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  1. @BronxWench answered – any age, so long as it’s tagged. And I tag even if it’s non-sexual, so for instance, a kindergartner not wanting to stay dressed in class because he always runs around naked at home.
  2. Now you’ve got a halloween story!
  3. That’s the thing I love about AFF… (AO3 is similar), so long as you tag it appropriately, WARNING the readers, then it’s generally okay to stay. I try to go a tad over-and-beyond, giving the reader a hint to what’s the major themes vs lesser tags for the story.
  4. Just in the nick of time, the Halloween season is a mere four months away! You’re welcome. I apply it liberally (especially in cases where nudity, witnessing or participating in sexual activity is involved). My process is now to always list all tags all at the start of the story (for a oneshot collection, top of the chapter), along with any qualifiers (in case tag X is warranted but not the main theme/focus of the story). And Trigger/Significant/Themes tags are always in the description. Readers should never be caught long as they bother to read the trigger warnings in TWO locations with my method (description & top-of-story). Maybe we should use the HTML blink functionality?
  5. IIRC, it used to be puberty. However, we now have good record-keeping, typically know a person’s age, and thelaw prefers numbers, and parents freak out if their child’s made to drop trousers by investigators. And modern puberty’s shifting earlier than it used to be. Anyways, 18+ is good for “about everybody’s past puberty” and mature enough to decide if they want to bang a senior citizen (hey, maybe they’re after the inheritance). And good enough to nab the 40-year-old predators wandering into the elementary school for a date. Or nabbing a parent abusing their kid. However, when it comes to the teenagers themselves, that’s not so good. After all, “normal” for teenagers is going after other teenagers. (Warning: I am NOT a lawyer.) IIRC, most states have some age-based window here. So 14 & 15 would not be in trouble with the law. Another issue with teenagers and these laws… with the prevalence of cell-phone-cameras, a teen can easily get into trouble for taking pictures of themselves! (That’s a topic for a different thread.) Back to original topic, I’ll apply the [minor1] tag for non-sexual nudity, because I’d rather be safe than sorry in disclosure. (And if the character’s naked, I’m sprinkling in words to remind… ie, comments about the variously exposed bits from time to time.)
  6. In *some* countries (not mine), adverse legalities come into play, so I can see some world-wide platforms playing it “safe”. Because in most societies, it’s more “family friendly” to portray the destruction of families than the creation of them… sigh. Guns kill way more than titties or wieners do, TBH. IIRC, I was eleven for that public school sex-ed class (± a year)…
  7. With the exception of the “cleaner” version of my Potter fanfic, the [minor1] tag tends to slip into most of my stories too, even the ones where I tried to aim for [minor2] (because we ALL know that sexuality & sexual thoughts are bequeathed on an 18th birthday, and no teenager ever thinks about or engages in sex before then...cough, cough </sarcasm>).