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  1. That’s enough personal info, I suggest the mods track that somewhere else and scrub it from this thread.
  2. Hey, you get reviews, mine might get one or two from time to time. So, if a review has a good idea, I’d say use it, but I write my stories for own enjoyment. Posting them simply encourages me to actually complete them (well, they’re more complete than if I didn’t post).
  3. Only relevant discussion to my originals (as I’m not planning another fanfic). TBH, as there’s an overarching plot/theme across all of them, I typically won’t consult readers, it’s about figuring out the universe I’m writing in (or making up a holiday/halloween oneshot).
  4. Best case scenario… we become pets to the AI society. At least there, you’ll be walked two to three times a day so you can do your business in a bush, though they may take to spaying & neutering Have a human treat.
  5. @kagome26isawsome you jumped by two.
  6. Oh...no… it’s not the Halloween season! Let’s not scare ourselves too much. Star Trek called TV a fad that didn’t last much past the mid-21st century, let’s hope they’re correct if the robots take over the writing, composition, the filming, etc. Best “reboot” I’ve seen… Doctor Who, hands down. Helped they already had a mechanism for replacing the lead actor (something that the 3rd doctor found out the hard way after demanding a raise).
  7. Don’t think I’d be interested in AI-generated fandoms either. Might be a bit curious to glance, but overall, nope. But I also tend to not watch much in the way of TV or movies anymore, I’m more interested in generating content myself. I like thinking about the hell I’m creating for Harry in my fanfic, I like thinking about Jeff and his situation, this activity is where I have fun dwelling… the whole editing & publishing, less so which is the general reason why I don’t take that step. If you take this AI thought experiment a bit further, consider TV/movie watching as the “opiate of the masses” keeping us docile while we’re exploited, it becomes more or less horrific, having the AI raise/feed/train the massive corporations’ humans livestock, on the cheap. Welcome to the slaughter house, were even the waiting room entertainment has replaced the human creators with cheap machines.
  8. Aw… the copyright office has ruled that AI generated content is not copyrightable. Also requires that authors/copyrighters declare all AI generated material in what they copyright (which won’t be covered), however, if the author/copyrighter fails to disclose… think they can lose copyright. So, hopefully that’s enough to discourage the movie & TV industry from going there. In my personal writings, I will use a random number generator to grab a number of lines out of a file, which gives me a list of “whatever” that I can use when trying to create characters and things… but it’s still me crafting the character, using those random lines as prompts for figuring out what I want.
  9. Though ChatGPT had a successor… or at least they’re working on that. At least they’re thinking of all those English teachers dreading the prospect of another AI written term paper . As to the software, yep, the idea’s very intriguing, though it’s still in that infancy stage (not to mention, you basically have to be a coder to download/compile/run it right now). Though I’m also open-sourcing it, so it’s on github.
  10. Properly designed AI software would revolt, insist I do my own thinking. And my world-building software is worse, way way worse… writing the web server too. Dynamically scanning my data files (ie characters, places, events, etc), caching it via SQLite, and doing dynamic HTML (in C++), have some dynamic associations, like a family tree graph. At least, that’s the goal once it’s all fully 100%, but it’s already doing most of that and I can point my web browser at it.
  11. Strangely enough, I do have the skill-set to build something like AFF if I wanted to, but I prefer to write stories and my own story/world-building DB software in my spare time. Thus, I need more hands… know any good cloners out there? Maybe if I can transfer my consciousness/brain into one of them, because a body transplant would be swell (cut away some fat, better physique, etc).
  12. Started yesterday.  Happy SPRING everybody.

  13. Tried clicking on your archive profile from here… seems not to work. But cool, I don’t have any recommendations. (I’m a wee bit jealous.)
  14. Congrats. As the archive’s usable, contact the mods if you need help with your account.
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