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  1. Well an issue is that I was thinking of Stay Night when thinking on this, and Illya there is quite different from Prisma Illya, and Chloe. :D Though hmm Chloe being with them would be quite interesting~. So much delicious sex for Shirou~. Actually thinking back on it, several more girls that could be added would be the other Iris~: http://typemoon.wikia.com/wiki/Caster_(Fate/Grand_Order_-_Iri)#Four_Elemental_Iri Each of these four represent another Servant-class: Earth Iri – Lancer, Fire Iri – Berserker, Wind Iri – Rider, & Water Iri – Saber. They’re essentially summoned by Black Iri/Justeaze from what I remember. Anyways one fun thing I could imagine is Black Iri summoning them to create an orgy with multiple Iris and Shirou. Like for Shirou he can only tell them apart either by their clothes or their eye colors~. Essentially imagine having an orgy with 6 identical twins, all in the little room Black Iri created for Caster Iri & Shirou~. If you’re wondering about Wandering Moth and where he went, he goes by the name of Mistodon on Questionable Questing: https://forum.questionablequesting.com/ I’m also a regular there. So if you want to discuss this more, it could either be done here or done there. :D
  2. Which stories are subjected to monetary pledges?
  3. Why do I get the feeling Lind's starting workout tomorrow will be very taxing for Keiichi?
  4. I think he just considers it a shit fetish. The fact that he tried to use his dislike toward NTR as a justification for attempting to remove Ichasennin's story was what got him banned for a week, since they don't kinkshame there.
  5. A user on QQ called Vanathor did it: https://forum.questionablequesting.com/threads/nasuverse-discussion-ideas-fic-rec-thread.3288/page-251#post-1274204
  6. @Ichasennin, that cat, is it Yoruichi?
  7. More Kiara stuff. And here you can deliciously see how big she is.~ They look hefty.
  8. @Ichasennin, some info on Kiara you might appreciate. My original idea on her, that she is similar to Shirou, was slightly wrong. She only loves herself and considers herself human. Even so, here I could imagine her wanting Shirou because she considers him human as well:
  9. Well I hope you can find balance your life. Are you doing okay in general at least, outside of the issues?
  10. You updated yes! How have you been @Ichasennin?
  11. Fate/Grand Order is getting an English release in the summer.
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