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    Sending birthday wishes to my darling @pippychick and wishing you all the very best for this year, and all the years to come. Love you!
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    I think my phone is in a gloomy mood. I was texting my wife about our anniversary, and the word it suggested as I was typing was "annihilation."
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    Okay Writer question, from what I can tell. A personal website is a thing?
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    That moment I wonder why I’m trying to disturb the plumbing, then I remember, I’m an author, of course I’m trying to sabotage it to fail!
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    Another Small Step Down. <3 As long as I can get it published by atleast the end of the year I’ll be happy. Reading Copyright law was horrible but at least legalese is at least legible. Understanding what is and isn’t culpable… But hey, at least 70 years
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    Another review from @GeorgeGlass, this time for WitS chapters 4-6! One does wonder about the insurance claim there… Kind of reminds me of that bit from Big Trouble in Little China where Jack Burton is trying to figure out what to do concerning the loss of his truck due to supernatural forces. “...And I don’t want to hear ‘Act of God’.” The Charnel Spider does seem to be something of a fan favorite. Because none of this would have happened without JayDee giving me permission to write it, they got an advance copy of every chapter before posting, and I remember being really excited to show them the Charnel Spider, due to the...well, I guess it really being kind of fucked up horror imagery. I wasn’t really sure how to portray an Envy-based monster. The problem there was that the obvious solution, shapeshifting to be what it wants to be, was something that, if I recall correctly, Fullmetal Alchemist had already done with the homunculus Envy. The idea of, instead of copying what you want, taking it from someone else, was sufficiently creepy to me (“I wish I had skin like that...so I’ll just take yours.”) that I went with that. I’m glad the confrontation was reminiscent of WoH, as this was probably the part of the story where I was most dedicated to evoking some of the feel of JayDee’s first story. Thanks again for the review!
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    Oh, waking up the MC can be hard to do. Screams and shouts of fire might do it.
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    Ok, so, I’m working on a few different things, and I just now happened to go to my gmail account and oh crap @GeorgeGlass left a WitS review two days ago and I didn’t notice it! Well, let’s rectify that. Thank you! The “castrate him with a spork” thing made me chuckle a bit as well. I mentioned this in the AN, but the tentacle scene was the first one I’d ever actually written, so I was definitely nervous. The positive reception it’s gotten has been very encouraging. Finally, I’m glad you enjoyed the little bit of payback Hobbes gets. I knew what I was going to do to Barbara, and I just kind of wanted to give her...I don’t know, something, some little moment where she gets back at him at least a little. Glad you’re enjoying the story so far, and I hope it continues to be fun for you!
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    Gotta continue taking a break for a while, I’ll be back to catch up and finish reading some ongoing stories when I can. Stay strong everyone.
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    By the way, before I took this final step, which the user had been warned would happen, I let slide another 2 instances, rather than the action I'm taking now. I considered the user's age (she's quite young), and HOPED that she'd finally get the hint and actually abide by the site rules and guidelines. It didn't work... Archive profile After my first deletion, this is what I had to say: "Ok, My entire account was deleted and I am not sure why. I tried to sign on and it just wouldn’t work, I searched for my story and it wasn’t their, I searched for my pen name, and it wasn’t there either, so IDK what that’s all about but I am soooo annoyed." This is what I sent after my eighth deletion: "My stories have been hidden from Adultfanfiction because they are saying I am under age and this is the fourth time this has happened. I'm not underage." Want to know when those accounts were created? Here's a list: JenMarie – registered May 17, 2009 – 15 years old DarkDesire – registered June 1, 2009 – 15 years old JenMarie – registered June 6, 2009 – 15 years old openmind – registered June 30, 2009 – 15 years old JennMarie55 – registered October 25, 2009 – 16 years old JennMarie – registered October 25, 2009 – 16 years old dontforget1 – registered December 11, 2010 – 17 years old XxScriboxX – registered July 16, 2011 – 17 years old XxScriboxX – registered May 27, 2011 – 17 years old But I didn't stop there. Afer they told me they had deleted all my hard work that I wrote while I was a minor, and posted on an adult site with no thought whatsoever to the possible legal consequences to the actual, real, human people that run the site or the owner of the site, I created another account. And another. And another. I'm also a review whore. That means I won't update unless you review. And I tell my readers lies. Yep. I tell them that I was of age, and that the site moderators "don't like me." And if I'm not telling them that, I'm telling them this: "I was over eighteen when my account was deleted (but seventeen when I made the account) and lost all of my work." See that list above? The account I'm referring to was JennMarie. I was 16, not 17. But, we already know I can't count (reference how many times I say I was deleted, and how many times I actually had been). So, then I decided that I would just violate other rules. Like flaming. That's right - I decided to flame the site. "And on a side note, I hate, hate, hate, HATE, this effing site." You know what, though? Posting here's a privilege, not a right, and I won't be able to anymore. Because not only did I do this, I was warned: "From this point, you will be monitored for any further Terms of Service and/or Content Guideline infractions. Should staff find any more, you will be Hall of Shamed for the chronic violations and permanently banned." That was after I admitted that I shouldn't have uploaded two versions of the same story. This is what I was told: "Normally, the fourth account gets you permanently banned. It certainly has any other user who persisted in returning to the site prior to their 18th birthday." And that's absolutely true. I was given a chance that all of those other children weren't, ONLY because my account was deleted after I had turned 18. And this has been addressed ad nauseum by the moderators in the forum - just go here: http://www2.adult-fanfiction.org/forum/index.php?app=core&module=search&search_in=forums and type in JennMarie or Traded and you'll get a ton of threads about my inability to have consideration for the legal repercussions of my actions. I told the site admin that I was "unaware" of the risk my presence posed to the site itself while I was underage. But you know what? I tell everyone I'm a history major, and history majors have to read - a LOT. So, I should have been able to read "By entering these Archives you are stating that you are 18 years of age or older and that you are allowed to view adult material in your area." "By accessing AFF and/or creating an account I agree that I am at least 18 years of age and legally allowed to view adult related material." And I should have been able to read the entirety of this document: http://www.adult-fanfiction.org/guidelines.php I should have paid attention to the last paragraph of the Terms of Service: "You understand that if any of the above requirements are violated that your account and/or submissions are subject to being hidden, edited, deleted, or being taken control of by the administrators of the site, without notice. You understand that your ability to return to the site after these actions are taken is solely at the discretion of the site's staff and is not subject to discussion." But I didn't. And those failures are my own, no matter how much I want to blame the staff for them. I received a warning that I would be banned, something that in the past has only ever been sent to still underage children to warn them to keep away from the site if they want the privilege of being here once they're adults. So because I've decided that I'm entitled to break the rules and regulations of the site, and because I've decided that their warnings meant nothing, I'm not allowed here anymore. I'm permanently banned. You'll never be able to read my works here again. Ever. Any flames in the forum or to TOS or admin mail about the banning of this user can and will result in repercussions on the flamer's account. Any flames sent to staff members individually will be addressed in the same manner as well. Take note of the Terms of Service you agree to by accessing the site (no flaming is allowed), and understand that those regulations are universally and equally applied.