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    Gotta continue taking a break for a while, I’ll be back to catch up and finish reading some ongoing stories when I can. Stay strong everyone.
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    My story “The Cartooniverse Mother-Daughter Crossover Sextacular” references 75 different cartoons from every era. My thought this morning: “It’s like I was trying to ruin as many childhoods as possible.”
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    Sending birthday wishes to my darling @pippychick and wishing you all the very best for this year, and all the years to come. Love you!
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    Found this excellent gardening tip on facebook! REMEMBER: When you bury a body, cover it with endangered plants so it’s illegal to dig it up.
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    That moment, after you crawl in bed, that you think of the perfect line of dialogue! Time to forget sleeping.
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    From FB, but still…
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    Pro tip: Do not french kiss the cobra.
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    Making Progress. Slow progress but a step is still a step by any measure @BronxWench you were right It was way more cost effective to buy 10 ISBNS I feel like that’s how they suck you in. Well you only wanted one but…. You got the rest of your life to use the rest of them ahaha.
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    This summarizes up today, though it omits the gaming distraction….
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    I think my phone is in a gloomy mood. I was texting my wife about our anniversary, and the word it suggested as I was typing was "annihilation."
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    Okay Writer question, from what I can tell. A personal website is a thing?
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    That moment I wonder why I’m trying to disturb the plumbing, then I remember, I’m an author, of course I’m trying to sabotage it to fail!
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    Another Small Step Down. <3 As long as I can get it published by atleast the end of the year I’ll be happy. Reading Copyright law was horrible but at least legalese is at least legible. Understanding what is and isn’t culpable… But hey, at least 70 years
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    20% of all evil witches end up being shanked by children.
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    Think the sunburns are on the mend, weren’t terribly bad to sleep on last night and was able to get a pair of good four hour dozes. (Yeah, the sunburns were to the shoulders, and I sleep on my side….)
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    One more step down. The cover art is done oh lord… I can almost believe its happening
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    That moment you’re rewriting a death scene and realize you should remove all sugar bowls from the house, just in case the perp drops by for a visit…..
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    We actually have never tracked hit count data on individual stories, but I think you are correct in thinking it would get ruined by manipulation if we did.
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    Offering Sorrow is complete and it’ll be awhile before I return to this particular verse.
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    American lust

    Stan and Haley got locked in the basement by Roger who ended up forgetting they was in there after a few hours Haley starting to yell for help hoping someone would hear her only for Stan to tell he made the basement soundproof it got to hot and Haley and Stan removed some clothes to keep cool in just their underwear they couldn't control themselves and ended up fucking When they finally got out they said no one can ever know what happened and then immediately started making out and went to Haley's room to go again it went on for a few days until Steve caught them he told them he wants to fuck Haley and Francine Stan and Haley who just finished agreed Is your choice how they get Francine to join and if Francine and Haley have lesbian sex or not
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    Ebook Launch is a go So far they’ve been helpful and professional.
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    Introducing characters

    Eyecandy should be unisex in my opinion. Not every man has to be a bodybuilding adonis of course nor every women a perfect voluptuous sex goddess Give him a broad shoulders, or great legs or a big booty or a nice bulge or even those nice full jawlines. Her experiences sound like she got them early/ they were bigger than the other women around her. And she was not treated well because of this sudden puberty driven endowment.
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    From ANON - Curiousrando on June 30, 2021 Thanks! I’d certainly consider writing another CotC fic. It’s just a question of whether an idea comes to me that I really like.
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    From thebogeyman on January 24, 2021 First of all, thank you SO much for writing this story’s first archive review! Thank you! That’s always my top priority when writing fanfic. Not to be overconfident, but I think you’re going to like it.
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    New? Introduce Yourself!

    *hides on top of the wardrobe, ready to pounce*