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  1. I can email you the information to activate your account and reset your password, but I need a working email address. The one I have on record returns as disabled.
  2. Unfortunately, no. While Recommended Authors was carried over, Recommended Reading and Currently Reading was not when we migrated to the new archive code.
  3. Alright. If you tried activating while you weren’t home, then the IP address isn’t matching. I’m going to send both links to you again. Activate, and then reset your password. Use a new password, not one that Google or another browser makes up for you. The password needs to be at least 12 but not more than 18 letters and/or numbers only—no spaces, punctuation, or special characters. If the password is too short or too long, the reset will fail. If the password has any punctuation or special characters, the reset will fail. You log out by clicking the LOGOUT link at the upper right corner of the archive home page. Then you can log in again using your email address and password. You may not need to do that, but it has helped with other members trying to reset a password. I think, however, that if you reactivate and then set a new password, it should work.
  4. Don’t use the password reset link in your profile. While we work on fully securing the site, some links and features are disabled, and hat is one of them. Please use the custom link I generate and please be mindful of the password reset rules in the email. If you reuse your old password, you “blank” the field and force another reset. If you use illegal characters, or the password is too short or too long, it won’t work and you’ll force another reset. I’ll send you out a fresh one.
  5. I’ve resent the password reset link.
  6. I’ve emailed you the activation and password reset links.
  7. Since you emailed us as well, I’ve responded via email.
  8. I think what happened is that we merged duplicate accounts for you, when we were cleaning the archive during the lockdown. Your correct archive url is https://members.adult-fanfiction.org/profile.php?no=1296980093 You should be able to update that in your forum profile.
  9. We’re definitely able to have new stories uploaded. We’ve updated the FAQ for the process as well. The Rich Text Editor is still missing a few features as far as text formatting, but we’re hoping to have that back as soon as we can.
  10. I’ve emailed you new activation and password reset links.
  11. I’ve emailed you new links for activating the account and resetting the password.
  12. The link shouldn’t expire. But, if it’s doing just that, let me send both links again. That’s worked in the past.
  13. Yes, that does make sense. I’m not the coder, so I can’t tell you why we’re limited to 4 characters per tag, but hopefully @manta2g can answer that for us.
  14. I’m not quite sure what it is you’re asking. Searches are and will remain limited to a specific subdomain since each subdomain is a separate database, and it isn’t possible to search across the entire archive at once. However, searches within a subdomain can be done across all subcategories in that subdomain. If you wish to eliminate two tags while searching, you would type both tags in the search field, each preceded by a minus sign. However, it is possible that the search function remains disabled at the present time, while our coder continues to make sure the site is properly secured against another crippling attack which would force us to place the archive into read-only mode again.
  15. Because of the new security measures, it seems the usual password reset link isn’t working properly. I can generate a working link however, and in fact have emailed a new link to you that should work if you follow the updated guidelines.
  16. For the moment, certain features have been disabled while we make sure the site is properly secured against another attack on the site. Formatting in the RTE is one of those things that’s been disabled for the time being. As our coder continues to ensure the site is properly protected, she’ll be able to restore those functions. We’re a bit of a work in progress, but we think it’s better to be safe than sorry, and have the site shut down again for a few months.
  17. Well, I can always generate new links as needed. I don’t know what the issue is, though.
  18. I’ve sent you fresh links to activate your account and reset your password.
  19. It shouldn’t be related to that. Your IP here on the forum matches what I have in the archive. Did you clear your browser cache and history? It could be “remembering” your old password (the one with the illegal characters) which would be why you can’t log in. In any event, I’ve emailed you fresh links. Let’s reactivate and create another password...
  20. As long as there’s no link in the story/chapter, or in your bio text, I wouldn’t have an issue with it. I have a line in my profile: “If you want to know more about the work I publish, you can visit my blog.” Of course, my blog has morphed into a freebie Wix website, but there you have it. I do have the link to that website in my profile as well. Adding a personal website is permitted by our terms of Service, as long as it’s not a link to your Amazon author’s page or the like.
  21. Glad to hear it worked out! (And make sure you have a VERY good malware/antivirus running when you're on those public access wifi networks!)
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