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  1. Sending out wishes for a very happy birthday to my very dear friend Melrick. Unfortunately, they won’t let me ship you a Key Lime pie from JG Melon’s!
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  2. Just an update: I expect to send chapter 7 of "Smooshed" off to Fairy Slayer for beta some time tomorrow. Then I'll be focusing chiefly on getting my raffle winner's Loud House story drafted. I'm hoping to get it to Jomahawk by the beginning of next week so that he'll have time to beta it by the end of the month. I've also been making progress on several other stories. Among other things, I expect to have at least the first chapter of "Depravity Falls" ready next month. In other news, I had to disallow anonymous reviews on my stories for a couple of days because some spambot was posting ads in the reviews for random stories of mine. I turned anonymous reviews back on this morning, and the spambot seems to have moved on.
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  3. JayDee

    Names for OCs

    My rule is usually pretty simple – is it a fucking stupid name? If so, I’ll probably use it.
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