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  1. Hi all... I'm getting back into writing after a long break. Years back I never did any beta'ing, because I was co-writing, mostly. Plus, no one asked me to beta anything so I didn't think much about it. But I've been doing some beta'ing over the last four months or so, and I feel like it would have made me a better writer if I'd done it sooner! lol. Just wondering how other people feel their experiences as a beta has affected (or not affected) their writing.
  2. Congrats on cutting your 700 words! If that made your story tighter without losing what you wanted to express, I'd say the exercise was time well spent. (Ha! I stopped myself from saying "definitely time well spent", in light of the article's advice.) Mostly when I read blog articles like that I keep in mind that the blog author's goal is to increase hits to his/her site, therefore, content that is opinionated enough to get bookmarked and discussed, ie. to bring in more page views, is good. Could the author have cut a bunch of flab from that overly long list of phrases and made his post more readable, yet less bookmarkable? .... Uh, yeah.
  3. Argh! The BubbleShooter game is mocking me!

  4. Hi all, A fandom writer friend and I are looking for a few people who would be interested in participating in an online group that uses Asara Lovejoy's The One Command for solving writing/motivation problems. TOC is kind of like the Law of Attraction, but we only want to focus on using it for writing inspiration. My friend writes in the hockey fandom. I write original slash now. Anyway, we're going to meet over Skype, probably once a week or once every other week, using the One Command Circles format. (I'd post a link to info, but I don't want this to seem like an advertisement or anything. We're just looking for some like minded people.) If you use similar techniques like EFT, NLP or TAT or whatever already for your writing, I'd really love to hear about it. Kendra
  5. It sounds like you could easily change it to be original fic, which might have a wider audience than a really obscure fandom would. At least, you could post to original fic communities.
  6. Post closed.... and yet still here due to my inability to figure out how to delete it. ;P