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  • Recent Status Updates

    • Anesor

      My mind just boggled when the tags for the first chapter of a mashup story elsewhere was seven hundred words longer than the chapter.
      LSS, I decided not to read it as there were dozens of chars and worlds I don’t know nuttin about. The big mashups I’ve tried don’t give enough background and the more famous ones are ooc enough I begin to feel they were included more like clickbait.  I already have five stories pending to read for a while, no more.
      · 2 replies
    • Tcr

      Well...  That poor guardian angel just retired...  That's a good seven I've gone through…
      Hit an ice patch, slid into the concrete barrier...  Managed to steer away from a full head on, but sheared off a third of the bumper and the front passenger quarter panel...
      · 8 replies
    • CloverReef

      Just googled myself because reasons. And I discovered someone else has adopted the name CloverReef in the last year or so. I am outraged! I thought I was safe with that name! lol. To be fair, I get outraged when someone else has my real name too, and that one’s fairly common. 
      · 6 replies
    • InBrightestDay

      So I’m over on Literotica reading this Erotic Horror story called “The Girl Next Door.”  It’s about succubi, and it’s creepy and sexy and honestly kind of sad, but it’s carried me along for about four chapters seeing what’s going to happen next.
      Then at the end of Chapter 4 and continuing into Chapter 5, out of absolutely nowhere, we find out that the succubi have captured an angel, specifically the Angel Lailah, the only female angel.  The first scene of Chapter 5 is then concerned with her corruption (in these kinds of stories that’s less “seduced to evil” and more “physically pumped full of evil and forcibly transformed into something villainous”).
      There are three explanations I can think of for why this is happening to me.
      After spending too much time reading Thundercloud’s G.S.P. story, I have absorbed Jennifer’s superpower of Terrible Luck. The internet has become sentient, knows I have a thing about bad things happening to female angels, and is actively fucking with me. JayDee knows Kingmaker711, and ten years ago, they were talking, and JayDee said something like “You won’t believe this email I got about my story where a female angel is raped and tortured,” and Kingmaker was like “Oh yeah?” and JayDee was like “Yeah, some guy wants to write her a happy ending,” and Kingmaker was like “Man that’s bullshit; you gotta stop him,” and JayDee was like “I mean, I already said he could, besides it’s been a while and I haven’t seen anything, so he’s probably not writing it,” and Kingmaker was like “No, dog; I have a plan.  In 2013, I’ll write a story about succubi, which will be totally normal for the first 3.95 chapters or so, and then I’ll reveal that their apocalyptic plan involves corrupting a female angel, using her actual role in Jewish folklore so it fits, and they’ll succeed, but only after really dragging it out so this is as upsetting as possible, and then she’ll just be hissing villain for the rest of the final chapter and when the other angels show up they won’t try to fix her, but instead she’ll be sentenced to exile until Judgment Day, and naturally Email Guy will be wondering how she can repent and be redeemed since she was basically mindwiped and didn’t choose to do any of this, and then I’ll have the last time we see her be while she and Michael are locked in combat and he’s trying to strangle her, so Email Guy will realize that I haven’t established whether or not angels have souls in this setting and will have to contemplate Lailah being wiped from existence as punishment for things she didn’t choose to do, and just to make sure Email Guy can’t just write off the story, I’ll give it an ending with a gloriously insane action scene featuring the human protagonist, Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, and I’ll give it the most amazingly happy ending of any of my stories, as in the human race isn’t destroyed and Creation doesn’t unravel,” and JayDee was like “I don’t know if I see your point,” and Kingmaker was like “Email Guy will read this just as he’s attempting to write the Happy Ending part of his Happy Ending story, and he’ll be so depressed over Lailah that he’ll get serious writer’s block.  Problem solved!” and JayDee was like “Can you see the future?” and Kingmaker was like “I’m from the future!” Or maybe it was just an unlucky coincidence.
      · 10 replies
    • Anesor

      Frustration (noun) When your first chapter in months after block really hit, has to be totally rewritten because you switched from 3rd person to 1st.
      · 0 replies