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    It was 27 years ago today that the daft bugger and I decided to do that marriage thing. I have a sneaky feeling it’s working out.
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    I will be very happy when July 31st gets here. That’s when the extra $600 a week for unemployment finally expires. That may sound horrible, but I’m on the opposite end of that. I have worked through this entire thing, and the only applicants I’ve gotten for my critically short staffed store, have been applying for the unemployment requirement that they do so. Have only had one day off since November 14th. ONE. Plus, I’m already on schedule for a minimum of 80 hours a week, and if anyone calls off, I get to cover it. Because I don’t have enough staff. So my average work week is more like 90 hours or better. Awful damn tired of people working the system.
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    The very happiest of birthdays to WillowDarkling, my sweet Neko-baby! I’m wishing for only wonderful things for you this year!
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    Final grade for the fan fiction terminology final assignment is in, and the assignment earned me an 8,5 (out of 10), which resulted in a final grade for the course, of 8. Not too shitty…
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    Ten ways you'll explain to your grandkids all those pictures of you in a face mask. 1. "This was right before I fought Goro in the semifinals." 2. "Unfortunately, our Kickstarter campaign for M*A*S*H: The Musical only collected a dollar eighty-nine." 3. “Yeah, your gramma really loved it when I’d put on this mask and- You know what, never mind.” 4. “They used to make all the ugly kids wear these. I hope puberty is kinder to you than it was to me.” 5. "...an' I did it all with nothin' but my horse, my pearl-handled six-shooter, an' that there mask." 6. “I could teach you, but be warned: The way of the shinobi is not an easy one.” 7. “On the up side, I got paid five hundred dollars for being on When Rhinoplasties Go Wrong.” 8. “This was long before you could just buy a kit to make meth.” 9. “Safe sex made one hell of a comeback in the 2020s.” 10. “I tell you, the very last thing you want when you’re fighting zombies is to smash one in the head and get splatter in your mouth.”
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    ::runs through, screeching like a pterodactyl on a bender, wearing a sparkly tutu and dragon wings….::
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    Happy Birthday BronxWench!
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    so fantastic news that i wish i could post to facebook but I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNTIE FOR REAL! my blood sister is 10 weeks prego! cant post on facebook because my sister told me not too but i am bouncing off the damn walls!!!
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    Me: “I’m gonna read and review one halloween fic a day from the AFF halloween party!” Sudden real world stuff taking up free time: “Bend the fuck over JD.” ...fuck, hope I can read another one tomorrow at least!
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    I have received a final grade of 8 (out of 10) for my BA thesis in Japanese language and culture. So I will be graduating with a BA degree and a grade point average (is that what it’s called in English?) of 7,75.
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    Since I can’t eat scallops in peace. i’ve decided ya’ll have to live with this image too.
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    Ten questions I'd ask various superheroes if they were real: 1. Squirrel Girl: What are you going to call yourself when you're forty? 2. Black Panther and Aquaman: Shouldn't you guys be, like, at home settling trade disputes instead of running around in tight pants? 3. Martian Manhunter: Suspenders with shorts? Is that a Martian thing? 4. America Chavez: If you just gently poked some cookie dough with your finger, would it make star shapes? 5. Iron Man: What do you do if you have an itch? 6. Beast Boy: So, when you turn into an animal, is it always a boy animal? 7. Wolverine: If you and Vandal Savage got in a fight, which of you do you think would get bored and go home first? 8. The Flash: Do women actually like the speed thing? Because, you know... 9. The Thing: Do you think the right moisturizer would help? 10. Violet Parr: Have you ever searched your own name on a site called Rule34?
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    Wishing the very happiest of birthdays to my dear Pittwitch. Love you!
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    Feeling kind of bummed about my legit writing right now. 25 rejections (and counting) from agents regarding my first book. Stuck on my second book. No good ideas for my third book. Why is legit writing so much harder than smut?
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    I may diss my phone a lot, but I was very impressed a while back when I started dictating the final chapter of "Country Summer." Not only did it use a colon where I wanted it to -- instead of just writing the word "colon" -- but it put the chapter title in proper title case ("Chapter 11: Under the Stars"). You go, Google.
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    If stray cats were hot girls, my life would be a harem anime.
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    Happy Yule, guys or Christmas, or Hanukkah, or whatever else you celebrate. Happy Holidays and hope you have a wonderful time.
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    I have completed the NaNoWriMo challenge! 50k words written in The Target, which still isn’t completed! Hurrah! Woo!
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    The very happiest of birthdays (very nearly belatedly!) to @DemonGoddess Wishing you nothing but good things (and some time off)!
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    For all my NaNo WriMos: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/04/books/nanowrimo-national-novel-writing-month.html
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    After all these years, I'm finally ready to confess: I killed the radio star and framed Video for it. Sadly, Video died in prison in 1998, but I hope this confirmation of his innocence brings some comfort to his two children, MP3 and Streaming.
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    Had to share this article about the benefits of our collective-favorite hobby: https://www.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2019/10/how-fanfiction-improves-writing/599197/
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    It’s been a long while since I’ve had a haircut. I’m starting to look like Doc Brown from Back to the Future. Maybe that’s why I’m thinking four-dimensionally.
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    My evolving list of chores: 1. Clean and polish front door 2. Buy caulk for cabinets 3. Laundry 1. Swap out front-door wreath that's been there since Christmas 2. Clean and polish front door 3. Buy caulk for cabinets 4. Laundry 1. Buy poison for wasps' nest on front door frame 2. Swap out front-door wreath that's been there since Christmas 3. Clean and polish front door 4. Buy caulk for cabinets 5. Laundry I’m never gonna get to that laundry.
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    I’d like to salute the folks here who are doing NaNo this year. I’m still trying to finish the novel I started two NaNos ago, but I hope to be back in it with a new novel next year.