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    Wear a mask. That is all...
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    Because I think we need wondrous things in our lives, I decided to donate to help purchase JRR Tolkien’s home to help create a Tolkien Centre: https://www.projectnorthmoor.org/ I don’t know if anything will come of it, but I feel like I should do some little thing for all the joy he’s given me for all these years.
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    It’s been a hell of a year, right? I hope everyone has come through it okay… so far… And, well… I just thought I should warn you all, I’m planning to be around a bit more.
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    Next year, I really need to create a trick-or-treater bingo card. Items would include at least 3 girls dressed as Elsa at least 5 boys dressed as Batman a whole family in themed costumes a mom wearing a decidedly inappropriate costume while escorting her kids around (This year’s was a slutty cop.)
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    Happiest of birthdays to my dearest Pooh, @BronxWench . Love you, my favourite dragon, and I hope the day will be full of joy and great food, and hilarity, and no more snow
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    My first officially published book has gone live for the peeps who preordered and I’m freaking the fuck out
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    After 10 years of writing porn, I have finally learned to spell “ecstasy” without the help of autocorrect.
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    I will be very happy when July 31st gets here. That’s when the extra $600 a week for unemployment finally expires. That may sound horrible, but I’m on the opposite end of that. I have worked through this entire thing, and the only applicants I’ve gotten for my critically short staffed store, have been applying for the unemployment requirement that they do so. Have only had one day off since November 14th. ONE. Plus, I’m already on schedule for a minimum of 80 hours a week, and if anyone calls off, I get to cover it. Because I don’t have enough staff. So my average work week is more like 90 hours or better. Awful damn tired of people working the system.
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    The very happiest of birthdays to WillowDarkling, my sweet Neko-baby! I’m wishing for only wonderful things for you this year!
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    Final grade for the fan fiction terminology final assignment is in, and the assignment earned me an 8,5 (out of 10), which resulted in a final grade for the course, of 8. Not too shitty…
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    You know what’s really lame? The biggest reason why I want to get the COVID vaccine is that I want to see Wonder Woman 1984 in a movie theater.
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    Porg-give me if this is out of line, but I wanted to show off the little buddy my hubby got me for Christmas last year. Folks, if you’re looking for love, find you someone who respects your nerdities and odditudes. Y’all can keep y’all’s his and hers towels; in this home we have Pikachu and Porgs.
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    Wishing @DemonGoddess a very Happy Birthday, from one cranky old thing to another!
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    Doctors advise that any participants of No Nut November who reach the stage where “50 Shades of Grey” becomes arousing should seek release immediately.
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    I think my phone is trying to get rid of me. The other morning, I took it out of my pocket and found that one of my airline apps was open and had gotten a couple of steps into booking me a ticket to Amsterdam.
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    This is what I get for Googling myself: "21 Die in Lake George Glass Bottom Boat Accident"
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    Damn it, phone, I said "erect nipples," not "wrecked nipples." Do you do this stuff just to mess with me?
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    The upside of being an unpublished SFF novelist is that you have tons of made-up names to use as website passwords.
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    Just got a desktop computer for the first time, and feel like I’m staring at a giant screen… the forum is HUGE now…
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    *Steps out of a smoking crater and dusts himself off* Right, that was fun in a horrible, lets never do this again sort of way. What’s next?
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    Since I can’t eat scallops in peace. i’ve decided ya’ll have to live with this image too.
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    Ten questions I'd ask various superheroes if they were real: 1. Squirrel Girl: What are you going to call yourself when you're forty? 2. Black Panther and Aquaman: Shouldn't you guys be, like, at home settling trade disputes instead of running around in tight pants? 3. Martian Manhunter: Suspenders with shorts? Is that a Martian thing? 4. America Chavez: If you just gently poked some cookie dough with your finger, would it make star shapes? 5. Iron Man: What do you do if you have an itch? 6. Beast Boy: So, when you turn into an animal, is it always a boy animal? 7. Wolverine: If you and Vandal Savage got in a fight, which of you do you think would get bored and go home first? 8. The Flash: Do women actually like the speed thing? Because, you know... 9. The Thing: Do you think the right moisturizer would help? 10. Violet Parr: Have you ever searched your own name on a site called Rule34?
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    Wishing the very happiest of birthdays to my dear Pittwitch. Love you!
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    Chapter count for The Woman in the Statue is being changed again, this time to 11 chapters. This isn’t because I’ve added a ton more story or anything; it’s just a matter of word count. For instance, even after splitting Chapter 10 into 10 and 11, what I have of the final chapter is still over 11,000 words, and I am not done. Of course, I wouldn’t be posting this just to say that. Ok, so...*deep breath* I will be posting Chapter 10 of 11 of WitS one week from today. That chapter is done (and JayDee’s already seen it) so that won’t be a problem. One week after that, Chapter 11 goes up, and we finally finish this. Full disclosure: I’m terrified. Fingers crossed, everyone!
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    Hey, did you see my title… I’m a Master… lol (runs and hides)