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    My first officially published book has gone live for the peeps who preordered and I’m freaking the fuck out
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    Because I think we need wondrous things in our lives, I decided to donate to help purchase JRR Tolkien’s home to help create a Tolkien Centre: https://www.projectnorthmoor.org/ I don’t know if anything will come of it, but I feel like I should do some little thing for all the joy he’s given me for all these years.
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    Thundercloud's Review Responses

    I look forward to hearing you input, so please you time and chose an occasion when you are feeling up for fantasy. The vampires in Blade use sunscrean...not sure that what I am trying to prove by that observation. Trying to avoid to make a Twilight reference maybe. I was actually thinking more about tricks like when she summons mist...but the hot shots scene is also a funny solution. I am sure that is why Azbezil went for the Hydra solution instead of putting chickens there.