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    So, NineStar Press has offered me a contract to republish Ghost’s Sight…
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    The very happiest of birthdays to the amazing pippychick! Love you, lass!
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    We rely heavily on strangers out there, reading the stories, remembering other stories they've read, and getting suspicious enough about similarities to report it to us. We've caught a lot of plagiarists because of people like that. We're well aware that other sites don't seem to care all that much about plagiarists, but most of us are writers ourselves, and we know how we'd feel if our stories got plagiarised, so the least we can do is to ban them and publicly humiliate them. And we'll keep that up, as long as people keep bringing these things to our attention. I'm glad your situation got sorted.
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    Just got a job! Finally! Working with animals too! I'm so excited... and I just can't hide it... Fuck. Now I got that song in my head.
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    I start typing: "see you soon" -- phone suggests: "see you naked" I start typing "baby carrots" -- phone suggests: "babymaker" Never, ever borrow my phone.
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    Just test drove the new battery to my hybrid on a long trip. Got 52mpg instead of the typical 40mpg!
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    ...means I get sent out to buy more ketchup...
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    Hoo boy have I been overwhelmed, but I’m officially moved out and living in this town again. It’s been a month, time to just dawdling cleaning, making dinner and stuff, and all that. Still hurting though...it’s been a month...but still hurting...I miss you Andy… Thank goodness family supports my writing.
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    Recently I wrote something.. and it's really close to my heart. How much more should I burn that even the fire would get scared of my face..! How much more should I break that even the Sands wouldn't mind if I tag along..! How much more should I harden my heart that it'd come across as a stone to the bea..! How much more should I soften myself that my thoughts would acquire a state of tranquillity..!
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    So, in the recent weeks, while not negativity strictly speaking, I have been given some pretty harsh advice and a questionable PM elsewhere. This has led to a pretty downward spiral, admittedly. Yet, this has got me thinking… Everyone has dealt with harsh criticism from people. What advice would you give others, especially newcomers, in regards to this? How have you dealt with things like that in the past? In my case, I am glad to have such good supportive friends to turn to and I'm glad to have this circle of writers. Good friends who often slap me upside the head (metal baseball bats included); being able to talk to them is definitely a plus. Being able to come here helps, too. Many times, it's good, old fashioned mayhem; death, destruction, blowing things up, beating the bloody hell out of people... That helps, too. Hopefully this tread can help others...
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    I’ve been active on this thread because I do have a tough time overcoming negativity, especially silence. Last week, it got to me, and so I didn’t post my chapter because I just didn’t feel like it. Instead, I decided to wait a week to do so, and was over it just enough yesterday to do the post. Now, my stories are nearly a full set of warning tags, so intellectually, I know that many potential readers will move on, however, when that dragon print counter barely budges, it still affects me.
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    One of the hardest things is to take a time out when someone has completely misunderstood something. Bit rephrasing it when the upset is at its highest, I think is more likely to get the other even more upset. I’m not letting it go, as I’m upset they took something wrong, but I can’t really find out why they took it wrong. It’s so hard not to jump on the exchange, though...
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    Nothing, and I have reached out as have several others, via email.
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    Just wrote this and had to share…. “Good thing that’s not Pinocchio's dick, no room for lies.”
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    Oh yeah, that is definitely a brutal little slice of limbo to be stuck in. I won’t lie, I’ve dropped and pulled way more stories because of silence than I have because of crit. Tried to read the minds of the readers and it turns out my imagination is an asshat. Hell, I even pulled stories that got tepid responses that I would now kill to receive lol.
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    Silence vs abuse… tough call to either. I just know it’s frustrating when the dragon print counter budges up less and less after each chapter post w/o a review or other feedback. Are people going on summer break and not reading? Or, does the story suck? Those are the thoughts that can go through one’s head.
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    When I get harsh criticism, I get angry. What I consider a healthy anger. I vent to people I trust, I write angry letters I will never send, and I don’t allow myself to direct that anger at myself. After a healthy dose of venting, I find it easier to move on. By move on, I mean I can focus on other things, not that I forgive and/or forget, because I definitely don’t do that lol. I hold grudges… lol. I like to think I’m confident in my writing. I have very specific standards for myself that might get me frustrated and upset at times, but I’m confident of what those standards produce. But criticism does get to me. Of course, the silence gets to me. I question myself and tear myself apart when I produce something that is received with silence. And my healthy anger can quickly turn unhealthy when harsh criticism starts coming from all directions and the people I try to vent to, as you’ve been experiencing. I think it’s natural to spiral. It’s natural to want to pull everything and hide from the anonymous and not-so-anonymous assholes and friends that made you look at the work you used to love with panic and discomfort. Some writers allow it to crush them, and I think it’s so heartbreaking when that happens. I think sometimes it helps to analyze the opposition to death. To slather it in a thick layer of logic until you see it all as rudimentary shapes and you can pick and choose what advice will help you grow and what advice is only meant to sabotage you, and what advice was just someone else projecting their own insecurities. Or, if you can’t fathom creating that emotional distance, you could physically distance yourself from the things and/or people who are hurting you the most. Block them, take a week break from the story you’re feeling icky about until the ickiness fades a little: make changes that make you feel better about the situation. Whatever you decide to do, I got your back. Edit: Oh and “Invective” is now my word of the week.
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    I think we’ve all been on the end of advice which makes us feel uncertain about our work, and often ourselves. As writers, we invest a great deal of ourselves in what we write, and while most of us understand we’re not perfect, we’d rather not be berated or scoffed at in the guise of helpful advice. I keep in mind the relative anonymity of the Internet, and the way it can bring out the baser sides of people who are otherwise probably quite decent. It’s astonishingly easy to level invective at someone you will never meet face to face, someone whose reality is still abstract at best. I reverse that for myself, and remind myself that this person doesn’t know me, or my life, and if they are projecting something from their own life onto me, it’s not something I need to own. I am responsible at the end of the day for the people around me, who I love, and who make my life worth living. The words leveled at me or at my work across the ether of the electronic universe are only as valid as I allow them to be. If they contain sincere and constructive criticism, I’ll embrace them. I might not incorporate all of the critique, but I will welcome it in the spirit of wanting to grow as a writer. If they are mean-spirited, and designed to make me doubt myself, I’m sufficiently thick-skinned enough to let them slide past. That’s not always a helpful bit of advice, since words have a great deal of power to wound. We’re writers, after all, and we understand that. But words leveled at me which are designed to hurt my confidence rarely have that effect if they come from a relative stranger. I just write that person off as trivial, and move on.
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    Hello, I am one of the authors that QueenJen/Jen M/ Kinystuff99 plagarized. A big thank you goes out to Guest_Nik for reporting the issue. A big thank you goes to the moderators of this board who took clear and decisive action to remove the stories from this site and inform readers. Disheartened. It's partly how I felt when I read Kinkystuff99 boasting how she'd written Kismet or Happenstance, had it all completed and asked readers for feeback as she posted my work on the BA Fluff Yahoo Group. Some readers on that site might still be unaware of what transpired. But I'm grateful. Grateful to see the proof above that people are fair and honest. That they'll stand up for a stranger, even for one who's on the other side of the computer, someone easily ignored. That they'll take the time to reach out and send a warning about some funky business going on because there are times when ignorance isn't bliss. Because you all did that for me, I can go to bed tonight--this morning--feeling better about the situation than I did last night. I thank you for that. August
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    Nah I think we have all the bases covered
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    Sounds good. But I'd like to see more than just teens though if the whole town is bad. And is the person trying to rid Kushina of her drugs genuinely doing so because he's good and really wants to help her, or if it's because he's reverse psychology-ing her?
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    I also agree that I like the Gremory challenge.
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    I have a question. I’ve been posting a new reply on my Promote a Story thread after every update of my wip, then someone asked me about updates in the Reviews Replies thread and I answered there, and let them know when I had the intention of posting. Should I have done that here? Can I post a new reply just to let my readers know when/if I’ll be posting, or only after I’ve already updated? And should I have posted a reply in the Reviews Replies thread just to say ‘I have he chapter, I’ll update!’? Is that allowed? Thank you for your time!
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    I’d go with the mostly-set-in fandom myself, to be honest. The Misc>Crossover category is mostly for stories which don’t have a proper category to begin with, and when a crossover is set in one of those, well, the archive dragons get peevish. And you know, peevish dragons and all that…
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    These are sad news but I respect and understand your decision which had loomed ahead for quite some time anyway. It’s very decent of you to drop this statement. Thanks, anyway, for our talks. They were fun! And you know, when your time, passion and muse should come back… – I’m already too old to grow out of this kink anyway. You mean 20 instead of 30 guys? You’ve heard it, folks. Come, all of you talented porn fanfic writers and regale me for no money but lots of prestige! Consider this challenge timeless, active and topical.
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    Hi all, Just wanted to throw out there that it’s now looking unlikely that I’ll be able to finish this request due mostly to time passed and my lack of writing time. I’m very sorry to Julpups, especially and they provided a lot of extra detail and info and took time to work on thrashing it out with me. Should anybody else wish to take this idea up for them and wanted to use anything I’d suggested/put in, please feel free. I hope to one day manage something on a smaller scale with a Willow gangbang and hope that someone else still takes the story up and writes it as Julpups envisaged.
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    So, why does a dating website show ads to other dating websites?
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    Yes, it was a conscious choice that I made all the way back in April of 2015 that I wanted to make this fic dark and intense. True, I didn’t really know much about writing at that time, and next to nothing about fan service to an established fandom, so perhaps I went too far. But there actually was a good justification for something extreme to happen to Dipper at that point in the story: I wanted the parents to know that *something* had happened between the twins, but for there to be a logical reason for them to not press the kids for details. A traumatic event such as a major injury serviced this nicely. I have never had an issue with substance abuse and addiction, but I did enough research to hope that what I was writing was relatable. I’m glad some of it found its way through. E-o-F
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    I'm afraid WWOEC is no more. The site owner shut it down a couple of years ago.
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    And I’m pretty sure you have an inkling that that’s exactly where this is going. Thanks! I hope your hopes prove justified.
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    HOLY SHIT I FINALLY FINISHED FISTBUMP 2! If there’s anyone still following the story, go ahead and check out the archive. Chapter 11 is up, and the rest will follow in the days to come. E-o-F
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    Magus hasn’t been here since March, DA hasn’t been online since 2 months exactly. Does anyone have any update on them?
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    Greetings everyone, since I’ve set up a Patreon account, I removed all of my stories from Adultfanfiction. However, they can be still found on Fanfiction.net and soon enough also my my personal blog. I’ll take this opportunity to thank the admins, who have kindly helped me make sure I didn’t infringe on any rule. I hope to see you all again.
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    We’re sorry to see you go, but we hope your readers will continue to enjoy your stories on your blog, and elsewhere! We’re still happy to have you come and read stories here, review your favorite authors, and chat with us on the forums.
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    Made a weird discovery today: Someone has translated the first chapter of my SVTFOE fic “Star’s Crossed Lovers” into Spanish and posted it on Wattpad. My feeling of flattery is somewhat dampened by the fact that the translator neither asked my permission nor included my name with the post (although he/she does not claim to be the author).
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    assuming that the person isnt just flaming you i try to take what they have to say into consideration, if its viable feed back, though some people can get heated over simple things too. one example i have is that in my current fan fic, I have characters that are somewhat out of character, and many people do not like that an established character changes in some of the ways that they are. “How could you write that X does A with out any remorse, thats not who they are” etc etc etc YOU as the writer have no obligation to listen to what anyone has to say ….. unless its legal based then, might want to listen a bit more. YOU have the story in mind, what direction you want to go in, what the characters are going to deal with and so on, the readers, unless they have inside info know none of it so realistically they can stick it. I try to listen to what people have to say though, make sure that their pov doesn't have a point, and even if it does, its still your story.
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    Damm, Linkin Park. Makes me feel old.
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    There’s something I just love about Steven and Connie’s friendship, much in the way that I love Star and Marco’s on SVTFOE -- except that Steven and Connie’s connection clearly includes a mutual romantic vibe in addition to their friendship. That wasn’t my intent, but now that you mention it, that’s probably the best interpretation of what happened (given how Garnet’s future vision works). One of my favorite themes is innocence. I love making characters who want each other figure out how to fulfill their desires. Nope. You and me both. It could still be an episode. I’m sure Rebecca Sugar could find a way to do it all in metaphor. Glad you liked it. These two characters are all about cute and sweet and innocent obliviousness. That’s why I wanted to write a story about them -- even if it did take me more than 2 years to finish it. Not going there. I put Greg in at the end to help ground the story in the broader reality of the show. I also wanted to show Connie’s reaction -- and her reaction to her reaction -- through the eyes of someone who has no idea what they really mean. We don’t get to see that much of Garnet’s thought process on the show, so I thought it would be fun to get into her head a little. I liked the idea of Steven and Connie completely rewriting the rules of the game just so that they could sit next to each other (and have an excuse to play-wrestle). Connie knows how to speak Steven. Of all the lines of dialogue in this story, I think Pearl’s bath water line is my favorite. Again, trying to ground the story in reality -- including the pedestrian details of Greg’s job. Thanks for another uplifting review!
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    Thanks! As plot devices go, nothing compares to the -inators; writing in other fandoms has forced me to be more creative. I think 69 would be a little too advanced for them. Connie probably understands only the basic idea, and to Steven, it’s just the number before 70. As for getting right down to intercourse, sexual arousal was only one component of that. They were also desperate to be as close together as possible. No, you’re quite correct. Connie probably knows that she’s too young to get pregnant (which I assume she is, given that’s she’s twelve -- maybe even eleven, since this story takes place in Season 1 -- and shows no sign of having reached puberty). Also, putting a layer of rubber between them seems counter to the purpose of their having sex. Lastly, it would introduce a hard-to-resolve plot problem: If Connie asked for a condom, there would be no one to supply it. And then what would she do? Thanks! I love writing comedy, and given that SU is as much a comedy as it is an action drama, I don’t feel like an SU fanfic can be faithful to the show if it doesn’t include a good chunk of humor. I’m not planning a follow-up, but one never knows. Thank you. For many of these fandoms, I feel like I’m just rounding out the characters, because they would surely have sexual thoughts, feelings, and curiosity -- issues that can’t be explored in much depth in canon. It’s a high compliment that you’re interested in reading my stuff even when it’s in a fandom that doesn’t interest you. Thanks again.
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    Two episodes ought to be enough. I completely agree that the animation is terrible, and there seems to be a deliberate effort to make every major character as unattractive as possible (a la Clarence). Also, I’m sick of female characters who are obviously voiced by men. Maybe that was funny for the first four or five decades of cartoon history, but it’s definitely a trope that needs to retire.
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    Honestly, I get angry when friends of mine are subjected to cyber-abuse. I’m much more likely to pursue options to see them blocked or banned entirely in that circumstance. For myself, I’m much more prone to snubbing the trivial wretches.
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    At times, it’s easier said than done. I’ve been getting negative as of late myself when I see that hit counter trapped in quicksand and a dearth of reviews...
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    Character picks nose and eats off his finger. Can’t use the “It’s good for immune system” excuse. Otherwise decent person, just a disgusting habit they’re semi-oblivious too. Other character wants to break them of it. It works then… they start chewing their toenails. Because flaws are interesting.
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    Well, I’m pleased that you read it and liked it somewhat even though it’s not your favorite fandom. Thanks! I watched an episode (or two, depending on how you slice it), and it didn’t grab me. I might try another one or two before I pass final judgment. That said, I have found a new ‘toon that I like: Mighty Magiswords. The artwork isn’t awesome, and the pace is a bit frenetic, but the rapid-fire dialogue is often witty. I’m working on a fic for it now. I’m also incubating an idea for a Milo Murphy fic. It involves a mysterious villain from the future who, for reasons unknown, is trying to make Milo and Melissa get together.
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    Kumo never give up on the Uzumaki and Hyuga bloodlins After the war they demands the Hokage's daughter to become part of there Village like when Karui married Choji and became part of Konoha in order to continue the alliance between the two villages. Older Himawari x Kumo's Shinobis Gangbang,Moresome... Timeskip with Kumo never give up on the Uzumaki and Hyuga bloodlins After the war they demands the Hokage's daughter to become part of there Village like when Karui married Choji and became part of Konoha in order to continue the alliance between the two villages. Older Himawari x Kumo's Shinobis Gangbang,Moresome... Timeskip Pregnant Himawari with her children and everyone of them with a different father
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    Hi, I need a beta-reader for a fic about Girls Bravo (fairly old anime, but yeah, I like it). , What I need is mainly someone that can point me typos or tell me if some sentences are unclear (I’m not English native speaker), but I’ll not turn down advices The fic will be multichapter, mainly M/F with probably some blackmail sex (not outright rape or violence of sort, that’s not my thing) and maybe some exhibitionism or unrequested foreplay (if you watched said anime or read the manga you know what I mean), “only” a lot of teasing in the first chapters. But I’ll try to write all in a comedic bent.
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    Hello there. I had an idea for a story, but since I’m honestly not all that creative when it comes to writing the story itself, I thought I’d present my idea and maybe someone picks it up. The gist of it: Naruto will eventually sleep with pretty much every female Hyuga except for one, namely Hinata. Premise: In his teen years Naruto eventually becomes sexually active and sleeps with a female Hyuga (who exactly, see later) and word of his ‘godly manhood’ slowly gets around within the female part of the Hyuga-Clan. Why do they all want Naruto: Hyuga males are genereally to ‘lazy’ and stoic to do sex for pleasure, so they keep it for reproductive purposes. The females on the other hands … well, of course they have needs! Difficulties: Will require a number of OC characters (and as such authors imagination), since there aren’t many existent within canon. Those of course will mainly be Branch House Hyugas, since there aren’t all that many Main-House Hyugas in my opinion. Shoulds: - Naruto dislikes Hinata. He really isn’t fond of her stalking him (yes, he notices) and is frankly freaked out about it. - While Naruto certainly is a playboy, he will be kind to his women. Dirty talk and roleplaying is allowed of course, but he treats his women with the respect they deserve. - Hyuga Natsu is a must have – either as the first woman, or as second should you decide to have Hinata’s Mother alive. - Hinata will eventually find out and get’s ‘captured’ while peeping (and maybe satisfying herself) while Naruto is with another Hyuga woman (her Mother or Natsu?!). Basically Hinata will thenceforth be forced (and grow accustomed) to watch and will be humiliated. → Hinata will never get a piece of Naruto (no kisses, no blowjobs, no sex, no touching), except his bodily fluids from whereever he decides to leave them on one of his women (meaning, eating creampies etc.), but she (at least at first) has the false hope that Naruto would eventually be with her (possibly gets goaded into doing it with the argument that it is from Naruto). - Hinata will mostly retain her ‘shy personality’ nevertheless and of course eventually turns submissive. - Later, when Hanabi is old enough (maybe make her older than canon?), Hanabi will join in as one of Naruto’s lovers with the idea in mind that it will humiliate Hinata further. Prefered Coulds: - His first Hyuga will be an alive Hinata’s Mother (named Hitomi, for the simplicity of it). → Natsu will be second. → That will lead to Hitomi being the ‘leader’ of the Hyugas ‘Naruto fanclub’ → Hitomi does love her daughter (Hinata), but somewhat gets turned on seeing her forced to watch and humiliated. Coulds: - Hinata is forced ( later submissively willingly) to ‘clean’ and maybe satisfy the other female Hyuga - Chasity belt? Other humiliation? Dunno, endless possibilities. - Neji’s Mother could join Naruto’s Hyuga-Harem. - Possibilty to also have Hiashi (and Hizashi & Neji) find out. → Possibilty of Hiashi and Hizashi (should he be alive) getting cuckolded. - If you are feeling generous, Hinata might get pleasure (if she’s behaving well enough) by other women (Strap-on .. would rather not see futas, except if it is a jutsu specially for this situation) Don’ts - Nothing to gross (scat etc.). I don’t really mind some piss or so, but it sure as hell shouldn’t go further. So as you can see, I thought about it a while, but as I said, I’m not really all that good for story writing. So I’ll leave this idea in your capable hands. Any questions? Ask away. Cheers
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    Hey hun, haven’t heard from you guys for a while so I’m concerned. Told myself I’d wait until Sunday to post to your wall. Hope to hear from you soon!
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    Why oh why did I first read the topic as "Original Writer Sacrifice"?