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  1. Trying to focus at work, but my mind’s wanting to write my Halloween story instead!  Oh, the torture.

  2. Mine’s turning out to be a longer project too.
  3. And it’s going to take Manta2g awhile as she’s gotta check/fix every SQL interaction.
  4. Aside from “Choose Your Own Adventure” where alternative endings are expected or deliberately done in a comedy... I generally consider alternate endings as a symptom of a problem in the plot. Now, it might be possible that there’s material for two (or more) stories and could split them up.
  5. Server may still be in read only mode, so you might have to wait. (I’ll let real staff take over from here, I’m just a regular member.)
  6. This reminded me of Christmas Eve dinners as a kid, watching the Dungeoness Crabs fight it out in the kitchen sink … well, before they went into the pot.
  7. What is war but to hunt your fellow human in the name of your team/flag?
  8. It’s mortgage FREEDOM day!  One less landlord in my life.

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    2. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      I got to learn how to wire money today as well, so there’s that.  (Cause I figure mortgage firms have been burned taking anything less than a cashier’s check or money wire.)  Now waiting for the paperwork to clear.

    3. BronxWench


      Many congratulations! I loved my mortgage freedoms days immensely! :lol: 

    4. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      And confirmed it deposited via the mortgager.  This dark period is ending…. and a small shopping spree might happen.

  9. In a comedy, a dream within a dream within a dream for ending after ending could be absolute gold, depending on how well it’s written. Though in more serious dramas, less so. (As an aside, I will use smaller dream blocks within the story to help explore a character’s unspoken fears, aspirations, etc.) My potter story has something akin to the same dilemma, more in a couple people split off (think B-group), incommunicado (& presumed dead) until the climax. If I stuck to “A” POV, it’d get darker and darker, with a last second Deus Ex (not great). When I get back to that section, I intend to simply alternate between the two sides, muddle my way through it, somehow. However, on alternate endings, I’m thinking of having it be a sim/game with Harry & Ron played by two gamers in immersive VR… it’d be fitting to their characters. Now, in your story, you could turn it into a two parter. You’d cover up to ending with main character feeling good about it (prelude with a few hints to the smarter character may do something), and second story would be that other character acting on the advantage and pressing forward for more chapters.
  10. Can you do both? Maybe with different character POVs? One thinks “all is great” while the other has some dreadful feeling? Or… there’s the classic “first take was a dream”.
  11. I *really* wanted to see the Scouring of the Shire… but alas, they didn’t include that. TBH, it could’ve used six (or more) movies, and that still wouldn’t have covered all of it.