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    woohoo! Two days off in a row! So far. Keep yer fingers crossed!
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    While I know @DemonGoddess only gets two (if her employer actually honors its), I didn’t want to rub in that I’m now on a nine day weekend…. On the plus side, I’ve already got a little incest scene written for my potter fanfic…
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    The Big Question

    I don’t think that’s lame at all. Like lizards that can grow their tails back? And immunity is awesome as it is, but doubly awesome in a zombie apocalypse.
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    Pretty good, just remember the golden rule. Every woman is different, just like every man. What might work for one woman, might no be the case with another. There’s lot of factors to this stuff.
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    A bird recently shat on my head. Apparently that’s lucky, although I can’t say it felt lucky at the time. Still, perhaps the lucky bit was that it was a seagull and not one of the 28lb pelicans we were surrounded by.
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    Words I would like to see less often in headlines: “blasts,” “slams,” and “outrages.” Words I would like to see more often in headlines: “twerks,” “flashes,” and “humps.” Of course, I realize that more articles in the second category would probably lead to more in the first.
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    I’m back with a new story! The Summoner's Destiny is actually a little test story, something to get out of my head for the moment. Got the idea while watching Sword Art Online and I couldn’t resist!
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    Wooooh! I finished a short story! It was meant to be my entry for the AFF Halloween thingy, but it ended up running a little long. Of course it’s not out of the wordcount limit or even close to it, 7.5k is too long for me so either I’ll suck it up and put it in the anthology as is, or if I manage to write another entry, I’ll split this one into a two-parter and post it normally. Eeeee I’m just happy I finally finished something! Yay!
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    FYI, googling “Fantastic Breasts and Where to Find Them” garners 11,500 hits.
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    I’m quite aware of the threads one can make in these forums for just such a purpose. But that really only reaches this audience here, and that really relies on having a catchy title to get someone to click to open said thread. I’m more curious how others go about promoting their work online. I know everytime I post a chapter I post it on Tumblr and Twitter, and plug out a notification on the various Discord channels I belong to. But how do you folks go about doing it? And any tips or tricks for others to try and promote their stuff where promotions might catch some attention and draw in them Dragon Prints?
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    Well, after 3 weeks of disaster, finally got moved... Four days before university starts. Well, at least a little time to write.
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    The Big Question

    May seem lame, but regeneration and immunity to disease.
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    Here is a little something, in honour of all of our wonderful sisters. For anyone wondering how to write female characters properly, and who doesn't want to wear corsets, bras, or high heels to do some necessary research, BoredPanda comes to your rescue! (Or you could just actually have sex with a real woman, but you know...) https://www.boredpanda.com/dear-men-writers-women-tumblr-post/
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    Very informative. And I will forever remember the phrase “boob turbulence.”
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    Am I a Mary Sue?

    Yaaas! Let shit happen! Might I also add to that, let good and bad things happen to other characters? Our lives aren’t always about us. Sometimes we get involved in other people’s shit and we’d be douchebags if we went around making all that other stuff all about us. But maybe your character is a douchebag, so they make things all about them, which is fine, just make sure the surrounding characters react accordingly, and don’t all rip off their clothes on sight and throw themselves at the douchebag.
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    What's up with the news?

    Yes, we’re working on tightening things up further. Understand something, we are not an eCommerce site, thankfully, so credit card numbers, banking information, personal identifiers such as social security numbers are not something we ever ask our users for. We don’t ever have a need to ask for that kind of critical information from a user. No announcements will be made until everything is finished. Kind of silly to do that if it takes awhile to get it done, yes?
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    Why is it so damned hard to get fingerprinted???
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    Well, between university and work (when I find one here...)... It's going to be very sporadic posting schedule.
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    Hello my beautiful people! Sorry I was gone so long; RL is a bitch sometimes. I'm looking forward to reconnecting with my friends on here
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    So darned busy still. Hope Everyone has a lovely Labor Day Holiday that celebrates it.
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    Anyone know any good mangas to read?
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    I just discovered the show “Hot Ones” on youtube today. It’s stupid. Just an interview show where they talk while eating progressively spicier wings. Now I can’t stop watching! I’m obsessed. Like I wanna see someone throw a tantrum so bad – someone’s gotta, right?! But Tommy Chong friggin killlled it! Best eppie yet.
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    The Big Question

    "If people could fly we would consider it excersise and never do it." ~ George Carlin That's always the first thing to come into my mind when someone says that. I want the abilty to take my ideas and fluidly translate it into a finished product. I have a full half dozen books fully written in my head but when it comes time to apply it to paper it disappears. I know how to do it. I know how I want to do it... it just doesn't translate.
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    Horror headline that’ll get you below the belt … “Flesh Eating STD”