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  2. Which fandoms will you NOT write or read?
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    Registration link

    Hi, I didn't get the registration link in anywhere. My email is twarikk120@gmail.com
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    Crossroadsmk2 Updates

    Hello Cross, You never fail to deliver! Rimming part was a big plus for me of course, but overall I just love the pacing of your stories, the ideas with different poses, robotic arms, futa belts, etc. I loved the detailed description of the tattoo, with explanation what each of the six represents. That was an awesome touch. Looking forward to the next chapter as always.
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  6. 43486 – that’s related to some line of an ancient Intel processor?
  7. I’ve emailed you the links to activate your account and reset your password. Please follow the instructions in the email, and it should work.
  8. Youq encounter two hot alien women their species is dying out and they are looking to get pregnant with a compatible species and earth is where they was sent so you fucked them after a few hours they perform a scan on themselves and it confirmed they wad pregnant they gave you a special gift that will have the next woman that sees you will fall madly in love with you As you was walking home you was thinking of the best woman to use it on you see your milf mom and dad getting ready to leave for a date you didn't notice that when your mom looked at you she got hearts in her eyes that night you started having a dream where a hot woman was sucking your dick as you cum you wake up and see your mom in her underwear sucking your dick when her eyes meet she smiled and told me that she wants me to impregnate her believing that you was still dreaming you do it The next morning as you, your mom, and dad was having breakfast mom was making sexual comments to you and occasionally was touching you or giving you flashes after your dad left your mom turn to you and rushed to you started kissing you and told you that she wants you to fuck her all day Any thing else is up to you
  9. I tried to register and it worked but I never received any email. I tried to log-in but it didn’t work too. So I sent a request to change the password but still no email… Could you help me to register, please? Here is my email adress: jheldritch@gmail.com
  10. Top temperature today was 42.3c (108.1f), but the top ‘feels like’ temperature was 50.3c (122.5f).  Woo!

    I’m ready for autumn now, thank you.

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    2. BronxWench


      And I’m so ready for spring. It’s -1°C (29°F) here and feels like -12°C (10°F). It was bloody 14°C (57°F) yesterday. I hate it when the weather has ADHD.

    3. pittwitch
    4. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Guessing the big fellow mistook the climate controls for the oven dial?  He wants his steak well done.

  11. It’s my pleasure! Glad it worked!
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    Login issues

    This worked! Thanks so much for your help!
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