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    So I'm working on a Star Vs the Forces of Evil story, and I was amazed when I started typing the phrase "magical princess from another dimension" -- which I had last typed several months ago -- and my phone actually pulled up the correct next word. At least, up to a point. magical princess from another recipe Good try, phone, good try.
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    Mum got her first covid vaccine shot today. I mean, things aren’t exactly troublesome down here, but it’s still definitely nice to have.
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    And we have an eruption happening! A volcanic fissure has opened up in a small valley, and is erupting. There have been hardly any quakes in the past couple of days, so hopefully the quakes are done. I can’t wait for the authorities come up with an official name for the fissure and resulting lava.
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    Writer Question cause a personal project is reaching completion. If you leave it on cliffhanger, Can/ should you have a epilogue and or put the stinger in the epilogue?
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    New memo from the US dept of labor, that due to the covid pandemic and the need to “catch-back-up”, the next eleven days will be considered “Monday” for business/tax purposes. Happy April First everybody!
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    It’s “Ghastly’s Ghastly Comic” from way long ago: https://ghastly.keenspace.com/d/20010510.html and so on.
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    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    Chapter 7 of “Biological Imperative” is posted! Stitch and Lilo get what they want: a new girl to use and a tasty bit of revenge, respectively. FYI, Googling “Uncle Ghasty” just gets me a bunch of hits about Uncle Ghastly from The Flintstones. So you may need to explain, fellas.
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    Quick question: Which of these three sentences do you find most readable? Assume that the speaker has only one boyfriend and one daughter, and that Randy also has only one daughter. "This is my boyfriend Randy, my daughter Evie, and Randy's daughter Rose." "This is my boyfriend, Randy, my daughter, Evie, and Randy's daughter, Rose." "This is my boyfriend, Randy; my daughter, Evie; and Randy's daughter, Rose.
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    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    Update: Yesterday, I ended up making a bunch of progress on the next chapter of "Biological Imperative." So now it's looking like that will be the next thing I post – probably tomorrow night. I'm also pretty close to finishing "Monsters," an original oneshot about an young tentacle monster who is confronted by a gang of teenage girls.
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    Thanks! I found the episode in which Lincoln flirts with Cristina’s picture quite memorable, and I thought it would be fun to have the new-and-improved Lincoln make a comeback with a girl with whom he was very much on the outs.
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    love the new ch! had to look up Christina. nice use of a very obscure girl
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    Thank you! I appreciate your taking the time to review this story (multiple times) despite your not being comfortable with all parts of it.
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    @Melrick and @BronxWench

    @Melrick and @BronxWench
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    oh yeah! the herem grows!
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    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    Just had a 15 year old “TENTACOO WAPE!” flashback to good ol’ Uncle Ghasty
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    Re: “Wishful” From IttyBittySkitty on March 14, 2021 Yup, very much like a genie lamp. You’ll find out how much so later on. Nope, you got it right. Is he all three? Eh, maybe not. You'll find out more about that as you go. You read "Multiversity"? I'm flattered. FYI, I recently started outlining a new Gravity Falls story, titled "Depravity Falls." Wow, you and Joma are really in sync with your fetishes. Yeah, Joma was pretty specific about the lingerie. Even if he hadn't been, authentic medieval underwear probably wouldn't have made for a fun read. Coin of the Realm is not a real game, but it is indeed inspired by Catan. I hope you'll like it just as much!
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    Bart the Ripper That feeling when you have to go back 14 years and five pages of Simpson stories to find a Bart/Lisa story you haven’t yet messily defiled yourself over and the author has wasted your arousal by having them at 18 and 20 instead of what gets you going and so, one handed, angry but resolute, you leave your feedback. Then, finding your edge again, you continue back further, ever further, to the old archives on stuttering servers, bytes dying, looking for the very earliest Simpsons smut, where Smithers was still black. ...thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!
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    Just wanted to say again I enjoyed the first parts of Wishful I checked out and the author notes showing more of the effort going into it are super interesting! Quality writing as ever Mr Glass.
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    Now posted: “Just One Rule” Chapter 8: Crushing It. Not exactly sure what I’ll post next, but it might be chapter 1 of “Rashomonster.”
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    Got my first covid shot. I’ll have a second opinion in four weeks.
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    From Fairy-Slayer on January 25, 2021 I do love to escalate. Thank you! Writing "The Miss Cutie Patootie Pageant" gave me a lot of experience in describing dance performances in detail. The level of difficulty is slightly higher here because each performance involves two dancers instead of one, so I'm happy to know that it's working for you. That part was fun to write. I also liked that it gave me the chance to throw in a few more fandoms that I otherwise wouldn't have been sure how to include (Transformers especially). I suppose their "relentlessly cheery cheerleader versus gloomy Goth" interplay is a cartoon trope for a reason.:) Aw, dude. I guess I had that coming. If there are size queens, I guess there can be a size princess. Thanks for the alpha-ing, beta-ing, and review!
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    Marge's Debt – one of the Simpsons flashfics I wrote back during my year of 52 weekly prompts! This one and the Pegging one were the two basically wholesome ones, while the Mindy and Comic Book Guy ones sure weren’t. Been years since I saw a new Simpsons now. Used to really enjoy it tho, up ‘til 2000 at least I don’t think I saw many bad episodes. Thank you for the review! I appreciate it! You know, I had a funny feeling that as short as this one was you might get something out of it. Tick off a few of your faves, that sort of thing, especially, yes that last line . Looking at it now I wonder at just what Fat Tony thought when the idea was first put to him but at the end of the day he’s probably had odder proposals in a town as wacky as Springfield. Thanks again!
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    From Star Wars Player 1: I put a lot of thought into how that scene was going to go down. My original idea was that Coltrane, Stacy, and Ginger would "gang up" on Dr. Hirano, but I felt like that left the girls with too little to do. It seemed hotter to have the sisters make love to each other in sight of their mom, so that she could appreciate the beauty of it while also enjoying being intimate with Coltrane. Having the girls express their desire to get knocked up by Coltrane seemed like low-hanging fruit that I just had to pick. Well, he did get some coaching from Vanessa on that. I had a lot of fun writing that part. It was really hard to figure out how thirteen people and a dog were going to please Jenny at the same time. Ultimately, breaking them up into "shifts," plus the kids putting on a show for her instead of pleasuring her directly, seemed like the way to go. I had to fit some humor in there somewhere. This IS a P&F story, after all. Their relationship is twisted, but there's a logic to it, and real emotion, too. Plus all the hot, messed-up sex. I thought it would be good to end on a humorous note that ties the story back into P&F canon. I'm very glad you enjoyed TMTM so well, and thanks for all your nice comments!
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    No problem at all. I'm always happy for your comments. Egad! *dives under sofa* I mean, thank you. I figured if Pacifica can develop an interest in Dipper, then anything's possible. Besides, it's not like Dipper is unattractive or unmannerly -- he's just kind of a nerd. Blame Frozen and other movies where it turns out that romantic love is no more important than other kinds of love. I just like that message (as you saw in “Star’s Crossed Lovers,” too). He remembered Nat on some level, just not consciously. And thanks for another nice review!
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    A few author’s notes about “Hot Yoga”: I deliberately wrote it to be different from my previous Phineas and Ferb fanfics in a couple of ways: It is light on plot and very heavy on porn. It features only B-list characters. (Stacy is the only arguable A-lister in the bunch, but I consider her an A-minus-lister at most because she doesn't appear in every episode of P&F.) Even though I wrote about a dozen Phineas and Ferb fics before this one, some of the characters in “Hot Yoga” don't appear in any of my previous stories (Dr. Hirano, Monty Monogram, Balthazar Horowitz, Melanie), and others make only brief appearances (Jenny, Coltrane). This is the first time I've ever written a full-on orgy. Although I've written stories involving threesomes, or multiple couples having sex at the same time, I had never before written about a group of people who all have sex with one another in various ways and combinations. Making this work required a huge amount of outlining -- not only to keep track of who was doing what with whom, but also to time events such that characters would be ready to switch partners at the right moment. Dr. Hirano has no first name in canon. I considered giving her one for the sake of this story, but given how many characters are involved, I didn't want to give readers one more thing to keep track of throughout the story. So the character is simply referred to as “Dr. Hirano” throughout. I kept the ratio of male to female characters low because, given that the incense seems to induce bisexuality along with horniness, I didn't want to have to do a lot of plot-gymnastics to avoid having any guy-on-guy action. Not that I never write that sort of thing, but for whatever reason, I'm generally only comfortable writing it for furry characters. Also, judging from the people who comment on my P&F stories, the readership seems to be entirely male and mostly straight, so I don't think many people were reading “Hot Yoga” in the hope of seeing some Monty-Coltrane action, anyway. That said, there was a time or two when I was writing this story when I wanted a female character to take on two or three guys at once, and I found myself muttering, “Damn it, there's not enough dicks to go around.” Overall, though, I'm pretty happy with the results. I hope y'all were, too.