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    Slave Maker

    It says that this story’s missing, sorry to say, Sir.
  2. I get it, Sally, I really do; and hey, not really a problem… I have been reading it, don’t worry, and yes, thank you for your patience. I also noticed that in those works of yours, it appears that Faith wanted to become Joyce’s wife- the wedlock sealed that deal as far as what she wanted, but her wanting to marry a mom, means effectively she wants to become “mom” to that other woman’s children; I do like the touch of that, and yes, there’re a few stories wherein she seems to become her High School Rival’s stepmom- I know, and yes, they are *OODLES* of fun to write… I’ve even played around with that arc, and have had immense fun doing so; in writing, that is. I remember you said you wanted to *BE* Faith in your story, well, in part, you’ve made her want to become a mom via marriage. I do plan on reading more of it, right now I’m bouncing around in it, and reading chapters as I’m able, disadvantage I have is the time limits allowable, I’ve found it a very good idea to set time limits for each activity and keeping to them, but with everything there’s a downside; I do understand where you’re coming from, however, Sally, so don’t worry… I do sympathize with your position of views on the need for people to read the entire story, also, I really do enjoy the touch of it being a massive crossover (you have a lot of characters from a lot of other stories in it, something I also value), so this’s, as a romp through stories, a lot of fun to read for me too… don’t worry, I shall. Beauty of things being available is that I can read them when I’m good and ready, when time allows. I also like the way Faith and her best buddy, Kendra (and I rather enjoy the portrayal of her that you’ve got going on in your work, don’t worry, I like it, a lot) wound up sisters-in-law… entertaining idea, and having Kendra becoming Buffy’s aunt; that’s sheer brilliance! I think you’re one brilliant writer overall.
  3. Well, Sally, I hope you haven’t forgotten your login data. But I skimmed through some of it, and I thoroughally enjoyed what I read of it, the drama, and I did see how Faith is turning out to be a very feminine woman… interesting plotlines and touches, Ma’am; you know me, I’m being polite.
  4. I know what you mean, I think, Salamandaslash, regarding how it ends up with us slogging through chapters; just keep at it till you’re content that you’re happy with the chapter, and then post it as soon as you’re able afterward… that’s what I do. I’d like to read those shorter stories/spinoffs, if I may, Miss, I would really enjoy reading them, same with reading more about Kendra’s adventures in your work… I like the translation between “vampire slayer” and “athlete or fitness fanatic”, or a bit thereof- they’d be like that in personality, and seem to be in the show! Oh, okay, thank you for the permission to write stories inspired by your work, but limiting it to inspiration, Miss, if I read your wording correctly, and sorry about not really being able to explain, aside from readers yelling and screaming at you for “doing that” in the storyline (whatever *that* is!)- I don’t know if that statement will help, but I hope it does. The other term is basically making jerks and meanies of themselves to the author by berating the person for writing something that they hate. Best of luck with your job; oh, and if I may, what do you do for a living? Sorry I didn’t write back before now, been busy and I guess I sort of forgot in the school matters I’ve had to deal with in a vocational school; Krulos., a fan of yours.
  5. Thanks as always for the review and feedback.

    However I think you've got yourself completely the wrong end of the stick. You couldn't be more wrong about Faith – she doesn't want to be, or see herself as, a man - or as in a male role at all! She's completely female and really, quite feminine with only very slight butch tendencies but she is absolutely *not* masculine. She's a lesbian Top – perhaps, though I dislike the label, a dominatrix - though in fact, while she is  sexually dominant she is solely Joyce's Dominant. In fact that might in some ways be the alternative title of the story! But beyond that she is a woman who loves women; and one woman in particular. In fact the idea that she's playing some sort of male role would really offend her. Moreover she certainly sees herself – and Joyce sees it as well – as a romantic. I frequently describe them as lovers for a reason. I think you've misread or misunderstood the whole premise, and one of the central themes of my story if you can't see that it's a romantic love story – a kinky one certainly – but one in which Joyce's seduction and ‘conversion‘ are based on her falling in love with, and coming to accept the feelings she has for, Faith; and to treasure the way those feelings are reciprocated by her lover. And at the same time what Faith feels for Joyce – feelings that Faith has had for a long time – is equally deep. She may be Joyce's Dominant, and at times a harsh, demanding lover but Faith is quite as much in love with her submissive as Joyce is with her Mistress. Their relationship is a night/day/yin-yang/push-pull thing in which, without the dominant there is no submissive ave neither can find what they want and need. They both need each other equally and their love for one another is completely interdependent.  So Faith is not intended to be some uncaring, ersatz male, interested only in taking what she can from Joyce. Yes there's a lot of sex – kinky and frankly unrealistic – because in the end this is supposed to be, from the outset, a written sex-comic – but the sexual content is both meant to be entertaining and erotic, and also to express the intensity of the two protagonists’ physical love which in turn is a reflection of their deep and deepening emotional, romantic love.

    So while you’re right that I've tried to create a sort of inverted 50's romance – with a relationship that would have been completely frowned upon at the time – there is definitely no element of gender roleplay intended. That 50's housewife paradigm is just a conceit. And you shouldn't look at Faith’s use of dildos as being wanting to be male – the ability to penetrate Joyce is more about domination – and, at the same time, pleasure for Joyce – than anything else. As for her being patient or otherwise: in the early stages it was all about keeping Joyce off balance and disoriented, and vulnerable - receptive to seduction and susceptible to domination; and then later it's meant to reflect the urgency of their ongoing passion.

    I have to admit that I'm a bit disappointed that you've managed to come to  these conclusions, because to get to a point so far from what I’m trying to portray must mean my writing has failed.

    I'm afraid your hope that Faith becomes Buffy's step-mom (and Kendra becomes her aunt) are going to be disappointed - I'm just not interested in exploring that. And in my romance story Faith just isn't interested in any other women - that's really important to me.

    I also struggle as to why on earth the consensual relationship of Tara, Kennedy and Willow would attract your disapproval? What in their conduct could you disagree with? That they are engaged in a form of polygamy? It may not be how you would choose to live your life; nor how I would either – but it seems to make them happy! And I just want to portray these characters finding happiness. 

    I'd like to do something more with Satsu – another Intermezzo scene – though I'm not yet sure what!

    By the way Buffy only has 2 ex-girlfriends – Faith and Willow - so no deal there either I'm afraid.

    Anyway thanks again for your thoughts. 

    1. CloverReef


      I’m just going to stick my nose into something that’s none of my business to point out that the reviewer did say “I didn't read through the whole thing exactly word-for-word“, so chances are, the fact that they missed so much of what you were trying to portray had more to do with that, (and maybe a few little personal biases) rather than any failing on your part. You responded well and with tact, Salamandaslash. Kudos. 

    2. Krulos


      I understand what you mean, I think, Salamandaslash; so sorry I didn’t reply sooner. been really really really busy with attending a vocational school- and I guess I sort of lost track of the conversation, to ColoverReef: thank you for reminding me of this, and thanks for your defense, it is appreciated, but totally unnecessary.

      To Salamdaslash, and to Faith Lehane in that writer’s work here as well, despite her being a character; you’re right, I think… I have misread Faith as far as how feminine she is in this. I guess you mean to have her as sweet and loving as she shows up in “Change of Seasons” but a bit more into the sexual side of her life; am I right, Salamdaslash?

      My point is that if Faith marries Joyce, she inherits the job of “mother” to Joyce’s daughters- that’s how it goes: you marry someone, as a woman, you inherit the job of “mother” to their kids, or as a man, “father” becomes your additional job- that was my point about Faith’s new “family”.

      I do think that Divorce is something that people invented to carry out marital infedelity- that’s what gets my goat about it… and believe you me: I’ve had numerous real-world counseling sessions with a trusted advisor and mentor on the topic of others’ perceived immoral actions, and whether or not I’m obliged to stand up to them- my goal in this “story universe” of the “BtVS/AtS series” is to master my own tendencies and be able to be compassionate to people who misbehave- eventually to transplant that into my dealings in the real world- and you look at their *behavior* in the show: a good percentile of it *is* misbehaving!

      I understand what you mean, but here’s what and why I disagree with in the *behaviors* in the storyline you’ve been constructing; you *probably* already know my goals; what you may not know about me is this: I, like several monsters in world history, tend towards tyrannical leanings. Mine are rooted strongly in natural law and endoursement  of it. Sadly that tendency lends itself to a form of a tendency to *break* those regulations in regards to *others’* breaches of those regulations. I am, in a sense, by involvement in this fictional universe where in I cannot hope to harm the *people* who played the *characters*, proviso I remember the difference between say Sarah Gellar (NO, I do not remember her married name, but she’s gotten herself a family- very good for her) and Buffy Summers; and that the latter is a fictional superheroine, and the former is a real woman, actress, and wife and mother to her family, she played her character, and that’s the limit of the connection. My goal, therefore, is to master humane treatment of these characters, especially when they act up by fornicating, which’ll only mess with their feelings. Think about it: this is a story you’re writing, I know that, and so hopefully do the rest of the people here, a story I completely enjoy for all the drama, and I loved hearing Faith’s “inner position on her goals in that relationship” directly from the mind that’s writing her point of view here, so thank you from the bottom of my heart, Salamandaslash, that was most enlightening. I guess she wears those “toys” to sexually pleasure her wife, Joyce, as she sees her. My point is thus, Faith actually sees herself as Joyce’ dominant wife, partly because she’s been “screwing” her, but not in the mean way- you told me previously that she’s the heroine of this. I got the family connections from Faith and Kendra’s weddings to Mrs. Summers and Buffy’s aunt Arlene, and as you have it as “weddings”, it stands to reason why I’d naturally conclude as a reader that Faith’s now her ex-girlfriend’s stepmom, and Kendra became Buffy’s aunt.

      I fully expect that we’re going to come up with different ideas, Salamandaslash, that’s part of the fun of writing back and forth in the real world, I don’t know about you, but I’m completely enjoying this discussion!

      Perhaps some of Faith's background as Buffy’s girlfriend, or how she and Buffy broke up, but remained friends- or so it seems, a “background scene”, you know, a flashback scene, might be fun to read, or some of Jenny Calendar’s “girlfriend bond” with Buffy (she’s had a lot of female ‘dates’, or is “mates” in this story you’re writing, Ma’am (again, being polite), hasn’t she?); I don’t doubt that in this case, as the same with Tara and Kennedy picking up Willow as a girl at a bar and taking her to their dorm room to mate with her might cause what might be called “romantic jealousy” between Kennedy and Tara; as each has “mated” with Willow, they’d see themselves as “her wife” apiece, hence conflict- another reason I’m against extra-marital sex in *practice*, but as far as a *story plot* goes, it *does* render perfect recipe for drama, doesn’t it? I’ve used it as a mechanism many times myself.

      As a *story*, I think it’s turning out reasonably well, now particularly so because I grasp Faith’s inner ideas better; as a *comic*, it’s missing pictures, completely so- comics often are very visual, if it has to be written: the action is heavy in depiction-terms, and lacking in much else, aside from drama- usually, Miss, tales that involve sex involve either horror, or a tremendous degree of drama. I don’t know if Faith was a chaste girlfriend when she was dating Buffy, but if she wasn’t; her heart would be torn, as her inner emotions would read both Buffy and Mrs. Summers as “my wife”, or she’d read them both as “her wife”, hence tremendous emotional conflict within your story’s heroine- she’d be pulled everywhichway by her feelings and would have a deep emotional bond with both mother and daughter. This’d be a problem  with committing to one person that kind of commitment, which you said here that she deeply wants to give to her “wife” Joyce Summers.

      Honestly, I cannot have everything I’d like; I know that, and furthermore, this is far from in any way remotely about me at most- I have absolutely zero say about this, barring of course persuading you, Miss, to write what I convince you to write; my preferences are thus: I love the love, but hate the lust- that’s me… ironically, I know how children are made- I hate the deed, but love the product, the offspring. Again: contradiction: Yes! But that’s personality and perspective, nothing  less, nothing more.

      I love your ideas for her (Faith), but, as many fans have cast her into my belief system, I’d be her, I guess, stepbrother is the proper term- as we’d be adopted siblings not remotely biologically related, or so it seems. I cannot condone where she’s *looking* for a relationship to which she can give herself as “wife” and a loving one at that; but I do grasp her goal to be involved in that.

      I think, and guess here, that that Faith has drastically mixed up lust with love, and hasn’t any clue whatsoever on how to *show* love- for instance, she makes overt sexual advances to Joyce when she meets her, uses crude language towards her about mating with her; these things are what mixed me up about her, so I’d guess that she’s a bit of a “tragic heroine”- bad past, but out to give herself in a loving relationship… and the “bad past” thing is hinted in the show too, same with looking to amend herself!

      Don’t you worry; I too fail at writing adiquitely from time to time, and I love your cultured method of writing, but that’s why we’re in these “writing clubs”, to aid ourselves in mastering our skills- no matter how late in our lives it is- and I find that refreshing, really!

      About Satsu: having family drama might be a good element, especially if, and I don’t really remember, if she’s Ling’s adopted daughter- and a radically different ethnicity- think a lady Samurai having been orphaned and then adopted by a woman of Chinese ancestry- the ethnicties hate oneanother intensely, but the two might be the best of friends, and all the events in her home with her mom, and if Satsu brings a girlfriend home- that kind of thing… late getting up for school, temptations to lie, cheat, and/or steal, in reference to tests, or events of bitterness between mom and daughter; all those little elements that add family drama.

      The desire to marry is the desire to become a family- human nature; so a good amount of domestic drama would come up from time to time- I’m already cooking up a little story *somewhat* based on your storyline here, but distinctly *NOT* your story, but mine, as per what you told me in our discussions: to write my own story… this one is like yours in that Kendra and Faith “marry” Arlene and Joyce, like you have done, but basically Kendra’s trying  to rescue her sister-in-law from the lifestyle weakener of smoking, and like in  the series, these two are *supposed* to be superheroines., so it is set in the actual Buffy the Vampire Slayer series, but a bit different.

      You don’t need to be disappointed nor upset, if anything is an obstacle it’s the length per chapter; it kind of makes it harder to figure out where I am per reading- but that’s more me than you- it’s something *I’ve* got to deal with and amend, through continual effort; as I said, or tried to: I really had to skim the story due to time limits; that led to that. I really don’t have a reason to complain about your quality of work- the *behavior* of the characters I do *NOT* agree with, but that’s part of why I am here: to tame myself… like in Season 7 both Faith and Spike submitted to restrictions to their freedoms; they didn’t trust themselves and as they put it “I got dangerous for a while”… we’re all undergoing treatment for some disorder of some sort, every single human being currently in this life, from conception to natural death has some obstacle to deal with- stories like these that you’re writing to me are a means to an end; one that I sincerely hope shall be a good one about my treatment of neighbor.

      To be able to read the story I’ve been focusing on the inherent drama between the characters mostly; but to me sex is a catylist to get the drama going- why I’d conclude the “tearing of the heart” if someone has say “a wife and a mistress living together”- he’d be in constant trouble with one of them at least- that’s kind of the Chinese written word for “Trouble”, a guy living with his wife *and* his mistress at the same time- both women would be always after him… not like you have a sort of “BDSM marriage” going on between Faith and Mrs. Summers, or is it in this “Mrs. Summers and Mrs. Summers”; but I can envision what’d happen if say Mr. Summers finds out his wife, or as you might see it, ex-wife, married a woman his daughter’s age, and an ex-girlfriend of his daughter’s; another element  for drama: Faith’s feelings about this relationship of being married to her ex-girlfriend’s mom.

      Partly I cannot escape casting myself in my neighbor’s shoes- human weakness, that… direct result: I’d think that if Faith wanted  to wed Mrs. Summers, she’d want to also take on all the jobs that role entails: including  “Mom” to her “wife’s” daughters- see how I got the conclusion here?

      Perhaps some of Dawn and Janice, maybe Dawn brings Janice to her home, and Faith is introduced to Dawn’s girlfriend.

      Or some of Buffy’s new role as Dayna’s “property”; some of those events; maybe Faith was briefing Dayna on methods of domination, per say.

      I can’t wait for more, but I do guess I’ll have to!

      Sincerely, I’m happy with both messages; you take what you can get in this situation wherein you’re dealing with other people, and be grateful for it;


  6. I hope for more of this story, additional stories set into this universe, and more chapters to this story and its sequel as well… granted, we do not agree on some details in this being acceptable; but that’s for dealing with in discussions to find out what’s what and why what’s what is what’s what in everything involved. Still, I love the character dynamics in this love story (as you made perfectly clear to me, it is a love story). I’ll check back from time to time as my schedule allows, I’m enrolled in a vocational school these days, so my attendance may indeed be spotty, but the dynamics are fun to read; and your observation of Kendra Young as a black woman is something I’m grateful to you for… hadn’t really noticed that as I watched the show, actually. I really saw her as a person, not a member of a set ethnic/racial group, but as a young lady; and I’m thankful for that element, and yes, she’s both: her DNA is that of a “black female”, but that’s what her DNA was written to have her as- and that’s all race really means: what your ancestry is. I rather like this rendition of her, minus the seeming adulteress she is in this series (stealing somebody else’s wife and such), but that *orientation* itself is a touch that really “fleshes her character out” in some ways, same deal with her being athletic in your story, a bartender in your story, and apparently also a heavy reader (she reads a lot, in the series canon that is), hence: a bit of a mix of athlete and nerd (both are excellent traits). Now, referencing your comments to readers: I *guess*, and I need your verification on this matter as you’re the author, Salamdaslash, but did you merely mean that you don’t want to be harrassed and hence you want the readers to take it as it is, rather than barrelling down your throat for something in your story that they might not agree with? If so, I heartily agree with you on *that* detail, Miss, but that’s that… more precisely, I understand where you’re coming from, hence: sympathize, but *we* did get along, despite disagreeing on the issue of same-sex marriage (which is in your story); hence: I’m puzzled. If you mean “don’t “ramrod a bayonet down my throat for posting something you might disagree with”” I’m with you on *that* detail. It *seems* the most logical understanding that I’ve just posted, but I want to get inside your head to see this statement from *your* point of view, so as to avoid any hurt feelings. I hope you understand; and whether or not you do, I plan on remaining your fan. Sincerely one of your fans; Krulos.
  7. I personally look forward to more too!
  8. Miss, do you have a problem with me writing a story based on the Kennedy and Tara as girlfriends/lovers arc in your work? I just want to get public permission before I risk getting in trouble due to misunderstandings… I’m sure you understand. You can get some of my ideas from our conversations on this site; I’m trying to be a gentleman here and upgrade my politeness in the process of concocting a story- I plan it to be mostly romance between them, but the “wild romance” common, or *reputed* to be common in such a community… not much sex, but genuine caring between those two females. I also plan it be *within* the BtVS/AtS universe, so things like magic, and preternatural monsters and warriors, like in the television series and books, would be the case, but it’s mostly the two of them attending classes together and glancing towards eachother and things like winking- while thinking about how they plan to act up together in their dorm-room and the like- as a “coded message”, remember how Kennedy said that dealing with girls is like “flirting in code”, well, there’d be a lot of that between them. It’d also be a crossover between BtVS/AtS and Earth Final Conflict, but a bit of one, as Kennedy Sandoval would be the niece of Ronald Sandoval, the FBI agent in that series who went bad, so she might be emailing him and the like; mostly genuine daily life between those two, but they would at times pick up girls at lesbian bars and take them to their bedroom to “bed them” (I’m pretty sure you know what I mean), especially if the girl’s pretty in a physical sense… Kenny might even get them drunk to see if they come on to her (a form of sexual assault- she might not have realized that by the way, as that conduct is disgusting, or she might’ve been boasting to Willow, she’s got her shady side- I’m talking legal sense, here, but that *is* the typical tactic of a rapist: get the victim drunk and then they’re unlikely to resist, so that’s scary if it’s in her personality… I love her, but I don’t blame those who don’t like her for that reason as a result.), a common misbehavior in college-age youngsters… and the two of them are pretty rebellious, that’s another touch I plan on putting in the story, if you’ll agree to let me help you by “sounding out” how they’d interact… I also plan on making more chaste loving encounters between the two of them, such as discussions on deep topics- and the basis of this in the show is that both Kennedy and Tara are somewhat nerdy in their personalities, they’re perfectionists, a touch proud as far as arrogance goes, and at least somewhat athletic (Tara rides horses, and I assume that Kennedy is involved in things like track and field- that kind of athletics and the sort)- a good mix of personality all in all. What do you think of my overall idea, Miss? Sincerely one of your hopefully many fans; Krulos.
  9. Good; skimmed it in its entirety, enjoyed what I read of it by and large… currently eager for part four, Miss. I'm most eager, and I reviewed it, too! Mind you, my review (and the site's system doesn't record chapters- a trait that kind of bugs me, by the way!) isn't in as far as I've gotten… but I *did* love how Joyce moved Dayna into thinking of herself as a mistress; hey, what about this idea? Dayna forces Buffy to call her “Mistress Dayna”, or “Mistress Penshaw”, or, failing those, simply “Mistress”, but, for her own protection- as well as her ownership of Buffy (whom she sometimes addresses simply as “Bitch!”) that'd apply to when they're alone, or with Dayna's trusted friends. How's that bit of additional feedback sound to you, Miss? Hope to hear back from you soon. Sincerely one of your hopefully many fans; Krulos
  10. I’d love to help you out, but I haven’t any experience with being a co-writer… it might, and that’s *might* be a good expereince, and I’d sure like to read what you’ve got in mind; feel free to send me a message and I’ll see what I can advise you on… I’m already working on a number of long stories, so best advice I can send you prior to any messages discussing it: break it up into manageable chapters, or make it a novella series, you know, short stories that weave together into one long tale. I’m really eager to read your idea and to see if I can help you out on this dark storyline you’re suggesting, Saladied. By the way, Merry Christmas to the both of you, albeit a very belated one, sorry, but this is the first time I’ve ran across this post, sorry about the late pleasant wishes, that is. Sincerely eager to help you out on this, when and if time allows, as well as conditions; Krulos.
  11. Okay, Ma’am; I welcome whatever elements you elect to put in, but in your series you’re writing that includes these women, is Buffy also going to be her sister’s mother-in-law? If so, that’s one peculiar family as far as how people are related to oneanother! From your replies to me; I guessed that Dayna would marry Buffy, making Buffy Janice’s stepmom, and hence, if Dawn and Janice wed (which is likely in your story- from the context you’ve said you plan to have in it, and it being a love story- and believe me, I’m *NOT* against that detail!), the logically, Buffy’s her sister’s mother-in-law; which is completely kooky to begin with and would generate multiple double-takes, and several repeated blinks, both of which are fun to watch happen, as well as a lot of “Huh?”’s going on there. That quirkiness is definitely something I’m hoping goes on there; and now that I think it over, would Kendra be Dawn’s aunt or great-aunt, due to the confusing family bond going on there? I loved the story ideas to your series, and really do hope for more, as well as having taken great delight in having Buffy and Satsu being friends but Buffy being on too short a leash to allow her to bed Satsu, but does Buffy’s mistress wed her, like the ways that Buffy’s mom and aunt were wedded to their mistresses? If so, that’s going to make for a most interesting little story to put it mildly! To put it bluntly; this is a far more baffling family relationship than the one in OUAT, which has Henry being the stepson to his adopted great-grandmother; a baffling family relationship to put it simply. Hey, don’t get me wrong, I love your story ideas, but I just need to understand them better, and you’ve been helping in the “PM Conversation” we’ve been writing back and forth to eachother, so lets keep up both means, if at all possible. Sincerely your fan; Krulos.
  12. I’m liking it; mostly the drama of having Faith wind up Buffy’s stepmom- just a little weakness of mine you might say with regard to how this leads to massive, and I do mean *massive* amounts of drama… then it appears that she gives her away to someone else to be that woman’s personal slave, or so it seems; that’s something else that I enjoy. I also love the way Miss Summers’s rival from school is now her other mother… this is, all in all, one truly kooky set of relationships, and one that I’m completely loving reading. Not the *behavior* mind you for what I love, but rather the *drama* that results from the behavior going on here; I hope this doesn’t offend you, Ma’am (again, being polite- I don’t see any reason to be rude to a neighbor- I could address you as “Miss” if that suits you better in your preferences of title, it’s up to you, or I could address you by your first name, but that doesn’t seem secure in this forum aside from the private messages, so I’m unlikely to do that.), but you did say you wanted people to review and to be gentle, which I’m trying to do both here. In conclusion of this statement prior to your reply, I want to say that I do not want to fight at all, I’m loving this little universe you’ve made here, and don’t want to lose it or discourage it- the behavior is a totally different story, but the story itself is what I want to take delight in. Sincerely your fan; Krulos.
  13. Krulos

    "Buffy's Bitch", by Oric13.

    Yes it is, Oric13 and I have been emailing to one-another over a period of time, and he told me that he’s planning on continuing, but tends to get caught up in real life, apparently. (I’m going to protect his privacy too, as I don’t want to be rude, so that’s why I left out a lot of the reasons why he’s not been updating as much recently) But he did say that he wants to continue writing his stories- and loves to hear from fans what they think about his ideas! Please, folks, keep on telling him what you think of his works!
  14. Story title is up to the writer, just please do write to me with the title and pairing, and allow me to read it and tell you what I think.Ideas/questions/comments: feel free to ask write to me and ask.Challenger wants: Weirdness.Challenger doesn't want: excessive cursing/rude language- fighting: okay (as this would be a fallen family situation). Especially since Faith is basically bullying Buffy in a lot of ways now, so she'd likely push Buffy until Buffy fights back successfully + consistantly, but that's unlikely, as Faith would now have some magic aids on her side. The reason Joyce doesn’t stand up for Buffy is because she loves and believes her wife, Faith Lehane-Summers. Favoritism abounds here in this storyline- and that’s the “big bad” involved in this!Requested Length: 8 to 10 chapters inclusive of good length- a novella, or better yet, more.Here it is:Faith winds up Buffy's stepmom during Season 3 by her marrying Joyce Summers after Joyce and Hank divorced.This would not be a happy relationship; this is Season 3 Faith, and she's jealous of Buffy, so she proceeds to steal Buffy's friends and make them *her* friends, she has already become the disciplinarian of the home, and helps Dawn to rise up while acting to "hold Buffy down" (due to her jealousy), and patrols are *WEIRD*!Sometimes, Faith sleeps with her wife, Joyce, in Buffy's bed while Buffy's out.This rendition of Faith would be tender with Joyce and Dawn and Buffy's friends (partly to isolate Buffy from her circle of friends and to replace her in their hearts), but rather rough with Buffy, figuring that "she can take it", partly also to help to isolate her from them as well, so by the end Buffy feels like an outsider in her own family, while her stepmom, who just moved into the family, has virtually taken over!This would not be to advocate *for* this kind of behavior, but to advocate *against* it, by showing it as dark and perverse indeed! There would be also some of Faith working with Principal Snyder, she meets with him and promises him that she'll keep her stepdaughter Buffy (who's also her classmate as well) in line intending to do dark and twistedly painful things to her as punishment). Faith would wind up pretty popular, and aim to bump Buffy out, literally, as the blonde puts it: "Single white femaling me", only literally here: she's making her a social outcast.Simple idea, when Buffy's 18 in her senior year of High School, at that time Faith's 21, but since Faith's just back in High School after dropping out, she's her classmate- she also charms Buffy's friends.One possible scene is that she shows Xander her wedding ring when Xander doubts that she's married to Joyce Summers, this is after she's told her stepdaugther Buffy "You just wait till we get home, then you're going to get it." to the laughter of her newly stolen friends, including Willow and Xander, who she stole by making Buffy out to be the bad girl- due to Buffy objecting to her mom marrying another woman, who just happens to be her classmate!Faith maneuvered Buffy into yelling at Willow, so that the two would fight, and by that she ruined their friendship, then she approached and comforted Willow- this is also before "Consequences" definitely and likely before "Bad Girls", so she was able to keep Xander as her biggest fan- she didn't sexually assault him in this storyline, but they stayed friends, and then she proceeds to isolate Buffy from her friends- she's kind of bullying her elder stepdaughter while befriending her younger one, so as to isolate Buffy from even her own little sister!The way Faith maneuvered Buffy into yelling at Willow and Willow into yelling at Buffy was that she made certain that Buffy knew that Faith is Mrs. Summers' wife now- so then she managed to get Willow into asking Buffy what's wrong, and Buffy issues some kind of, as Willow puts it "homophobic comment" and that sets Willow off, and before you know it; Buffy's best friend isn't speaking to her! Faith also moves to isolate Buffy from her frenemy, Cordelia Chase, by befriending Miss Chase. This is the general gist of it, and I'd very much like to see what you can do with this.Final requirement: have fun! Not worth doing if you don't have fun- I really want to see what people can make of this odd pairing story!
  15. Krulos

    Cordelia's Mistress: Tara!

    Does she also kiss her in that scene? I am intensely curious.