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    More of George’s Phone Follies: A while back, I had to delete my phone’s entire custom dictionary because every time I began typing a word that began with the letter F, it wouldn’t stop suggesting “fuckfuckfuckityfuck” (which I used ONCE in a chapter of “Country Summer”).
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    http://www.foodtimeline.org/ For all your timeline food related needs
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    Wishing our Foeofthelance a very Happy Birthday, and many more, lad!
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    I go out of my way to reword such sentences to escape it. The House of Ross, The place with the Ross family lives, The building full of Rosses, etc.
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    Operation GetFired is not going well. I must up my SnarkGame.
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    Went to the 50th Anniversary Tour show for Jethro Tull last night. Ian Anderson’s voice is rough, but gods, that flute of his… and he can still play on one leg!
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    I have decided to just stick to what I have been doing. While I love writing, it is something I do for my own entertainment. After thinking about it, I realized I don't need to be perfect about it. While I want readers to enjoy what I write, once I get something posted, what is more important to me is if I am happy with it. By that, I mean did I get the story out of my head in a way that I can look back and say I enjoyed writing that story. I am my own proofreader. Maybe that is why I worry so much about things like punctuation. Just because I am writing for myself doesn't mean I don't care what others think. I would be mortified to learn someone had the thoughts about something I worked hard at writing, that I have had after reading some stories. My thoughts have been far from nice, so many times.
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    I love my parents. I’m at work late. I turn around and the arizona rain hit. Its raining sideways the wind is howling and moaning and my car is in the farthest reaches of the parking lot. and my parents of all people drive up and help me to my car. I don’t deserve them.
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    I’ve always gone with the convention of adding the possessive ‘s for a family name, like the Ross’s house, but not for an individual’s name, like Gus’ friend. (And this is why my editors want to kill me...)
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    Title Help

    Twofer Mom and Daughter Special Breaking Taboos Keeping it in the family Vice Spice In My Life Sunday Special Honey, I Knocked You Both Up At The Same Time Mix It Up Breaking Wild But For Me It Was Tuesday Kinky Mom, Kinkier Daughter Diary Of A Mom and Daughter Fucker Honey, I Seduced Your Daughter Spicing up family time Buy One Get One Free A Two Package Deal A Growing Fetish How I met your daughter An unexpected side effect of Exploring A Mom’s fetish How Mom learned to share My Daddy is your Daddy Dating for two
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    Looking for new terms.

    My apologies to your dog. Truly learning “what’s the worst that can happen” today. Child’s a tough one. I was gonna say Youngling but it makes me think of star wars even though it’s like twelve hundred years old.
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    Looking for new terms.

    Your suggestions for master, alpha, beta, and pack are things I can see using. They are close enough to the original words to be understood, but different enough that they would sound unique in a way. Your answer to my last question made me spray my dog with Dr. Pepper. He is now hiding under the coffee table, giving me betrayed looks.
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    No worries. I’m always happy to wait for some cheerleading. Seriously, though, don’t sell yourself short. Your comments on chapter 5 were valuable.
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    SWP1, it’s funny you should ask about chapter 5 of The More, the Merrier, because I just posted it. I’ve also just sent chapter 4 of Enter the Sandboy off to beta. JayDee: What are you, psychic? In any case, you’ll find out for sure very soon; I should be sending you chapter 6 today or tomorrow. Back to SWP1: In fact, I haven’t seen either of those trailers yet. I’ve spent most of my off time lately writing smut. But I’m glad to see James Cameron back at the helm of a Terminator movie. Not that I think he’s infallible, but he’s got the best chance of producing a good Terminator movie after the string of bad ones that followed the original two (or three; the third one had its charms).
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    It's like that joke about spherical cows in a vaccume. No, the conditions of life are constantly shifting, particularly in language. Since language is about standardised communication, the rules are constantly shifting as people change them without realising. But by the same logic, they must remain uniform. This is why study of language can be a full time job and recognised branch of science. So yeah, it's both what people use and what they are supposed to use. Everyone gets taught the same things because they exist to be a common starting point and enable communication. variations are inevitable but the standard must exist. Where you go from there is up to you. So long as it's coherent, and legible, it will be fine. And thats what proofreaders are for, headache absorbers Besides. Mess ups can add character
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    Ok, now I’m confused.
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    What happened to the chemist

    To be very honest, when an author downs their work all over the Internet, we tend to think that should be respected, and we don’t like links even to things like the Wayback Machine. Some authors have had to take down all their fan fiction when publishing original fiction, due to the requirements of their publisher. Sometimes, they’ve taken down their work for privacy concerns. So, we would rather be cautious, and not post those links. If the author posted the work on another fiction archive, we do allow those links in the search threads, or on the Great Wall Of… thread. We don’t allow links to those sites in the archive itself, however.
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    Billion Dollar Harem

    Hello again, I’m back tonight for the promised update! First, let me address the new chapter. A long time back, you guys voted on a scene with Emma, Ari and Alex. This chapter first and foremost was meant to deliver on that promise. I was pleasantly surprised and excited with how the chapter turned out. Once again, I found myself in one of those situations where my free-flowing writing style took me in a very unexpected direction. In this case, the ending. I’m very interested to hear what you all thought of the way the chapter ended. Though it wasn’t part of my initial plan for the chapter to end on such a dark note, I think it serves very nicely as a build up for things to come. As you all know, we are ramping up towards the end at this point. We are by no means there yet, but I think the little speed bump Ari and Emma hit at the end of 44 will definitely influence the way things play out from this point on. Perhaps it will be in a more subtle way at first. But as we get closer to the end game, I think, I hope you all will be surprised and excited for those things. Next, for the foreseeable future, I expect the chapters to come later in the month, as I won’t be starting new BDH chapters until the first day of each month. I will use the time between publishing the new BDH chapter and the end of the month to work on my new original story. But before I tell you a little bit about how that project is proceeding, lets talk BDH 45 and beyond. I have two more major scenes planned before the time jump chapter. The time jump chapter will, as I said before will be a long jump. Probably the longest yet. As for 45, it will encompass one of these two major scenes and hopefully will set up the other. I can’t say for sure how things will play out, since I now have the fallout from 44’s ending to deal with as well. But, if things go according to plan, 46 will then deal with the final planned scene and resolve the remaining plot points that are still floating around out there. 47 will then be used for the entire time jump. I will announce one of the two ladies at the end of 47, and the final girl will be announced in a very different manor with her very own chapter. I don’t want to say too much about this special chapter yet, but I will say that I’ve been thinking about this moment for probably close onto a year now so I’m very excited to finally be writing it. If things all go according to plan, the entire cast will be apart of BDH by chapter 48 and from there, we will really begin to ramp up towards the end. Now, my original story. The title is still a work in progress, but if you read my previous update post, you will know that I plan to release it in short episodes that will be around 50 pages each and contain their own mini story as part of a larger overall arc. I’m guessing each episode will have between 5-7 chapters, maybe less…. Anyway, after I finished up chapter 44 last month, I spent the rest of the month writing the first chapter of the first episode. That chapter is currently in a semi polished state, to be further refined as the entire episode takes shape. I don’t want to go into too much detail, but I will say that it is an original story, obviously and that it will contain many of the same themes / kinks / fetishes as Billion Dollar Harem. However, the primary kink I plan to focus on is Step Fantasy with a lesser but still significant focus on Slut Training / Mind Break themes. I plan to mostly shy away from the extreme and darker fetishes (at least with this first episode), in order to appeal to the maximum number of people. Perhaps in future episodes or when I eventually move onto a new original work I will return to the dark side… Finally, let me address all the comments. Juan: Thank you as always for your support. I’m very glad you enjoyed chapter 44 and hope you find 45 equally pleasing. I will try to keep you all at least semi updated on the progress of the original story. I obviously don’t want to divulge too much as discovering the story is half the reason to buy it . But, rest assured that as it nears completion, I will let you all know where and how to find it should any of you want to check it out. Romavictrix: Thank you, Romavictrix. I wasn’t really gone, but I did have a rather long break in production after my two unfortunate tumbles. Thank you for your enthusiasm about the original work, I promise to keep you all posted. Joe: I’m very glad that you liked Taylor’s progression. I can’t say at this point she is complete, but I think she’s reached about the maximum level of possible slutiness. The questions for her at this point will be more centered around relationships and winning back her friends…. It should be an interesting journey. As to Emma’s involvement in the punishment. As soon as I knew I was going to do a foot fetish as part of this scene, I wanted two things out of it. 1) I wanted the foot / feet in question to belong to Emma. and 2) I wanted that foot to be absolutely disgusting in order to humiliate Taylor as much as possible. I think most of Emma’s involvement was coordinated with Alex. He for sure picked out both outfits, and suggested the foot fetish. I picture the liverwurst part to be born in Emma’s brain though. He also suggested, in my imagining, getting one of the guards to provide a topping for her foot. But I like to think it was her idea to make it a team effort. Zack: First of all, thank you so much for your very kind words. I often like to think my work is appreciated. But you never really know unless someone tells you or shows it in some way. When someone tells me how much they appreciate the hard work I’ve put into this or any of my projects, it really makes me feel good and encourages me to soldier on when things are tough. My financial situation is tough right now. Hopefully my original work will help me get out of the enormous hole I find myself in…. <fingers crossed> I’m glad to know though at the very least I’ll have one or two people lined up to buy it . I’m glad you’ve been enjoying BDH. Is this your first post, I don’t remember seeing your name before (my apologizes if you have… ) I like to think the main reason my story is so different from the other celeb fan fiction out there is just the fact that 1) I pour my blood sweat, and tears into this story. (That’s not true exactly, mostly I pour wrist cramps into it and pent up frustration into it ) But I’ve always favored quality over quantity I never release a chapter until I’m happy with it and I try my very best to make each chapter different than any of the ones before it. and 2) This might be cliche and maybe even corny, but you guys, my readers / fans are the other reason this story has so much success. Without all your kind words, comments and criticisms, not only would BDH have died off long ago, but even had it persisted, it wouldn’t be half as good as it is now. I hope you enjoyed the new chapter, and yes, I am doing much better since my falls. Thank you again for your support, and I look forward to hearing more from you. A girl likes this story: Oh! Come on, everyone knows there are no real girls on the internet… this must be some kind of trap Seriously though, thank you so much for your support, and assuming you really are a real girl ( ) I ‘d love to ask YOU a couple of questions. (I’ll wait till the end) First when I set out to write this story, my main goal was NOT to just dump two dozen celebs in a basement and have some guy screw them once and thereby turn them into sex crazed sluts…. I wanted each girl to have her own personality (that’s realistic, right?) ( I don’t know any girls….) And I honestly wanted them each to have their own unique roles. That’s probably one of the reasons it took me so long to bring in more celebs after the initial five. When I sat down to start this, I never thought there would be more than five girls. But as the story evolved, I realized there was room for more. Besides if I didn’t write a story with Cara and Felicity in it, I was going to lose my shit. I’m glad you liked the way each celeb evolved and that you like the punishments. (More on that in a sec). I find it interesting when people tell me Ariana is their favorite. In my mind, she might be the least developed of the characters (she’s one of the newest), and I really feel like she needs more attention to be fully developed… My favorites are Emma (obviously) and probably Cara but mostly because I find her unbelievably attractive. Now, if you’ll indulge me, a few questions. I’d love a “real girl”(‘s) perspective. (Also feel free to email me your response if you don’t feel comfortable posting it. Alternatively, ignore this all together if you like. I’m merely curious) As a man (checks) yes, as a man, I know what is appealing about a story like this. (Hot female celebrities in wild, steamy sex scenes have been my fantasy since…. well ever since I starting having fantasies….) I’m curious what a girl finds appealing about this story? Feel free to be as vague or specific as you like. As a girl, do you find any of the more graphic / violent parts difficult to read? I mean, you made it this far, obviously you had to have encountered some of the darker stuff… Do you sympathize with say Felicity, Taylor or Ariana when they are handled so brutally and inhumanly in those really dark punishment room scenes. Or does it…. (how to put this delicately) tickle your fancy …. I guess the base question here is do you read a story like this for the plot or for the sex? What does a character like Alex make you feel? Do you like him? Sympathize with him? Love him? Hate him? Do you think he has any redeeming qualities, and if so what, in your mind, are they? (Last one) You said Ariana was your favorite character. I’m curious what makes you feel a connection with her? What qualities does she have that makes you identify with her? Or is it just that she’s really hot dressed up like a cat? Thanks again for reading along, A girl likes this story. As I said take the questions or leave em, I’m just curious. I hope either way you’ll continue to follow the thread and be entertained by the story. Sazbi: Yeah, I worried a little when I was writing 43 that people might think I was turning Taylor into a dog, but I was really just looking for a way to humiliate her even more. Personally, I think someone calling you a dog and making you bark and beg is pretty humiliating…. As for the whole pariah thing… I’m not sure that is going to be entirely true. After all, she didn’t directly assault Cara, all she did was cheat on her gf with her…. I think her social status is redeemable with some time and work. And, as you’ll see in 44 she’ll have at least one friend… As for the new girls and the new chapter, I’m excited to announce them and bring them in, and the new chapter is here! What are you waiting for, go read it! ArcherNexus: I get that it kind of sucked to end the RP between Emma and Alex. But, I was trying to show that he didn’t need some elaborate fantasy to show her how he felt about her. In my mind, Alex genuinely cares for Emma, certainly above all the other women in his harem and he has to use small things to show her that. Otherwise she might grow too bold, or on the flip side too meek to do her job. By that same measure, Emma wants him to care for her. She likes to tease him and find new exciting ways to entice him. But ultimately, she wants to be with him as herself. I thought that by flipping it, going from the sexy RP and transitioning to it just being Emma and Ariana as themselves was a great way to show that. (However, I can perfectly understand your feelings. Writing Emma as that cute, naive girl was a super turn on). I’m glad you enjoyed the ending. When I sat down to write this chapter, that wasn’t something I was intending to happen. But as I said above, I don’t think the fact that it was accidental takes away from the effect. Alex’s darker side was bound to come out at some point and Emma was the one most likely to see it (outside of the punishment room) so it really just makes sense. I'm not sure exactly what it is you’re hoping to see for Emma moving forward. But I will say this, of all the girls, Emma’s future is the one I have most set in my mind. In other words her path has a pretty set trajectory and its unlikely that it will alter much from how I have things set in my head. I guess I only hope that what I have planned for her and for the story at large doesn’t disappoint you and everyone else… Ok folks… wow that took a long time… lol Anyway I really wanted to take a moment to respond to your comments and to address things moving forward so it was worth it. I would expect chapter 45 not to be released until near the end of September as I won’t even start it until next week. I may pop on to address some comments if we get a bunch in the next week or so, if not I’ll talk to you all again at the end of next month. Till next time -Mal
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    It looks like I am not the only one confused by this. One site that I checked, stated that either way was correct, you just needed to be consistent in your useage. So far, that one seems to be the most senisble, as it is something I have noticed being done. I have been known to completely reword a sentence to avoid the issue, but that isn't always possible, especially when you are referring to a person directly. Thanks for the input. If nothing else, I no longer feel as if I am stupid for not knowing which way is correct.
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    Glad you like my stuff. I expect to have the chapter of Mia ready for beta in the next couple of weeks.
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    It’s been over seven years since RUSH released Clockwork Angels, and nothing has changed. I still fall into an all-encompassing, skin-prickling, lung-stilling, and soul-rending state of ecstasy every time I hear “The Wreckers.” The problem? My hubby has crazy-narrow tastes in music and can’t comprehend how I can love that song so much. It’s true, but I feel like telling him “it makes my ears jizz themselves” would be poorly received by someone who only enjoys music with screaming in it. Seriously. My ears need a smoke after the song’s over. It’s that freakin’ good.
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    Up to his old tricks

    He’s definitely special, that’s for sure. I delete those reviews as I come across them.
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    Looking for new terms.

    Just thought! Sticking to the latin theming – instead of Dominator “Dominus” was latin for master. It got used later on to mean like a Lord, same with the feminine “Domina” being used to mean lady.
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    Much progress to report. I expect to have both chapter 4 of Enter the Sandboy and chapter 6 of Mia: Confessions of a Dickgirl ready for beta this weekend. Also making steady headway on chapter 4 of Delta Delta Delta. In other news, I've just read the first two chapters of Regina by Lady Freelove. It's a fun saga of promiscuity and incest, told from the POV of the title character but with entertaining asides about her family's history and philosophy regarding sex.
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    Great stories you never wrote

    @GG: Plot and title suggest a proper stand-alone episode at some time during S01-S04. I'd read it. Is this thread just for proclaiming or should others feel encouraged to offer opinions and suggestions so the story might work after all? Working title: Not Human at all Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Plot: S04 What if... Starts with "Living Conditions". The Initiative coincidentally finds out about Willow's witchiness, abducts and confines her in its facility. They fake her death, remove uterus and oviducts, shave her hair and implant a chip similar to Spike's. They consider her not human and want to use her abilities for their own purposes. Walsh is the main meanie here. Riley is one of her captors but eventually turns from abettor to her only connection to the outer world as well as the only one who treats her human. At the end, he's a crucial element to her liberation. Willow herself develops from plain victim to her own rescuer. The others believe her death until Riley, who started to date Buffy here as well, tells them the truth. Supposed to be an alternate S04, where every character gets his/her adequate attention and the canon main topics are somehow merged in. Fatal flaw: Everything! It was foredoomed from the beginning. Story is too big and advanced for a beginner and I didn't thought it through. After two chapters it was like "Errm, yeah. What comes next?" The bright side is that I really started to think about what it means to write a story with everything involved instead of having the "Ha! It just will work out somehow." mindset. The project is on hiatus now until I've gained more experience and skill by writing shortfics with much simpler demands.