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    I’m having another one of those evenings in which I’m productive but not in the way I’d most like to be productive. Instead of working on the next chapters of any of my 5 in-progress stories, I've been compulsively writing random sex scenes for that Star Vs fanfic I mentioned (the one subtitled “The Nine Wives of Marco Diaz”). Such is my process.
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    Re: “For the Price of One” From Pixel-King on February 21, 2021 Wow, you are really plowing through my fics. Thanks! I’m not planning a sequel, but have you read “Little Rose”? If you liked this story, you’ll probably like that one, too, as it’s in much the same vein.
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    Re: “You Get What You Pay For” From Pixel-King on February 21, 2021 I’ve read some stories that had me thinking, “This is horrible. I’m horrible for reading it. But I can’t stop.” So I’m spreading that around. Please tell me it’s not a rule 63 fic in which Lily is a boy named Chad. Nothing that’s specifically focused on Lily, but of course she gets some action in “Enter the Sandboy,” and (spoiler alert!) she’s got a big action scene coming up in “Just One Rule.”
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    Aw come on, who doesn't love some superiority complex bragging from good, old Major Charles Emerson Winchester, III, M.D. ? "Meega nala kweesta" is the thing Stitch shouts a lot. It means "I want to destroy" in Stitch's Tantalog alien language. "Struggle-snuggle" comes courtesy of (self-deprecatingly pedophilic) comedian Jimmy Carr. https://stitchdatabase.fandom.com/wiki/Tantalog_language
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    From Pixel-King on February 20, 2021 That was my thinking, too. I took inspiration from DrYNot’s mega-popular story “Make It Wit Chu.” Thanks. Mostly she loves taunting Lincoln and showing him how completely she controls him by using both carrot and stick. Those were my favorite parts to write. I haven’t been tempted to write a whole story about them, but they make a cameo in chapter 2 of “The Cartooniverse Mother-Daughter Crossover Sextacular.”
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    From Pixel-King on February 20, 2021 Thanks for that. Just fixed it. Like I say in the disclaimer at the beginning, this story isn't actually based on L&S; rather, it's inspired by various pieces of porny L&S artwork. No David Ogden Stiers-voice in my porn, thanks. We shall see. There's fun times ahead. 'kay.
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    You might enjoy SNL's "You're a Rat Bastard, Charlie Brown"
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    I was not actually thinking about that when I wrote the story, although I agree that the monster-arm thing is definitely a loose thread that was never tied up. The monster Marco turns into is based on the displacer beast from D&D – a sort of black leopard with tentacles sprouting from its shoulders. Of course, I made this version red to match Marco’s hoodie.
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    ~line from “You’re A Made Man Now, Charlie Brown.”
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    Update: Chapter 6 of “Biological Imperative” is now posted!
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    Well, it cost me $100 and a lot of time on the phone with a tech last night, but my computer is back to running normally again. Apparently there were just too many programs running at once. And, per the forecast, the last of the freezing nights has passed, so all in all, things are getting back to normal for me. SWP1, thanks for the nice comments on “Record.” To answer your question: I’m declaring right now that even though there’s quite a bit left to do on it, I will have the final chapter of “Wishful” finished some time in the next 3 weeks (ie, by March 13th). I’m stating this openly so that I can hold myself to it. Also, I expect to post the next chapter of “Biological Imperative” later today. I was able to finish drafting it and to audio-proof it on my phone; now I just need to eyeball-proof it.
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    Good evening to you. Thank you! That is a high compliment. Each of them was overwhelmed by the sexual feelings that the other’s seductive alter-ego was arousing in them. When they finally gave in to their desires, it was like a dam breaking; they had to have each other, right then and there. If they had had more time together in dreamland, I think they eventually would have made love in the way that you describe. Even if I didn't read about that in chapter three... it bounced back with the bittersweet end in chapter eight. I didn’t want them to have their lives changed entirely by the experience, but I didn’t want a total “reset button” ending, either. I wanted there to be at least a little hint that Phineas and Candace’s relationship will be positively affected by the insight they gained about themselves and each other during their shared dream. I’m glad you enjoyed the story, and thanks very much for the review!