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    A Face Oculta de Kai ( Misplaced (should be in Non-English/Portuguese/Anime).
  2. I saw something similar in another forum and I thought this'd be a good way to celebrate coming back to AFF. Sometimes we are struck with questions when we're writing and we don't know who to ask, so I figured this might be a great way for the forum to pour our expertise together. This is how it works: you ask questions and someone who knows about the subject comes in and answers them! I'm a biochem major, so I know about science-y and medical stuff, but we have all sorts of people on the forums with their own areas of expertise, so we can all help each other out when a niggling doubt eats away at us or when we need something explained to us. Without further adieu, let's get this research party started!
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    RECAPTCHA Adventures

    So I figured that since I have such a bizarre relationship with the RECAPTCHA feature, I would start a thread to record my adventures for posterity. Please, feel free to pitch in with some of your own! This is what sparked the thread: As you can see, I don't know whether the RECAPTCHA expects greatness of me, if it has needs that only *I* can supply, if it wants to share its love of irrational mathematics with me, or if it's simply insane. I'm betting on the latter. Update: I fooled the RECAPTCHA with a simple "3/2," so we can rule out the mathematical inclinations.
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    Care to Share?

    I'm up for this, for whatever is needed of me. I'll do anything I can to help pay back the staff for maintaining this site. Sending PM.
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    Lack of reviews.

    I've had authors flipping their proverbial shit over nicer reviews. [insert rant about spoiled, self-entitled authors who think they deserve nothing but praise]
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    Lack of reviews.

    I'm really sorry to hear all that, girls, but at least it makes me feel better to know I'm not alone. I used to think I was the one that was wrong. I was the asshole, being too negative or too blunt or not saying enough positive things. I used to try and try to get it right, because I really wanted to help someone get better. But I kept failing and failing. Eventually I just blamed myself. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who had the exact same problem, even if it's kind of a little late for the realisation.
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    Why do we do this?
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    Lack of reviews.

    I do understand your point of view and I can definitely sympathise, but you've got to see it from my side as well. There's only so much drama you can take from people before you feel the urge to sod it all. Reviewing is a thankless job that nobody pays you to do. I'm sorry that people like you have to suffer along all the assholes, but that's the way the world works. Maybe one day in the distant future I'll work up the will to review again, but I can't speak for anyone else in my same position. A lot of people get burnt for good.
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    Commentary that can ruin a story - a reader's plea

    But what if you ARE writing for potted plants???
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    Commentary that can ruin a story - a reader's plea

    Well, I think that a lot of the people who react poorly to concrit and yet admit there are problems with their writing is because concrit reminds them of their failures and they react negatively to it. Is it immature? Of course. But I have to say, it's pretty damn hard to swallow your pride and take concrit when all you want to do is yell "I know! I know it's horrible! Don't rub it in!". LOL. It takes so much maturity and conscious effort I can't find it in me to condemn people who fail to do it.
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    Why do we do this?

    Yes, yes it is.
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    Commentary that can ruin a story - a reader's plea

    Meh, I can't relate, because I'm exactly the kind of person who does that. I'm always glad to see some humility in a writer, even if it's fake and just fishing for praise. Because see, most of us suck. It's nothing personal, it's just Sturgeon's Law. However, a great deal many of us are convinced that they are amazing, decent or just don't want to acknowledge there might be something negative with the story. And that's kind of silly. Because of Sturgeon's Law, odds are your writing sucks. Odds are *my* writing sucks. We can't all be the lucky 10%. So it's nice when an author displays sufficient self-awareness as to realise that their writing is probably crap. Of course, if they don't really believe it, it's just a waste of everyone's time, but to me, self-deprecation instantly makes me like an author (and their works) a little more.
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    Shinobi disclaimer

    Hola, me pidió el staff que me acerque para poder resolver tu problema. Tu disclaimer está casi todo bien, tu único problema es el uso de la palabra "provecho" que como sabrás, no significa exclusivamente dinero, sino cualquier tipo de beneficio. La ley Americana indica que este tipo de disclaimer debe dejar bien en claro que no estás sacando dinero de escribir fan fiction, así que sería necesario que lo dejes un poquito más explícito. Un buen ejemplo sería "ni hago dinero" en lugar de "ni saco provecho." Gracias y disculpá la molestia.
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    Useful/Helpful Links

    The blueprint randomiser gave me this little jewel: Keyran's Fetishism comic showroom. That software is eerily specific for allegedly random variables.
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    Lack of reviews.

    Not the old AFF regulars! You guys get a free pass!
  16. Shadowknight12

    Lack of reviews.

    Indeed. Main reason I stopped reviewing!
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    Self Inspiration: Music. Sexy, Sexy Music...

    I must say I agree!
  18. Shadowknight12

    Self Inspiration: Music. Sexy, Sexy Music...

    Oh, hey! I remembered a sexy song:
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    Is Anyone Here A Review Whore?

    *points at custom title* Cough.
  20. Shadowknight12

    Am I a Mary Sue?

    This is a very common doubt that plagues writers, particularly if they're new at the art. The only way to really know whether the characters you're writing are Mary Sues or not is to develop a strong sense of objectivity. You need to learn to pretend you have other opinions, other viewpoints, that you don't know what you, as a writer, know. Place yourself in the eyes of the audience, that's the only way you're going to find out. Like, for example, pretend you despise "cuteness" or clinginess. Does your character still have redeeming factors? Does she have flaws the audience can identify with? (remember: a flaw is only a flaw if it actually hampers the character; arachnophobia is not a flaw if the character never encounters spiders or never actually gets hindered in any way when she encounters one). Being detached and unemotional about your own writing is one of the hardest skills to acquire, but it's arguably the best when it comes to ensuring the quality of your work. And if you ever become a respected author someday, do try to keep this sort of thing in mind. I can't tell you how many authors I've seen who become so full of themselves in their maturity that they don't even consider the possibility that they too can make mistakes and write painful Mary Sues.
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    Self Inspiration: Music. Sexy, Sexy Music...

    Best. Brothel name. Ever.
  22. Vida después de la muerte ( Flame (RID # 3000016946). Self-review (RID # 274782). Bad disclaimer (does not name fandom). Possible RTE issue (no line breaks).
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    [Research Assistance] Ask The Forumers

    Oh, that's definitely a relief to hear. It's important that authors learn about the stereotypes they're writing about and how their widespread use can be harmful or just outright annoying. Would that everyone wrote like that, Chibi!
  24. Shadowknight12

    [Research Assistance] Ask The Forumers

    Urgh. Please tell me you're going to subvert the hell out of that stupid stereotype about how being a bottom makes you unmanly. I swear, I have never written a single bottom who wasn't loaded with manliness and testosterone precisely because of that ridiculous stereotype. Urgh. Can't stand it.
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    [Research Assistance] Ask The Forumers

    I have personally no idea how accurate it is, but I read a lot of this once (before it bored me) and it showcased a lot of Norse culture, but since it's written by Japanese people and then translated to English, there's a chance it's terribly inaccurate as far as culture goes (it had a lot of Japanese tropes too), but for a cinematic, video-gamey story it sounds like you could do worse than borrowing a lot from that, even if it's not terribly historically accurate. And HELL YES we need more gay warriors! I'll get you more links as I find them!