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    Fall of the House of Tohsaka...or Not

    Instead of being strangled into senselessness by Kariya, Tohsaka Aoi survives the Fourth Grail War intact. Instead, events during and prior to the war unfolded such that Kariya, Tokiomi, and Zouken are all dead, and Gilgamesh didn't get the new mud body from the Grail. Thus, at the beginning of the war, you have Kirei having decided to see what entertainment he can derive from it without Gilgamesh around as an ace in the hole to save him if necessary. But he does have more than enough interesting characters to make a wonderful tragedy he thinks the King of Heroes would approve of, since the Tohsakas came in contact with the son of his most hated enemy. Sakura, the girl who either wasn't chosen as the heir or was given away, seemingly to be tortured for no reason. Rin, the genius heir who does everything splendidly. And Aoi, the devoted mother. Then one day, a few years before the War begins, Sakura figures out Shirou is a magus, and talks to him about it, and things begin to fall into place for Kirei's tragedy. Sakura, who is never treated by Shirou as though she is less valuable than Rin, who is considered a talented magus by him, and who desperately wants something her sister can never have. Rin, who had a long-time crush, though she denies it, and who wants him, though only as an apprentice she insists. And Aoi? Aoi is lonely. Then the Grail War comes about, and with everything happening, the fragile status quo which has stood begins to crumble as new elements come into play. Saber, the magnificent Servant summoned by Shirou, who he helplessly admires and who comes to be equally infatuated with him. Illya, Shirou's newly discovered sister, who can't seem to decide whether she wants to kill him or love him, but is horribly offended that the Tohsakas seem to think they have a claim to him. Mordred, the Lancer summoned by Illya, who simultaneously wants her father's approval and to punish her father by taking something dear away, like the Grail and her Master. Semiramis, the Assassin summoned by Sakura, whose memories and nature are influencing her Master to do whatever is necessary to claim Shirou. Medea, the Caster Rin claimed, whose memories are having a similar impact. And the eventual revelation that, since a few months after first meeting him, Aoi had already been Mrs. Robinson-ing Shirou while Sakura and Rin were out, and the poor dumb boy didn't know how to deny her or deal with it at all. Of course, for a proper porn story, instead of ending in tragedy and the dramatic fall of the house of Tohsaka Kirei was hoping for, instead, Shirou stumbles into the harem route. Complete with threesomes with all Master/Servant pairs, Saber and Mordred, the royal threesome with the princess of COlchis and queen of Assyria, and Tohsaka foursome. Plus potentially whoever else got involved. Kirei isn't as happy with this as he would be with a great tragedy, but Shirou earns his respect as a man for dealing with all the women, his contempt as a priest for dealing with all the women, and his joy as a sadist for dealing with all the women. Really, Kirei can't decide how he feels about the ending, except that it's not as dramatic as it should have been. He's sure of that.
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    So, NineStar Press has offered me a contract to republish Ghost’s Sight…
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    FGO Spear X Shield

    Fate Grand Order Spear X Shield (The real reason why Fionn mac Cumhaill Joins the team) With the release of Mashu’s swimwear i felt this would be appropriate Story: After being defeated in America Fionn mac Cumhaill is re-summoned in Chaldea unfortunately he still has memories of his defeat and refuses to help Mashu not wanting to have Gudao deal him tries to convince him herself remembering that he proposed to her and use his attraction to her advantage but the King is stubborn and instead offers her a deal one night of sex in exchange for his help not wanting to cause trouble in Chaldea and seeing no other option Mashu agrees with Fionn telling her wear something special later that Night Mashu appears in Fionn’s room in nothing but her swimwear. https://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/fategrandorder/images/1/14/Costume_Dress_System_Info.png/revision/latest?cb=20170712055628