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  1. Hi everyone, I don’t post a lot but I thought you guys would like to know about DA. She’s in the hospital but its nothing life threatening. She was punched by a student, not one of hers obviously, and fractured the orbit of her eye. Turns out the reason the bone broke so easily is that the plate they used to fix a fracture she had there as a teen created a defect in the bone. She is having surgery tomorrow morning to repair both the fracture and the defect. Again it’s minor surgery and the surgeon is quite confident it will be an easy fix. Of course it is surgery and we are all a bit worried, some more than others LOL, so not without risk but nothing to get too stressed over, unlike what Steve is doing. Poor guy is a bundle of nerves LOL. I’ll post again after and let everyone know how it went. Again, let me stress that it is minor surgery and she’ll most likely be going home the next morning, if not that Monday, so while we appreciate any thoughts or prayers, don’t get to worried, she’ll be back annoying everyone before you know it.
  2. Thank you Sniper and Rescue, believe when I say everyone's concern and prayers are appreciated. Actually I am working but just about twenty hours a week. I was going to just quit, Kari too, but Steve insisted that we didn't. I know he hates us working and I feel a little guilty about but I missed it, and I know Kari really missed her kids. He knows how much we love our jobs and he was adimant we keep working so I kind of compromised. But I am working nights so no matter what our schedules there is always at least one of us with him, I don't want him being alone.
  3. So thought I'd pop in and let you guys know what's up. Steve is getting a new chemical regimen, he seems to be having some sensitivity to his old chemo. He's halfway through his first dose and hasn't thrown up yet so that's an improvement. He’s a little less grumpy today so he must be toleranting the chemo better. Well fingers crossed
  4. Soooo Mouse is taking a nap with her Daddy, so cute by the way, so I thought I would pop on and let everyone know how Steve is doing. It's good news, his imaging showed nothing remarkable, his pain level is down, how much pain is hard to tell with him but he's much less grumpy with the staff so better I'd say. He's eating better and keeping food down and while still pretty weak he's much stronger with much more stamina than even a few days ago. With luck we should have him home in a few days were we can properly spoil him. Bye For now and thanks for all the well wishes and concern, I know it meant a lot to him.
  5. Magical yumminess huh? Well can't argue with that
  6. Thanx Bronx, think I'll dissect him and write a paper...
  7. Hey now Bronx, not everyone here has an aversion to elves
  8. Yeah, it'll definitely be bitter sweet but I think their shared loss will be that little seed that grows into love. I don't see aVal becoming his Queen, that would just eat at her until she loathed Anuerin. She's too independent, I like her with Yorwrath and maybe a threesome with Gwnn developes, but you're right, there will always be that hole in their hearts
  9. Ok, gonna throw my two cents into the ring...Not sure if this is what Chrissy had in mind but this is how I see it: Aneurin is dead, what has taken his place is some kind of mishmash of all the elf kings, sort of a genetic memory that was unlocked by the spell Caoilfionn and Islwyn; so Anuerin is still in there but he is now a small part of the whole and from the sounds of it a very subservient part, he Called Val a Dy'nn and the true Aneurin never would have, that would be like Magus calling me or Kari a whore, never happen. Now this hot tub party might bring the old Aneurin to the for front but it will never be him, not really and she's willing to try but I think the influence of the kings of the past will never let him see her as more than a pet. No, sorry but what they had is as dead as her old lover. As for Yorwrath, I think you are all underestimating him. His abrasive manner was his way of keeping people at bay. He loved a human woman deeply and his father took that away from him, made him watch her die a horrible death, as well watching his son die. I couldn't even imagine what that would be like and honestly hope I never have to find out, but I know someone who does know and I watched him go through something quite similar. Yorwrath is just trying to never get close enough to anyone, especially a human female, so he never has to feel that pain again. But his walls are cracking, he didn't want to have rough sex with Val, he wanted to make love with her like his brother did and that tells me that no matter how he rails against it he's falling in love with her. I see the old Yorwrath resurfacing, the one his brother said was kind and even happy and when Val sees what's under that cold exterior I think she'll re-evaluate him and the two of them may find comfort in each others arms, a comfort that will grow into a deep love...I'm a romantic As for Islwyn and the unicorn, gonna have to go with Kari on this one, they die slowly and screaming. So I see a future with Yorwrath and Val presiding over a house full of little half elf half human rug rats, maybe not a happily ever after, but a bitter sweet ending.
  10. ok, I just have to pipe up. I'm not even gonna remark on the fact that there's no pelvic cradle so this individual can't stand...but anal cervix...why, why would you even consider such a thing?
  11. God, she's I posted my kind