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    I’m not even remotely qualified to comment on what it would take to modify the current code, although I suspect it would be a major undertaking. My usefulness comes when it’s time to beta-test the updates, since I know what will work, and what will create issues for our members based on the troubleshooting inquiries I get.
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    As a reference at my job I am currently bringing in a new programmer in one of the projects. I expect him to spend 100 hours before he get proficient enough with the codebase to make design choice on his own. Until then I devote hours each week just to answer questions and say yes/no to ideas. It takes serious effort to vet a new programmer for serious work.
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    That's the crux of all this. For any website overhaul, “AFF and its crew" is DG & Manta. DG’s work is near murder on her, and Manta’s really busy too. Like you, I program professionally too, so I’m very picky in what I do with my free time; at the moment, that's my story writing and it’s related software. (An hour or two per month might be acceptable, maybe, but that's not enough for this proposal.)
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    If the crew like some suggestions in this thread they can look into if it economical to implement the changes, but just to be clear, I am not volunteering since I do programming for a living. Neither am I suggesting that is reasonable for some other external programmers to setup a group to doing the actual overhaul of AFF. If anything should change is must the be owner of AFF and its crew that initiate the work. My reasons for posting in this thread is mostly that I don’t agree with original posters assumption that it is easy solve his suggestions, but I also wanted to describe my preferred changes in case by luck some of them happen to be reasonable to implement. Like I said before it much depends on the codebase if things will take hours or weeks to fix.
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    Writer question Pen names are confusing af like you have to copyright it?