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    Happy new year, everyone!

    Happy new year, everyone!
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    I’m so relieved the Christmas anthology is going well. I feel bad for being semi MIA for it last year. You guys are awesome! My gorgeously talented AFF family! Rock on, guys!
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    Blessed yule, Merry christmas, happy hanukkah!
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    ::screams happily:: I haz keys!!!!
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    I was inactive for a while, but now I’m back! I’m thinking of scrapping my Horrortale fanfic and rewriting it. I have a sense of where I want it to go, but I don’t feel like I can get it there without rewriting the whole thing.
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    I survived two hellish days. Between Jevoah witnesses getting thrown out of the mall because they think holidays are evil and santa is secretly satan near children. To witnessing the dregs of society I can safely say i’ve lost quite a bit of hope towards humanity but not quite to nihilism yet. Anywho hope yall had a good holiday.
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    Got my eggnog, got my nutcracker collection surrounding me, got my music playing and my lights off, and a house full of sleeping animals. No responsibilities, no expectations, just me and the silent wintry night. This is Christmas my way. I hope you all get your slice of happiness tonight, in whichever form you demand it. Love you guys <3
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    Happy Holidays to everyone, and hope you have a wonderful time.
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    Well, thus ends the semester... Now to wait to see how badly I failed to achieve the necessary mark. But... Now I can take some stress off and get back to writing again! Yay!!!
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    @JayDee Wouldn’t that be awesome if I thought ahead like that and gave Lacuna’s name some stealth reference? I should do that in my stories now. To be honest, I had another story where there was an Orc named Lacuna raiding/saving a noble elf that I wrote ages ago and never got past the first scene, but it was one of those fic starts where you can’t quite get it out of your head yet don’t know what to do with it. So I stole his name. Kinda a wink and a nod to a story that never was. Jeff and Marsha’s wishes are probably the two lines I’m most proud of. I think you are the only one who pointed them out so you get 10 Clover points for that. Thank you so much for the review! @InvidiaRed Ohhhh that’s such a cool theory, I like that. Maybe I should steal that for the next Christmas story. You’re deep, dude. Like abstract deep. Thank you so much for the review!
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    Wow. I have written so many short stories in the past years. I shouldn’t flood this site but I will add them in manageable doses.
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    Posted part III and part IV of my Wolves story. Part V and VI are about to follow, but I’m still working on the end of part V. I wonder if it is appreciated by the readers at all? Because of the lack of comments and reviews, I have no idea if you even like my Wolves…? :/ Comments and suggestions welcome you know. Just be kind to me.
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    So yea. I am getting surgery on my toe again thursday, plus my right toe is getting done as well. i got on LOA at work and will be off til feburary 2nd. sooo my goal is to read, update stories. *fingers cross*
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    ::sing songs off key:: I love red wiiiine… and naked men…
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    Wishing @CL Mustafic a very happy birthday!
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    Finally paid my school loans off. Free at last.
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    Happy NewYear! Hope yours goes better than the poor schlubs who made the float in Pasedena that broke down and prevented the end of the parade…
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    Holiday cold whapping me about the head… earlier than some years. Can I rent new sinuses?
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    Since a lot of our users use deviantArt too, I thought I’d put this here, as a head’s up: http://makowashimai.tumblr.com/post/181416779703/adelha-mathilde-organicfleshink https://www.deviantart.com/submit/agree
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    Happy Holidays to all you porno writers and readers! Hope you’re having a joyous day,
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    Nothing starts your day off much better than a warm and fuzzy review of a story that has been out for a while and that the reader gets the core concept...
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    Finally, a story of mine you could read! I admit to being a perv, wanted that suicide bomber to be naked (except for his backpack)…. I meant, from the lore perspective, nudism is a trait that can be found among the atheists. While some might be docile, a number of them have radicalized, so there’s an elite fringe that treat it as a badge of honor to take action in the buff. Dead dog… taking notes for the next dark story. Thanks @JayDee for the review!
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    Part I and II are now complete on AFF. On to Part III I enjoyed creating Stepan and Miron. My most favorite story story is about Wasp. That one developed so easily and quickly… But that is Part VI so it will take a while to put that up. Should I post one whole story at once or a chapter a day? What do you prefer?
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    I am pleased to say that my laptop is working properly again, not least because of the substantial efforts of a nice fellow at the Knowledge Bar at Micro Center. Also, a surprise announcement: Earlier, I wrote that once again, I would not be writing a Christmas story this year because I had no good ideas for one. Then, a few days ago, such an idea struck. So if I can finish it in time, and if they do some kind of holiday story jam here on AFF, I’ll post “A Visit From Shota Claus” there (although as the title implies, it will have Minor1 content, so a fair number of folk won’t read it). Otherwise, I’ll post it on its own in the Originals section. SWP1: Some answers to your questions: The next chapter of “Little Rose” is about two-thirds written, but right now I’m trying to spend the majority of my writing time on “A Visit From Shota Claus” in the hope of getting it done in the next week or so. Once I’m done with that, “Little Rose” will be back on my priority list, along with my various other in-progress multi-chapter stories. Christmas prep is going well. We don’t have a full-size tree this one, but we have a cute little fake one that looks very festive and that we put in the front window so people can see the lights at night. How is yours? I appreciate your enthusiasm for this idea, but I just have too many other ideas that I’m excited about to pursue that one at this point. And my excitement is renewed now that I don’t have to do everything on my phone.
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    A friend of mine has lost both his father and his grandfather in a tragic accident. In the hope of providing him a distraction, I put the pedal to the metal and finished chapter 4 of “Little Rose” this afternoon. SWP1, chapter 3 of “The More, the Merrier” is probably the next thing I’ll finish. However, my laptop is on the fritz (needs a new battery that I have to have shipped to me and then installed by a technician), so I may not be able to post it until next week. Also, I will probably continue my trend of not contributing to this year’s holiday story jam. All the Christmas-story ideas I have are weepy things involving dying children, and I’m not doin’ that.