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    I've read it for you, Bronx, and to be honest, you kept the same rugged flavor that caught my imagination in the first short novel in tact. Second novels rarely live up to the first novel's potential. The fact that you maintained the ancient cultural hints and capitalized on them made the story. Seeing the undertones of prejudice and fear of knowledge was very believable. SO yeah, it was a great reading story due to those nuances.
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    I have done it for my wife and I found that it can help to expand your mind into your own ideas and plans for your own stories, not only that but as you see the mistakes you can't help but take note of it (sometimes) and if its something that you tend to do as well, it can remind you not to do it. its kind of like practice for your own editing of your stories.
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    Do You Agree With This List?

    Indeed - context is key. The list reminds me a little of a meme floating around that gives "X number of tips for writers" wherein each of the tips uses a grammatical or rhetorical construction ironically/hypocritically. Ex: "Passive voice should be avoided." "Always avoid alliteration."
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    I'll just point out here that everyone should buy this book. It's got everything you want. It has all the best bits of sci-fi, fantasy, magic, m/m romance, and it's a great story! Oh - and there's witches! And snow! It's a wonderful read, and if you haven't read the first one - where have you been? You really should do that right now.
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    Thank you! You're wonderful for my confidence!
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    betaing, from a writer's perspective

    Oh beta-ing, I thought you mispelled Beta g. Oops!
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    A quick, limited compendium of words for sex (hehe, my first post ever) Banging: Very rhythmic, pretty hard thrusts. Like pounding, can cause squeaking bedsprings. Bonin(g): More amusing than the other words/phrases. May inspire giggles in readership. Fuck: Typically hot, sweaty, and involving grunts. My preferred form of sex. Having sex: When people walk in on a couple (or more) doing any of the other types of sex, this is how they report it to other people. "I saw John and Jane . . . having sex!" Humping: Less thrusting, more . . .well, humping. Make love: Soft, romantic sex. Sweet, usually done by candle light. Pounding: Similar to screwing, very forceful and usually resulting in squeaks/grunts/other noises from the reciever. Can also cause squeaking bedsprings and banging headboards. Screwing: Like fucking, but a little rougher, suitable for kitchen floors and public restrooms.