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    You can’t buy the site. You have to be given the ceremonial dildo by the Lady of the Lake. It sounds bad, but it’s better than the old method of having to pull it from the stone. You ever hear stone moan? It’s horrific.
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    Let me start by saying that AFF is NOT for sale. I am, however, extravagantly interested in what gave you the notion that we were open to such a thing. I don’t recall any mention anywhere of the site being offered for sale, and I’m fairly sure I would have noticed any signs on the virtual front lawn. If you are serious about starting a fiction archive, however, that’s a separate discussion.
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    Hi, Let me start by thanking you for a very thoughtful post. You’ve put a good bit of time into this, and it’s appreciated. I’m not a coder, so I can’t respond to the Prettier and Easier suggestions, although I will admit that I miss the left side navigation bar, which was sacrificed in favor of making the site easier for mobile device users. I’m an unrepentant PC user, and don’t read or write on my phone, so the mobile-user adaptations did little for me. I’m also hugely fond of dark mode options myself, but again, since I’m not a coder, I have no idea how easily that could be implemented. I do know our site code is largely proprietary, and that does make certain options available on commercial packages harder to implement. I am, however, qualified to comment on the Quality Control issues as the lead Archive Moderator. We are governed, in our moderation, by the owner’s decisions as to what is or is not allowed. Sadly, the wall-of-text submissions fall under the owner’s no-censorship guidelines for the staff, so as much as I’d love to reject those, I’m not able to. The same applies to story titles. We’re not permitted to exercise quality control on those, either, although I sigh deeply every time I see a title that’s nothing more than a sentence. I’m a slave to my own prejudices, I’m sure, but titles have an accepted format in my ever so humble opinion, which includes capital letters for more than the first word. Tags and disclaimers are something we do strive to enforce. Every new story and update is reviewed, and we require tags for content as defined in our Story Codes list. If tags aren’t included as needed, we will warn the author via email about the missing tags, hide the story if it’s not corrected within the stated time period, and eventually, if the tags still aren’t added, we do delete the story. The same applies to disclaimers, the most common Terms of Service violation. We leave a review board message, email the author upon hiding the story, and we will indeed delete a story that doesn’t have a proper disclaimer. I find some authors don’t even bother to put a story in the proper subcategory, so an auto-generated disclaimer function would still not be a perfect solution. On a personal level, I don’t mind a slightly creative disclaimer, but I appreciate your call for a consistent format. It would certainly make moderating that area easier. The Hall of Shame was established to highlight not bad content, but to showcase people who have outright plagiarized stories for the most part. We do think those plagiarists need to be called out, if only to alert authors whose stories might have been stolen, and who were unaware of the theft of their intellectual property. It’s not meant to be a bullying tactic. We are one of the only fiction archives in my experience to actually take action when we are alerted to an instance of plagiarism. We have a zero tolerance policy for theft. What we do not so, however, is publicly call out the many people who troll other authors, who flame other members, or who behave in a manner generally unbecoming. Those discussions take place well behind the scenes, as is appropriate. I’m always very happy when someone takes the time to let us know what can be made better when it comes to AFF. I’ve been moderating here for over ten years now, so I can safely say I love this site, and think of it as my virtual family. I’d love to see some of the changes you’ve outlined be implemented, in all honesty. So again, thank you for a very well written post, and for taking the time to let us know what you think about AFF.
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    The actual concept that anybody think they can purchase an archive hosting fanfiction is rather weird. I mean...they could begin to read the sites disclaimer about not accepting fanfics written for money before they consider to waste everyone's time by posting questions about purchasing the fanfic-archive.
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    Thank you, @Desiderius Price. I’ve spent over ten years as a moderator for AFF. I wrote and published here before I joined as staff. This has been my online writing family, and I for one would very much like to keep my family intact.
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    In a rarity, I actually found myself offended, and it’s by the very notion this anonymous “guest” suggested and their unknown ulterior motive. This website is a large community of authors that have entrusted their IP and stories to the archives in the hopes it’ll get read and enjoyed by others. It’s appalling to think somebody has the nerve to think they can simply waltz in and try to buy the website out; who knows what they’d do with it?
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    I’m new here and have only one story up that’s a work in progress. I notice that unlike many other sites, there’s no like or dislike buttons, no subscribing to an author, just reviews. And those reviews are pretty rare. The only thing we really have to go on is dragon prints. In that respect, my story seems to be doing moderately well, gaining about 40 dragon prints per day, which seems to be a higher rate than other stories in the “games” category where the story resides. But all dragon prints tell you is who has clicked on the story, not if they actually read it and enjoyed it. So I guess my question is, if I’m maintaining a somewhat higher level of daily dragon prints than other newly updated stories in my category, does that mean I’m doing well? Or is that a completely meaningless measure?
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    Authors: Sparrow and InBrightestDay Title: Bunkerkampf (Mortuus Orbis Part Two) Summary: Following the events of Part One, the remaining survivors attempt to rebuild their numbers, only to face new threats in the dead city. More pressing, however, is a threat already among them, that their fragile unity may not survive. Feedback: Reviews and constructive criticism much desired. Fandom: Misc Video Games/RPGs > Crossovers Warnings: Abuse Angst Bigotry BMod BP Contro HC Hum MCD MF MiCD Minor2 Oral Racist Rape Solo Tort UST Violence Solo or chaptered story: Chaptered URL: http://games.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600091480 Review Reply thread: http://www2.adult-fanfiction.org/forum/topic/69143-mortuus-orbis-discussion-thread/
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    I don’t know how useful keeping track of dragon prints are- I used to get loads of hits on pastebins I hardly showed anyone, and I realised the numbers were just getting inflated by bots combing the site.
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    I think a downvote button just opens for abuse. At the end of the day you can’t use the downvote metric for anythings useful since you don’t know why somebody downvoted the story/chapter. The upvote/like is more useful for the author...but it can be abused by authors/readers who want to promote a story. How about having a “like” button for the chapters where the result is only visible for the author? If you remove publicly visible aspect of the like/upvote you remove a lot of reasons for people arranging a bot that clicks on the like button.
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    HP/LM mpreg

    I’m locking this thread due to a flurry of spam posts, 16 of them to be precise.
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    Loser by SweetSurrender

    Since it bears repeating, as is stated at the top of this forum: Any and all further requests for or offers of copies of this story, or any other story that has been taken down for any reason, will be deleted on sight. Also, since this is an original work of fiction and is therefore the sole property of the original author, any further requests or offers of copies could possibly result in further actions taken by the staff. Willow Darkling, forum moderator.
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    I’d settle for ‘em just letting George add new categories!
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    The trick is to find the site owner on the way to market, offer ‘em a handful of magic beans. There’s not a website owner in the world wouldn’t like their own beanstalk to the kingdom of the giants. Except maybe that Gadget Hackwrench fansite.
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    @Thundercloud The sense of entitlement that person had in the subsequent posts, that’s what unnerved me.
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    And again, we’re not for sale.
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    For the Honour of The Slytherin second review this month! I wonder if it’s been linked somewhere? Thank you for your review. I’d agree it’s pathetic, but I’m really not seeing either the glamour or the encouragement. I mean, it’s in a bare stone room and emphasises how much it sucks for Hermione. Anybody who’d read that and think “Yep, this would be good in the real world with real people” is going to be already messed up in the head. As for adult sites having limits – On sites creating content (videos etc) using real people the limit should be whatever consenting human adults choose to do/act out with each other without any form of non-fictional coercion (and adult roleplay with whatever limits the participants set). In fiction, fuck it. There’s loads of stuff I’d not want to read at all, but I don’t see any problem with creativity from them as has it and write it. Ensure any trigger content is clearly signposted so that people who do not want to read it can avoid being subjected to it, but beyond that it’s for people to decide what they want to read or write in fiction. I suspect it is not something we’d agree on ever but thank you again for the review.
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    Desiderius Price

    The Unreviewed

    Ditto, I’m more of a writer anymore...assuming games/work don’t draw me away. Some genres get more reviews than others, kinda the way it happens, with some kinks less likely than others. I mean, I get it, not everybody’s into squishy tentacles invading between the underage fleshy buttocks, but some people are. All you can really do is to ask (politely), and hope for the best – maybe somebody will read/review, make your week! Good luck.
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    Story Codes Clarifications

    I’ve never actually used the WIP tag. I always figured that if the story doesn’t have either the COMPLETE tag or the Oneshot tag, then it’s clear the story is still in progress. (Not that the COMPLETE tag actually stops commenters from asking about what will happen in the next chapter.)
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    Story Codes Clarifications

    Sometimes they just need cleaning up a little, hence the expression “Bring a bucket and a mop for this work in progress.”
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    Not secure

    I am just a user here, but my professional opinion is that if you are paying customer, you have good reasons to demand the site to be really secure before you enter sensitive information. For services that is offered for free on the Internet, you should not enter sensitive information at all. This lowers the impact of AFF not being secure since the consequences of failure is less. With this said is is also my recommendation that the AFF staff plan make a plan for eventually making AFF more secure since there is constant arms race between the browser developers and the bad guys. Things that work today in the browser can be turned off permanently if the security professional determine that it used by too much malware. For instance, you can look at the list https://www.chromestatus.com/features#security where they are considering 57 security issues for Chrome, many of those will break older sites that not keeping up with security development. No reason for any of the current proposals to break AFF, but new additions happen on the list constantly. It is a bit like owning a car...most of the time it just works, but eventually you need to do emergency repair if you avoid doing regular maintenance.
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    I’ve commented a few times that multi chapter stories seem to get more hits overall because they get a boost from being pushed back to the front page each time the oneshots don’t get. If you guys mean Skyrim: Plaything as the Skyrim story – that’s had 36 chapters for 12k hits which works out (average only!) 333 hits a chapter from folks clicking on the front page which is still impressive and more than most of mine ever did but possibly not as intimidating a comparison as it looks. ...I gotta do a Skyrim story sometime. I got Morrowind, I got Oblivion… including Jar Jar Binks crossover request bah.
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    I’ve got stories posted to three archives, AFF, AO3, & FFN. Only FFN with my main potter fanfic seems to be getting hit by bots. AO3 & AFF both seem to be bot-free. 11k in 100 days might be bot driven, however, some fandoms are more active than others.
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    HP/LM mpreg

    Thank you for that, @BronxWench
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    at this point Lincoln is like quagmire. all he needs a a Hawaiian shirt