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    It’s a good day when you get a first look at the cover art for your book, and it’s completely amazing!
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    The wee corgi is home! She’s a little bit stoned on meds, but she’s home, and I’m so glad to have her here!
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    I have cover art! NineStar Press is republishing my Witch’s Apprentice series, and Ghost’s Sight, the first book, has cover art. I’m really excited, and I can’t wait for the release date!
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    Keep your fingers crossed for me, looks like I actually get a day off Thursday!
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    Just going to leave this here:
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    WARNING: Personal politics ahead... So the petition against Trump making a state visit now has over 1.5m signatures. For context, the UK has a population of about 52m people who are over the age of fourteen. This evening, I was off out protesting in Sheffield. For such short notice there were a lot of people, so many we closed the main road in front of the town all. At one point I was out on the edges, when a woman asked me what it was about, since she had just finished work. I told her; so she joined in. Of all the slogans I heard chanted tonight, “Trump – better out than in!” is probably my favourite. Followed closely by the “Theresa the appeaser!” mentions from the speakers. Also memorable is the moment when a girl stood up in front of the microphone and declared: “I am a muslim woman! And an activist!” to rapturous applause. I’ve got to admit, I have (especially in my younger years) participated in many anti-racist and anti-fascist protests, marches and rallies, but this is the first where I felt protest and civic duty really merged together into one.
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    woohoo! Two days off in a row! So far. Keep yer fingers crossed!
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    Have a great independence day, my unfortunate neighbours South of the border! just close your eyes and imagine you have Idris elba or bernie Sanders or whatever your particular flavor of politics is as president for the day.
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    Wishing the happiest of birthdays to my Neko-baby, Willow Darkling!
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    So, why do “family friendly” places get so upset when you try to create a family there?
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    So, NineStar Press has offered me a contract to republish Ghost’s Sight…
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    From my family to your, the brightest blessings of this holiday season, and all the best in 2017!
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    Lakeside picnic with mum on a sunny 25C winter’s day. Not a bad day.
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    So…. I haz BA degree in English, now…
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    I have been assimilated into the world of the bespectacled. Huzzah! And… You know what? I think I like it.
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    Today shall be my first day of work as a CNA! I don't count the orientation day because that was just watching a few videos and filling out a bit of paperwork. Anyhow, I'm very over the moon to start in a few hours. It's an eight hour shift, from 2PM to 10PM. I can hardly wait to start getting to know the residents and my coworkers.
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    I am back from my travels. I wasn’t sure we’d get off at all, since my mother had a gallstone attack (requiring an ambulance and hospital admission in the hours before we were due to set off), but happily they eventually gave her the all clear. Do NOT get me started on my aunt, who swanned off to the pub while I went in the ambulance, despite the fact that it was quite serious at that point. And we weren’t even packed. So when we were home, I got zero sleep. But… I got there, and I got to see some good dancers, listened to some great singers, and I got dressed up as a pirate for Whitby Abbey to see a shortish play based on Dracula, and lots of people took pictures of me, which means I probably did it right (or alternatively, very wrong). Internet evidence to the contrary should be kept to yourselves, please. I visited some castles. I stared at the sea, in the rain, in the hours before dawn, because I’m kind of weird like that, and because I hadn’t even had chance to look at the sea all week until that last morning when it was raining. But mostly because I’m a smoker, and it was either stare at the sea or just stand about outside the hotel looking at the wet road. I chose the sea. I might be back at work on Monday. I really can’t recall if booked the day off. I’ll need to find out before then.
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    The very happiest of birthdays to the amazing pippychick! Love you, lass!
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    Hectic, stressful and nonsensical… but that’s just my life atm. Now onto the election. Everyone lost, but Labour won. Labour is not forming a government… yet. I predict another election by October, which Labour will win by a landslide. And when I say Labour, I mean socialist Labour. Bring it on! Kensington is Labour! The richest people in the country voted for socialism! Also Canterbury, which Labour has never held, ever, is now red. New poll today shows the surge continuing, meaning Labour would win outright an election if it was held now. Not sure what you guys make of it across the pond. There’s a good Irish contingent amongst you. Tories making deals with the DUP breaks the Good Friday agreement. This is awful. Remains to be seen how much damage May can cause negotiating with the EU, given that she shown herself to be utterly inept in every way. We’d be better off sending the Chuckle Brothers. “No deal is better than a bad deal”… wtf?! No deal means standard WTO tariffs for EU market access, which is 40% on agricultural goods.
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    WARNING: Politics and bad language… but I was provoked (on the bad language). I make no excuse for my politics. Hahaha... The Speaker of the House of Commons in the UK (John Bercow), has said this about the possibility of Trump talking to MPs: “We value our relationship with the United States. If a state visit takes place, that is way beyond and above the pay grade of The Speaker. However, as far as this place is concerned, I feel very strongly that our opposition to racism and to sexism, and our support for equality before the law and an independent judiciary are hugely important considerations in the House of Commons.” So basically he’s said: hey, let’s not. Unlike the BBC, I don’t think I need to include the idiot comments (who shall remain unnamed), being as he is a complete and utter **** who used £4000 of public money to keep his fucking stables warm… FFS. But he’s not happy… bizzare! He’s like one of those minority members of UKIP, who you just think… what the hell are you doing there? Get out you imbecile! But then for some people greed trumps everything (so to speak) – even victimisation of your own ethnicity, since he was born in Iraq and so has been unable to enter the US for the best part of a week. What a moron!
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    Is anyone else, like me, looking at the news in sheer unbelieving horror? Or has everyone taken the route of sanity and turned it off? Refugees denied, families seperated, US residents denied entry… suddenly that TV section from the newspaper about the inauguration doesn’t seem as funny. And I swear everyone around him.. you can see in their eyes that they know he’s completely and utterly insane. They just haven’t got a clue what to do about it. This is some really, really bad shit… and terrifying.
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    Goodbye and RIP John Hurt Who said of Downton Abbey: “I just think it is poxy! I mean, I'm sorry, but it is rotten writing and rotten acting.“ And also this: “I remember talking to Olivier when we were doing Lear. He said: 'When it comes to your obituary they will only mention two or three performances, and they will be the ones that defined you early on.' I said: 'What will they write about you?' Richard III and Wuthering Heights_', he replied. And he was right.” So today you’ll hear a lot about his death scene in Alien, and his role as The Elephant Man, but let’s also remember we’ve lost a man who played The Doctor, who voiced the dragon in Merlin, Winston from the film 1984, Mr Olivander from the Harry Potter films, and the narrator of Dogville (which imho is one of most horrific studies into human nature ever conceived).
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    My apologies, but this was too good not to share. Found on one of my political sites who came on it via George Takei, here is the Sunday Herald’s (Scotland) TV section: Awesome…
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    Today’s upgrade went MUCH better!
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    I have now lost 34 pounds since July 11!