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    Looking for Inu/Kag story

    Hi everyone. I am in search of a Inuyasha and Kagome fanfic. The story starts out with the bunch battling Naraku. He puts out this weird miasma, that Inuyasha rushes into. When Inuyasha comes out of it, he is turned into a girl. This story I believe is 6 chapters and I want to find it badly. If you know what it is, please tell me. Thanks for reading. :3
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    Enough is Enough!

    I've deleted no reviews since I first began posting fiction online in 2008 simply because I was feeling hurt by what the reviewer said. Sadly, I lost all my reviews on FFN when I removed my work there due to the rampant plagiarism and lack of moderation on that site. Having said that, I will admit to having deleted a few non-reviews. Two were responses to warnings I'd left as a moderator here, and the authors posted to my review board rather than emailing. I replied via email, but deleted the non-reviews. The only other non-review I deleted was posted on the latest of a series of prompt response one-shots I had done, and the reviewer was posting in retaliation for my having warned a friend of hers. It was obvious from the review that she had simply gone to the first subdomain where I had something published, and grabbed the story at the top of the list, which, as anyone with sense knows, would not have been the first thing I'd published, but the most recent. It was not a serious review, and although I have retained a screenshot, I did not dignify that idiocy with a response, nor did I feel obligated to keep it, typos and all, on my review board. For the most part, I try to respond to all my reviews, and my review threads are right on my profile. I love a good discussion, and I love good concrit even more.
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    Enough is Enough!

    I agree about not deleting reviews. People who take the time to comment on a story in any detail (ie, more than just "This sux ballz") deserve that much consideration. The only reviews I've ever deleted have been ones that have pointed out some technical problem that I subsequently fixed, like when someone alerted me that my story had come out as one solid block of text. (And I thanked the reviewer for letting me know.)
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    Thank you so much! I have adblocker on. They don't get revenue from me anyway. I don't block our ads here, but I will continue to block FFN ones as long as they continue to be largely unmoderated. I say largely, because apparently, they will delete someone out of Glee within two hours of being reported for plagiarism. However, report someone posting the entirety of HP7 on their site, and they do nothing.
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    Secretary of explaining stuff.

    Hey, Aysha. How familiar are you with the X-men? I'm drafting some mutant OC's, and their powers are...tricky. Mutation isn't so much science or tech (ps, not to flame but your computer seems to have autocorrected science into since. just fyi), but it isn't so much magic, even though it might look like that. Might fall under 'alien physiology'. Mainly I just want to have a reasonable explanation for a character who can teleport other things (not himself, he has to be out of the field or whatever), but must choose 'living' or 'inanimate' not both. (I.E. he could send you to China, but you'd show up naked, or put a spy cam in a secure location, but no spy with it). It might be I'm making this too hard, but it's moderately important that his power has massive flaws. It'd be a bit too Deus ex Machina for him to have Nightcrawler-like abilities. Plus I really want to put in a scene where he saves the principal couple from certain doom, but they wind up buck-ass nude.
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    Thanks for the insight! That's about how I expected things to be based on the article, but I so like my manly designs XD. But his attitude is indeed going to try and compensate; he'll get teased for it true, but I don't feel like constantly referring to it either. I want it to be something that motivates him, but overall I want thisbwhole story to be positive for him. That's the sort of image I like giving my gay characters, that no matter your sexual orientation, you're still a human being and function the same way as any other person. It by no means affects his abilities. I might have diverged from my original point somewhere in there XD. But it's something that I like to discuss about.
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    Chibi, in regards to your "bottom" character... as far as I can remember, homosexual relationships weren't unheard of amongst the vikings, (I mean, they could be stuck on a boat for months at a time, with no women ) but they weren't something that was done out in the open, and it wasn't really talked about. But it was considered less "manly" to be the bottom, and men could get teased about it. It was considered a great insult to be called a bottom (or the receiver). It had nothing to do with how manly you looked or acted, it was just the fact that you let another man mount you. Vikings killed each other for far less up here. So, it would not be wholly unrealistic for the bottom to turn the tables on his top and try to top, or as you said, act overly aggressive for no apparent reason, to try and compensate. Just wanted to share that with you, and hope I can help a bit in the future.
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    Urgh. Please tell me you're going to subvert the hell out of that stupid stereotype about how being a bottom makes you unmanly. I swear, I have never written a single bottom who wasn't loaded with manliness and testosterone precisely because of that ridiculous stereotype. Urgh. Can't stand it.
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    Uh... what? What part of what I'm saying precludes the use of jail as a change? I'm actually suggesting you how to extend the sentence if 6 years is too little. As for the originality thing... you will never have an original idea. None of us will. Everything has already been done before, whether by someone famous or by someone who fell into obscurity, and seeking originality is a madman's goal. It's better to just let go and embrace that fact. What makes a story enjoyable is not the originality of the plot, but the way it's told.