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    Vampires, Vampires, Pink Frilly things, Ballet oh and uhh Vampires. Did I say vampires? Oh and Elves now too apparently! I'm diversifying, I've been told that's a good thing! :D

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  1. Ahem. *Gets on soap box* What the fuck? I mean seriously what the fuck? How the shit can an agent reject a query letter with material within three hours of receiving it and then have the audacity to say “I’d give you feed back but it’d be overwhelming” in your form letter with links that have nothing at all to do with the material sent. The shit? Seriously? Are you fucking kidding me? As someone who is college educated you can’t analyze dick in three hours to come up with “overwhelming” anything—assuming you read it the instant I sent the fucking thing. Why don’t they just say the truth, “I glanced at it and don’t feel like reading it sorry.” I’d rather have that than some flat out blatant impossible lie. I’m fine with the rejection, I’m not fine with the glaringly obvious bullshit response. That is all. *Huffs and climbs off soap box* TL:DR What the fuck form letters.
  2. I’d love for you to take a look at A Beautiful Mess, http://original.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600108224
  3. Four and Five Oh! I miss you too DA! I keep missing people in the chat room >.<
  4. Guess what I just posted? Song of the Seer chapter 1! :) It's only... two months behind lol.

  5. Yey! Eyes of Fire has a release date! November 15th!

  6. Author: ChrissyQuinn Title: A Beautiful Mess Summary: Emma goes on dates and might even see a guy on a reoccurring basis, but she would never ever call any of them a boyfriend. This changes after she starts talking to the sexy bartender Jasper Kent, who convinces her that love does exist. You'd think that would be the end of it, but nothing has ever been easy for Emma. Feedback: greatly appreciated. Fandom: Original! Pairing: M/F Rating: Adult + Warnings: BDSM, Bi, Bond, D/s, Fet, M/F, Oral, Other, S&M, Toys, WIP Solo story or chaptered story: Chaptered URL: http://original.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600108224
  7. Some months ago you may recall I started a book on here called Heart of the Forest, well now it's been published by Loose Id! http://www.loose-id.com/heart-of-the-forest.html Summary: In Ersland, you stay out of the forests, and you stick to your own kind... It’s common knowledge elves steal human women in the middle of the night to be their whores, or worse. According to The Dawn, elves are the agents of the dark and to be avoided at all costs. As a Cunning Woman, Valentina has never really cared too much about The Dawn or its racist tenets—it probably has something to do with the fact that they burn healers as witches. So when a desperate group of elves bring their wounded leader Aneurin to her door, Valentina agrees to treat him. As his wounds heal, their hearts entwine and they fall in love. However, Aneurin has a powerful secret which threatens to tear them apart more than racism of Ersland ever could. And Yorwrath, Aneurin’s brother, is there waiting for their bond to break...with a slave collar with Valentina’s name on it.
  8. Author: ChrissyQuinn Title: The Quiet Before the Storm Summary: It's been 150 years since the great war, when the Northern Kingdoms of Selisle, Waes, and Sesslyn went to war against the great might of the Tulschian Empire. No one really won that war, and perhaps that's why tensions still run high when those of Tulsch cross the sea into the frigid north. Asiliyara has spent her entire life with her nose in a book. However, with her discovery of long forgotten powers that all changes. She finds herself thrust into the middle of a plot to send the Empire and the Kingdoms into war again. A plot that goes deeper than anyone really knows. Feedback: greatly appreciated. Fandom: Original! Pairing: M/f Rating: Adult + Warnings: Violence Solo story or chaptered story: Chaptered URL: http://original.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600108215
  9. Eyes of Fire is complete :) Yay!

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