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  1. Sorry for the long wait everyone! Work has been kicking my butt recently but I have the newest chapter up and ready to go! Unfortunately, this will be the last chapter I will be able to post for a little while as they are sending me out again. Never fear, though! I will be working on new chapters while I am out to sea and they will be up when I return! It should not be as long as last time so here’s hoping! I hope you all take care of yourselves and enjoy the chapter and find new things to read and enjoy until I come back! I know I say it every time but I am thankful beyond words for all of you. You give me the drive and passion to go on and continue this story that has now been going for *checks calendar* over eight years! All because of you. So thank you for that. I love you all and will see you soon! Joe
  2. Chapter 174 is up! Sorry about the delay; would have had it up a couple of days ago but I know the site was updating and everything. I hope you all enjoy and I hope your summers are going well! See you soon!
  3. Hey all! Chapter 173 is up slightly shorter chapter than usual but I found myself at the end point and didn’t want to keep dragging it along. Hope you all enjoy!
  4. Chapter 172 is finally up! Hope you all enjoy the beginning of the ‘Maturing Saga’
  5. Chapter 171 is finally up! I am so sorry about the wait; work has picked up and I’ve been trying to make sure I have the time to make the chapter as good as possible. Hope you all enjoy the end of the Vanessa Saga!
  6. Chapter 170 is up! I apologize for the wait and I will be working hard to make the wait shorter from now on Hope you are all doing well!
  7. Chapter 169 is up I hope everyone is doing well and I will be back as soon as I can with the next chapter!
  8. Chapter 168 is up! Hope you all enjoy!
  9. Chapter 167 is up for reading! Hope you all enjoy!
  10. The next chapter is up! Hope you all enjoy
  11. Chapter 165 is up! Hope you all enjoy
  12. Hey everyone! Well, I’m back from sea and I’ll tell you what, nothing like having your feet back on solid ground I appreciate your patience and hopefully four brand new chapters help to make up for the time away This is a shorter message right now as I’ve got quite a bit to take care of after so long away but I shall be working hard to continue the story. I hope you all enjoy in the meantime. Hope you had wonderful holidays and that you’re healthy and safe!
  13. Hey everyone! So, I know it’s been a while and I apologize for that, but Chapter 160 is finally up! Unfortunately, it’s that time of the career again and this will be the last chapter that I will be posting for a while. However! There is good news in this, as this will be the LAST time that I go out to sea! Once I’m back, I’m back for good. Should not have to worry about any more long delays, barring vacations and life. But yes, this will be the last chapter posted until I return, though I promise to be working hard while I’m out to bring you more! I’ll miss you all and shall be back as soon as I can. Take care, have a wonderful Thanksgiving, a very happy holidays, and a wonderful new year!
  14. And Chapter 159 is up! Hope everyone is having a good first of Halloween season and that you all enjoy!
  15. All right, Chapter 158 is up! Sorry about the confusion earlier and I wish I had been able to put it out instead of the previous announcement, but all is well and I hope you all enjoy reading