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    So I'm working on a Star Vs the Forces of Evil story, and I was amazed when I started typing the phrase "magical princess from another dimension" -- which I had last typed several months ago -- and my phone actually pulled up the correct next word. At least, up to a point. magical princess from another recipe Good try, phone, good try.
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    Mum got her first covid vaccine shot today. I mean, things aren’t exactly troublesome down here, but it’s still definitely nice to have.
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    And we have an eruption happening! A volcanic fissure has opened up in a small valley, and is erupting. There have been hardly any quakes in the past couple of days, so hopefully the quakes are done. I can’t wait for the authorities come up with an official name for the fissure and resulting lava.
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    Writer Question cause a personal project is reaching completion. If you leave it on cliffhanger, Can/ should you have a epilogue and or put the stinger in the epilogue?
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    New memo from the US dept of labor, that due to the covid pandemic and the need to “catch-back-up”, the next eleven days will be considered “Monday” for business/tax purposes. Happy April First everybody!
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    Definitely an interesting way to go about it -I hope it didn’t seem like my thoughts were negative/critical on the theme – I’ve written gangrape stuff myself after all!– but a testament to your writing skills in making the tentacle monster really sympathetic! I’ll have a look at the other one at some point, possibly not today “Do you have any books on the supremacy of the aryan race?” “...step into my parlour.” *puts lunch break sign out* No probs!
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    Re: “Monsters” From JayDee on March 19, 2021 Making it a comedy seemed too predictable; I’m sure someone (or many someones) have done a tentacle-monster-gets-raped comedy already. I thought it would be more interesting to go the other way with it. BTW, if you want to see my attempt at a rape comedy, check out “A Little Goes a Long Way.” I’m not sure she ever leaves the library; her web is probably on the ceiling. Makes for a short commute. Thanks! I was trying to make them believable mean-teens. Some blobby monsters are capable of empathy, others not so much. Thank you, and thanks for the review!
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    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    “Monsters” is posted! More proof that it’s not easy being green. @FairySlayer, I tried that link in a couple of different browsers, and they both warned me that it wasn’t safe to go there. Maybe it really IS ghastly.
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    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    That’s the one! Tentacoo wape was what a young tentacle monster thought people said when hearing about tentacle rape without having any idea what either actually meant! That strip had some great characters and absolutely filthy jokes. Got a tvtropes page so can’t be porn! https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Webcomic/GhastlysGhastlyComic
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    It’s “Ghastly’s Ghastly Comic” from way long ago: https://ghastly.keenspace.com/d/20010510.html and so on.
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    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    Chapter 7 of “Biological Imperative” is posted! Stitch and Lilo get what they want: a new girl to use and a tasty bit of revenge, respectively. FYI, Googling “Uncle Ghasty” just gets me a bunch of hits about Uncle Ghastly from The Flintstones. So you may need to explain, fellas.
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    @Melrick and @BronxWench

    @Melrick and @BronxWench
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    Around this time last year, we were dealing with devastating fires and serious water restrictions. Now we’re having record rainfalls and devastating floods. At least you can’t say we don’t have variety in Australia!
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    Been making a lot of progress on a lot of things lately. The most noteworthy progress is on an original oneshot story called "Wedding Night," which is inspired by the artwork of Hezzer and is about a young girl who is purchased by a ruling-class futa to be her bride (read: breeding slave). It will probably be ready to post in the next few days.
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    No, I didn’t perceive them that way at all. Thanks! As the title implies, monstrousness is more about behavior than how many limbs you have.
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    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    Not a great idea to let him mind your parrot either. What was his slogan, something like “if it talks, fuck it?”
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    How do you even pronounce that word? IN-ter-quel? In-TER-quel? Not planning any add-ons to that story right now, but I do have a new P&F story in the works in which Candace and Suzy (and every other girl in Danville) are basically sex slaves.
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    From Vero on July 08, 2020 First time I’ve written one, so we’re in the same boat. Part 2 of this story will be “The Dream of Kelsey.” Stay tuned.
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    From neo on July 08, 2020 You’re welcome! And agreed!
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    No problem at all. I'm always happy for your comments. Egad! *dives under sofa* I mean, thank you. I figured if Pacifica can develop an interest in Dipper, then anything's possible. Besides, it's not like Dipper is unattractive or unmannerly -- he's just kind of a nerd. Blame Frozen and other movies where it turns out that romantic love is no more important than other kinds of love. I just like that message (as you saw in “Star’s Crossed Lovers,” too). He remembered Nat on some level, just not consciously. And thanks for another nice review!
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    I'm not planning a sequel at this point, but it's likely that I will write a story at some point that will feature some Lincoln/Lana/Lola action. I’m a big fan of the twins.
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    From DebbieCync on August 07, 2018 Encore! *holds up lighter* Thank you! I can’t take a bow yet, though; there’s still one chapter to go.
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    A few author’s notes about “Hot Yoga”: I deliberately wrote it to be different from my previous Phineas and Ferb fanfics in a couple of ways: It is light on plot and very heavy on porn. It features only B-list characters. (Stacy is the only arguable A-lister in the bunch, but I consider her an A-minus-lister at most because she doesn't appear in every episode of P&F.) Even though I wrote about a dozen Phineas and Ferb fics before this one, some of the characters in “Hot Yoga” don't appear in any of my previous stories (Dr. Hirano, Monty Monogram, Balthazar Horowitz, Melanie), and others make only brief appearances (Jenny, Coltrane). This is the first time I've ever written a full-on orgy. Although I've written stories involving threesomes, or multiple couples having sex at the same time, I had never before written about a group of people who all have sex with one another in various ways and combinations. Making this work required a huge amount of outlining -- not only to keep track of who was doing what with whom, but also to time events such that characters would be ready to switch partners at the right moment. Dr. Hirano has no first name in canon. I considered giving her one for the sake of this story, but given how many characters are involved, I didn't want to give readers one more thing to keep track of throughout the story. So the character is simply referred to as “Dr. Hirano” throughout. I kept the ratio of male to female characters low because, given that the incense seems to induce bisexuality along with horniness, I didn't want to have to do a lot of plot-gymnastics to avoid having any guy-on-guy action. Not that I never write that sort of thing, but for whatever reason, I'm generally only comfortable writing it for furry characters. Also, judging from the people who comment on my P&F stories, the readership seems to be entirely male and mostly straight, so I don't think many people were reading “Hot Yoga” in the hope of seeing some Monty-Coltrane action, anyway. That said, there was a time or two when I was writing this story when I wanted a female character to take on two or three guys at once, and I found myself muttering, “Damn it, there's not enough dicks to go around.” Overall, though, I'm pretty happy with the results. I hope y'all were, too.
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    Because I have a lot of original stories, and because these stories don't tend to get as many reviews per story as my fanfics, I have decided to totally rip off BronxWench's idea and respond to all reviews of my original stories in a single thread. This should make things easier, both for me and for any of you lovely folks who have reviewed one of my original stories and would like to find and read my response to your review.