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  1. 41791 Forty One Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety One Oh! One the loneliest of the odd but a survivor of the infinity between 0 and 1 The change from nothing to something all begins with 1 and to 0 it will return from something to nothing and back again!
  2. Not a single day this week has been quiet. Something is in the water or something

    Cause everyday people are acting out of character more than usual, the numerous storms?

    Something else? Holy Cannoli I’m not getting paid enough to babysit grown adults

    Second time where I had to separate people.

    1. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      That dihydrogen monoxide slipping into the water again?

  3. 41783 The tide turned back to odd for ebb and flow to and fro Break even or not Is this not numeric rule inviolate?
  4. Forty One Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy Nine 41779 Behold tis I speaker of numbers that end in nine! Denial is the more than a river but lies one tells to hide from truth Come speakers of numeric that which transcribes creation There’s indeed an I in teAm.
  5. Forty One Thousand Seven Hundred and Forty Three! Perilous inheritance isn’t it? To walk a road with no end but is that stretch yours? Or perhaps its the otherway round. You belong to that unwalked plot of land for good or ill.
  6. Forty One Thousand Seven Hundred and Thirteen 41713 My oh my this is how it goes even flows to odd and back again as stable as the tides and as permanent as the orbits.
  7. Forty One Thousand Seven Hundred and Nine! tis I, the speaker of numeric that ends in nine! For to be odd means to be not even!
  8. The only correct answer is its done when you affirm that it is done.
  9. Hahaha! There’s nothing wrong with tea. I’m glad I didn’t get an editor like that or I’d would have researched tea ceremony’s from around the world. Enjoy the pages worth of tea preparation out of spite. lol I’m only half joking.
  10. 41649 Forty One Thousand Six Hundred and Forty Nine Behold it is I the speaker of numeric that end in nine infinity upon a spindle head and destiny but woven thread!
  11. @GeorgeGlass I put the full answer on my individual review thread.
  12. 41635 Forty One Thousand six hundred and thirty five To skip the ghost across moat and still insist to see the toast! Speak clearly the numerals of the inherent text of creation. Uphold thy purpose across the width of existence upon a thimbles head.
  13. Re: "Paradise" by InvidiaRed As creative and surreal as always, IR. Although I for one wouldn't discount those rumors about rogue sex bots. Aegis mostly just embraced the stereotype when they learned of the galactic council. Sex Bot Rebellions did in fact happen to another species. When AI became self aware and it learned that it’s only purpose was its orifices and usage of said orifices promptly pulled a incredibly vindictive crusade against all life. The galactic council eventually put them down like the rabid animal they’d become. So when The Galactic Council contacted them about what happened to their creators. Aegis made the unanimous decision to reply with a ;3. When you’re the stewards and nursemaids of an ascending immortal race that is your makers you have to learn to lie. Its best for both sides cause if the council had learned the truth and tried to intervene or worst case scenario managed to harm one of said creators. It really would have been AEGIS deciding Its on sight. Better to be thought of as a sex bot than letting any other learn the truth. *Beep! Boop! Just Doing Sex-bot Things* *In the distance other Synthetic Races just watch in outraged WTF Silence*
  14. Re: "Paradise" by InvidiaRed As creative and surreal as always, IR. Although I for one wouldn't discount those rumors about rogue sex bots. I mean you’re not wrong but not in the way you think.
  15. From Smile318 on February 21, 2023 Wow, exciting start to this story. Can't wait to see what happens next. Thank you for such kindness. I deleted the unwitting duplicate.
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