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  1. Clue, the movie, had alternate ending after alternate ending.
  2. ACK! (panics… runs and hides, trembling in fear)
  3. I’m mulling something over, may have an entry this year.
  4. Welcome, welcome. Hijacking threads (within reason) can happen around here Obviously, the archive supports both ways, in that you can publish them individually, or lump them together into a single one. IMO, if the oneshot stories are tightly related/coupled, then a single story as a collection would make sense. If they’re not related, then separate stories would be less confusing. One pro of separate postings is that you’d get separate hits/reviews for each one. A pro to multi-chapter is you’ve got better control to the sequence the reader will most-likely browse through them, if that helps with cohesion between the oneshots. Anyways, welcome to the archive & forums! - DP