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    Dribs, Drabs & Doggy Tales Returns!

    Starting on Friday, November 19, the weekly Dribs, Drabs & Doggy Tales Challenge is returning! You can find the challenge here, and the rules are here. For anyone who has participated in these challenges before, welcome back! For new members, these are a great way to refresh your skills, break that writer's block, and get to know some of the other authors on the site. We really hope you'll give it a try, and join in the fun!
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    Let me start by saying that AFF is NOT for sale. I am, however, extravagantly interested in what gave you the notion that we were open to such a thing. I don’t recall any mention anywhere of the site being offered for sale, and I’m fairly sure I would have noticed any signs on the virtual front lawn. If you are serious about starting a fiction archive, however, that’s a separate discussion.