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  1. The second chapter in my story “Long December” (located in Anime – M to R – Rosario Vampire) is displaying with this character  in various places where there should be simple spaces. I tried to copy-paste the text into a Word document and find-replace the  with spaces, but to no avail. I think a chapter in one of the other stories in that domain was affected too, but I can’t remember which.
  2. Author: DrunkenScotsman Title: Chicks Dig the Fuzzy Dude Summary: Kurt's always had horrible luck: born a mutant, demonic appearance, abandoned as an infant, and now alone in a foreign country. Fate decides to throw him a bone by giving him lots of opportunities to get lucky in his new home. Feedback: Review, PM, reply thread (see below) Fandom: X-Men: Evolution Pairing: lots Warnings: MF, Minor2, PWP(ish), Other (by chapter as needed), WIP Solo story or chaptered story: Chaptered (irregular updates) URL: Review Reply thread: Can be created, assuming sufficient interest
  3. I could also use reviews for my latest Rosario + Vampire story, “Long December.” It’s the last installment of a series, so you should probably read the rest if you haven’t already; I’ll understand if that’s way too much of a commitment. PS Did you ever get around to reviewing the other story I posted above?
  4. Author: DrunkenScotsmanTitle: Long DecemberSummary: The conclusion of the series beginning with "The Witching Hour." After Outer Moka's sacrifice, how will Tsukune move on? Can he? How will Inner Moka adapt to being just "Moka"? What about the other women in Tsukune's life?Feedback: Review, PM, Discussion thread (see below)Fandom: Rosario+VampirePairing: Tsukune/???Warnings: Solo, M/F, Minor2, Violence Solo story or chaptered story: ChaptersURL: Discussion thread: Currently none, but sufficient interest could change that
  5. Every time I write a blowjob, which is seldom. I don’t particularly enjoy receiving them, so it’s always a bit of a struggle to capture the feeling of someone who does. (Clarification: I don’t hate them; they’re just kinda “meh,” at most useful as foreplay.) Also, anything on the BDSM spectrum – I think I’ve written one scene that vaguely qualifies, and it was a fantasy while the character was getting her rocks off.
  6. Sorry it’s taken so long to reply – life’s gotten busy for me the last few months. To answer your question: “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” is finished. I’ve been working on the next (and final) story in the series, but it’s been slow going due to the aforementioned busyness. The story itself has resisted being written at several points as well, further slowing things down. I recently made a bit of a breakthrough, so the writing’s coming along much better; nonetheless, I project that the final installment won’t be ready until sometime this summer at the earliest.
  7. I might be exaggerating a bit, but it really, really friggin' hurts.
  8. I'll take you up on this, then: "When It's Love" It was a WIP when I asked the question earlier, but I've since finished it, so moot point.
  9. Pure, unadulterated pain. It's like when you get something in your eye x 10 ^ 10
  10. OP: Finished stories only, or WIP's okay?
  11. To piggyback on something that's been mentioned a few times, the teeth can end a BJ quick. The less experienced the giver, the more likely the receiver will feel teeth. It can range from an uncomfortable scraping sensation on the less sensitive areas, to an agonizing sharp pinch on the tip, especially around the edges of the head. There aren't many things that can kill a hard-on faster than a sudden, unexpected jab of the most searing agony this side of a rectal exam.
  12. Author: DrunkenScotsman Title: When It's Love Summary: Gambit uttered three simple words, and Rogue must decide how to respond. Can she trust a known thief with her most treasured possession, her heart? More warnings within as needed. Feedback: Review, PM, discussion board Fandom: X-Men Pairing: Rogue/Gambit Warnings: M/F, Angst, WAFF Solo story or chaptered story: Chaptered. Currently has 4 chapters posted URL:
  13. After an inexcusably long wait, new chapter is up! I apologize profusely for the extended period between updates; the end of this semester was absolutely brutal, to the point that I didn't even turn my grades in until right before the deadline (I usually have them in the day of the final or the day after; this time around it was 5 days). I wanted to thank everyone for your reviews and encouragement, as well as welcome any new readers, such as Ella and Fostersb.
  14. Welcome aboard! Unfortunately, it'll be a while before my R+V saga continues; I'm in end-of-semester panic mode and have zero writing time. I'm also in the middle of writing a story in the Marvel domain, which will take priority until it's finished.
  15. I was about to make this exact point. Additionally, in a sub, if there's a lot of chatter happening simultaneously, it can be hard to follow along; either the subtitles are being replaced too quickly to read, or I can't figure out who's saying what and why. On the dub side of things, while some things are inevitably lost in translation, a good translation will convey the original sense as closely as possible. What I've read from most of the other comments about bad dubs has a lot to do with bad translation choices. I'm also going to go against the grain here and say that I hate listening to the Japanese voice actresses. The typically-high-pitched voices commonly used for female characters are exceedingly grating to me.