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    Every member of Congress who has been humoring Trump about his election loss for the past 2 months had a hand in what happened today. I have spoken.
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    Happy New Year, folks!

    Happy New Year, folks!
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    Lately, I’ve seen a lot of people (mostly on TV shows) misusing the expression “Divide and conquer.” This phrase does NOT mean “Split up to tackle separate tasks.” It means “Separate your enemies from one another so you can more easily overpower them.”
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    Happy Holidays, everyone, however you celebrate the season. Be safe, and may the new year bring you hope, love and joy.
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    I honestly don’t see Trump hanging out with this group.
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    What is 2021 like? Have the carrots attacked yet?
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    Merry Christmas, fictional friends!
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    Desiderius Price

    Happy Boxing Day!

    Happy Boxing Day!
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    I’m just going to say it… Congratulations, America.
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    From those quotes you’ve likely never heard before: “Quite punctual, even showed up three days early to his execution!”
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    The video system that the Chinese government uses for mass surveillance of its citizens is called Skynet. I am not making this up.
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    Happy New Year, everyone. Hope 2021 will bring you joy, love and happiness.
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    Muggletum Finivi updated I’ll be gone for a few days. I got muscled out of my deli job by the GM under the “restructuring” and other excuses it went from family operated to soulless business right quick. So rather than have the manager look for an excuse to fire me since he fired a bunch of people on Xmas I resigned. A right to work state sucks. I’ll be back so <3
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    Note to self: Do not use banishing charms while bowling, all those strikes on gutter balls might get suspicious to the muggles.
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    AFF Holiday Party 2020

    I have now posted my story The Danger of Dicpics.
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    AFF Holiday Party

    Just a quick update here. A lot is happening around my house, including trying to write something else as kind of a surprise for someone, and just feeling like I’m being crushed by work, so in spite of the fact that it takes place on Christmas, Meaningful Gifts is probably going to be up on or around New Year’s instead. I’m really sorry about this, but then again I feel like the same thing happened with Moonlit Snow, so evidently this is just a thing that happens with my holiday stories.
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    From JayDee on December 23, 2020 Thanks! We didn’t get to meet very many elves in “The Ninth Reindeer,” so I had fun creating more elf characters for this story. It was also necessary, given that we see a lot more of the North Pole operation in this story. Thanks again! I had originally planned for there to be a third, bigger sex scene at the end, but by the time I got there, I was running out of time, and the story was already as long as “The Ninth Reindeer.” I think I had just finished unloading the dishwasher when I wrote that. @FairySlayergets all the credit for that idea. He said it as a joke in his review of last year’s story, and I thought, “Why not?” Thanks! I wrote a Gravity Falls fanfic a while back that included a scene with a mermaid blowing Dipper; I think I was remembering that on some level when I came up with “mermaid ambush.” I loves me a little elf with a big booty. The flashing was Jomahawk’s idea. I originally had them giving Rudy a tongue-kiss, but I liked his idea better. Rudy’s fight with the drones was inspired by the Jane’s air combat games I used to play. It’s basically airplane versus helicopter, with the plane having the advantage of speed and the helicopter having much greater maneuverability. But maneuverability is the opposite of stability. Yes, there is definitely going to be a part 3. (I almost put “Rudy Will Return” at the end.) My original plan for that aborted final sex scene was the rest of the Team rewarding Rudy with a Rudy-centric orgy. But then I realized that (a) I’d already done that in “The Ninth Reindeer” and (b) I was running out of time and space. So I scaled back to just Dasher, Vixen, and Cupid (all the reindeer are bi, but Cupid likes other boys more than girls), and then just to Dasher and Vixen, and finally just Greta promising Rudy sex. Sad, I know. But I’ll make it up to you next year. Glad you liked that. I generally don’t like scatological humor, but there’s just something I find funny about vomiting. Thanks for reading and reviewing!
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    Mortuus Orbis

    One day late to mention this, but Chapter 5 is up!
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    AFF Holiday Party

    Yay...I send you a PM
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    AFF Holiday Party

    Due date? This isn’t homework, ya know. But I suppose if you want people to be in the holiday spirit when they read it, you might want to post it by New Year’s or thereabouts.
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    Frying Pan Sure, there’s always room for a spammer. You’re the guy masturbating in the background. Wow, look at you go, you’re spurtin’ like a fuckin’ fount- oh. ow. Shit, dude, it’s not supposed to have blood in it. You need to get that checked. Sooner rather than later I’d say. Thoughts and prayers.
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    Out With The Old, the latest sequel is complete
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    That moment you realize you’re describing a dental cleaning...
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    She is the One

    Just a quick heads-up for everyone: I will be making a move here in the next couple of days that will take me a few days to complete. I will be working on the next chapter in that time, but until I get Wi-Fi again, I will not be able to post it. Hopefully should not take too long! In the meantime, I highly recommend a new story on sexstories.com. It’s called What A Difference a Summer Makes by throatHER. It’s a fantastic read from an author who is really going places. Please support him if you get the chance and I’ll see you all again soon!
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    Story Codes