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  1. Suppose the *other* way is to add a second chapter to the one-shot, absorb it and continue writing. That’d get rid of the one shot vs big story issue. Because if it’s the exact same material/chapter in two separate stories… gotta tread carefully (site rules).
  2. I suppose the better question is whether somebody can read & understand the spin-off w/o reading the one-shot. If there’s something crucial from that one-shot, a one-liner in the spin-off might be all that’s needed.
  3. As I opened the long-story with them playing a game in it, I didn’t really explain the origins of it. Thus, nice tidbit to those that read the holiday story. To those that didn’t, well, still get entertained.
  4. When I wrote Dale’s Game, it was “the continuation” to the holiday oneshot I wrote. Basically the oneshot explained where the gaming rig came from, the basics of the friendship, and the first chapter of the new story starts off with the boys using it.
  5. Wow… so this post should bump my “rank.”  Lets see if that unlocks anything special. :kilt:

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      If you get any, let me know. I could use some super powers myself. :lol: 

  6. Apologies for not noticing this sooner. I’d suggest keeping it consistent and in context. If you’ve got a (real) friend of the mayor, they go fishing, might be like… > “That’s a beauty.” John pointed at the large striped bass beneath the water. Or in the speech, especially if it’s multiparagraph, you might not need to overly annotate either. > Mayor John Smith spoke. » I’m not a man prone to superstition, therefore, we’ll go ahead with paving over the Indian burial grounds for a Walmart. » This strikes way for progress! Though, suppose in slander, could be “The Mayor’s office has gone to the John”
  7. 43836 – zipcode for Plainfield Ohio.
  8. You’re likely damned if you do, damned if you don’t, write it generically, bit watered down, for a wider audience. Throw in kinks, triggers? That’ll attract some folks, and discourage others. Suppose if you do it scientifically, put out multiple stories, see which one attracts the most hits/engagement.
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