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    We ordered Chinese tonight, and got a broken fortune cookie. My husband’s response? “Now that’s a misfortune right there.” I’m choking on my chicken, people.
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    Out Fayed

    Out Fayed
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    Geologists beware!

    Geologists beware!
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    Working on the next few weeks of schedules and hoping like hell I can manage an actual sane and normal schedule for me instead of 2 weeks on, 1 day off shit I’ve been doing.
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    Moms favourite dog

    I finally got around to writing this story. It’s called “Show Dog.”
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    Honestly, I had a weird dream about being abducted (Thanks X-Files) and wrote down three sentences about it. The ship looks like a piranha The pilot is a pirate Somehow I’m abducted but I’m already on the alien planet? Then my mind wandered. I had an outline. I had a start of a story. Today I’m feeling like I’ll have this little story actually finished by next month. And none of it has anything to do with the notes I wrote. (Jaquorra kind of looks like a pirate.)
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    Now is that time to start thinking about those Halloween one shots!
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    Apparently the code is not generating the reset link as it’s intended to. So Manta is looking at that code snippet to see why, and to fix it.
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    We are working on the password reset thing. Now, as to the weirdness with the news, that was a corrupt table entry. Both Manta and I were thrown by the exclamation point that displayed, as we thought it indicated code issues. it was actually in the database, and is now fixed.
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    From ANON - gil Daniel on May 04, 2022 This story is finished, but its sequel, “Out of Hand,” is in the works.
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    So, I'm proud to say that I have accomplished all my goals for April and then some. Not only did I finish "The Red Day" and post a new chapter of "Into the Third Dimension," two chapters of "Smooshed," and my raffle winner's story "Big Lincoln, Little Lincoln," but I managed to finish "Show Dog," too. Now that I've dislocated my shoulder patting myself on the back, I've decided that rather than setting specific goals for the coming month, I'd rather just list some things I've been working on that have better-than-even odds of seeing the light of day within the next two months or so: -More chapters of "Smooshed" and "Third Dimension," of course. -"The First Adam," a blasphemous multi-chapter original story about how a lusty, megalomaniacal Adam screwed up God's first iteration of the world. -"Clydeborg: The Six Million Dollar Ladies' Man," a two-part Loud House fic in which Clyde accidentally swallows Lisa's prototype "adaptation chip" and becomes a super-stud. -The initial chapters of "Depravity Falls." This will be an 11-chapter story told from Mabel's POV. Mabel and Dipper return to the Falls for another summer working at the Mystery Shack, and Mabel finds a mysterious talking statue that helps her embark on a series of sexual adventures. -"Liberatrix," a two-part sequel to my Miraculous story "Miss Match." This one has been in the works for a long time; after I first started writing it, I realized that I hadn't adequately thought the storyline through, so the story went back to the drawing board for a while. But now it’s all ironed out. Here’s a summary: When Mayor Bourgeois shuts down the new Museum of Erotic Art and History, Hawk Moth akumatizes the frustrated curator into Liberatrix, who sows sexual chaos around the city. With Ladybug and Cat Noir suffering crippling aftereffects from their encounter with Miss Match, will they have any chance of stopping Liberatrix? For dates farther in the future, I have two more major fanfics in the works: -"Secret Sash," a Fireside Girl-centered sequel to my very first Phineas and Ferb fanfic, "Rated F." The seven members of Fireside Girl Troop 46231 split up to earn various sex-related patches, then come back together to earn a couple more. -"Out of Hand," the final story in the trilogy of Loud House fics that started with "Enter the Sandboy'' and continued with "Just One Rule." Like its predecessors, this story will have 10 chapters, but they're likely to be longer than the chapters in the previous stories because most of the sex scenes will be more involved. I have other stories in the works, too, but right now, these are the only ones far enough along to merit mentioning.
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    My raffle winner’s story, “Big Lincoln, Little Lincoln,” is posted! In an alternate universe that is relentlessly sex-positive, Lincoln and Ronnie Anne’s families arrange a very special liaison between the two of them.
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    A new chapter of “Smooshed” is up! Chapter 7: Bearer of Bad News
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    “Show Dog” is posted! Lizzy is 25, unemployed, and living at home, but her mother, Agnes, still has one good use for the girl: Helping Agnes’ prizewinning Mastiff, Magnus, relax before a show.
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    Sending out wishes for a very happy birthday to my very dear friend Melrick. Unfortunately, they won’t let me ship you a Key Lime pie from JG Melon’s!
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    Just an update: I expect to send chapter 7 of "Smooshed" off to Fairy Slayer for beta some time tomorrow. Then I'll be focusing chiefly on getting my raffle winner's Loud House story drafted. I'm hoping to get it to Jomahawk by the beginning of next week so that he'll have time to beta it by the end of the month. I've also been making progress on several other stories. Among other things, I expect to have at least the first chapter of "Depravity Falls" ready next month. In other news, I had to disallow anonymous reviews on my stories for a couple of days because some spambot was posting ads in the reviews for random stories of mine. I turned anonymous reviews back on this morning, and the spambot seems to have moved on.
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    At long last, chapter 2 of “Into the Third Dimension” is posted! Chapter 2: Obedience School
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    Spam review

    I found four more such reviews this morning (and deleted them), so yeah, I’m turning off anonymous reviews for a couple of days. That worked the last time this happened. Thanks, BW.
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    Spam review

    I deleted it. They posted it as an anonymous reviewer, so the only option is to turn off anonymous reviews, unfortunately.
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    The story has apparently been deleted by the author, so please respect that. Willow Darkling, forum moderator
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    I wish to apologise to everybody if reading my porn is what causes SkyNet to try to exterminate us all.
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    I just assume they don’t like my stories! But, seriously, dragon prints can be a reasonable guide, especially if they keep going up loads on new parts.
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    That’s the million dollar question, as your only metrics you have are dragon prints & reviews. (There used to be “ratings” but that got abused by trolls.) What I do is I record my dragon prints, daily, and plot them in a spreadsheet; I do this with all my AFF & AO3 stories, and it lets me know which stories gain X number of hits after a chapter post, that’s about the only way to measure interest. Now, the other thing you can do is to read stories, drop reviews, and hope the karma comes back to you. After all, a review is golden.
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    Names for OCs

    My rule is usually pretty simple – is it a fucking stupid name? If so, I’ll probably use it.