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  1. Hi, I’m not finding any record of that particular email address in the archive. Did you perhaps try registering for this forum instead?
  2. Is it Remorse by Ms_Figg ?
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    How do you know if people like your story?

    Honestly, if we could implement it, a “like” button would be great. Granted, the lack of likes might be just as discouraging as the lack of dragon prints, but it would have far less potential for abuse than our old ratings system. I can’t tell you how many members had stories rated down for what I consider the stupidest of reasons: a disliked pairing, a character being too out of character, and on one memorable occasion, for writing too many stories. Yes, really, and the saddest part is that the author was an excellent writer who truly didn’t deserve to be ratings-bombed.
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    Can't join

    Then it’s definitely the Microsoft email client issue rearing its head once more. Since this is discussed on the Archive Tech Support thread, and not here on the Forum thread, I’ll explain the work-around we use. We can change the email address for you to a client that doesn’t have issues with our site, such as Google’s Gmail. I recommend that you email us with that Gmail address, since this is an open forum, and spambots can and do harvest email addresses. We can be reached at Once I update your email address, I’ll let you know. You can request a new email using this link: Make sure to use the new email address, since that’s what will be in our database. After you successfully validate, and have access to the account, you can use your Control Panel to change the email address back to your preferred client, or you can leave it with the new email address, as you prefer.
  5. BronxWench

    Can't join

    If you are asking about your archive registration, you are showing as pending registration. The issue might be because you use a Microsoft client email address, and we have had issues with confirmation emails and password resets. If you are asking about the forum registration, the issue might be because the archive registration isn’t completed.
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    HP/LM mpreg

    I’m locking this thread due to a flurry of spam posts, 16 of them to be precise.
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    I want to delete my account

    I’m not finding that pen name, but if you email me at from the email address you used to make the account, I can find the correct account that way. (I don’t recommend posting an email address to an open forum where spambots can see it.)
  8. Wishing the very happiest birthday ever to my sweet Neko-baby, WillowDarkling! I hope this year brings dreams come true, love! :happykitten: :kittenpurr: :birthday: :bday: :wub:

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      Thank you, Pittwitch and Melrick. I had a fantastic day.

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      Belated Happy Birthday!

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      Thank you, JayDee :D 

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    need help

    We have a wonderful FAQ explaining just how to do that: Our forum has an entire section devoted to all our FAQs:
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    Delete Account

    Thank you! The account and all content is deleted. Stay safe!
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    Story starting

    We have a FAQ for that right here:
  12. I’m not even remotely qualified to comment on what it would take to modify the current code, although I suspect it would be a major undertaking. My usefulness comes when it’s time to beta-test the updates, since I know what will work, and what will create issues for our members based on the troubleshooting inquiries I get.
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    Delete Account

    You have one story posted under your archive profile. Please confirm that you would like that story deleted along with the account, because once the story and account are deleted, it’s going to be impossible to retrieve that story.
  14. We have 23 separate databases. There is no way, at present, to have a franchise tag option that would search across the databases. The search function only works within the database you are visiting, otherwise known as the subdomain. So, if you are looking in the Anime subdomain, and search for Harry Potter, you will not get any results. That’s because Harry Potter has its own subdomain, or database. Similarly, searching in Anime for Inuyasha won’t return anything UNLESS the story in question is a crossover with the primary setting in Death Note. Crossovers are placed in the subdomain/subcategory where the story is primarily set. If Naruto visits Hogwarts, and all the content revolves around Hogwarts, the story does not belong in the Naruto subdomain. Rather, it is placed in Harry Potter, in the Crossovers subcategory. Users have no ability to create subcategories, which helps avoid the issue of misspelled categories appearing alongside correctly spelled categories. We would not allow users to create tags for any reference table, either. AO3 is a prime example of what happens when you let people loose with tags. We have a dropdown table of content tags, which can be added at the time a story is published. Thereafter, users have the ability to add tags manually via the Control Panel in their profile. Disclaimers… we actually have an excellent FAQ on the topic, but I’ll provide examples of what we look for in a disclaimer. Single Fandom: I do not own Harry Potter and I make no profit/money from this story. (Optional: I do not make any profit/money from this story.) Crossover: I do not own Harry Potter, Twilight, or Naruto and I make no profit/money from this story. (Optional: I do not make any profit/money from this story.) Work in the public domain: This is a work of fiction based on Bram Stoker’s’s Dracula. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is unintentional. Original fiction: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, in unintentional. (Optional: All rights are reserved by the author, and unauthorized reproduction is prohibited.) Original Poetry: This is a work of poetry. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, in unintentional. (Optional: All rights are reserved by the author, and unauthorized reproduction is prohibited.) Original nonfiction: This is a work of non-fiction. Where possible, permission has been obtained from all persons named in this story. Celebrity fiction: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Asuka or Alexa Bliss or Mickie James. I make no profit/money from this story. (Optional: I do not make any profit/money from this story.) As you can see, there isn’t really a single format that will work for every situation. I scan the content tags in the summary page, actually. It’s sort of like browsing bookshelves in a bookstore for me. It’s also easier than having to input a lengthy list of tags to filter out, since in a single-database scenario, I’d wind up having to filter in the one fandom I do want to read at the moment, and THEN filter out all the content I don’t want to see, and finally skim past the stories I’ve already read which pop up in the results, since filtering by date might mean I’d miss an update I might not have seen. Or, when I think about it and have time, I just add a story to my Currently Reading portion of my profile, so I can find it quickly.
  15. I actually am following what you’re saying. The only and only copy of the story cannot be found in Anime, Books, AND Celebrity as your scenario states. It can be found in exactly ONE of those subdomains/discrete databases. We do not allow a story to be posted in three subdomains, which is what would have to happen to make your scenario work. I’ll also point out that, due to the sheer volume of content, Harry Potter has its own subdomain, and does not get included in Books. Creating all those input lists is also a great deal of work, and would require continuous updating as new fandoms emerge, new celebrities become of interest, and new pairings catch the attention of authors. And yes, pairings are of paramount importance in certain fandoms, based on the flame wars that can erupt if a story appears in the wrong pairing category. And I will continue to beg to differ on the validity of a single disclaimer format. Fandom-based stories require a far different disclaimer than Original works, which should have something akin to what you see at the beginning of a published novel. Original works CAN be written for profit, do NOT require and copyright demurral, and must clearly state that they are a work of fiction, whereas a fandom-based work must clearly state that the author does not own the copyright of the fandom, and therefore cannot make any profit from the work. Celebrity fiction must clearly state that the work is fiction, that the author does not KNOW the celebrity or celebrities, who must be named in the disclaimer, and that no profit is made. Stories based on titles in the public domain must use the name of the book in the disclaimer, but otherwise use the same disclaimer as Original fiction. There is no one-size-fits-all disclaimer for all of AFF. I don’t have enough staff to preview stories before they are posted. So, in essence, under the scenario you’ve proposed, stories will appear based on tags that have to be continuously moderated to answer calls for new fandoms, in subdomains multiple times since I am assuming the Franchise tag(s) would replace the existing choice of subdomain and subcategory, and we still have to review the story after it’s published for content tags, which are of more importance to me than the disclaimer, to be honest. The author will get sued for copyright infringement. I get the hysterical emails from readers who are blindsided by untagged content that they would have preferred not to encounter. As a personal illustration, I do not read for pleasure stories tagged with Minor1, Scat, WS, FF, or ABDL. As a moderator, I am required to review those stories, but when I read for my own enjoyment, I will skip anything with those tags. I also avoid certain subdomains altogether, either because I have no interest in the fandom or, in the case of Celebrity Fiction, I find the entire genre unpleasant since I tend to think about the families and friends of the real persons being depicted, and it quite puts me off. (My apologies to the authors who write for Celebrity, but I’ve never been reticent about my distaste for real person fiction.) We would need to rewrite the entire code, or purchase a prewritten package to set up what you’re suggesting, and I don’t see that happening in the near future, if ever. Would I like to work with a more up to date archive? Absolutely. I’d be lying if I said things were perfect. But I’m not capable of writing the code we would need, and I don’t have the wherewithal to purchase it for the site as a donation. Trust me, if I could buy a package, I would. It would be lovely to have the ability to have the updates written for us as the software evolves. I do think, despite our limitations, we are still a viable site. All things considered, we’re nearly 20 years old, which is quite an achievement for a fiction archive.
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    Cannot log in

    I’m glad I could help!
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    Cannot log in

    I’m not seeing any issues in the profile information I can access in the database. My only guess as to the issue might be password related. Passwords, as of the most recent code tweak, need to be between 8 and 12 letters and/or numbers long. We don’t allow any punctuation or special characters, and passwords are case sensitive. If your password is too short, or too long, or if it contains any punctuation or special characters, it would cause the failure to log in that you’re experiencing.
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    Delete My Account

    Per your request, the account has been deleted.
  19. Much of what you propose is indeed coding issues, and therefore well outside my area of expertise. I will clarify that subcategories within subdomains are added by my admin, and not by members, which eliminates the issue of duplicate categories. Members do not have the ability to create a category on their own, and I don’t anticipate that will change at any point in the near future. Having seen the mess that can be created by allowing members to create tags on their own, and the subsequent need for a dedicated team of tag wranglers to clean up the mess in other fiction archives, we won’t be doing that here. We’re an all-volunteer staff, and I for one would rather not deal with user-created tag insanity. I don’t think I’d have any staff left, honestly.
  20. I love the idea of franchise tags, but I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t be able to implement those due to the physical structure of the archive. It’s actually 23 separate databases. Each subdomain is a unique entity. When I’m moderating in a subdomain, I can (and do) move stories to the correct subcategory. I’m not able to move stories from one subdomain to another. We also have a clear rule about not allowing authors to crosspost stories in multiple subdomains, unless the crosspost is a translation. That rule was implemented to conserve bandwidth. We do actually have a separate subdomain for non-English stories, and that tends to eliminate the issue of English speakers being confronted by stories in another language, and vice versa. If you want stories in another language, we have subcategories there for French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and the catch-all Misc subcategory. There are further divisions within those subcategories for the more popular fandoms as well as for original works. Disclaimers will always be an issue, I fear. We have certain subdomains and subcategories with unique disclaimer requirements. Original works require a much different disclaimer than a fan fiction would, and the disclaimer will also differ for original works of non-fiction. Fan fiction involving celebrities is another unique circumstance, as is fan fiction based on titles in the public domain. There really is no single template that would cover every situation. Now, if we were able to apply the franchise tags concept to the individual databases, that might help, but in the case of the Celebrity subdomain, it would require adding a separate database to cover the names of every possible famous person who might conceivably generate a story. That’s a great deal more bandwidth that would be expended, as opposed to saved, and would require constant tag wrangling as celebrities under 18 came of age (we do not ever allow real-person fiction involving anyone under 18), or new bands/wrestlers/actors/Youtube personalities became popular. I fear we’ll have to agree to disagree about the Hall of Shame. We don’t expect users to check there all the time to see if their stories were stolen. Far from it, actually. AFF believes fan fiction authors, who write for nothing more than reviews and the joy of writing, deserve some advocacy, much like any published author whose agent, publisher, and lawyer would be quick to pursue anyone plagiarizing the author. What we want is to make public the pen names of the plagiarists. If every fiction archive were to maintain a list of verified plagiarists, it would be far easier to remove stolen works, especially across platforms. And believe me, we do verify any alleged plagiarism before we act. Plagiarism is a serious offense in any form in which it occurs.
  21. Hi, Let me start by thanking you for a very thoughtful post. You’ve put a good bit of time into this, and it’s appreciated. I’m not a coder, so I can’t respond to the Prettier and Easier suggestions, although I will admit that I miss the left side navigation bar, which was sacrificed in favor of making the site easier for mobile device users. I’m an unrepentant PC user, and don’t read or write on my phone, so the mobile-user adaptations did little for me. I’m also hugely fond of dark mode options myself, but again, since I’m not a coder, I have no idea how easily that could be implemented. I do know our site code is largely proprietary, and that does make certain options available on commercial packages harder to implement. I am, however, qualified to comment on the Quality Control issues as the lead Archive Moderator. We are governed, in our moderation, by the owner’s decisions as to what is or is not allowed. Sadly, the wall-of-text submissions fall under the owner’s no-censorship guidelines for the staff, so as much as I’d love to reject those, I’m not able to. The same applies to story titles. We’re not permitted to exercise quality control on those, either, although I sigh deeply every time I see a title that’s nothing more than a sentence. I’m a slave to my own prejudices, I’m sure, but titles have an accepted format in my ever so humble opinion, which includes capital letters for more than the first word. Tags and disclaimers are something we do strive to enforce. Every new story and update is reviewed, and we require tags for content as defined in our Story Codes list. If tags aren’t included as needed, we will warn the author via email about the missing tags, hide the story if it’s not corrected within the stated time period, and eventually, if the tags still aren’t added, we do delete the story. The same applies to disclaimers, the most common Terms of Service violation. We leave a review board message, email the author upon hiding the story, and we will indeed delete a story that doesn’t have a proper disclaimer. I find some authors don’t even bother to put a story in the proper subcategory, so an auto-generated disclaimer function would still not be a perfect solution. On a personal level, I don’t mind a slightly creative disclaimer, but I appreciate your call for a consistent format. It would certainly make moderating that area easier. The Hall of Shame was established to highlight not bad content, but to showcase people who have outright plagiarized stories for the most part. We do think those plagiarists need to be called out, if only to alert authors whose stories might have been stolen, and who were unaware of the theft of their intellectual property. It’s not meant to be a bullying tactic. We are one of the only fiction archives in my experience to actually take action when we are alerted to an instance of plagiarism. We have a zero tolerance policy for theft. What we do not so, however, is publicly call out the many people who troll other authors, who flame other members, or who behave in a manner generally unbecoming. Those discussions take place well behind the scenes, as is appropriate. I’m always very happy when someone takes the time to let us know what can be made better when it comes to AFF. I’ve been moderating here for over ten years now, so I can safely say I love this site, and think of it as my virtual family. I’d love to see some of the changes you’ve outlined be implemented, in all honesty. So again, thank you for a very well written post, and for taking the time to let us know what you think about AFF.
  22. Thank you, @Desiderius Price. I’ve spent over ten years as a moderator for AFF. I wrote and published here before I joined as staff. This has been my online writing family, and I for one would very much like to keep my family intact.
  23. And again, we’re not for sale.
  24. Let me start by saying that AFF is NOT for sale. I am, however, extravagantly interested in what gave you the notion that we were open to such a thing. I don’t recall any mention anywhere of the site being offered for sale, and I’m fairly sure I would have noticed any signs on the virtual front lawn. If you are serious about starting a fiction archive, however, that’s a separate discussion.
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    New Harry Cuck Stories??

    Or you could read it here, on AFF: Harry Potter and the Real Men of Gryffindor Tower by AryaStarkNaked