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    Still hoping to get back and read! There’s a new Thundercloud chapter fer wossnames sakes! If I end up reading the christmas stories same time as halloween so be it, but I’ve either been busy, away walking, or had no internet. Bit of a shitter. Away again after today for a while.
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    The definition of irony is wanting to scream at your cats, “Just live in fucking harmony goddamn it!”
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    Death penalty for spammers, anybody got an issue with this?
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    What I say: "He was a stallion in the truest sense." What my phone hears: "He was a scallion in the truest sense." So keep an eye out for my upcoming story about a sexy green onion.
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    I FINALLY got the time to fix my computer issues, so I can access everything I haven’t been able to for a few months. Now to get work under control, and I’ll be golden!
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    For everyone celebrating today, Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Looks like I finally got around my browser issues. Now to reset up email
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    A big Happy Birthday shout-out to the one and only @DemonGoddess, my fellow cranky old broad. Here’s hoping for a good year!
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    That glorious fucking delicious moment when my groove suddenly returns… ! Holy fuck, I’m happy
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    Spambots are back...

    Just in time for the holiday season, we're seeing an influx of spambots, on our Forum and in the Archive's review pages. Here's what you can do. If you see a spambot post in the Forums, click the little link at the top right corner of the post that reads "Report Post." The moderators will make it go away as quickly as possible. If there are multiple posts, report them all. You can leave a one-word report if you'd like, such as "Spam" or "Spambot" but it's not necessary. When we read the report, we'll know right away what the issue is. If you see a spambot review in the Archive, and you're the story's author, you can always delete it. If you're not the author, you can report the review using the "Report Review" link in the lower left corner of the review. It does help immensely, since these reports are delivered via email, to drop in that one-word report, but even if you don't, it's pretty easy to see those spambot reviews when the review board is accessed. What shouldn't you do? Don't click any links. Who knows where most of those links have been? For all we know, they could have taken a quick trip through the malware pool before landing on your screen. Practice safe surfing and don't click anything, especially when the post is in Cyrillic, or German, or some funky font of dubious provenance. We like our members and want you all to stay safe!
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    I have never been so insulted as when a cousin brought vegan turkey to thanksgiving. I woke up at 4 to get started and this person brings vegan turkey… And no no one is vegan in the family. Words were said.
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    Thanksgiving turkey recap: It was tasty/delicious, didn’t bother with gravy based on the QA taste test Being single & celebrating by myself, I opted for a turkey breast (which is less than a full bird). Started this on Monday, when I let the thing soak in a bath of orange juice mixed with sugar, salt, & spices. Yesterday, fired up the propane meat smoker, used cherry wood chips, let it sit for four hours inside. (Also had some chicken thighs along for extra meat to enjoy later.) Only mistake, didn’t fully dump all the OJ bath out, so it was still in the cavity at hour three, dumped that then … so at that exact spot, it was a tad under cooked despite the rest being well-done (I’ll get it with the microwave on leftovers). All in all, quite pleased with how it turned out. Quite moist, tender, and bursting in flavor with every bite, hence the decision to skip the hassle over gravy. Carcass is now in the freezer, I’ll take it out once I’m inthe mood for turkey soup.
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    Make yourself feel better, go back and re-read the reviews you do have for your stories.
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    Dribs, Drabs & Doggy Tales Returns!

    Starting on Friday, November 19, the weekly Dribs, Drabs & Doggy Tales Challenge is returning! You can find the challenge here, and the rules are here. For anyone who has participated in these challenges before, welcome back! For new members, these are a great way to refresh your skills, break that writer's block, and get to know some of the other authors on the site. We really hope you'll give it a try, and join in the fun!
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    After posting a chapter and two short stories in rapid succession last week, it looks like it will be a little while before I have anything else to post. (As usual, I’m making bits of progress on lots of things but not a lot on any one thing.) I'm not even sure what the next thing will be. I'm continuing to focus on one-shots (including the next story in The Power Arcane, since it's a self-contained story), but that doesn't mean I'm ignoring chaptered stories. I continue to make progress on, among other things, my big honkin' Star Vs story, "Smooshed"; that furry NTR story I mentioned (working title: "Stallion"); and an original story called “The Red Day” about a New England mountain town where a mysterious chemical weapon turns every man and boy into a mindless rapist. I mention those three because they’re probably the closest to being ready for prime time.
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    So, lots to talk about: --I expect to post “Dogsitting” tomorrow. --I turned off anonymous reviews for a couple of days because of a spambot trying to sell pills through my reviews. I just turned them back on in the hope that the spambot has moved on. --My laptop is on its last legs and is really slow, so I’ve been posting some stuff (not stories, but forum posts and such) from my phone, which I find a bit cumbersome. Fortunately, my new laptop is supposed to arrive tomorrow. --Finishing “Big Sister” created an opening on the List of Twenty, so last night I started a new story -- and got so into it that before I knew it, I'd written almost 3,000 words! That hasn’t happened to me since I wrote “Excuses” and “Impulse” in 2015. This will be the first story I've ever written in the first person from the perspective of a female character. In fact, it's from the perspective of two female characters -- a mother and daughter -- who are separately telling the story of what happened on the day when their relationship went from normal to very, very sexual. I think I'm going to call it "Can't Resist Her."
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    Spam review

    There have been some spambots posting in the forums. I delete spam reviews as I encounter them while sweeping the archive.
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    AFF Holiday Party 2020

    Sweet. I’ve already gotten started on my story. It will be a third and final story about Rudy the reindeer.
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    InvidiaRed's review responses

    Thanks for the explanations, they explained a lot. There are some really great story puzzle pieces there that you avoid showing to the reader.
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    AFF Halloween 2021 Revews

    I’ll PM you so you get to see it first! Day Of The Himbo
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    Desiderius Price

    AFF Holiday Party 2020

    Different hosts for different years is nice, I hosted the 2016 ones.
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    Let me start by saying that AFF is NOT for sale. I am, however, extravagantly interested in what gave you the notion that we were open to such a thing. I don’t recall any mention anywhere of the site being offered for sale, and I’m fairly sure I would have noticed any signs on the virtual front lawn. If you are serious about starting a fiction archive, however, that’s a separate discussion.
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    It really does look like they stomped all over my poor hands...
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    Well, having failed all conservative treatment options, I’ll be setting up for chemotherapy for this oddball immune system of mine. Wish me luck!