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    I tried adult roleplay once. Instructions unclear. Had a hell of a time getting the 20 sided dice out of my ass.
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    Okay… in my enthusiasm, I think I replied to myself in my PYS thread… Anywho… 6.2
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    So, today marks another milestone... Through doubts and all, Blood and Honour has received 1000 dragon prints.
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    23rd of March is 5 years since my dad died. Sometimes that seems like so long ago, other times it seems like only yesterday. At least I now know you never truly get over the death of a parent, no matter how much time passes.
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    It’s official, our first over 70 degree day as it is currently 73 degrees out! There are buds on the trees and it’s time to break out the summer clothes! Woohoo! (Nah, I’m not excited or anything like that. )
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    Random name generators are pretty awesome. Place names have always been a fun thing to do for me, when it comes to my fantasy world planning, but I’ve been working on that world for over a decade, and plenty of the names I thought sounded all cool and shit 15 years ago, I’ve since changed because now they sound pretty ridiculous. But when I changed them, I just removed a few letters or rearranged the letters until they didn’t sound silly anymore. For most of those places, I just smooshed a bunch of sounds together until I liked it. Sometimes I’d use a fantasy name generator and mix and match the sounds. My favourite generator for that job is the rinkworks one. And then there’s the description name that you and TCR mentioned. I think taking a description and putting it in a different language, as you explained, is an excellent way to find something that might be unoriginal and make it sound cool for your English audience. Like in one story I had that took place in a central american inspired island. Decided to name it after a marine animal, but used the Spanish name. Isla Raya. In a chinese setting, you could also take words or names from other languages of countries that have warred and fought over land with China, such as mongolia, or indigenous groups in the area. I’m not sure what there is in China. Hmong? Or different dialects. Or just take a given name or a surname in your mythos or from history and use that!
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    Hey all, look at the top menu and tabs. You’ll notice that the far right is titled “Babble”. This is the new chat! Registration not required to use it!
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    So, my boy goes back to the vet yet again for a glucose curve on Monday. Hopefully, the dosage worked out on Friday is the one that’ll work. It has certainly made a marked difference in his overall behavior! He’s doing things he hasn’t felt like doing for the last month!
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    Hey, we’re still alive, kid of stuck but working on it. Steve has just gotten over a bad cold, but he’s doing well. Angie is still hell on wheels, amazing how fast she is considering she walks like she’s drunk Mon, and the teen girls are doing fine too and Lizzie is still mother henning us all, she loves us LOL. Hope everyone out there is doing well and Magus and I will try and get the next chapter out as soon as we can, just need to get through this scene
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    that’s not where the dice goes...and use a needle nose pliers next time
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    I have to say that I have someone in my family that thinks all of these myths are true, and quite a few more as well. Her favorite ones... Myth: All homosexual people are pedophiles. Truth: Just because you like the same sex does not mean you are more predisposed to this. If anything, there might be a few less - I don't know as I haven't really done a lot of research on it. Myth: All homosexuals are just "mixed" up and need someone to show them the right way to act. Truth: There is no right or wrong way to act or be when it comes to sexuality as long as your partner is of age and you're not hurting anyone. Myth: Homosexuality is a disease that can be cured. Truth: Give me a fucking break! Even if down the road we find out that it's a genetic disposition it's not a disease. It's how you feel, what you believe to be right, what you prefer, and above all how you are. There is no cure because there's nothing wrong with it. And my favorite one of all (which she throws at me all the time)- Myth: If you can write M/M or F/F relations then you must have dabbled in it at some point. Truth: Just because I've done my research, talk to people, and write about M/M or F/F doesn't mean I've dallied. I'm female - and I love cock. That's not to say I'm not curious about the opposite side of the coin, it just means that I haven't found anyone I found to be attractive to try it out with.
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    MYTH: People who write slash or M/M or F/F must be homosexual. FACT: Writers of any sexual preference can write just about anything and everything. Just because you write a slash fanfic doesn't make you homosexual. I am heterosexual and I've written just about every sexual preference.
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    Myth: Most folks are only bisexual because they can't seem to find a sexual relationship with the opposite gender. Fact: You wouldn't believe how many times I've heard this. For some people, gender flat out just doesn't matter. Bisexuality is just another orientation. Myth: Gay men are easy. Fact: Yeah, there are a few downright sluts out there, and I do know a few, but come on, people. Just because I'm gay, and you're gay, it doesn't mean I want to sleep with you.
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    So I know I have been a ghost and there were updates to be done but…… Life has been a pain in the ass with my regular work place going out of business and the chaos going on because of it. Still very burnt out and only recently have I had enough function in my hands to type properly. I hope everyone can be a bit more patient and I will do my best to get the rest of the updates done as I get time when not a zombie in pain.
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    Ok...I got nothing more to add. But yeah thanks clovey as always you are most helpful!
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    Ok so Ive seen post about naming characters and such, but that's really not what I have a problem with. Like the title says I oftenly find it hard finding names for places and cultures, cities, countries, names of gods and such. I know it depends what type of culture and setting were talking about, for example if I'm doing an ancient China inspired culture I'm not calling a city London or something. I usually gather the names I like and try to kinda spin them or something or I translate words (in google translate if I'm doing a foreign language) like idk “red mountain” or whatever. But I still come up short for many things. Ether the name I really like already exists or it sounds stupid. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice?
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    Snow? It’s almost spring! Right now, I’m in favor of global warming….
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    Got super inspired for a scene on Blackbird this morning while listening to Megan Mullally sing “Guilty”. Grabbed my laptop, opened up chappie seventeen, then the inspiration just friggin floated away. Where the frig did it go?! So if y’all see this bitch floating around somewhere, tell em to come home to mama. I got a pair of shackles with its flaky bitchass name on em. For the record, I don’t know why I’m talking like that either.
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    Well that seems great! Ill try that. Tnx Desi!
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    Heck, the name for Portland, Oregon was decided by a coin flip. Boston was a contender because one party was from Boston, MA, the other from Portland, Maine, (naming it after the towns they had left) and they agreed to the coin as a way to resolve their disagreement. For regular normal places, if I don’t want it named after an existing location, is I’ll take an existing city, tweak it phonetically. Outside of that, if I’m stuck, I’ll use a random name generator for assistance.
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    Ramble? You didn't ramble at all tcr wtf are you talking about?! Yeah I think that the description names are mostly the best naming tool for landmarks, especially if I translate them into a different language – red mountain would be Hong mountain in Chinese for example or crvena (planina) mountain in Serbian. So if I'm writing in English it would seem more special to the reader, you know. Anyone else have suggestions?
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    Personally, I like the deus ex as a tool. But as with any tool, it has to be used consciously and carefully to avoid that eye roll, 1 second left moment DP mentioned. Sometimes it’s fun to straddle the line between miraculous and realistic. Sometimes miraculous can be made believable, and sometimes shit that’s unbelievable can be gripping and suspenseful. It’s just when it’s used in excess or, you know, cliche-y, or very clearly just stuck in because the writer didn’t have any better ideas, then it feels too silly/lazy to enjoy. Sometimes it feels like a wasted opportunity for growth because the authors afraid to hurt their characters. Moral of the story: Tools are fun if you use them right. (I feel like that’s a wink wink moment… Do Deus Ex Machinas vibrate?)
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    Maine lawmakers’ not using the Oxford (serial) comma cost a dairy company $10 million. Honestly, I don’t see why every style guide doesn’t recommend using the Oxford comma. What’s the down side?
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    Ok I'm just gonna go and get into this shit, coherency and dignity be damned! I have some things to get off my chest and possibly get or even give advice. Although idk if anyone should really take my advice might not be a good idea… don't recommend it! So I’ve had some difficulty with writing, ok a lot of difficulty. I just can’t fucking do it! I manage writing once in a month or 2 but that’s about it. This is kind of a recent problem but it’s also kinda not… I wrote things when I was about 12-14 and when I was about 15-16 and as I recall I was a super fast writer, I wasn’t good but I was fast! I took a break for a few years and I’m back now, s been about a year and I ain’t got shit to show for it! Also I really hate writing, it’s kind of a chore for me now and before you go like “wtf are you doing writing if you don’t like it?! bitch get off the stage!” let me try and explain wtf I’m talking about… So my mind is a strange and dark place, tangled in all sorts of crazy psychotic ideas, it’s a scary place for most ppl, ok? Since I was really young I used to come up with stories and such, and I still do. I have A LOT of ideas. Some better than others, but they’re there, in my head and idk what to do with them! I just need to get some of this shit out before it drives me insane! So writing is one of my outlets and probably the best one for me when it comes to storytelling at least. Idk is this crazy? Am sure I’m not the only one out there who feels this way! Now a lot of writers say they write for the sake of writing, they enjoy it, even if it doesn’t get them much feedback. I am not one of those ppl. I write cuz I need to share my stories with ppl, that’s all I care about. If I knew nobody would see something I write I would never write it at all. Ugh idk if I’m even expressing myself correctly it’s just hard to explain! I know many people must think this is wrong or narcissistic or not noble of me but it’s just how I feel. And it’s not just cuz I want ppl to suck on my balls and praise me (though, not gonna lie, that would be nice too). Um… it’s like when something happened to you and you have to tell it to someone, you know, you wouldn’t be satisfied just talking to yourself out loud, would you? That’s how I feel. I just have stories I need to share. If I was a good speaker and had an audience Id just sit down and tell them my story. But I’m kinda stuck with writing shit down, which wouldn’t be so bad if I liked doing it more… And this is the thing I don’t feel this way about my other art. I’ve been drawing, painting and doing all sorts of shit my entire life and I love doing it regardless of what people thing about my work. I’ve never questioned whether or not I would quit drawing or was it worth it. Sure sometimes you hit a road block, it is only natural, but at the end of the day I was always certain it was my true calling and still is. So yes, writing is more of a hobby and a side-thing to me, but storytelling is not. I need to share my stories and many times other forms of art just aren’t adequate enough. (And don’t you dare suggest graphic novels and comics! It’s even worse than writing! Trust me I tried…) And…ok I have no idea wtf I was talking about… welcome to my brain I guess! I said this was gonna be incoherent didn’t I?! But yeah, idk wtf to do… I don’t remember hating writing when I was younger. But I don’t remember liking it ether. Maybe I just got lazy, or lazier that it. Maybe that’s it! I don’t really know. It’s kinda funny, back then I didn’t have much time for writing but I did it anyway, I was pretty productive. Now I got time, I still got passion and better skills too but apparently I lack something else! Motivation? Inspiration? Discipline? Idk, could fucking be! Its discipline isn’t it….. fuck its always discipline! How dafuck is my depressed, emo, suicidal 13-yearold self more discipline than me?! I hate that bitch! But like I did decide to like get into writing again and really try this time, about a year ago, like I said. I picked a shorter, simpler story, a kinda fun one as an experiment, to see if I could stick it out, you know. I wrote 2 and a half chapters in a fucking year. That’s just… that’s really fucking disappointing… I mean it’s not a failure…per say…but it’s definitely not a success! And that’s not the only story I wanna write! By this fucking rate I won’t have anything done! And I’m free right now and it won’t last forever so I feel like I’m just wasting precious time! So I’ve been thinking of maybe getting a co-writer, somebody who can make my dreams come true, ya know. Idk should I? How dafuck does that even work?! I have no idea! I would also probably be the worst co-writer ever… I’m kind of a perfectionist when it comes to my work (it doesn’t really help…) and people may have accused me of being too harsh at times… So I’d probably destroy this person! But I mean how do you trust a stranger with your baby?! My friends don’t wanna do shit with me (I wonder why…) and I’m kinda scared just seeking out strangers. It didn’t really work out with the entire roleplaying thing, why should it work with this? Speaking of rp, that’s kinda how I got to the whole co-writer conclusion. I do apparently feel motivated enough to write while in a good rp. I’m even having fun writing and I feel all exited and giddy about it, so maybe that’s the thing for me! There is hope! My co-writer Jesus! I mean idk should I make an add? Anyone have experiences in this sort of thing? I’ve been thinking about it for awhile but I still just can’t decide if it’s a good idea in practice... I had an idea that maybe I should get someone to watch me write, like in google docks, you know, be there and just…keep me company. You know like when your jacking off (well chicks don’t jack off, but masturbating doesn’t really sound as funny as jacking it, so…) and its always better if somebody is watching you then when you’re doing it by yourself. Like it’s not as fun and as exiting, you know. So I thought maybe I’m like an exhibitionist writer! Maybe that’s the thing I need! Well to make the long story short –didn’t really work… Maybe I try it again, but yeah I doubt it’s gonna help much… I also wanted to talk more about feedback, cuz the lack of it just kills me. Like I said the feedback is the thing that I’m writing for. I’m sure all of you guys out there know what I’m talking about when I mention feedback though so idk why dafuck am I even complaining … I don’t even know why dafuck am I writing this! Some might say I’m writing for the wrong reasons; I kinda understand your point, but your wrong… the end! Lol I’m joking a bit (or am I..) I mean really, when we look at art, the audience it a very important thing. Art could be considered a form of communication. I went to art school btw, as you can see by my pretentious bullshit… But not to bore you (and myself) with this crap, I say to those who claim my reasons for writing are flawed: Fuck you! Ok… let me try this again… I say: Who are you to say to me that my reasons for expressing myself are wrong? Sure everyone has a right to opinion…including me and my opinion is that your opinion is wrong and you should shut up! …..umm…… Idk…. Even I don’t know what I’m talking about at this point… Like nobody ever even said to me anything about my reasons for writing, I just randomly started ranting about these possibly non-existent people! This isn’t even ranting at this point! This is just nonsensical gibberish! Who’s even reading this?! Go home brain your drunk! Why do you always close your eyes when we make love?! You know when I’m writing I like to have things like underlying themes and messages and pretentious crap like that. And I like to leave hints around too for readers to find. (and yes I’m just gonna move on like nothing happened…) You know Easter eggs? Well I call em Easter turds. (Trademark) But what’s the point of it when nobody cares or notices or even reads? Like should I make a note that there is a hint somewhere in there? I mean I understand my readers don’t have much faith in me (they’re right, I suck) but come on I can do stuff to! And it’s like if nobody says anything about my turds how am I supposed to know if they smell or not?! I forgot where I was going with this… I don’t fucking know where I was going with any of this shit! Wtf was the point of all of that?! Don’t ask me! I just feel like shit I guess… Ok rant over! Any questions?
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    The deus ex is certainly prone to abuse, but I can see its use in situations where you’re focusing on a character’s reflection, helplessness, etc, or in a comedy that’s not taking itself seriously. (Or, in a superhero story where it’s pretty much a given.) I generally avoid deus-ex’s, especially “just-in-the-nick-of-time” as the countdown reaches “one second remaining” types. My distaste grew while working on my potter fanfic ages ago because it kinda destroys realism in the odds. Sure, occasionally there’s a white knight that shows up, but not very often. Most very often, the victim perishes. And, developing a reputation to not write deus ex helps with the suspense to the reader, because they won’t know if character in distress will live or die - DP
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    Well… Bit of a milestone… At least for me… The unbetaed (...raw? Essential TCR? Hmmm...) experiment/challenge to see how far I’ve come along in the years CR’s been betaing has reached eight chapters, which is now tied with Blood and Honour for most up here… To believe that Come Hell or High Water was just something for the writer’s block to break apart… It’s kind of hard to imagine that just under a year ago, I never would have thought to show any of my work to anyone but CR and now, I have two that are up for a decent chapter length (with, in BaH’s case, many more chapters in the wings, waiting for examination…) Come Hell or High Water is also, strangely enough, tied with BaH for the amount of reviews (albeit in a shorter time frame… Not sure if I’ve entered the Twilight Zone there, maybe...) I’m glad for all the support and my fans :). Maybe one day soon I can get on to the more vital prospect (and infinitely more terrifying thought) of finding someone to publish… Until then, I’ll let that thought sink in… While I roll back and forth in the corner… In a fetal position… Until such a time… For those who have, will, and continue to read, not mention the reviews… THANK YOU. TCR (If this seems a little rambling… Yeah, probably… No sleep make… TCR… Something… Something...)
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    Another Chapter for Beyond the Milky Way! I meant to tell people that this isn’t your average scifi. So, don’t expect any Star Wars/Star Trek stuff in this
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    I just got finished with the first edit on Loving Sarajevo. It consumed my life for the past two weeks so I was happy to finish it and send it off last night. Like, so happy I may have cried a little. I thought I’d get to write today. I was so excited only to wake up and have the editor for Backdoor Politics message me to tell me to expect the first edits on that story soon. My life is a never ending loop of editing hell.
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    It’s snowing. Why is it snowing? Did no one bother to note that spring is a mere ten days away? To whom do I complain, please? On the bright side, my computer has finally decided to update to the latest version of Windows 10, after I manually updated Windows Update.
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    Yeah, its a bit tender, to say the least, but they gave me good pain meds so I’m doing ok so far. Thanks for the well wish Samara. I’ll have to see if I can get Magus writing again, I have at least a week to get him past his writers block
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    Eh, a lot of that comes down to Extra, which kind of plays fast and loose with a lot of universal mechanics. Like, the “representation of nameless heroes” thing is something that I’ve basically never seen brought up or taken seriously. As for why, maybe because it makes his power level unquantifiable, or because it goes against a preferred idea of him being (comparatively) a normal guy who just took wanting to be a hero too far and happened to have the right skill-set to go as far as he did, or because people think having EMIYA be the face of ALL the nameless heroes throughout history is just wanking. Even all the stuff with Kiara is debatable, because a)video game mechanics means you have to be able to fight and defeat the final boss, even if it doesn’t really work with the logic of the setting, b)the Sakura clones that she absorbed to become the final boss resisted from within because they wanted to save Hakuno, and c)Kiara became the demon god by using Andersen’s Noble Phantasm, which works on the basis of the story and Andersen’s own vision as an author, and he couldn’t allow something as convenient and simple as her becoming the “ideal self” she imagined just by absorbing them. And the stuff that he did in that alternate timeline also came with having the Regalia that gives control of the Moon Cell. Compared to, for example, Karna, who did the same thing (soloing Nero and Altera’s factions, as well as the Velber) on his own abilities… I like EMIYA. He’s one of the most interesting characters in Fate, and a better portrayal of the flaws in wanting to be a hero than most fiction. But within the universe, his role is to be Batman: smarter, more knowledgeable, and more prepared than basically everyone else. And making him that much stronger, making him actually physically comparable to other Servants is basically like making Batman from Krypton: now you have someone who is smarter than everyone, has a plan to defeat everyone, and is also strong and fast enough that he can still fight everyone without those things, and who really wants that?
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    Got a get well card from all the students, principal had all of them sign it, all six grades! best job ever and thanks sniper, already getting my hugs lol and I definitely can't wait to get back to my kids
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    Hi everyone, I'm doing good, face hurts some but everything went well and no, I won't be punishing the student in question any more than the suspension, it wasn't his fault I had to have surgery, this would have happened eventually anyway. Besides he’ll get the help he needs now so small price to pay for me to hopefully turn his life around. I know, he deserves what he gets, Steve and Lizzie keep telling me but I'm a teacher and he's a student and I take that very seriously. I can't throw a student away anyhow, I'm fine and should be getting out of here in the morning, thanks for all your prayers and thought
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    hello everyone, been awhile, sorry about that but my family keeps me pretty busy. So Lis is with Kari in recovery and our girl is doing fine, the surgeon found a few more problems when he got in there but isn’t that how it always works? So the repairs went well, she got 20 cc’s of cadaver bone, three metal plates and 24 titanium screws, the surgeon is very happy with the results and she did very well and if she does’t have any significant pain, swelling, or bleeding during the night we get to take her home in the morning. She’s still in the recovery room waking up but her docs tell me she should be back here in her room within the hour, she’ll be groggy and grumpy but I’ll rest easier when I can see her. Don’t worry, she’ll probably be on later to tell everyone all about it LOL, and of course it’ll be all my fault.
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    My The Loud House fanfic “Whoops” surpassed 30,000 hits yesterday, which is more than double the number for any other fanfic I’ve ever written (and a lot of those have been posted for years). Not sure why this one is so popular, but I ain’t complainin’.
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    Well it seems like all the stress and extended working hours do take a toll after all, and the upshot of it all is that now I'm really not very well. And I still have lots of hours to work this week. I may be MIA for an extended period of time. I'm afraid to say I haven't been writing anything either – not a sausage – so updates to my stories are on indefinite hold for now. Sorry about that. Now, while I can, I am going back to bed.
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    I'm really getting tired of reading M/M fics where two manly men are turned into simpering little girls because they start fucking. Seriously folks. Now, I've ranted (rather incoherently) about this before, and since that's gotten washed out, I shall rant again in a far more coherent and helpful manner! Here, folks, I shall list the myths and facts of homosexual relationships, all taken from chatting with my male gay friends, or from reading articles and interviews on the subject. Woo! MYTH: There's always a top and a bottom. FACT: This isn't even always true in heterosexual relationships, why would it be in a relationship between two men/women? While there are some couples who work like this, as far as I've seen, most don't. There's usually no official top or bottom, and even when there is, it's not always determined by how flamboyant a person is. It can be determined by age, but usually, it's done by preference. Some, no matter their personality, prefer to take it up the ass rather then give, and visa versa. MYTH: All gay men are flamboyant, and all lesbians are butch. FACT: Erg... Just because that's what's most commonly advertised doesn't mean it's fact. I believe this one comes from the fact that the most identifiable homosexuals are those who act out of "gender norm," so to speak. However, the idea that all people act a certain way do to sexual preference is rather short sighted and narrow minded. There's also a lot of pressure on homosexuals to act this way, primarily by other homosexuals, with the belief that if a person is a certain way, they must act a certain way as well or else their posers. That's just ridiculous folks, there's more to a person then who they fuck. MYTH: All gay men have AIDS. FACT: ...WHAT? Folks, if all gay men had AIDS, EVERYONE would have AIDS. COME ON! While, yes, it's shown to be most prevalent in the gay community, it should also be noted that half of all people who have AIDS are WOMEN. MYTH: All anal sex must be prepped no matter how often you have sex. FACT: The first few times? Definitely. However, if the "bottom" is particularly experienced, and has had his "booty plundered" pretty often, then all that is needed is lube for a smooth entry because the anal muscles have become accustomed to being stretched and are no longer so tight as to cause pain. Hmm, I think that's all. Feel free to add to that list, and I'm also open to debate on these points.
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    There always seems to be some breakdown of communication somewhere that leaves authors and readers frustrated with each other. To open those lines of communication I submit this post, one of two, that will help break down what both writers and readers like to see. These are working guidelines, so feel free to add on your own opinions. I'm only going to post a few that I know of and hope that other people can help feel out the form to its fullest. Remember, don't be unreasonable with your suggestions. Ten Commandments o1) Using author's notes is not necessarily a bad thing, but using them excessively is both annoying and hinders reading of the story. o2) Similarly, making author's notes in the middle of the story should almost never be done. If things need to be noted, make a mark indicating a footnote and explain it at the end. o3) While the size of each chapter is completely dependent on the author's own opinion of how the story needs to go, it can be exceedingly frustrating to see a one page update. o4) Do not hold your story hostage for reviews. It's incredibly immature and it is rude to your dedicated readers. o5) Don't assume that just because you've posted a story that you are entitled to reviews. o6) While everyone has different schedules and RL to deal with, not updating your fic (without any word to your readers) is frowned upon--sometimes it cannot be helped but it is best to try and avoid it if at all possible. o7) Authors should always proofread their story before it is posted. Betas are bonus points and can only really help a story and author.* *There is a whole subtopic in the forums that is dedicated to beta reading. If you're looking for one or would like to volunteer, please go check it out.
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    Here's one I forgot... MYTH: Bisexuals are usually promiscuous. FACT: I have no idea where this comes from. Perhaps bisexuals are more open minded by nature, or perhaps it's due to the notorious "College Bi" who's not really bi, but either experimenting or just doing it to attract attention from guys. Whatever, I don't know. What I do know is that sexual orientation does not dictate promiscuity level. Bisexual just means that a person likes both men and women who fit a specific mold, not a person who'll fuck both at the same time.
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    MYTH: There is always a man in a lesbian relationship. FACT: Lesbians are rather notorious for being women. There is no 'man' in a lesbian relationship. Even if the butchiest butch hooked up with the femmiest femme there would still be nobody to take on the role of the 'man'. Because they're women who like women.
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    Since cloning of humans is still not a done thing, you have leeway to play a bit. You could invent a way to use electrical stimulation of muscle groups to assist in the proper development of the adult clone. Since you’ve already said the clone will possess full awareness from the original, they will have the experience of walking in their brain already, and should have the proper neural pathways established. So, it becomes a question of readying the muscles. Perhaps there’d be some initial unsteadiness, but the memories are there, and if the muscles are not atrophied, and have been kept limber and healthy, it should pass as quickly as a couple of days.
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    5.1: Queen of Buno posted
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    Hide your electronics, I’ve murdered again. A moment of silence for my notepad, a faithful companion who is no more
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    My pet guinea-pig couple gave birth to two beautiful babies... I'm so happy
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    Alterran Legacy By Takao1160
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    yep, work full time IRL, and usually 30+ hours a week on site stuff of many flavors. Unless I’m working overtime, in which case I cut back on site work.
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    Yo! I’m still alive and kicking. Life has been giving me a difficult time recently, but I’m still working on Fate Gamer Night.
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    Myth All gay tops have penises the size of Canada. Fact Just... no. Sorry girls.. no....