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  1. So. Is it colder than a witch’s cunt where y’all are, too? No? Just us? Muh-zurr-uh’s done froze over, folks. 

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. manta2g


      Been sitting in the -40s all week with the bloody north wind. Well my fault for being in Manisnowba.

    3. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      @manta2g Think you need two of these… at least.  :fthrower::fthrower: And…

    4. Wilde_Guess


      @manta2g, you do know that fully fifty percent of your fellow Canadians live well south of the 49th Parallel for a reason, don’t you?

  2. That moment when you keep hearing a soprano velociraptor playing one-sided Marco Polo out in the hallway and realize, oh, no, it’s just the Velcro cat wailing pitifully because you locked him out of the office. 
    Woozle. Because of course, it’s Woozle. Never mind that I locked him out because I have cramps, a headache, and writer’s block, and I don’t feel up to fending off his usual shenanigans. By Shenanigans, I mean shaking slobber everywhere, whining, trying to insinuate his fat butt between the desk and my rack, and trying to scale Mount Mom’s-Desk and causing a landslide.

    Kid, Mama needs to work! Stay in your box!

  3. Y’all, I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried. I’m editing a new chapter of A New Lease on Life <500 words at a time with ProWritingAid, and the Readability checker gave me such a double take I heard my neck crack. I posted a screenshot on Tumblr because pics or it didn’t happen.

    An (admittedly wordy) paragraph got a hard to read flag. Everything is spelled correctly, but it has several big words regarding language and its various parts and traits. You know. Words like consonants, syllables, dialects, and pronunciation. Hard, however, seems excessive.

    Right above this paragraph is one marked easy to read. The entire thing is written in (intentionally) misspelled Scots and Scots-Gaelic that gave the spelling and grammar checker a stroke…and it’s easy to read…

    …what…the actual…fuck… :WTF:

    1. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Guess I’m a bit… don’t have a great opinion about bots, so I focus on human readability over some electromechanical Turk.

  4. @BronxWench, thank you so freaking much! I’m FINALLY logged back into my account! I can finally update my stories here. Thanks for your patience and determination. 💜 Give the grumpy corgi a chin scritch for us. (“Us” being myself, and my kitties Woozle and Heiferlump.)
  5. The activation link worked, but I got the same “this password reset is no longer valid” error message when I followed the password reset link. From opening the email to reaching the site, it couldn’t have been a whole minute. I’d include a screenshot, but it’s coming up larger than the limit even after cropping. This locked-out saga has completely ruined my ability to believe I’m in any way technologically literate. EDIT: I uploaded a cropped screenshot to my Google drive HERE.
  6. Over a year later, and I’m still locked out of my account, and still not able to reset my password. Only difference? Now I’m getting this error message when I try resetting my password: …all except for one email address. That address, once the password reset link from my inbox loads, I get the message that it expired…in seconds. I’m starting to consider just scrapping the whole posting on AFF deal. 😔
  7. While my husband fed the cats a moment ago, I squirted the younger one’s liquid medicine down his throat. Woozle, the little shit, let half the dose drip out of his mouth and roll down my shirt and shorts. I grumbled about it—because that medicine stains, turns into tar, and smells like rotten fish a roadkill—and what did Cold say?

    ”Well. Pussy likes to dribble.”

     I married this clown. I married him. (He’s not wrong, though.)

  8. Using AI to edit your smut can be so wild. ProWritingAid decided that this sentence…


    Kai’e’ie is insatiable—ravenous, breath-stealing, and covetous—and its expression is primal and passionate fucking.

    …needs this correction: 


    Kai’e’ie is insatiable—ravenous, breath-stealing, and covetous—and its expression is primal and passionate about fucking.

    I mean, sure, I’m as passionate about fucking as anyone, but that isn’t quite what I was going for there. I can only assume the algorithm assumed Kai’e’ie is a name rather than an emotion and that I was trying to make small talk instead of comparing two different emotional states—Kai’e’ie versus mi’lee’veez—related to intimacy. (Kai’e’ie’: combined from syllables from words meaning love, say, life, and bond; combined, the meaning is, literally love said, life-bound, or figuratively, without you, I die. The fictional people who created this word are apparently as dramatic as I can write them. Mi’lee’veez: the root words in their entirety and proper order mean my dream heart. Sappity-sap-sop, someone get a mop.)


    This is what I get for creating a fictional language for my novel. 🙄 J.R.R., you’re a horrible influence.

    1. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Welcome to the world that also guides youtube’s AI-generated recommendations.

    2. Deadman


      I’m enjoying AI art personally at this point. It’s far from perfect but it’s solid.

    3. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      AI art can be great, especially if you’re wanting some visualization for a scene you’re writing but you’re not an artist.

  9. Just a quick word. I’m putting writing on the back burner for a while. When I started this topic last night, I didn’t expect to get word this morning that my parents lost another furbaby. I grew up with that particular furball, and I’m devastated. I’m going to spend a few days just hugging my cats. I’ll come back to this when I’m less likely to cry. This was the last thing I needed right now.
  10. So, apparently when I wrote this out, I didn’t word it as well as I thought I did. (Overnights suck.) I also left plenty out because I didn’t want to include anything which could be used to identify the story when it’s finished. Privacy is important when you’re a closeted disaster-bi in the Bible Belt. Let me try again. X being character in question, A being the non-human allies, K being the non-human enemies, and D being the idjit who got kidnapped by the enemies and who now needs to be brought home. D also has a piggybacking spirit (nope, this one doesn’t do anything useful beyond keep people alive) and he and X are related. The training is only part of the story—a means to an end rather than the whole plot—and other than one outburst from the piggybacker, I’m not pushing X’s abilities beyond anything humanly possible. The intention of her trainers (A) is to teach X to use the spirit’s abilities, or at the very least, how to not get killed during the final confrontation. Because X is human, however, she’s going to be fighting a losing battle. She’s fit, more so than the average American, perhaps, but trying to make her superhuman is impossible without breaking the rules I’ve laid down for the world. This is fantasy realism, not ‘screw it, tiny children can save the world and Santa Clause gives away weapons.’ It’s a spoiler, but…X is going to fail. Fantastically. She won’t be able to harness the spirit’s abilities—it’s an entirely separate entity, not a buff. She won’t be able to take down the baddies, or even fight the baddies. She’s human, and they’re far tougher with fewer weaknesses. She will, however, become a much stronger human, learn how to fight non-humans defensively without getting gutted, and discover that her humanity—or, more specifically, the critical way the C view her on account of her humanity—is one of her greatest strengths. Compare it to a tiny angry monkey demanding a fight while her big buff friends sneak in the back door and free D, then they all make use of a distraction to escape. X is the tiny angry monkey; all she has to do is scream loudly enough and keep their eyes on her. Fighting-wise, I’m planning on the majority of said training involving endurance, strength, the usual, and some hand-to-hand, mostly defensive. I might include non-lethal weapons like staves at one point; the C mostly use their fists, claws, and teeth, but the use of bladed spears and daggers isn’t uncommon. I’m intentionally giving X only enough time to make marked improvements, but not enough to become, say, John Wick. The timing is important because the date of the attack is supposed to coincide with another event, and that event occurs regularly. (For instance, a full moon, or something like it.) The first number of days (plus some) represents the number of days in a year on the A’s planet, while the second represents the number of days in a year on the C’s planet. Choosing a time closer to the first number would allow more opportunities to immerse X in the world of the A, the lives they live, and her love interest’s friends and family, but it might open up confusion regarding the timing of the event. Choosing a number closer to 600 would leave X experiencing all of this twice and risk her coming home to find herself declared dead despite the protective measures taken, but it would give more time for the romance between X and her love interest to grow more organically. …I think I got the most of it this time. Anything else I missed, just ask. I really appreciate y’all’s help with this; Reddit’s writing sub is surprisingly judgy about asking for help with your writing, and you can only ask on the Fanfiction sub about original fiction so many times before getting the boot.
  11. Simply put, my character X is fit-healthy—she kickboxes weekly, runs with her dogs daily, and has a regular routine—and she’s getting dragged to another world to be made into a badass for plot-identifying purposes. Part of that process will include possibly learning to harness some abilities imparted by a guardian spirit piggybacking on her like she’s the neighbor’s wi-fi. X will be trained by people of a much stronger species and there aren’t any shortcuts. How many days would be reasonable to allow for building X from fit to badass? I’m leaning toward between 400 and 600, but considering I’m comfortably chunky and too old and decrepit to care, it’s like a vegan offering opinions on steakhouses. We also have to keep in mind that the world keeps spinning while she’s gone; too long, and she’s likely to come back and find her bank account empty and all her shit on the auction block. …anyone got any advice?
  12. Our cats have access to two cat beds, several chairs, a couch, a couple boxes, a footrest, a beanbag, countless pillows and blankets, a sunny windowsill with a blanket in it, our bed, and a cat tree. The cats are permitted to have a cuddle, nap, or lazy moment in all of these places. If we don’t catch them first, there’s even a couple baskets of clean laundry that might be comfy.

    and Woozle wants to sleep on top of a flat of toilet paper jammed into a storage shelf.

    Cats, man. You just can’t make sense of them.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. GeorgeGlass


      No surprise to me – my cats always seem to have a new favorite thing to lie down in or on. We call it “surface of the week.”

    3. BronxWench


      I no longer have cats, but my half-Maine Coon brothers, Toivo and Aino, preferred to nap on top of the kitchen cabinets, or in Toivo’s case, on the very small window ledge in the bathroom, after he’d swept it clear of offending shampoo bottles. Both of them would deign to sit in boxes, which was often complicated by their size, but Aino also liked to hide inside paper bags, which for some reason offended Toivo no ends.  The battle to free Aino could last for a good half hour before the paper bag was in tatters.

      They weren’t fond of my feet (unlike my corgi who has cost me several years of lifespan when she stealth-licks my ankles) but Toivo liked to give me large, dead horseflies. They were placed carefully on the pillow next to my head.

      I miss having cats...

    4. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Mine?  Starts with me hearing the high pitch noises, find the Queen having kittens, so I claimed half the litter (three of six).  Seventeen years later, I still have one of them with me (the other two have ventured across the rainbow bridge).

  13. Thank you, both for taking the time to answer and for fighting the good fight against the hacker spawn. I can be patient. Best of luck!
  14. I’m still locked out of my account. (I had to put writing aside for awhile; depression sucks, and it and all its little assbuddies can go jump off the dirty end of a cow with poke intoxication.) Well, now when I try logging in, I get a different error: “The email you provided may not be registered or is registered multiple times.” …any possible way this is due to the site being in read-only, or is this still the same problem as before. 😣 EDIT: the pen name is correct now, at least. No doxxing risk, yay!
  15. My smartass husband almost doomed us all. He’s eating animal crackers and found a cookie that appeared to be two different critters stuck together. What’s he suggest? ”Hey. Think we can fix this chimera with alchemy?” 


    No, Cold. HAYELL no. We are not breaking the alchemical taboo in twenty-twenty-anything, this is not the decade to risk it! There are two whole anime series about just why we don’t mess around with that! 


    1. BronxWench


      *shoves alembic into the closet hastily*

    2. InvidiaRed
    3. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Go ahead, do it, we could use the distraction :devil:

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