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What will be done with them

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There are many for instances where there are duplicate stories in place. There's a few reasons for this.

One is where the user for whatever reason is unable to access their account anymore, creates a new account, and then re-uploads their work to the new pen name. Another would be name changes, where the user created a new login to change their user name. Yet another would be the user's email changed, and they can't remember their password, no longer have access to that email, so cannot get their password sent to them. Finally, when the database was split, they were unable to access the story, and had to re-upload because of that.

By putting up a post linking to these duplicate stories, what can be done is simple. The reviews from one of the stories as well as the rating and hit counts can be merged. THEN, the duplicate can be deleted. This way, the users don't lose any of their reviews, ratings, or hit counts for the story.

Please do not expect me to merge these stories out of sequence from where I'm at in the clean up process. I'll get to them as I can, and no sooner.

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