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  1. Took a short break as I’ve noticed a lot of invalid avatars in the user profiles.
    New Drfault Avatar


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    2. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Aw, that’s why I never did the avatar, the image link thing instead of actually storing the image into the database.

    3. BronxWench


      I love the new profiles! :hug: :wub: 

    4. DemonGoddess


      The new profiles are awesome!

  2. The archive is in read only mode, we patched and then it got bypassed with another brute force breach. Certain components of the site are being rewritten from the ground up to be certain they can not be brute forced or bypassed. Security and keeping members data safe is a priority. Your patience is greatly appreciated as we deal with this.
  3. Patching is done, we are out of read only mode. Backups have been made.
  4. We had a serious set of injection attacks on the archives Tuesday September 13. This affected story titles and disclaimers being turned into site redirects. To maintain security and protection of our users the archives are in read only mode till we figure out how it was done and patch it. If you posted a story or an update on Sept 13th it has been lost due to data restoration (backup from Sept 13, 1am). We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this but have deemed the read only mode necessary for the time being.
  5. Pen names restored, took a few hours since there are a ton of members. if they aren’t current feel free to edit them. The attack didn’t get far, only managing to change pen names, user sensitive data is all encrypted so don’t have to worry about it..
  6. It is fixed, replaced recaptcha with a different verification which is more people friendly but not bot friendly.
  7. So I know I have been a ghost and there were updates to be done but…… Life has been a pain in the ass with my regular work place going out of business and the chaos going on because of it. Still very burnt out and only recently have I had enough function in my hands to type properly. I hope everyone can be a bit more patient and I will do my best to get the rest of the updates done as I get time when not a zombie in pain.

    1. DemonGoddess


      Me, personally, I’d rather you were fully functioning first. :)

      Life has been treating me much the same, chronically short handed at work, loads of stupid shit to do FOR work, which means being overtired and not daring to venture into the db itself for those kinds of repairs. :(


  8. That is completely possible and will be added to my to do list. right now I’m still debugging the archive skin so that it dose not cause weird draw issues.
  9. It is nice to be able to see again after going almost 3 weeks of having to rely on a 6 year old persecution that gave me a max of 18 inch radius of viability. Now to get back to tackling the css and other code bits for the mobile friendly skin.

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    2. pippychick


      You are quite awesome! :wub:

      Digital implants? Now I am imagining bionic eyes… perhaps they could add some additional useful functions, like a zoom or a record capability. That would be amazing. Then all the selfie people really would be like Narcissus, forever staring into their mirrors.

      Anyhow, I am glad you are here again. :)

    3. Melrick


      Your native language isn’t even English?  Yet another example of a foreigner writing better English than many native English speakers.  Interesting how that happens so much.  Interesting or depressing.

    4. DemonGoddess


      Glad you got your eyes back!

  10. My 5 year old grey tabby is in the hospital, vet bills are already at $1300 will probably go up, but he asked for help and i want to give him a chance.

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    2. pippychick


      Manta.. :( *hugs* Hope everything will be okay and he is well and back with you soon.

    3. manta2g


      So far seems to be. Though he's rather upset with me for being at the vets.

    4. GeorgeGlass


      What Melrick said. Hope everything turns out fine.

  11. *sighs* if a user was logged in the review board logs their uid and links their review to their account showing their proper pen name, if they were not logged in the uid is default 0 and will display as ANON, people who are not logged in can sign their reviews but many simply never think to do so.
  12. It never fails, I need to do something awsome with my dewing machine and my bobbin case breaks. *sighs* an slim chance of getting a new one till after my trip. was really looking forward to a new jacket.

    1. pittwitch


      Or - when you're up against a deadline, on the last part of the project and you break your last double needle?

  13. FairySlayer the layout is not completely final, for now we have put site functions and new code being compatible with future versions of php and mysql as well as eliminating any remaining old code bits floating around. The last core functions before we can run a full cleaning on the archives file system is the new search engine and the review system. Once the file system cleanup is done, tweaking the layout can commence. feel free to pm me any suggestions you may have.
  14. ok, fixed. did tweaks to story listing while I was at it.