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    Dribs, Drabs & Doggy Tale Rules

    There are two uses for this forum: User posted drabble challenges and AFF's weekly drabble contest. So here are the basic rules for the AFF weekly challenge! Each week I will post a new writing prompt that needs to be used in some way, shape or form in your story. While the topic will be visible once the weekly news posting goes up, you will not be able to post to the topic until 8am Sunday. It will then automatically close at 11:59pm the following Saturday. There are now four different word counts to choose from - TwitFic: 140 Characters (Not words, characters ^.^), Drabble: 100 words (No more, no less), FlashFic: Up to 1,000 words, or ShortStory, which is anything over 1000 words. To submit your entry, please post the following information and only this information: Your Pen Name, a link to the story and if it's a TwitFic, Drabble, FlashFic or ShortStory. Also include rating, fandom, pairing and warnings. The Weekly Prompt thread is only to post your story - Any reviews on the stories should be put on the author's stories. Please do not leave commentary in the topic, those posts will be removed. We will have available for download a banner/token each week for participants to display on their website, blog, journal, etc to show off that they participated. After we verify that the posted story conforms to the character/word guidelines we will send an email with the image attached. Additionally, each quarter we will have a running theme in the word prompts. At the end of the quarter, we will post a topic for readers to guess what the theme is. By the end of the current quarter, we should have the point system back in place and will be awarding points to anyone who guesses correctly Basic Rules for User submitted challenges: Please post your prompt in it's own topic Prompts should be applicable to any fandom If you would like to see a specific fandom, pairing, etc, you may place it as a request. As above, please post the following information and only this information: Your Pen Name, a link to the story and if it's a TwitFic, Drabble, FlashFic or ShortStory. Also include rating, fandom, pairing and warnings. Sample post: Pen Name: Apollo Story link: (Link) Review replies link: (link, if you have one) Type of fic: Drabble Rating: Adult ++ Fandom: Original Pairing: N/A Warnings: M/M, PWP, Oral, Bond Please note that there's now an addition to the above example. You can now place a link to your review replies, if you've got one set up. If you don't have one at first but do later then you can simply edit your post later to include it. It's not necessary to have one, though. Have fun writing!!!!
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    How to use this forum

    As the forum title suggests, this will be a place to put your stories that you are no longer interested in continuing up for adoption! Each story should have it's own topic, that way we moderators can track it. If a story is adopted, the topic needs to be updated with the information of the person taking it over so that we have a record and can avoid any accusations of plagiarism going forward. Please include the following information in all posts: In the Topic Title, put the fandom and story name. (Example: Twilight: Inferno in the Snow) In the Topic Description, put that the fiction is up for adoption.; If the story is adopted, moderators will edit to reflect that it is no longer up. In the actual post: Pen Name in Archive Story Title Genre Pairing Summary How many chapters posted/written Link to story if posted already Basic plot along with any additional details you are interested in including, keeping in mind that if you include possible spoilers this is an open forum How you would like to be contacted, email, PM etc When a story is adopted, please respond to the topic with the following information: Pen name and link of the person taking over. Each author must also reply that they have both agreed to the story being taken over. At this point, DG will move the story over to the new author's profile, while maintaining the original author's information connected to previously written chapters. We will then close the topic and change the description to adopted. This is not the place to ask to adopt someone else's story. Also, if the original author hasn't offered to give up their story voluntarily then you can't simply take it over, no matter how much time has passed since it was last updated. To do so is plagiarism. Remember, follow all these rules to avoid anybody being accused of plagiarism, because we take those accusations very seriously here at AFF. Please note: Do not attach files of your stories to your post. If you do so, your post will be deleted.
  3. ApolloImperium

    Who Do You Write Like?

    Check out this site and see who you write like! http://iwl.me/ Apparently I am most like David Foster Wallace as I got him three times, but also got Dan Brown, Chuck Palahniuk or Stephanie Myers (My TwitBadFic) depending on what I put in!
  4. I feel like it’s September of 2002 all over again! Almost 10 years ago to the date, FanFiction.net cleansed the site of all ‘adult’ content – Which is why AdultFanFiction.net exists in it’s current form. Today they announced that for the first time in years they are actually going to enforce their no adult content (or in their terms MA content) again. Now, for those of us that enjoy places that enforce their Terms of Service, we are rejoicing that they are finally acting like a responsible site! We’ve seen an uptick in registrations and I would like to take a moment to welcome all of our new members! We've had one of our biggest days for registrations in a long time, 250+ and counting today alone! That being said, AdultFanFiction is not FanFiction, nor are we associated in any way shape or form with them. We are two completely separate websites and are not affiliated with them in the least. A couple things that new users migrating should be aware of: We are an adults only site. This means you must be 18 to use it. Yes, we do verify your age, so please, if you've signed up and are underage, let us know now to avoid getting in trouble. I do this not to be mean or nasty, but because I really don't like the thought of jail time. I look horrid in orange, I swear! Please respect this policy We actively moderate the site and enforce our Terms of Service and Content Guidelines. Please read them carefully to ensure that you are not in violation. All new uploads are reviewed on a weekly basis. You may receive an email or a review asking you to fix something. Again, this is not because we enjoy being mean, but because we have our ToS in place for a reason. We are in the middle of a code re-write. This means that certain sections have different layouts and not all features are currently active. Please bear with us through out the reconstruction - I swear it will be better once it's done! To add on to number 3, we haven't sold our soul to the advertising devils, so I promise you won't see those horrid little pop ups that FF.net uses, but that means that we have very little incoming revenue and most of it goes to pay our monthly hosting cost. As a result, we are running (with the exception of the new code) code that is for the most part 5-9 years out of date, which means that a number of the features you may be accustomed to at FF.Net aren't here. You may see them with the new code, but please be patient, there's about another 6 months in this re-write to go. Remember I mentioned that we have little incoming revenue a moment ago? Yes, we make some off our advertisers, but again, mostly pays hosting costs - Your donations if you like the site are very much appreciated and are always used to improve the site! You can learn how to donate here Forums - Our forums are separate from the archive. They are two different programs. This means that if you would like to participate in both, then you do have to register separately for both. We'd love to see you on the forums, so feel free to hop on over! I do recommend looking over the previous news posts for a variety of important information, but you can also do all kinds of fun stuff, from story searches to various games, read the FAQ's to help learn how our Archive is set up or just chat away in our Shoutbox! (Please note, normally the Shoutbox is reserved for Forum Members only, but for the next week or so until registrations start to level off, it will be open to guests in need of assistance) Oh and one last item for Lucky Number 7? Myself and my staff are friendly, so if you have a question please don't be afraid to ask! How to contact us can be found here. So again, welcome to AFF.Net - So long as you follow the rules, I think we're gonna have a rocking good time together! After all, that's what this place was created for to begin with! Let the smut roll!
  5. ApolloImperium

    Mom says Army made son diet to death

    Having experience with the military (having been in, two brothers currently serving along with my soon to be husband), if it was brought on by the recruiter, then it was a bad recruiter. Yes, the military requires you to be at a reasonable weight or BMI (yes, it is an either or), but that is because it is a physical job. Yes, a recruiter may tell someone that they would need to lose weight to join, but they would recommend it with a healthy diet and exercise. The military is VERY careful with recruits. In basic training, we were watched to ensure we ate correctly and we would be stopped to ensure that we hydrated well. So until something comes up otherwise, this is a one off with either a bad recruiter that doesn't deserve to be in the military or the person took it too far on their own. The only reason this is news is because it involved the military. If the person had decided to diet with out ever contacting a recruiter and died as a result, we wouldn't be hearing about this. Sensational media at it's best.
  6. ApolloImperium

    We just keep chugging along!

    Hey everyone! I should apologize - We didn't put news up last month and I'm a day late this month. Here's the thing though: Nothing's going on! The site is chugging along and there is no huge news that it's important to share. That being said, as my life is getting busier (Holidays, fiancee coming home, wedding, cross country move, school, etc) and the site is settling into nice steady groove, we've made a decision to only post the news when necessary. I'm shooting for a quick update every 3-4 months, but if there's not something going on, I won't take up your time or mine! As things come up we will make sure to keep you up to date and we will ensure that the donations page and moderation status is kept current. If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know!
  7. For all my wenches that love a man in a kilt - Here is a link to 50+ minutes of nomminess....

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      Bronxie, I was thinking of you... You'll have to let me know what you think of Jareth this year :)

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      was a good way to start the day!

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      omg...thanks for this! omg

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    First date must haves.

    Money, mascara/eyeliner for touch ups, chapstick/lipstick, cell phone and the tiny toothbrushes. And if it's a blind/internet date? Mace! If I plan on getting laid, then I also make sure I have condoms, cause that's not just a guys responsibility. In terms of what makes a date good? For me it's having fun and being able to be myself.
  9. ApolloImperium

    Spanking: abuse or Discipline? Class project

    I can't add anything that hasn't already been said! But I agree completely with them ^
  10. Oh crap oh crap... I forgot to plan Nano! Why did no one remind me... Feck... Okay, here's the plan - Finish last years Nano that Blue Eye's leave screwed with. Document had 6,933 words at midnight 50k to go!

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      plans? who needs plans? lol :) good luck and have fun!!!

  11. ApolloImperium

    Can't effectively communicate with readers/reviewers

    The other thing to keep in mind is that just because they don't respond in the forum doesn't mean that they don't read your responses. I'm showing one of your topics got over 1700 views and the other almost 1500.
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    Week 107: 10-28-12

    Prompt: Dwindle Please remember to follow the rules as outlined here: Rules Happy Writing!
  13. ApolloImperium

    Account Deleted-Stories lost.

    When we remove a user for registering while underage, there is no warning email sent, so you didn't miss anything. As the site is clearly labelled that you must be 18 years old to use it, people who break our biggest and most important rule are simply removed with no warning given. That being said, yes. Your stories are gone permanently.
  14. ApolloImperium

    Lack of reviews.

    Them and their damn custom crap! My two cents: 1) If you are an author, you have to use them to post a story. So if you can use them to post a story that you (I assume) want other people to review, then don't use the reCAPTCHA as an excuse as to why you don't leave a review. 2) Yes, they are annoying. Yes, they suck. Yes, I hate it too. But I don't have anywhere near the number of staff needed to sweep the archive daily instead of weekly for spam etc and remove it, so it stays. As Rogue pointed out, refresh is always an option (Cause sometimes it takes a couple to find a decent one) or just C&P the review. Bottom line - the one we have is the best free option out there that has an audio option for our visually impaired users and doesn't require flash/java to use. If people want to pony up the several hundred dollars needed to get the best paid option that is a comparable in terms of stopping the spambots and has those features, please, let me know and we'll see what we can find!
  15. ApolloImperium

    Week 103: 9-30-12

    Prompt: Abate Please remember to follow the rules as outlined here: Rules Happy Writing!
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    New Site Giving Away A Sex Toy If They Use Your Story...

    I can contact our POC at Adam & Eve to see if it's something they are affiliated with if you'd like!
  17. Where do I begin? I was going to start out with some humor, saying the site shut down due to lack of readers reviewing stories, but figured that it was a bad joke and wouldn't go over well... Oh wait, I just said it anyway, didn't I? No, really it wasn't that, but our authors always love their reviews, so if you are enjoying being able to read again, please make sure you also review!!! First off, I want to thank all of our users who commented via FB and supported us during the last 24+ hours. It was a very harrowing experience for us, as I'm sure it was for you, and having you guys behind us supporting us made the difference. The fact that you were all behind us as we worked hard to get the site back up made a very stressful day a little less stressful. I honestly can't express in mere words how extraordinarily grateful I am for everyone's patience and kind words! Once again, you've shown we truly do have the best users out there. My love goes out to you all! Secondly, I apologize and would like to explain what happened. This never should have happened, we recognize that and take full responsibility for it. It was our bad. The last time we renewed the domain, we renewed it for 5 years. As things happen, times change, email addresses change and log in information gets lost. As such, we did not get any renewal notices about the domain expiring and it honestly slipped from our minds until the site went down out of nowhere yesterday morning. I was first notified about 11:00ish and it took me a few to confirm as I was one of the users that because of how funky DNS can be didn't have any issues. Once I confirmed it, I started making calls. GoDaddy takes customer privacy VERY seriously (as they should...) and wouldn't let me even pay the bill with out being able to confirm I was who I was. It was extremely frustrating and even a supervisor couldn't/wouldn't override it. Though I have to say, I'm very proud of myself as I didn't yell or cuss them out once... while the line was live! Long story short, since the form I filled out to get the information updated could take up to 3 days to hear back on, DemonGoddess and I made the decision to purchase an alternate domain for the time being and she started working on the tedious process of changing the hundreds of files needed to make sure everything links correctly. Normally, we should've been back running in a few hours, but because apparently Murphy was having a bad day, things went wonky and we had to get Nexcess involved. As we were in the process of fixing those errors, we finally were able to get the domain renewed. We did wait a bit, just to confirm it was back up 100% and then we had to go back through and put everything back to how it was! Talk about time consuming!!! At the time that I'm writing this, we are 99% operational. If you are experiencing errors, please make sure you have cleared your cache and cookies. If that hasn't resolved your issues, please be patient. DNS may be a bit wonky the next few days and cause a handful of errors, plus there are a couple of files that are still misdirecting and causing issues accessing a few sub-domain/archives. I know it's not the best experience when things don't work, but we are working to restore the site 100% as quickly as possible. Just as a warning, if you are experiencing issues still, please understand that until we know the site is back up 100% we will be referring users back to this news post. Once we are sure that the site is functional, we will at that point troubleshoot as normal! I will post here and on Facebook when we know! Again, thank you for the support and patience! Apollo & DemonGoddess [Edit] No data was lost, this was merely a domain issue, not a server issue. We will also be extending a 3 day grace period to any users who received their first warning about an issue due to the problems we had.
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    Missing Story?

    Ahhh, okay - Almost gave me a heart attack! Writing has always been an exception to most pornography laws because it's not 'real' people involved at least as far as I've read. It's a written description and not actual children doing actual acts. Though to ensure lines aren't crossed and to prevent possible legal issues, that's why we do not allow fiction involving real minors only fictional characters. In fact, despite many peoples dislike of fiction involving minors - I would much rather writing be that outlet than an actual child, so we continue to allow it. It doesn't appear it was the writing that initially got him in trouble, but the fact that he had pictures. Doing some digging, it looks like they were dismissed on an artistic merit aspect - basically because it was fictional in nature. While you are always free to post or not post, from what I've read up on we don't really have any legal issues from that aspect.
  19. ApolloImperium

    Missing Story?

    I must have missed that - Can you link me out to info on that case? I try to keep up on that stuff for obvious reasons with the site, but must have missed that one...
  20. ApolloImperium

    Recent Site Outage: An apology and explanation

    It will all stay the same - When I refer to incorporating the site, it is purely for the legal protection it will provide. Would I love to make a living off AFF? Of course! Who wouldn't? But is it likely? Not really. The site doesn't generate enough income for that and I don't see it doing so without major shifts in advertising that I would never take
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    Classes in how to write BDSM...

    I've actually met Sascha at Dragon*Con and spoken with him at length! Great guy, really knows his stuff, runs the BDSM 101 and 201 panels at D*C. He's amusing, funny and very open - You could honestly ask him anything and I doubt he'd hesitate longer than he needed to formulate a response before answering! Great opportunity!
  22. ApolloImperium

    restaurants help

    Well, my obvious response is to quote Mark Twain, "Write what you know." I don't believe the quote refers to specific first hand knowledge, but to knowledge in general found through resources. No historical novel or even non-fiction work can be done without research. Nor can a modern day novel, or for that matter a futuristic novel. Research is key. That is why you see so many author's notes that thank the people who help them research to bring a book alive. So my interpretation of the quote: If you do not know enough about a particular setting, even after research, to feel comfortable writing a description that transports the reader then you shouldn't be writing it. Google has more than enough information on any given topic that an author with enough time and effort (that is if they truly care about the outcome of their product) should be able to have enough details to write a description without naming it. In fact, that was one of the first challenges posed by an old creative writing instructor - Write a 1,000 word minimum story about a location and do not reveal the location until the final paragraph, but preferably the final sentence. We were graded on if the teacher was able to figure it out or not and how long it took her. It is an excellent exercise and one that I have long recommended to people that struggle with description. It truly makes you stop and consider the sensory input of a location: The low murmur of people talking, the clatter of utensils on plates, scents so rich that you can taste them when you enter, etc. If you struggle writing a description, stop writing and put yourself there mentally. Scribble down what you may see, what you hear, what you feel, what you taste, what you smell as you experience them in your fantasy and then incorporate those details. Will some of it have to be imagined because you've never physically been in one? Sure - But I'm sure you've also been in enough restaurants to have enough of a general sensory input that you can fill in the blanks.
  23. ApolloImperium

    Recent Site Outage: An apology and explanation

    Guest - Sorry about that! I have to have the page age restricted which means you do need a FB account...
  24. ApolloImperium

    Labor of Love

    Oh my… It’s been a long week! Getting back into the swing of things after returning from Dragon*Con has been hard. It’s always fun being among what I affectionately term ‘my people’ and hard to come back to everyday life, but earning a living is a necessary evil so now that I’m back and settled in – September’s news! Apollo goes to Dragon*Con (And comes back...) Minors and AFF PayPal Balance & Donations Archive Clean Up & Moderation Status So speaking of Dragon*Con – What a wonderful three days! Where to start? First and foremost, I had a great time representing the site in a couple different ways. I got to meet up with one of our advertisers again, Kiernan Kelly. She’s a blast to talk with and one of our advertising programs biggest fans. I have to give her a huge shout out for mentioning us at panel after panel and handing out tons of advertising cards! Like many of you I’m sure, I’ve always been wary of associating my real name with the site so last year was a huge step forward and this year made me realize why I do it. At one LGBT writers panel when Kiernan introduced me as the owner of AdultFanFiction.Net, there was a round of applause – To say I was stunned is an understatement. I got to speak with some awesome people and speak at a marketing panel to offer our services to those there. I’ve got a few people that are seriously considering campaigns with us, so look for new banners in the coming months! My next shock came Saturday evening. Normally Kiltblowing is Friday and Saturday so I miss this panel, but I had the chance to attend Whedonverse’s adult fan fiction panel. One of the first questions was of course “What is the weirdest pairing you’ve ever seen?” Since Rule 34 is alive and well, you know if it’s strange, we have it here. So I stood up to answer the question and when I introduced myself as the owner, I was invited to join the panel up front to an even larger round of applause than the night before! The other ladies and I had a blast talking with the crowd about crazy fandoms, kinks, stories and other such nonsense! Someone even wanted a picture with me cause I’m Apollo – Talk about an OMG kinda moment! I also learned something that night that I had long suspected, but warmed my heart to hear. The users there loved the fact that we are strict on our tagging policy and that we are active in moderating the site. They know that we respond and they appreciate that fact! Every so often we get positive emails and thanks, but to hear it verbally and face to face really means the world to me and makes it easier to do what we do. The other good thing that came from Dragon*Con was being able to sit down with an industry lawyer. I learned a good bit about DCMA and how it applies to the site, so please keep an eye out for updates to our ToS in the next week or so. He gave me some great tips and ideas about how to keep the site safe while we gather the money to turn this into a business and not just a hobby site. We reviewed the basics of how we run the site and he confirmed that we are taking the necessary steps to protect ourselves legally, with the exception of the DCMA stuff, but that will be rectified soon! Right now as it stands, I am personally liable for the site. If the site gets sued, I get sued. Every day I take on the responsibility for our content and our users. This is something I’m glad to do as I feel that we provide an outlet for you, our readers and our authors, but because of that, there are things that I must do as well to keep my liability to a minimum. One of these steps is actively hunting for minors on site. As I’ve harped about in past news posts – If you aren’t 18, you should not be here. It puts me in danger legally. We had a period of time where past moderators didn’t do that and now we have to go back through old memberships on top of the new to find people who registered while under age. This is not optional. If you registered before you were 18 years old, any pre-18 content will be deleted. If there is nothing associated with the account, it is simply removed. If you are still under 18, then everything goes. As I said, this is not optional. This is to cover me in case some angry parent finds their child on the site and decides they want to go after me for all that I’m not worth. We don’t like doing it, honestly we don’t, but we have to. I cannot stress this enough. Please don’t be upset with us when we remove your content or content that you enjoy reading because someone couldn’t follow a simple rule. I’d rather deal with your anger than having to sit before a judge. In more routine news, we are currently sitting on war chest of $563.88 with September’s bills paid. Hopefully we will see a return on our investment in Dragon*Con in the coming months as we finish paying our coder and will be able to afford a lawyer that will help us turn this into a business to provide that extra layer of protection for myself and my staff. If you’d like to contribute to either the site’s monthly operation or our legal fund, please see our Donation page for more information. If you’d like to donate specifically to helping the site incorporate, please note that in your donation! Beyond that, moderation continues slow and steady. See what’s been done here! Happy Reading & Writing! Apollo & DG
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    Labor of Love

    Soooo many people! Next time I go to D*C, make sure you follow us on Twitter - I was always updating what panels I was going to etc!