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Discussion/Review Responses for The Rise of the Meretrix by KMAT


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My replies for the reviews I have received so far. In order I received them. As I am writing this, the story is up to Chapter 08.

@Skyla-lilly: Thank You. What do you think of the story so far?

@Aszrael: I hope to keep you so.

2nd Review: :Thank You. Which ones? I like chocolate ones :P

3rd Review: No. Sorry but no Malfoy, and absolutely no Fudge. Now Buckbeak on the other hand.....

@DemonLord: Thank You for the detailed review. As this is my first story, I rely on my readers to help me improve. I have made some improvements in later chapters, what do you think?
Also, Your story Inner Demon is one of my favorites right now. I am also eagerly awaiting an update.

2nd Review: You were right on the mark with my plan for Harri Ginny and the Basilisk. After you pointed out my mistake, I went back and fixed it. Thank You for pointing it out. I would highly appreciate your continued support, and please feel free to point out any of my other mistakes. I will try my best to correct them.

3rd Review: You certainly got your wish. On both accounts I think. As for Dobby, I am still debating that one.
I corrected the other mistakes you pointed out. I honestly thought Ginevra was spelled Ginivera. Anyways, its done now. More perversions already there, with even more on the way.

4th Review: What will come, remains to be seen. As in the fic Harri said to Ginny that they would talk about it later, that ties in with Luna a little bit too. Ginny had her first experience with a beast, and though Harri helped her through it, it didn't leave her unaffected. She will keep it hidden tll Harri has a chance to deal with her.

The size thing, I honestly did not do that research. Let me claim that useful Fantasy tag here and leave it at that. I might go back and remove the mention of the cervix later if I feel up to it.

I am in the market for a beta, since you have shown interest in my story, plus you seem to have a good eye for mistakes, would you be willing to help me out?

@Albus: He will get some don't worry. (not with Harri obviously, but I still need him to get Rose in the picture)

@Anon: Why not?

@Anon: Thanks for replying.Dobby matter is up to debate right now.

@chm01: If you had made that bet, you would have lost money. Try again.

@Roy: Thank You. I have tried to keep a pretty decent update rate till now. Can't say If I will be able to keep it up or not.

@BeamerLord: Don't worry. Lil Fluffy will get his day. :)

@tara: Worry not, surely but surely I meant to cover ALOT of creatures, and most of your list is included there.

@Diana: I already have :)

2nd review: Thanks. I take it by your enthusiasm that you like my story.

@Anon: Still up for debate for the time being.

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@Anon: While I can understand where you are coming from, and even respect your opinion, you really should watch your language. First off, this entire story is a fanfiction, i.e. a work of fiction OF a fiction. IT IS NOT REAL.

Second, I do not in any way, shape or form condone or encourage pedophilia in REAL LIFE. The reason the emphasis is based on the age and characteristic is to make the characterization seem real to the readers. Canon year 2 is an average age of 12, so there. Also, if you can not tell the difference between the world of fiction and real life, then YOU are the one who is sick. I suggest you get yourself checked out by a doctor.

Third, If you want to continue this discussion, you are welcome to do so through this forum, or through private messaging me. At least have the courtesy to leave contact info to which I can reply back to.

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Guest DemonLord

Welp, I take it that AFF is keeping up their usual limits about A/Ns...

Eh, I suppose I shouldn't go on a tangent... So, first of all, while I wouldn't mind helping, I can't really be a beta for the same reasons I haven't updated my fic in ages, which is a lack of time to sit down and write something up properly. RL is a bitch, unfortunately. That being said, I'm not a native English speaker, so while I catch some particularly obvious mistakes that I used to make often (and occasionally still do), I probably miss out plenty of others. I know for a fact that there are several mistakes in my fic for example that I didn't notice from the start and which I currently can't be assed to fix... For now anyway...

Moving on, in regards to anatomy issues. I pointed that out because it's good to have a certain level of consistency. Basically, cocks over a certain length should either push the cervix inwards and squash the womb so to speak, or push through it and fuck the womb, the later being more likely in Harri's case after Aragog, the Basilisk, other large insertions we're not aware off yet. Anyway, the average cock is around 5.5 inches in length if I remember right. So anything beyond 7-8 inches should push through the cervix or some such. (Though, with a young girl like Harri, even 6-7 inches might be enough to penetrate her womb, since she's smaller than the average adult woman, obviously.) Obviously, realistically speaking, that would not be pleasant, at all, and cocks just don't get that big etc, but realism isn't really important here, just enough consistency to keep people from getting confused by certain matters.

Also, since I'm here already, I'll drop some comments about the latest chapter, which I read a while ago, but didn't have the time to review it right then. So, I like the twins, I like the perverted dynamic of the family as well. I like the fact that you used the idea of Lily having been pregnant at the time of Voldemort's attack, which, while not new... it isn't that widely used either. (Or at least I didn't run into it much.) Currently, I have no certain idea about who Harri's mysterious stalker is... but odds are that if it entered the house, Lily's aware of it. Canon has her as something of a prodigy, possibly a genius, particullarly at charms, so odds are that her home would be exceedingly well warded, especially after the Voldemort debacle and the loss of her husband. Of course, there's the option that this person/thing is connected to that goddess, in which case conventional magic wouldn't work on it...

Eh, leaving speculations aside, I'm more interested in what happened with the Spider Queen. I take it that the Basilisk cum did something to her, and as a result, likely did something to Harri as well. However, shouldn't Harri find it odd that said Queen hasn't talked to her in a while? Or is it simply a case of talking off-screen and just not being relevant enough to show?

Mmm... that's enough for now I think.

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@DemonLord: First off, sorry for the late reply. I forgot to check this page for replies, and I didn't get an email update either. Its a pity you cant be a beta for this fic. Any recommendations?

The anatomy thing. You are right that I should be consistent. I'll go back when I get the chance and change it to penetrate fully, since most of the future escapades will involve cocks of various sizes, most of which will be greater than the average male length.

You are hovering around the correct answer regarding the eyes. You came close but missed it by a hair in your analysis. Try again :)

I am currently half way through chapter 10. I am currently writing the part about the Queen. Yes the basilisk cum will play a role. (are you a mind reader or something?) I will be covering all the points you raised regarding the interaction of the queen with Harri in ch. 10, so just wait for it.

@Anon: First off, let me thank you for pointing out my mistake. I always appreciate it when I receive helpful criticism. I have since gone back and fixed the mistakes. Thanks again.

As for the other thing, well I am not good at any haiku or poetry, so I'll stick to my strengths.

The story is about a fictional version of a fictional character, as I explained before. The arousal comes from knowing the character. The characters will age through the story and past adulthood. I could have started from age 18+ or 21+ and simply alluded to past endeavors, but how would that have been any different? In the past of the story it would still have happened. The only difference would have been that instead of you getting to read the details, it would have been out of sight, out of mind kind of scenario.

No one is forcing you to read my story, and so closely at that, that you are even able to point out my errors. (-> Grateful as I am of it.)

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, which is why I am not removing your reviews of my story. If you dislike the story so much, then stop reading, and stop bothering me. Though, if you do want to continue this discussion, I welcome you to do so.

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Guest DemonLord

I wish I could help, but I didn't have a beta for my fic when I was writing it, and I have no idea who might be good for that sort of thing for this story.

(are you a mind reader or something?)

Nope. However, it was mentioned in the chapter when Harri was fucked by the basilisk that the queen was trying to tell her something, but she was too lost in her pleasure to listen or some such, I didn't retain the exact wording you used. So 1+1=2, obviously, unless magic is involved and people get cross-eyed. In any case, I'll eagerly await the next chapter, and for the moment, I won't be trying to guess the owner of the eyes, because I simply don't have enough cluess. Unless it's Lily herself (which wouldn't be surprising either), I got nothing right now.

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Guest Anthony

Excellent fic so far.

I will not be too surprised if Lily knows who the stalker is and no doubt has something planned herself

As for updates, any idea when you will next post a chapter?

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Guest VictoriaHammer

I have really enjoyed the story up to this point; it has.been a captivating read. I would love to read what happrns next if you have any other ideas and feel like writing them. (please?) 


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