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  1. One of the wierdest vids I’ve seen.

  2. Sequel to Southwestern Wind should be ready.


    Offering Sorrow should be ready by Sunday :D



    I find it weird that they all start sounding like Roger’s personas



    1. JayDee


      A source of userpics for the pen names:

  4. @BronxWench 4k word count is the smallest amount acceptable for individual chapters for quite a few publishers :blink:

    So now I gotta



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    2. InvidiaRed
    3. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Well, suppose you could torture them with a brick by brick description, along with blueprints, see how long it lasts until they’re throwing stones… :)

      I’ll second @BronxWench with her method, similar to how I do it.  Describe the basics, leave the rest to their imagination, unless there’s something important, like a loose brick.

    4. InvidiaRed
  5. “Any god that demands worship is by definition a tyrant”

    going through my 1st year college stuff and its cringy

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    2. Strange_idea


      jewish lore on this one is actually quite fascinating.

    3. InvidiaRed


      @Strange_idea oh? Fill us in.

    4. Strange_idea


      The jewish people believe in debate. A LOT. To the point where there's an old joke that if god himself joined in a debate between priests, that'd only make the vote two to six.

      They emphasize things like moses whittling the commandments down to ten (which is also in muslim tradition) and Abraham bargaining to find ten honest men (although some argue that's so that he can see for himself how futile it is). And in a famous story (have to track it doen, sorry), the rabbis actually beat god in a talbot debate and he celebrates his 'childrens' accomplishment.

       To them, the relationship with god is a pact, one where he has to fullfill part himself. Theyve succesfully argued terms of worship a number of times, within reason because god needs to get something too. And yes, he asks for worship, but it's closer to a parent wanting to be in your life, if im understanding it righr. Does that make sense?

  6. InvidiaRed

    InvidiaRed's review responses

    From JayDee on April 18, 2021 Glykon is best boy! Riding around like a goddamn feather boa on a giant! Healing the heck out of the big ol’ fluffer. Literally every time Glykon is speaking or doing something is awesome. I wanna see the further adventures of the snake with the puppets. This isn’t exaggerated hyperbole, Glykon really is great and you’ve done just amazing with the character, his dialogue and actions. Glykon was a genius to invoke the same being who envenomed the great wolf. I wasn’t sure if the double negative near the start – ‘mother didn't not have serpent eyes’ – was intentional. She’s a being that doesn’t quite fit in either place. Hel doesn’t quite fit either being a goddess of the old and the infirm, the normies who couldn’t die gloriously on the battlefield and head for Valhalla they all end up at her hearth. In a sense she’s the original Helga Hufflepuff. The one who got everyone else but cares for them all the same. Of all the asgard she is the closest to humanity. The old and the infirm like to talk and so she is aware of things happening on midgard second to Odin. Asgardians tolerate her but they have all heard the eddas from the skalds of old. They all are very aware on how the story ends. So much fear because of prophecy. Prophecy is being broken is irrelevant. You could say she’s outgrowing her role.There is fear there who will she become… Or who did she became? After all, it could be the way Hel thinks of things, and similarly when there’s the mention near the end of part 2 of the warship having IBMs – was this meant to be ICBMs or is there an IBM weapon I didn’t know about? (I had an image of it showing up with some old 386s running Doom, although IBM have made much more than that) Techincally one doesn’t have to put the C. I’ll fix it Duncan having a lawyer and that lawyer working with Hollywood to appear in the exorcist movies was kinda an unexpected twist. Has this been stealth Exorcist fanfiction all along? An ancient god was flattered that humanity remembered just don’t bring up the sequel lul. He messed with the cast when he could’ve done so much worse(The actualy movie set had enough spooky set going on that it was considered Haunted Is there any cocksucking in Hel or is she more of a ladies Goddess of Death? Putting a label on a deity is a bit hubristic but Hel fell for a being that similar to herself. Someone who could understand her dualistic nature and Melione in particular is both Olympic and Underworld, A goddess of madness,nightmares and of the restless dead. Hel is sterile and can’t have kids but like her mother she is loyal to her partner.( In that sense she’s the closest to Duncan) They got catching up to do. Fenrir was a strong second favorite character here – badly wounded, just getting the fuck on with it without complaining. Getting your assbeat and seeing your own death tends to cause reflection. He found a being he couldn’t overpower. He knows more than Hel who while in the dark isn’t daft. The world serpent however beats them both on knowledge. Did the orb of venom get taken anywhere for a purpose or was it just a bit of toxic waste “Chuck it in a pit and forget about it” disposal? Its primordial nature lent itself well to creation. That’s where most of Glykon’s power went. Changing it into a palm tree, Fun fact, the palm tree is the desert version of the tree of life. Glykon couldn’t cure the venom so he merely made it something else. Something much less dangerous but also showcasing that this supposedly dead goddess isn’t quite gone. (Aka another incarnation of Duncan) “She was a monstrosity, Lucifer would absolutly and resolutely admit he had never been so flaccid in his life. The sight of her alone made Lucifer feel like he should try dick.” Lamashtu is ‘the” original bogey man the goddess of sudden infant death syndrome. A monster of the ancient world grown mighty and unbowed and one of the few surviving children of Anu. No one not even the angels themselves at their strongest ever managed to get close to killing her. Lucifer is a hedonist and while he may not like humanity. The easy life and comforts humanity has invented and or provided means Lucifer is very status quo. Unwilling to allow his creature comforts to perish. He’s very much in denial but in his heart of hearts. Prohuman no matter what he says to the contrary. That line coming out of nowhere was both awesome and hilarious. Fuckin’ nice work! So… yeah, only negative as before, a bit choppy. Could use maybe a spellcheck. Otherwise some good characterisation and lines bringing it through! Could you show me where the choppy bits are?
  7. Part 2 of Southwestern Wind and Epilogue is up :D

  8. InvidiaRed

    InvidiaRed's review responses

    Keeping kermit tho cause I find it hilarious <3 and now its canon and all your fault
  9. Post apocalyptic bank heist meets evil dead :D

    1. JayDee


      That and the new Mortal Kombat are two movies I’m really looking forward too. Won’t get to see ‘em soon, but I’ll hopefully not be disappointed when I do.

  10. InvidiaRed

    InvidiaRed's review responses

    adizhsignin si a taebdaed rehtaf
  11. InvidiaRed

    InvidiaRed's review responses;chapter=3
  12. writer question.

    I heard an editor complain that people overuse “ “

    i’m a bit confizzled how else are you supposed to inform the reader that talking/conversation is taking place?

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    2. BronxWench


      I think @GeorgeGlass has the right of it.

      The only other thing I can think of, and I will admit it does annoy me, is when people put a word or phrase in quotations as a form of emphasis:
      He seemed to think he was always going to be “the big man on campus” despite being the lowest producer on the team.

      And there’s the quote within conversation, which should be marked by ‘ ‘ rather than “ “ :
      “So, he said the me, ‘I won’t eat that rubbish.’ Can you imagine the cheek?”

    3. JayDee


      Is your editor Herr Starr?(edit - deleted link as no preview per forum rules but Google something like Herr Starr improper use of inverted commas to see an overreaction! )

      Edit 2 – Found an imur link with preview! (NSFW due to languague, two pages from comic Preacher with discussion of inverted commas!)

    4. BronxWench


      *dies laughing* 

  13. InvidiaRed

    InvidiaRed's review responses

    While Glykon knows much more than he lets on and a bit of a Klepto. No one is asking the right questions. Nope, He’s there for genuine altruistic reasons. Duncan is his actual grandpappy. And you can guess who his pappy is.