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  1. You started translating it? That’s fantastic! I had no idea that anyone would like my story enough to do such a thing. If you have a link to the translated version, please don’t be afraid to drop it here. I’d like to give you a shout out in the author’s notes on the next chapter.
  2. It’s really nice to hear from you as well, il_dodo! I was so late with this chapter, that I feared no one would even remember this story; let alone keep with it. Now, given that I’m still wrapping up the previous arc, I wanted to keep Keiichi from having too much fun with the ladies. This was especially important with World of Elegance, since she should’ve been the first angel to talk with him, especially now that she could. As such, it feels more in character for Keiichi to worry about her, and try to spend more time talking about her problems, rather than trying to get hot and bothered with her. Of course, he did earn some good points with her, and that’ll come in handy later on Ansuz… is a tricky subject. She’s definitely going to get more involved in the story, but not necessarily in the most anticipated (or straight forward) manner. I’d rather keep her from entering a rather awkward relationship (in any sense of the word) with Keiichi, although… some fun scenes might be possible. Providing that those are handled with the right care, and there’s a decent justification for them. Even then, she’s still Tyr’s wife, and Bell and Skuld’s mother, so, it’s highly unlikely that she’ll do anything to upset any of them. As a matter of fact, I’ve been dropping several hints from the earlier chapters, although now I’m getting a bit more obvious about it. I’m well aware of how the manga left us with several unanswered questions, and I wish to address more than one of them. I can’t say that my approach is ideal or not, but I’m pretty sure than I’m taking one step at a time, just to avoid making everything look too incredulous. Also, since this is essentially an AU, I wish to avoid (and potentially fix) some of the issues from the late manga. Also, I do want to explore more of Urd’s demonic side, although that also needs to be done the right way. Who doesn’t? Then again, he’s got a role to play in this story, and I’m hardly done with him. Sayoko’s role will be somewhat similar to the one she had in the manga, although I’ll make several tweaks to it, just so he motivations won’t feel that superficial. Still, I can’t exactly call her a villain in any fashion, especially when compared to characters like Aoshima and Vornir. Likewise! Of course, if you’re reading this, I’d be more than happy to answer anything additional you wish to ask. Just post it here, or even send it in a pm, if you feel it’s too much of a spoiler. Regardless, thank you for keeping up with my story!
  3. Guess who’s back, and with a new chapter, too I must admit that what initially started as a simple, relaxing chapter after the latest two chapters, turned out to be a nightmare to write, due to a certain scene that happened to involve Belldandy. To be fair, the necessity of that incident will be more apparent after the next chapter, where she’s going to do the same (and then some) with Keiichi, but the for the time being, it might seem a bit out of place as it is. Of course, if I just wanted her to sleep around, I would’ve already done it. Which is also why I’ve got my reasons to do it this way. Unfortunately, this caused a lot of delays, as I found myself going back and forth about the execution of said scene, and I did actually have to rewrite entire chunks of it. So much so, that it significantly added to the delay between this and the previous chapter. That being said, I felt that it was for the best to keep it, as it will work nicely with some future developments that involve Keiichi. Finally, I’d like to everyone who’s been following this story ever since I started it, all the way back in April 1, 2016. This might in fact be the longest running active AMG story here, and while it’s taking me longer to finish the chapters, I do plan to keep it going, until I reach its conclusion.
  4. Thank you very much for your support! I’m really happy to see that you’re still following this story, as I often worry that most of my initial readers moved away from it, due to my long delays between the chapter releases. This whole story arc was by far the most serious one in terms of the themes present, and thus made it necessary to keep the sexual content low, as to avoid making it seem too forced and unnatural. Still, with the arc done, I can use the outcome as an opportunity to push the story forward, as several characters were deeply involved in it. This of course includes Vornir, as well as the rest of the main cast, but more about that, later. The new Urd is something I’m eager to explore, but it won’t happen all out once. After all, I don’t want her to sound like a new character, and even then, she’s likely going to take some time to fully explore the perks of having access to her demonic side. With that being said, we’re going to see some of the changes even from the next chapter. Also, I believe that you’re on the right track in your assumption I have a feeling that over time this can be a nice outcome of the story, or at least something that could come out of the overall setting. Of course I’ve got a few ideas I’d like to keep to myself for now, as to avoid any spoilers for next chapters. I most certainly will! I’ve invested too much into this story, and I’d love to see it properly finished, instead of ending up as an abandoned project. For the next chapter, I feel that you can definitely expect some intimate interactions, since Keiichi and co. certainly deserve some rest. Even if I can’t say much about its release date, I hope that the next chapter will be really fun to read
  5. It’s been ages, but I believe that the first time I came across fanfictions was all the way back to the Geocities days. Back then fansites were a big thing, and they sprang around like we’ve got wiki pages these days. And while most of them offered some basic information of certain series, along with the occasional image, there were a few that had fan made stories set in the same fandom. I must admit that this caught my attention, and a quick search later led me to some of the biggest fanfiction archives at the time. Some of them are still around today, but the majority of the smaller ones are all but abandoned.
  6. I can hardly believe it, but I just hit 15k dragon prints on “The Vain Rose’s garden” and if things keep this way, I’ll also hit 300l words by the next chapter. Never thought I’d get this far with my story!

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      I recently hit 10k, so I know the feeling.  :congratualtions:

  7. After what felt like an eternity, I got chapter 11 done, and with it, concluded the Angel Eater arc for this story. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the whole thing will be totally forgotten, but for the time being, the characters can relax for a bit and recover from these developments. The whole arc went though several revisions, since I wasn’t perfectly happy with some of my previous attempts at concluding it. On one hand, I wanted to give this an original spin, rather than straight out adapt the arc from the manga, or the Fighting Wings OVA. And then there was the fact that some of them implied things I’d rather leave out of this story, so, I had to go back and forth with this one. Still, I’ll have to admit that for a rather non-sexual (for the most part) chapter, I loved the interactions between the characters, and hope to introduce more of them in the future. Lind in particular was a fun character to write here, and exploring Urd’s personality can allow more developments in the future. I really hope that you find the new chapter an entertaining read!
  8. First of all, I’d like to wish everyone a happy new year, considering that this is the first chapter of 2018. I’ve been pretty busy working with the latest chapter, as it’s a bit of a departure from the norm. To be honest, I’ve made a lot of revisions and changes until I was happy with the end result, and while it has little to no sex present here (which will likely be the case for the next one that’ll finish this little arc) I believe it was an important addition to the story. To begin with, I wished to have a nice reason for World of Elegance to show up, and this arc is also connected with Lind too. In addition to that, Keiichi’s going to have a far more important part in the next chapter as well. One important note though: I’m not planning to change the overall tone of the story, even if this particular arc is definitely darker than the rest. After all, even in the canon series, the Angel Eater arc was probably one of the darkest arcs, but in this case I wanted to make several modifications to avoid repeating the same thing that’s in the manga, as well as to keep Hild in character (at least as shown in this story). I really hope that everyone’s going to enjoy the new chapter!
  9. After spending most of the summer not being able to do much work, I’ve returned with the biggest chapter as of yet. And to make matters worse for me, it covered a lot of different subjects, that I had serious trouble of writing. There were more than one moments when I tossed parts of this chapter away and rewrite them, until I was somewhat pleased with the result. Trust me when I say this, but this chapter was a nightmare to write, and I plan to make things a bit more easy on me, from this point on, as to avoid getting in such a pickle ever again. Still, I hope that the delay was worth it and everyone enjoys the new chapter!
  10. If you don’t mind a harem setting (more specifically a case of an open relationship) then I’d like to mention that my story (The Vain Rose’s garden) is more that 180k words, and it definitely follows a plot, rather than focusing solely on the sexual content. It’s still an ongoing project, but there already 8 chapters uploaded to check if you have the time to give it a try.
  11. This might sound a bit strange and totally ironic, but I too find such multi pairing stories to be a nightmare to write. I’ve lost count how many times I come up with something interesting for a chapter I’m working on, but in the end I have to reject it on grounds that it’s not believable. Sure, the entire premise of this story is to make a erotica version of Oh my goddess, but then again if I take too many liberties… the characters won’t feel the same anymore. Especially some of the trickier ones, with Belldandy and Lind being the most difficult to write in such a setting. The lemon scenes had gotten a bit crowded as of late, with the number of participants increasing by each chapter, which results in less ‘screen time’ for each individual. As such, I think I’ll cut down the number of participants in each scene from now on, or at least make group scenes a bit less frequent, just so that I spend more time with individual pairings (or somewhat more easy to write threesomes). As mentioned above, Lind is a very tricky character to write, and no matter the context of the story, I don’t want to completely break her personality to make her work for an erotic tale. Her original personality is part of her charm and while that imposes certain restrictions, I’d rather deal with them instead of going for an easy solution. This means that her involvement with Keiichi must meet some logical steps that might also reference to things taken from the series, just to give a more believable feel to the developments around them. Actually she’s going to see character development in more ways than that too, since I try to give the general audience part of the story an almost equal importance to those juicy lemons. To me it’s much better to deliver a wholesome plot, rather than an excuse whose only purpose is to justify some lemon scenes here and there. And in Lind’s case, most of the scenes in the latest chapter (chapter 8) had to do with her and Keiichi discussing the overall situation in a civilized manner, rather than just jump straight to the point where she has sex with him. As a matter of fact, she never did that in this chapter, and for the matter nor did Mara. I need more time and more developments for such a thing to happen, and while it might take a bit more time, I hope that’s going to work not only for me but for the readers too. Part of my motivation was that despite this fandom’s age there was little in terms of adult stories to read. Sure, there are a few out there, but it’s only a fraction of the popularity that other series enjoy. So, at some point I decided to just give it a try and write my own sensual take to the series. One that would somehow maintain as much of the original feel of the series and yet be sensual enough that others would like. In that regards I’m quite happy that so far my story is well received, and while the reader base is slowly increasing, it’s increasing nevertheless. And to be honest I’m fairly persistent so it’s unlikely I’ll get disheartened or something. I have an idea about what I want to do for this story and while I’m working a bit too slowly, I’m making steady progress to that end. Whether I gain notoriety or not that’s never been one of my primary goals (in that case I would’ve just picked a much more popular fandom), but to deliver something that most fans of this old series would find enjoyable. And judging by the result, I dare say that I’m getting somewhere with that. One step at a time. Still, I’d like to thank you, and everyone else for the matte, who spent the time to give my story a chance and actually found it to their liking. Also I’d like to apologize for the rather slow updates, since such long chapters are hard to write with real life getting in the way, but I hope that you’ll excuse that as a necessity in order to keep the story’s quality from degrading. Other than that, please enjoy the story, and I hope you’ll look forward for future developments.
  12. You have no idea. Although, technically speaking nothing too much will happen during the workout session itself. It’s just that the view of Lind in tight exercise gear will definitely have an effect on Keiichi, and this will set up a series of events that will prove more than taxing for Keiichi. Of course, that will eventually involve Lind and Keiichi (in the same chapter too, just a bit after the workout part), but for a different reason And to drop a hint, one of the goddesses will get a taste of what happens when someone ( *cough* Lind *cough*) frustrates Keiichi by inadvertently teasing him for far too long
  13. Chapter 8 is out! Although I originally intended for this to be only about Peorth and Belldandy, I still managed to fit Lind and Mara in there. Of course, those two are a special case, so don't expect them to get too close to Keiichi that easily. I've made some progress with them though, as well as the other characters present, and while those parts might not be as hot as some others, I believe that it was necessary for the story to progress.
  14. Thank you very much! It’s nice to know that you found the chapter to be sexy, as I’ve probably spent too long working on that whole setup. As a matter of fact, this was originally meant to be half the chapter I had in mind, but eventually realized that it was better to devote the whole chapter for that scene, rather than rush it. Also, I’m pleased that you found this version of Skuld to be interesting. I have a lot of fun exploring her personality and while i retained some of her original attitude, she’s kind of mellowed down a lot more here than in the manga. The additional couples won’t be anything permanent, but it will indeed expand the dynamics of the group, as it’ll let them grow closer and develop bonds that go beyond sex. That too will be present from time to time, but’ll learn to trust each other a lot more than they currently do. Additionally, I’m keeping Keiichi’s romantic interests to only three goddesses, since any more would make it really hard for him to focus on any individual at a time. Still, with this kind of approach, I hope to make it possible for him to interact with additional characters, without the need to devote far too much into dating them. With Lind, I’ll follow a slightly different approach, since she’s far more stoic and collected than the temperamental Skuld. Actually she’s going to be the focus of the next chapter. However, with that being said, the next chapter will bring a bit more development, now that I had this whole thing done. After all, I felt that at some point Keiichi had to face the challenge of dealing with the ramifications of the mechanics behind an open relationship, so I devoted a lot more into his and the others’ reactions to that. From this point on, I don’t need to devote this much time into a single scene Once again, thank you very much for the feedback!
  15. Hm… cannot see the image, but here’s what I can find as references for Skuld’s adult form: Edit: Actually, I found out where the image was from, but danbooru doesn’t allow direct linking, so it cannot be posted here like that. Still, that’s exactly the version of Skuld I had in mind for this story. Here are some screenshots from the episode where Skuld was an adult (the same episode where the gif image originated from): Those are both considered as canon, since they’re from the anime itself. So, that’s what Skuld should look like in this story. The only difference is, that here, she’s a real adult, and not just temporarily aged up (as it happened in the anime).
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