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Harry Potter

AFF has long been dedicated to ensuring Fan Fiction freedom. It was brought to our attention that a much loved archive TheSilverSnitch.Net has gone down. The Harry Potter community seems to be extremely saddened by the loss; however it is not due to the owner, but due to the lack of support. The poor owner has been deluged in email asking why the site isn’t up, where everything went etc. People have been yelling at her even!

Most Fan Fiction Archives need donations and TheSilverSnitch is no different. Believe me, I don’t run this for the money (I make none) and I don’t have the money to do it alone. AFF has been extremely lucky to have fans that have contributed in the past before we became able to cover our costs with advertising revenue. So before you get on your high horse about the site being down right now, remember that us Owner’s do this for you guys and often can’t afford to pay for it on our own. On behalf of TheSilverSnitch, please if you can spare any money, donate to TheSilverSnitch by sending money through PayPal to the following address: arwenelve13@yahoo.com


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