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    Under a rock in the Missouri Ozarks
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    Rabid reader and writer. Occasional digital artist - hobbyist level.
    Unrepentant overthinker. Spotify addict and musical frissonist.
    Lover of symbolism, Drambuie, wildflowers, rainstorms, and foggy days.
    Certified Crazy Cat Lady - send me cats and I'll love you forever. Ask about my cats and I'll never shut up.
    Browser tab abuser - "online" may actually mean "nope, I'm not really here."

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About Me

Call me “Ghost.” I’m older than I act, younger than I feel, and somewhere between walkin’ on sunshine and dead inside. I have a PhD in Smartassology. I’m married to a socially awkward man named “Cold” and lorded over by two spoiled cats, “Heiferlump” and “Woozle.”

Foreign languages and cultures, and colloquialism and linguistics fascinate me to no end; I often subject my readers to said fascination without mercy. My musical tastes run the gamut but my usual listening habits lean toward everything Rock or Jazz, Classical, and folk.

You can find me on Tumblr at Ghost-Chance if you get bored and want to subject yourself to cats, music reccs, and random smartassery.