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    I honestly don’t see Trump hanging out with this group.
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    I’m just going to say it… Congratulations, America.
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    You awake to find yourself in a forest clearing. Distantly, you can hear singing. It is pretty fucking tuneless. Oh fuck, it might be Bieber. To the east here’s a sign which reads “Quit looking East”, and to the West is a very suspicious tree stump. If you choose to examine the previously unmentioned mudhole Go to 35. If you choose to win self-determination for the Republic of Molossia go to 63. If you want to know about the unsightly rash spreading across your buttocks go to 28 (Charges may apply).
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    So, news: -- I’ve just send chapter 2 of CMDCS off to Fairy Slayer for beta part deux. -- In the past couple of days, I’ve made a ton of progress on story 4 of “The Power Arcane.” I expect to post it by Friday.