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  1. By lucky coincidence, a genetic mutation makes them impervious to garlic-infused holy water, it’s now a health tonic. They also use silver bolts for toothpicks, after all, dental hygiene is important for those perfect pearly whites! Anyways, make sure to get *ALL* their hearts to thwart the regeneration process. Yeah, mostly harmless, like the earth.
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  2. Aw, so it was the mirror that possessed her! Well, you remembered enough so we can have fun with it, as easily forgetting things isn’t a great thing either. Now, if only I could eradicate this plot bunny of having Mary Sue dating Gary Stu, I’m sure their children would be mostly harmless.
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  3. Tomb of Horrors Is the only reason to have Red-Shirt Syndrome. Ah! Memories! Hahahaaha!
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  4. The author never managed to actually make it clear what this MC’s eyes looked like, although the MC spent an inordinate amount of time staring at herself in a mirror. And changing clothes. And falling down and crawling. I swear, there is not enough brain bleach in the universe, sometimes.
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