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  1. The count had gone up yes. Three chapters! As I said it is titillating. I'm going to put up the next chapter, if anyone is already working on it, let me know! I'll put the next one up Sunday. Would you like to proof read it CEPTNM or Valkyrie?
  2. Hi CPETNM, loved your addition! I can sense anticipation. It can go anywhere from here. Has she submitted voluntary, has she been captured. Oh it's so much fun! Let's see if someone wants to add a chapter. So anyone out there let us know. Thanks my friend. Feel free to ad more I always like your stories! Sher.
  3. Hiya, looking forward to your addition, will it be dark, romantic. Love thinking about what you would bring..
  4. Story has been hidden. Trying to get it back again...
  5. Hi all, if you'd like to ad a chapter let me know. This thread was opened specifically for this purpose. Also suggestions are welcome here as well. I got a reprimand for adding a review on my own story.😈 Naughty yes but aren't we all...
  6. Hiya, I was asked to open up a thread for replies for my stories. Where to go on this forum, I'm lost in limbo
  7. Hiya, maybe you have noticed. But I made a spelling error in my username Sheelocked in stead of Sherlocked, how do I change it. It needs to be Sherlocked17
  8. Pretty please! Pouting now. I have completed seven chapters so far so it would be nice if someone would beta my story. Oh and some dominance and sub content as well, Not to heavy but still, spanking and submitting a strong will powered girl and a bossy dominant male.
  9. Hiya, I write mainly Scorpius and Rose fanfics with other characters on the side. I'm Dutch and my stories are in English but they need some grammar checks and flow of sentence correction. I'm open to story suggestions. I write stories with explicit content, mainly het but threesomes could also pop up, interested let me know, I have a lot of juicy stories in my head....oh, yes before I forget to mention it, my first fic also included Rose and James interaction, so if that offends you...
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