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    Server Upgrade/Migration

    We will be upgrading our server hardware July 1st. There may be some down time involved while things are transferred from old to new.
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    Hey, all! I’m back at home base and trying to get into the groove of things again. I’m hoping to send chapter 11 of “Smooshed” off to beta by the end of the week. Chapter 2 of “Secret Sash” will probably go to beta not long after that, and then chapter 3 of “Depravity Falls.” And I plan to post chapter 1 of “Liberatrix” (sequel to Miraculous story “Miss Match”) before the month is out.
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    Minor Minor! Minor!

    Haunted bodegas? It’s been done to death. Now, sin eaters… I can work with that, I think. *rubs hands together and ponders*
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    Minor Minor! Minor!

    As long as it’s a fictional character, and the story is tagged, we do allow it. We have one author who uses fictional characters under the age of 6, and he tags appropriately. It is unpleasant for most readers, honestly, but it’s not illegal. I’ll quote the policy set by the site’s owner: So, there you have it. That’s what I go by, until site policy changes.