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    It’s nice to know that I’m not just a complete weirdo also, I have lots of replies, so I’m just going to @ people, if you find it annoying, just let me know, and I’ll refrain from it in the future. @JayDee I definitely understand preferring to read someone else’s work. I think it’s because we, as writers, are too familiar with our own stories to feel the same thrill from them as reading something completely unknown from somebody else. After all, part of the excitement is from the unknown. Also, I never knew that Elijah Wood voiced Spyro, was that in the newer games? I stopped playing after the third one. Either way, I also agree that I never found him sexually appealing. @BronxWench I think that’s a really great way to look at it. You write what the story needs regardless of your personal feelings towards it. I feel like that a lot when I put my characters through the more extreme hardships; where on the one hand I feel bad that I’m putting my own creation through such issues, but also realising that it’s needed for the story to progress. (SparkyMuse, I don’t mean anything by leaving a reply out for you, I just don’t have a very good one.) @Melrick There are a few things that I absolutely won’t write about, scat also being one of them. I’m incredibly squeamish when it comes to feces and vomitus, and I could never write about or use them in a sexual nature. Also no minors under the age of 5 and no snuff. Killing/murder are fine (in a fictional sense), and their perpetrator getting off on it is fine, but I can’t force myself to write about it in a sexual manner. Like that one animation I accidentally watched where a dildo machine turned into a murder machine… just thinking about it makes me shudder. I’ve written rape a few times, I don’t get aroused by it, but I find that writing it is fairly cathartic. I have incredibly severe anxiety, but writing about horrible things actually seems to help relieve it somewhat. I think it’s because I’m actually pouring my anxiety into my writing, like how a lot of artists used their depression to better their art. Or maybe I’m just romanticizing it.
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    I’m the kind of person that enjoys pushing myself into writing about things that don’t personally interest me or excite me, but there are limits. I never have or would write about scat. Nope. Nope nope nope. Male on male sex doesn’t do it for me, but I did push myself to write one slash story, which I uploaded here. I don’t know how good it is, but I did rewrite the ending to be less… shithouse. Also, in real life I’m utterly repelled by rape. I mean, it just makes me angry! But I’ve tried to write rape fantasies… and I just can’t do it. I feel too sorry for the woman, and end up having her enjoy the experience. So I realise I just can’t write rape that isn’t rubbish.
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    Or is it just me? A lot of you probably don’t know me or my writing very well, but I’ll be the first to admit that most of my writing contains what I’ll politely refer to as “risque content”. I’m sure that many people who’ve skimmed past my stories disinterestedly have thought to themselves “by God, this person’s a weirdo.” But what may surprise them is that some of the things I write really don't get my jollies off. For instance, I have a story with Minor1 (an 11-year-old), but I’m not excited by pedophilia (I actually despise children, but that’s a whole different thing). Instead, I wrote the story because it was challenging, interesting, and refreshing to write from the perspective of somebody innocent. To write as somebody ignorant of the situation and to work through the complexity of both wanting to please the adult they admired while also feeling guilty about a situation that felt inherently wrong. In two of my stories, rimming comes into play. I’ve never personally tried it from either perspective, but I’ve seen it performed and I can’t say I’m a fan. However, in one story it’s literally the only option for lubricant and the other story is about making (mostly gay) porn. I write the characters as enjoying it, and I write it in a way to hopefully excite those who are reading my stories, but it really doesn’t get me off. These are only some examples, and since I’m trying to create a discussion and not a rant, I’d like to hear from you.
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    It may take me some time to recover from the incredible mental gyrations caused by picturing not only JayDee but GeorgeGlass as well participating in a Very Vanilla contest. It’s also made me want to read those entries, so beware… Oddly enough, I think the most erotic things I’ve written were largely innuendo, while the more graphic things I’ve written were more… boring than erotic. I think my imagination is a far more encouraging place for all things erotic to flourish. I can twist fairly mild innuendo into a feast in my imagination, whereas something described in minute detail often trips me up while I try (and usually fail) to visualize the scene properly. And then I’m out of the story, and off on a tangent instead. This might just be me, however.
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    You’ve got higher standards.!
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    Almost all of the “risque content” I write is stuff that turns me on. If it didn’t, I probably wouldn’t be writing it. That said, there are exceptions: --Occasionally, I write about acts that don’t do anything for me but that seem necessary to the story or to portraying the characters the way I want to. For example, I don’t really enjoy writing about a man performing oral sex on a woman, but there are times when I feel the need to depict that because, say, the male character isn’t the type to receive oral sex without reciprocating. --I’ve held a couple of “story raffles” in which the winner gets to choose the subject of a story that I will write. One of these winners wanted a story about his anthropomorphic dragon character, who is a prostitute, and he wanted the story to include footjobs and double anal knotting. I’m not at all into reptiles, prostitution, footjobs, or double penetration of a single orifice, but I found a way to write the story that satisfied both me and the contest winner. You’d better smiley-face when you say that, pardner. How the heck did that story generate anger and concern? You mention in the disclaimer that it was for the “Very Vanilla” contest, so it’s not like readers weren’t forewarned. (BTW, I think you deserved extra points for making it about a married couple; I didn’t go that far with my own entry.)
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    @Desiderius Price I get that. I roleplay a ridiculous amount with my fiance (homebrew with dice, but usually no hard character sheets) and sometimes a character or an entire story develops completely differently than you ever envisioned it to from the beginning. That’s the difference between writing a character as their own person versus just a cog in the story. I admire that a lot, I’ll probably take a look at yours and BW’s stories when I have a chance.
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    We are on AFF I’ve tried absolute lines only to find my writing crossing them. Minor1 was the first to fall, when I had an otherwise good premise, and the MC’s sister (13 year old) found her way into the story in a more major role than I had originally anticipated. I considered changing her age, but then the MCs would have to change their age, and that’d affect other stories as I’m tying a bunch of them together (it’s more of world building than simply story telling). So, in the end, I just require good reason to go with younger sexual activity. (Though I do have younger nudists.) Like BW mentioned, I let the characters be themselves, they can explore what they want to explore … its not like they listen to me In extreme cases, I can always have their parents/others walk in on them ….
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    IRL I’m actually kinda squeamish and haven’t done anything quote-unquote “romantic” in over four years now, I think, and I don’t really have confidence anyways. Though I’m certain a lot of people may or may not have picked up on that bit about me having “negative confidence”. So, just about anything I write in my stories, I probably haven’t done, or wouldn’t do. So, because of my squeamishness and vanilla-marshmallow-y-ness, I suppose just about everything I write is no-experience kind of stuff, almost, whether or not it excites me. Although I wonder if that’s the question asked, now that I think about it……….
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    I have definitely written a great deal which isn’t exactly my personal cup of tea. I don’t have rape fantasies, but I’ve included it in stories. I draw the line at a threesome in terms of my own preferences, but I’ve written moresomes, and no one who knows me would ever think of me as submissive, although I’m not really a domme, either. Femslash doesn’t do it for me, but I do think I’ve written it once or twice. For me, I write what the story needs me to write, and even if it isn’t my idea of a good time, if the characters are good, then so am I.
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    I found ways to make it work for me. I softened the effect of the main character being a reptile by making her two clients anthro wolves (‘cause I like furries with actual fur). The prostitution thing I dealt with by making it fun for all concerned, instead of the prostitute being jaded and all about the money, or else being degraded by the act. The footjob I combined with the other male character getting a handjob. As for the double anal knotting, I didn’t like the idea of it being painful (and I didn’t think that was what the contest winner was looking for), but fortunately, the character has the ability to transform into a full-size dragon, so I had her do that before the double knotting. Figured she could easily take it then. And it made for a pleasant surprise for the contest winner, who hadn’t expected me to use the transformation ability in the story. (Which is called Leilaya’s Evening, in case anyone’s interested.) I think it was a serious challenge for all concerned. When it was over, I recall one of the other contestants saying, “Let us never speak of the vanilla again” (which is ironic, because her story, “Very Vanilla,” is hilarious). Some things are definitely better implied than shown. I don’t do that as often or as well as perhaps I should.
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    That’s a really strange thing to lose readers over, but maybe I don’t understand because my own writing is so eclectic that I’ll likely never accrue a following of loyal readers. I do have a hard limit of nothing under the age of 5, which may seem strange (why limit it there, right?) but it’s the age when children start going to school, are becoming more independent, and are better able to express themselves and their wants. That said, most of my stories containing Minor1 (only one of which is posted here, or anywhere for that matter) only involve minors actually agreeing to participate. I don’t think I could write anything younger or incredibly violent or rapey. While I’m incredibly fond of reptile anthros, I don’t like feet. I can’t touch feet, I can’t have people touch my feet. Double knotting sounds either amazingly pleasurable or horribly painful, I think it depends on the size of the knots. Anyway, I think it’s pretty cool that you went through with the story even though it really wasn’t your thing.
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    When you post the first chapter of a story, you are given the option to allow other people to post subsequent chapters. (This is used for things like round robins, where multiple people contribute short stories as separate chapters of one “story” with a common theme, like Halloween.) The default setting is No, so this author must have had some reason to change it to Yes (or did it by accident).
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    Elijah did some the voice about 10-12 years ago. I don’t know if he’s done newer, or indeed if there’s been any newer since then! It certainly wasn’t him on the original playstation game I’ve written scat! Like rimming, I guess it is a matter of taste. Sticking your tongue up an ass isn’t that terrible. Especially if you’ve bought food from a late night burger van. One thing I did write about outside of my usual tastes that lost me a lot of long time readers and generated a lot of both anger and concern was a story with loving consensual sex within marriage. To this day the only review is of a “What the fuck did I just read” nature. I doubt I’ll make that mistake again. I can’t see me ever writing a Minor1 story. I doubt I’d even feel comfortable writing minor2 characters under 16 (that being the all-genders age of consent in my locality and, for some reason, Rhode Island, USA.) I had a request once that made me feel pretty ill. And found out that “Toddlercon” isn’t a gathering of parents of young children in the same way that “ComicCon” is often a gathering of portly gentlemen with unshaven necks and well-tipped fedoras comics fans.
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    Lovely story! I have been reading your stories for quite some time, and while I don’t dig all of them – especially with the, shall we say, risque elements, like incest – I always admired you how well can you write an adult story in the cartoon universe. And this one works as well, as the others. The villains in ML act like -inators in PnF, they are all-purpose plot devices, which you use brilliantly to spice things up. And since I have the chance to speak to you, are you planning on writing any fics about Milo Murphy’s Law, the new show from the creators of PnF?
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    I’ve done the occasional risque story too. I’ve written some things that didn’t appeal to me specifically just because that was the request/story exchange. I suppose the biggest example was probably three or so Spyro the Dragon things (one full story, and a couple brief scenes) for a fan. I just don’t see the appeal of him as a sexual character at all. Not even when he was voiced by Elijah Wood. In terms of getting off anyway It seems like a lot of us would rather read someone else’s stuff even with themes we like.
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    Magusfang's Corner

    Hi everyone, I don’t post a lot but I thought you guys would like to know about DA. She’s in the hospital but its nothing life threatening. She was punched by a student, not one of hers obviously, and fractured the orbit of her eye. Turns out the reason the bone broke so easily is that the plate they used to fix a fracture she had there as a teen created a defect in the bone. She is having surgery tomorrow morning to repair both the fracture and the defect. Again it’s minor surgery and the surgeon is quite confident it will be an easy fix. Of course it is surgery and we are all a bit worried, some more than others LOL, so not without risk but nothing to get too stressed over, unlike what Steve is doing. Poor guy is a bundle of nerves LOL. I’ll post again after and let everyone know how it went. Again, let me stress that it is minor surgery and she’ll most likely be going home the next morning, if not that Monday, so while we appreciate any thoughts or prayers, don’t get to worried, she’ll be back annoying everyone before you know it.