, Harry must be her anchor to keep her sane... Also fucks her Consistently into bliss Restrictions: 1) M/M Relationships 2) Evil! Harry 3) Prudish Harry Challengers Request: 1) Harry/Boo Cat/Licorice Dust/Raven Hex 2) Jon Webb doesn't exist in this version of the world 3) Harry is seen as a God because he is a source of magic rather than getting it from a place or god
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  4. Jashley13

    She is the One

    Hey everyone! Chapter 156 is up! Hope you all enjoy! Sorry about the wait but been working hard and making sure I have time to write as I can. Thank you all so much for the congratulations and I shall see you all again as soon as I can!
  5. GeorgeGlass

    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    That furry futa-incest story is taking longer than I expected, mainly because I keep hopping around working on different stories (I know, this shocks you) instead of focusing on that one. Now I’m hoping to have it drafted by early next week. At least I’m making incremental progress on a lot of other stuff in the meantime. Today, I got one of those non-review reviews (from an especially anonymous anon) on a story, asking me if I do requests and saying nothing about the story. I guess I was in a bit of a mood, because I just deleted the review instead of responding to it. Maybe that’s mean, I don’t know.
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  7. Desiderius Price

    Chapter cap?

    If you find one, let us know. My guess it’d be impractical to reach (outside of a writing-bot). So, either a limit by the coder, so 10000, 100k, etc, or by how the number is represented by the computer with 32k, 65k, 2billion, 4billion are the common ones.
  8. Guest

    Chapter cap?

    Cool, thank you.
  9. BronxWench

    Chapter cap?

    We don’t have a chapter cap as far as I know. We have multiple stories on the site which have gone well past 100 chapters, so write away!
  10. Desiderius Price

    Count To Infinity

  11. WillowDarkling

    Catwoman bbc

    Any author taking on this challenge would need to get permission from the original author, which would need to be provided from the original author to our head archive mod. Willow Darkling, forum moderator.
  12. Melrick

    Count To Infinity

  13. Guest

    Chapter cap?

    I'm asking this question as I'm about to start working on chapter 66. Is there a chapter cap limit on this site? Does it stop at 99? Or is it 999? I'm enjoying writing my story, and I have a whole other big chunk to write. Should I stop when the first part is done, or am I able to fit everything into one story? I may have to do a "book 1" and "book 2" thing if it caps at 99 because I'm almost positive that I'm going to be well over 99 chapters before it's done.
  14. Poseidon wants a word

  15. Instead of ethan winter arriving at castle dimitrescu it's buff hung black man
  16. Guest

    Catwoman bbc

    Could someone make a sequel to this wjthinvolving Catwoman introducing black cock to Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy
  17. Last week
  18. Title: Undecided (Temp: A Family Affair) Length: three chapters (long chapters) Tropes/Genres: Hermaphrodite Hadrian Potter, Hadrian is the youngest child of James and Lily (born June 21st, 1987), Lily dies giving birth to a stillborn daughter in 1990, Hadrian's oldest brother, William, is the-boy-who-lived, James retires from Aurors and becomes a healer, Sirius retires as well, Hadrian has five older brothers - born July 31st 1979 (William), 1981 (Corey), 1982 (Briar and Basil), and 1984 (Quentin), the Potters (Charlus and Dorea) have two sons (Alatair and Aquila), and seven grandchildren (Antares, Lesath, Alioth, Castor, Cassius, Leander, Mira, and Antoinette - 5 Males, 2 Females), Alioth is happily married, Aquila is a widowed, Sirius was married but divorced his cheating wife, Sirius has two sons (Lysander (b. 1982) and Alessander (b. 1984)), Remus and (older) Tonks have three sons (Theodore (b. 1979), Edward (b. 1981), and Edmond (b. 1981)), Peter Pettigrew is in jail for being a death eater. Kinky magical sex toys must be involved, graphic sex (all occuring), possessive-obsessive male lovers, incest, pregnancies, double penetration (one hole), cum stuffing, heavy breeding kink... Summary: the Potter Families, Black family and Lupin family are celebrating their youngest member's, Hadrian's, Sixteenth birthday. However, Peter has been planning his revenge for years, a dose of insatiable lust potion in James's drink - by a sneaky Rosier house elf, which is tied to his youngest son and when James throws himself on Hadrian it will destroy his family and reputation. Except it doesn't go as plan. The potion is distributed in smaller doses to the entire group by a rebellious house elf to lessen the effects of the potion. However, the potion triggers Hadrian's dormant Succubus gene awakening and forcing a breeding imperative on him. He barricades himself in his room, embarrassed. There's no cure for the reaction and the imperative can kill Hadrian if not fulfilled. Everyone...erm... contributes. CHAPTER ONE - (Sex and Impregnation) CHAPTER TWO - (Drama) Discovering (2 months later) the number of offspring, the genders, and parentage! Who will raise the kids? Where will they live? Who will take responsibility for Hadrian and marry him? Hadrian carries 12 offspring in a single pregnancy from multiple fathers (This is a work of fantasy - let me fucking dream about the cum inflation and the results: his bulging belly) Mira carries 3 of Hadrian's children, Antoinette carries 2, Tonks (the highly fertile and randy witch she is) is carry Hadrian's five children. CHAPTER THREE - (Epilogue) A look into the domestic life of Hadrian and his second pregnancy, pregnant wives, and spoiling husbands NO ONE YOUNGER THAN 16 yrs. CAN BE SEXUALLY INVOLVED IN THIS STORY. Please post completed story's link in this post!!!! Thank you.
  19. Hermione and Ron get into a fight, Ron thinks she’s a frigid bitch or something and so hits her with a lust curse. As she goes through the castle, she runs into a number of men, they fuck her, until she ends up in Harry’s bed where she realizes that Ron’s curse had run out, that she was there because she wanted to be. Various pairings— Hermione/Cormac, Hermione/Draco/other slytherin (Blaise Zabini?), Hermione/Lucius (levitated to the ceiling), and a couple others before ending on Harry/Hermione.
  20. Guest

    Weasley twins test products

    There’s a few out there. Maybe you’re talking about “Good Vibrations” by Stellata? The Weasley twins enchant a box of vibrating golden snitches. Includes Harry, Fred, & George for the first chapter. There’s been a few revisions, the version posted now isn’t the same as the original. (Most of the male characters are now bi.) Some other original chapters include Hermione having sex with Bill & Fleur, with Sirius & Harry, with Remus (and Harry), and with Ginny (but not Harry).
  21. Desiderius Price

    Count To Infinity

  22. Melrick

    Count To Infinity

  23. Guest

    Billion Dollar Harem

    I think it might be covid becoues it takes alot out of you. I hope you feel better soon. Just take your time. 300,000 ish wow.
  24. Guest

    Mafia story

    Anyone knows about another mafia story involving a boy from one of the South American countries taken to Europe and his owner-lover changed a few times? One of them was a Dutch(?) game programming company owner. It could also be that I mixed all her stories together but the mafia part is definitely there.
  25. CrossroadsMk2

    CrossroadsMk2 - Ideas for next story

    Hi Anon, glad you're liking the stories. I have no plans at the moment for a new series or follow-on involving mind control. I'm not ruling anything out in the long term, but short to medium will be more standalone Supernatural Adventures and finishing off Natla's Revenge.
  26. Guest

    2 different stories

    The first story I'm looking for is about the life of a slave who's been an object of obsession of his half brother, the new master. The second one is about a cop in a futuristic background who had a one night stand and inadvertently used the mamb (b-mod womb) that was installed for his previous broken long-term relationship. I'd be very grateful if anyone can give me any clue if these two authors are still around on the site. Thank you in advance.
  27. Guest

    CrossroadsMk2 - Ideas for next story

    Great work, crazy for you writing Sir, very cool stories, thank you to share them with us. Favorite is the mind control, think you capture the arrogance of the character and the emotional turmoil of loss of will power and control from the idol. Would you consider extension of that idea? Have concept for series where character falls under that control and forced to undertake missions for a nemesis while getting in trouble and trying to find a way out. If it could be interest, I can dm or email and if it is not you thing then no problem. Would love to see more of that and maybe that the idol is not as safe as she thinks now that she has melted the words off.
  28. An interesting explanation of infinity.

    1. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      If I go to my trusty IEEE754 compliant computer:
      try infinity == nan (FALSE)
      try infinity != nan (FALSE)

  29. Desiderius Price

    Count To Infinity

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