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Please don't use great long signatures in the forum. Some people love to put their favourite quotes, favourite stories, favourite fandom, favourite belly button lint colour, all in the signature... this can easily get out of hand. Keep your messages short. And if you wish to display a picture in the signature, one picture is preferable, and make sure that it is small. You should also be aware that sometimes when you place a picture in the signature, you think it's going to appear small, but in reality appears full size; always double check how your signature looks after changing it.

There's no hard and fast rule as far as to size and dimensions regarding pictures in signatures, it's mainly a matter of common sense; simply choose a small picture, and if there's any problem with it for any reason then you'll be notified of it. Oh, and keep in mind that if the picture is deemed offensive for any reason then it'll be removed, regardless of the size, with a warning not to use a picture like that again.

Many people dislike huge signatures, and if your signature is deemed annoying for whatever reason then you'll be asked to change it. If you don't then we'll change it for you, with a warning. People are here to read topics, not signatures. tongue.gif

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