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  1. Author: Sinfulwolf Title: Crucible of the Lily Summary: As a deadly plague spreads across the planet Nyxata, the Sisters of the Order of the Whispering Lily brace for the coming warp storm that will engulf the planet. They must stand against cultists, and invasion, however within their own ranks, dark secrets and corruption threaten to consume them all. If they fail, the entire planet will sucumb. But what price will they pay for victory? Feedback: Always welcome Fandom: Warhammer 40k Pairing: F/F, F/M Warnings: 3Plus Anal Angst Bi Bond BP CR Cuck Dom Ds Exhib Fet FF Fingering HJ Inc MF MM OC Oral Peg Spank Tent TF Toys Violence Voy WIP Xeno Solo story or chaptered story: Chaptered URL: Review Reply thread:
  2. Certainly good to know, but also something to keep in mind for myself in the future should I ever do another short in a similar vein.
  3. From @Thundercloud Thank ye! And that’s a very valid objection. In hind sight I should have lessened it some. The reason its there is cause I was plotting a much longer piece it just got… smaller, instead of my usual thicker. I perhaps should have gone back and lessened it some.
  4. from @GeorgeGlass Thank ye! The mouse wasn’t Ravyn’s familiar, just a presence in her home kinda meant to show her isolation and her connection with nature. Plus I thought it was cute hence the turning over and over. So glad you liked! And that ending… I struggled with how I wanted to end it for weeks. It was originally gunna be far darker, and had plans for all kinds of follow on chapters, but I decided I had too many WIPs and this might be better as a fun little poly ending. Thank you!
  5. From @InvidiaRed for Samhain Night Amusingly, it was meant to originally be far darker. But, I kinda wanted a happy ending for Ravyn so I switched gears a bit part way through. It was fun to write, though it took me the better part of 2 months to do so. Still, thank ye! Glad the succubus came across well. I will read the other tales posted thus far, tomorrow!
  6. I’ll try again. If it works this time, cool! If not I’ll PM to you there George.
  7. I attempted to post my chapter, not sure if it’s loading though...
  8. Samhain Night Warnings: 3Plus, Cuckquean, Oral, HJ, M/F, Voy, Bond Summary: A witch is asked to exorcise a succubus from a married woman
  9. I’d love to see you tackle some space battles in the future. But getting yer start with Gundam, it does show, and yes! Action scenes are always fun to write (least to me). And thank ye as well, I do pride myself in my action scenes. It’s tricky aye. Sometimes it helps to have those little details pushed in elsewhere, so you can concentrate on the flow of stuff in the moment. Certainly! I’m glad you did lamp shade it in the end, and it certainly allowed for a bit more depth to things. Made it read better to me at least. It’s nice to see more of the Non-Action guy that’s not just comic relief. I’ve not played enough of Evil Within, but I can see the influence and aesthetic, while still being very much your own thing. It was very very cool, and as you said, visceral. Very visceral. And yes. Fuck that guy.
  10. @GeorgeGlass called my out rightfully for not replying to his comment, while I was being pouty face in another thread. So take that Sin!! I just wanted to write a pure smutty mc smut tale. And I think I succeeded. I wanted a bit of rivalry that stirred in a lot of sexual tension for these two, just to have some fun in a library setting. Thank ye kindly for the review!!
  11. I’m currently trying to write a Halloween tale. If I complete it in time, I’ll push it this way!
  12. So ye did… missed the email as I’ve not been home. I’ll get a reply short. and comment to IBD shortly as well.