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    Yes and no. Pictures can only be uploaded to the Art Room forum – which is member’s only access – and then only of the drawn or digital variety; i.e., no photographs of real people. And no photo manipulations of any kind. Any pictures uploaded to any other forums will be deleted. Also, no pornographic pictures beyond mild nudity will be allowed to be used in your Signature, Cover Photo or Profile Picture. So, why have we decided to do this? Well, firstly, this site always has been and always will be primarily about written smut, not smutty pictures. But perhaps the main reason is that different countries have different laws about what’s illegal visually and what isn’t, and we want to make it as difficult as possible for people to accidentally stumble on pictures that would be considered illegal in their country. Outside of the Art Room forum, you can provide a link to a picture hosted elsewhere, as long as there’s a clear description of what the picture is of, and do not use any link that means the picture is downloaded to their computer as soon as someone clicks on the link; it has to be a picture that is viewable without needing to be downloaded first. This is to ensure no one tries to force a virus or anything else unsavoury onto an unsuspecting person. Any link not meeting these requirements will be removed and the member warned. If you’re unsure whether or not a picture you have uploaded to your profile or signature is acceptable then please don’t hesitate to ask a moderator.
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    Much like BW, I've got a million ideas in my head... Usually fighting each other (...six things on the go and one trying to be published...too many ideas, not enough time)... I can be inspired (and write twenty chapters pretty much non stop) by a simple song lyric or something I've seen in movies or just random thoughts I have... Which are most of the ideas... And where the idea for the newest one came from (two lines in a song, lol)... But that inspiration can be lost just as suddenly too… Having a broken spirit kills that inspiration flat dead... Trust me, I got a lot of Inspiration hidden in the basement... And for me, that happens a lot... Stress kills... And when nothing's gone right (Just like right now, laptop's fried itself (I hate this damned city))... And bad times... And that feeling that, while I know people are reading, it doesn't feel like it... The inspiration wavers and, oft times, cracks, breaks, and disappears... I've been lucky lately... But even then, the inspiration for STA, BaH, CHHW, even Hunted and BP have all wavered because of those factors all coming together right now... Sucks when you're always thinking the worst…
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    Yeah, I write them down ASAP too, but that helps remember the ideas, not so much retain the inspiration. For me, an idea and being inspired for an idea are two drastically different things, and in my hands, a fully formed idea is worthless without the inspiration to bring it to life.
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    I can so relate to this. I have so many things floating around in my head, but when I try to pin them down, they’re gone, or else the words are awkward, and don’t fit right. I know what I want to say—it’s right there, on the tip of my tongue—but then I try to define it, and the whole mess falls apart in my hands. I’ve decided it will be written when it wants to be written, and I can’t force it, whatever it turns out to be.
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    I suggest a rule that non-written porn content (drawings/photos etc) only has a URL posted with a description of content for users to decide if they want to view it. Reason being that while America has that freedom of expresson thing, a lot of the drawn porn stuff is illegal elsewhere, such as in my jurisdiction. When you click into a thread and the pictures are right there it’s too late to not have it on your hard drive and ISP record. There doesn’t seem to be any need to hotlink it, as those who want to share and view the pictures would still be able to do so. It’s a suggestion anyway.
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    The spoiler tag just hides the image, but it still loads, as far as I know. We have the Art Room thread. Maybe we need to confine all images there, so people can avoid the image-laden posts altogether if they choose? It would be easy enough to moderate that—delete any post containing an image other than an avatar if it’s posted outside the Art Room. If you need to provide illustrations for your challenge or request, do it in PM, or email it. Does that work?
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    I am writing again…
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    Wow… these settees looked a hell of a lot smaller in the shop. Now I have to rearrange again. Already did it twice before they got here. Can’t move for settees. Send help! Plus side. I have two happy dogs, who tried them out first. I swear the greyhound was there almost before the blokes put them down.
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    Pictures will now only be allowed to be uploaded to the Art Room section of the forum, which can only be accessed by Members. Any pictures that are uploaded to other forums will be deleted. Pictures that can be considered to be pornographic in nature are now no longer allowed to be used in Signatures, Cover Photos or Profile Pictures. If you’re unsure if a picture you’re using in your profile or signature is safe or not, just ask a moderator. The FAQ here goes into more detail.
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    Oil Boiler Replacement in progress …
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    So I had 400 words to go on NaNoWriMo, and I couldn’t think of what else to write. Then my wife says, “Write a sex scene. You might as well play to your strengths.” There is now a sex scene. And I’m at 50,000!
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    Yes, stress and feeling like no one’s even reading has a huge impact on my inspiration as well. Makes it all the more fleeting. Makes it hard to work up the motivation to attempt to grasp those wisps, and if you manage to grasp one, there’s still the battle of trying to convince yourself it’s worth it to do anything with it. Sometimes it’s hard to see the point. Sometimes it’s just work and family related stress that completely blows the smoke of inspiration right out of the air, but the will is still there. Stronger even, and desperate for the therapeutic clacking of keys and laying of thoughts, because when you need it most, it’s hardest to grasp. At least that’s my experience.
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    When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.
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    Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
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    I believe actions are what count, not thoughts, but governments seem to think differently. And I agree with the original suggestion.
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    lol.. ran across this forgotten gem in one of my files. “Appreciating something doesn’t imply I’m sexually attracted, or should we ask your Christmas tree?”
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    First time ever, got a holiday story written early! Annnnd now I have to wait a month. Fuck me.
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    I’ve finally caught up at least a little on my reading, and I’ve done my archive work, so now I’m gonna let myself write forthe rest of the evening, because Brienne is jumping up and down inside my head right now, and she’s all: “Thirty chapters! It’s my turn now! Write me!” Gods, these three are demanding. To them, I swear I am just some weird version of Podrick with a pen… but it’s fun, all the same. Brienne’s pov or not, she’s got a surprise coming. The boys have something in mind, don’t they? Haha…
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    General thanks to the moderation team for taking on board and implementing a suggestion. Hopefully won’t add too much to workload.
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    What a horrible day! However, I seem to have managed to write most of a comedic chapter, somehow, in the middle of it all. Just a bit more to go, if I can concentrate.
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    Just a moment left to being in hot water!
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    Oh, my… Tormund and Clegane are going to fight! Like, actually, really fight! Wow… *types faster*
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    Writing, sleep, or housework? *sighs* And by housework, I do mean moving all of *her* shit out of the way. Because it’s getting on my nerves.
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    That’s a pretty good rule. Forces you to get creative as long as you don’t twist yourself into knots avoiding it. I’ve heard you mention it before and ever since I’ve kinda just been half-assedly avoiding starting sentences with ‘the’ and more aware of it when I do use it.
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    One rule I follow is to never start a story with the word “The”, and I’ve extended to try to be a solid choice too, either a sound, or a more concrete, tangible thing. [And this rule came from a teacher of mine, who pushed us to not start a sentence with the word “the”… something I normally manage (though, on occasion, a “the” will slip to the start of a sentence)]
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    Most of my ‘weird rules’ are not so much weird as boring and grammar related. A lot of my writing I go by feel, so if I made any rules I’d probably break them real quick. Well I do have a rule where I never use names of people I’m close to. And on the off chance I make a female character, she needs to be absolutely nothing like me as I’m deathly allergic to self-insertion (… of the writing variety…) Even if I some day decided to write my memoirs I’d probably break out in panic hives every time the main character did something that reminded me of me I guess I’m a little weird about my physical setting when I write too. Like I like to have music playing that fits the mood – there was a whole chapter in Blackbird that I wrote to the sound of a rain from one of those sleep noise apps because it was raining in the chapter. But at the same time, I can’t focus when the music has lyrics. The words fuddle me all up. So most of the time I have to write with instrumentals or complete silence.
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    Well, I have about 5.5k words of filth that might get posted at some point tonight. Commencing read throughs.
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    I think inspiration is dreaming whilst awake. There’s no other explanation for the way the ideas leap between nuances of meaning and plot the way they do. It also explains the way that things can seem utterly silly once that inspiration leaves. That being the case, I often feel like if I can hold onto the atmosphere and emotion of a thing, rather than the intricacies of it, then it stays for much longer. To keep it is to perfect the art of dreaming the same thing over and over again. And, since I write fanfiction, I often find once the original inspiration has struck and you’ve begun writing, you need more than inspiration then. You need to a strike a balance between many closely related things. Inspiration is one, motivation, dedication, impetus, fanaticism and total immersion in the source material are the others. Get it right, and the story will flow like water. And if you’re posting, feedback (and lack of it) is a blessing and a curse. Feedback will buoy you up, but it can also interfere with your ideas. Lack of feedback can make you give up completely, unless the muse is particularly insistent.
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    It feels like such a fleeting thing. You feel like you can reach out and grab it, but then it wisps through your fingers and dissipates like smoke. Sometimes I can grasp it for the length of a song and formulate an entire universe, but as the song ends, it fades like a dream and ten seconds later, it’s gone. The details are still there, but the visions, the emotions, the characters voices and desires are suddenly all very 2 dimensional and not strong enough to weave into a good story foundation. There are times, though, when it’s not such a flight risk. When I can grasp it and put reins on it and attach every passing whimsy to me like a dog sled. I’m not asking for help or advice. Inspiration is such a personal thing, no amount of “try this” will change my reality, but my reality is ever-changing. I’m interested in your experiences with it. Either right now, or over the years.
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    That is the best, I have not been listed as a Virgin in many decades.
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    Thinking of doing a penname change. Just feel like it’s time to evolve from the old CloverReef. I mean… I’ve been CloverReef for… about a decade I guess. It probably seems weird to some people, who are perfectly content identifying with one pen name their whole lives, but for me, as I grow and shift, how I identify tends to grow and shift too. I do have a pen name in mind. But I’m debating whether I should wait until I finish posting my current chaptered story or not.
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    Agree with BW. The really good inspirations are the ones that stay with you, that develop themselves in your head instead of fading away. Any idea that quickly vanishes from your mind probably wasn’t worth your time, anyway.
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    Finally caught up on NaNoWriMo yesterday. Looks like I’m gonna make it! Now I just have to think of what to write about for the next 4 days, but I’ll figure it out.
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    Some days I really miss the old Shout Box. I used to get great title help in there from the users. Now I’m stuck trying to title my own stupid books.
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    I prefer this option. I’d still like DG’s opinion on it, but this works for me.
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    I don’t… I don’t even… what? Ok, Really, I’m not and I don’t think anybody else is suggesting porn pics should be blocked here, I’m just saying URLS that folks can click save lot of hassle for folks who don’t want to see it. Just because the porn isn’t embedded anymore doesn’t mean it’s gone or blocked, or something. I’m not going for a “Take your porn from your cold, dead, sticky, calloused, hands” first-amendment challenging moment here, man. Just suggesting a compromise to help out some of us because lately I’ve clicked a few threads (and in one case a profile with animated lets-hope-thats-a-skinny-dwarf porn) that have content that could get quite a few of us in a world of shit in a way that text doesn’t yet manage unless it’s supporting terrorism or something equally unpleasant. I’ve had to quit other sites completely because of this issue – not in a flouncing way, I just deleted my profiles without comment and moved on, because they were geared heavily towards art and some of the art would probably flag with ISP check lists.. This is a story site and doesn’t need embedded images. URLS work just peachy and politics and all the rest don’t really have any other impact on it. I feel kind’ve like I am repeating myself or getting a little pissy here so I apologise if this is the case or if I’ve caused any offense with my suggestion.
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    That’s kind of the point JayDee is making. In our respective countries, rules are all different. In my own country, the UK, it’s illegal to view anything that might be considered to cause a danger to life, and so that could include quite a wide range of things, being as it has no concrete definition. Basically, here, you’re on thin ice really with anything concerning BDSM. They really don’t like it. AFAIK they (the government) are asking ISPs to keep records on those who are accessing that kind of material. In a link I posted a while ago, they’re also including sound files in that, so audiobooks and stuff might well fall foul of our law if it describes those kinds of things. From what I’ve seen, when they want to take someone up to make an example, they won’t care if you had a choice over seeing the image or not, which is why I’m in complete agreement with this idea.
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    Actually, I don’t want most NSFW images to pop up for me at home, which is where I do the bulk of my work. I shouldn’t have to close my browser window whenever the bell rings. The other consideration is how child pornography is defined here in the US, which is visual. Pictures of under-18 characters in flagrante delicto is actually illegal here. Someone may love the idea of Harry and Draco getting it on while still first years at Hogwarts, but photoshops of Daniel Radcliffe and Tom Felton while they’re still under 18 are an issue for me. I don’t need that on my browser history, thank you ever so much.
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    Honestly, if we could remove the auto-embed option for the forum, that would do the trick. If I want to see something, I don’t mind the extra click, honestly, but I really, REALLY don’t always want something NSFW to pop up on my monitor when I’m checking a thread.
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    Not sure if this forum software does it, but having it automatically handled by the software would be the *best* solution. It’d save the image locally and auto-url it as suggested, or even make it a user preference, so that those of us in better jurisdictions wouldn’t see the change, but those in more stringent ones would. Just ideas, because I’m guessing this rule change is going to add to the enforcement work load, especially in the beginning.
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    Sounds good to me. I can’t see many people abiding by it, though, to be honest. You know how people are; we only have rules because we like to bully people, apparently.
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    So, Melrick, how shall we implement this? You’ll need to add it into the forum rules, I guess, and since I am the most computer-illiterate, this means that we will no longer allow pictures in the posts themselves, but only links to pictures hosted offsite, and posters must put descriptions of the pictures before the links?
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    Well, it’s late but I finally posted my Halloween story. I’m sorry, it’s crappy but anyway...Happy Thanksgiving!
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    If it were my dystopia (that I’m writing to), I’d be short listed for “natural selection”.
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    Since I’m in the same boat as you, JayDee, I completely agree. *sighs* I just know I’m on a list somewhere. But then, we probably all are.
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    So far, today’s been successful. Four chapters done on the sequel to Dale’s Game, and some progress to chapter 22 of the Repair Guy.
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    Petition for universal freedom of expression? While I wish it was a bit stronger in America (corporations/bullying/NDAs, etc, loopholes), it’s still pretty damn strong and should be a minimum, IMO. That said, yeah, some people might feel confident accessing this website from work, on a text-only level, but pictures can change the dynamic.
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    Final read through commencing…
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    There's a reason I don't write oneshots... Because I never stop at one... They're like bloody Pringles!!! And then they turn into new projects... Adding to a very large array of projects... And again I've got another started... Lol. However, it is proving to myself I am capable of crossing genres... So that's something!!
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    Courtesy of the brilliant and extraordinary Dafdes: Dear God, grant me the serenity to accept those things that are not TOS violations, the courage to read through fiction that probably has missing tags somewhere, and the wisdom to know I'm here because I write shocking and socially unacceptable pornography too.