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  1. Anesor

    NaNo 2020?

    Hard to believe it’s been almost a year since NaNo 2019. They’ve already announced officially that no in-person writing sessions will be held this year due to the beer bug. We’ve got only a little over a month to clear the decks and do any outlining before the 1st. As an avid pantser whose prep usually consists of a sentence or two outline, I can usually work on other projects up to about October 29th. A couple of years back the NaNo people admitted the importance of fanfic for writers by adding it as a category. Last year, they expanded the type of writing for your ‘novel’ to include short story collections. (my Nano last year ended up being a dozen stories, which let me switch to a new plot when my muse went on strike) I’m probably going to do the short story collection again, but I still have not decided if it will be SW fanfic or originals.for selfpub. With the loosening of the challenge, who’s thinking about doing that novel-length body this November?
  2. Anesor

    non villain bad guy

    He sure reads like a villain to use magic to make them malleable AND do his homework. How is this magic effect on the women different than date-rape drugs? (Researching how those work on victims might help for his building it in setting a magical method and would be hard to detect by forensics. How would Quincy know a piece of random junk mail on the counter had a spell on it?
  3. Anesor

    Elvin buildings

    Hmm, I suppose the first question is how tall your elves are and how big is a normal-sized apple tree? If elves are small kinds of fey and normal-sized apple tree would have enough ‘lifeforce’ or energy’ to be believable. (Yes, with magic all things can happen but suspension of disbelief is smoother if there is a kind of boundary or limits to it). Apple trees are pretty scrawny trunks compared to other trees like ashes and oaks, let alone behemoths like the sequoia. Maple trees could be a year round source of a sweet nog. What kind of walls will shelter people from the rain or sleet? Solid wood would require tiny homes/rooms due to the narrower trunks and greater breaking in storms of fruiting trees. Solid magic walls could shift with weather and needs but could have all the issues with wooden midieval row homes with fire, crowding/space limits, and high upkeep. I lean toward a hybrid where the branches weave together to a degree with magic to make enclosed spaces and the walls are fibrous like fiberglass. The tree would bend and move more loosely air passing through more. A willow would be ideal for a nesting branch home. I’d rather use magic for fire protection (gives the tree some benefit for letting people modify it) than everything for the homes...
  4. As of March 21st, when everyone is home and bored, my stories have not been pulled down! (the about page is no longer clickable either)
  5. it still shows for me for Android note 15 million downloaded from this site?
  6. 25k a day early, yay! 

    1. GeorgeGlass


      That’s terrific. I’m doing a mini-WriMo of just 500 words a day, and I have trouble keeping up with THAT.

    2. Anesor


      good!  I’m losing ground now. pretty typical midmonth NaNo.  RL kicking me.

    3. BronxWench


      Congratulations, and kick back harder! :hug:

  7. I’m actually a few hundred words above my NaNo quota and waiting to see if my work’s going in an Advent promo package again this year. The theme was dragons!!

    Hoping to find a kriffing fly strip and see if I can start a batch of Xmas cards with some help today. Weird bio stuff too. 

  8. almost caught up for NaNo…

    I reall hate Nano dumped my buddies list.  These are people I contact through their boards only and have no other way. the Nano site has lost almost all value if we cannot trust them not to dumps our friends links...

    1. BronxWench


      They did warn us in August that certain things wouldn’t be carried over to the redesigned site, like our buddy lists. It’s unfortunate that the information couldn’t be preserved, but there we are. Technology isn’t as reliable as we’d like.

      Sadly, I’m not going to have the time to do NaNo this year, as much as I’d like. I have more than enough WIPs, my day job, and family things to keep me hopping like mad, and unless I give up sleeping altogether, NaNo will just become a source of stress rather than an exciting way to challenge myself. But I will root for everyone doing NaNo, and if you want to buddy up, I’m still MorwenNavarre on NaNo. :D

    2. Anesor


      Sadly, their value added doesn’t apply in August for me.  I just don’t have contact info for most I was nano buddies with. Friend lists are the big thing for social sites and it’s not worth the effort to redo it if they don’t care.Can yu imagine the real social sites dropping friends lists and thinking they could keep their audience?

      I got a story featured in a halloween podcast. my 1st contract… :o

      Sorry you aren’t having time to write. The new systen does facilitate other projects, combining the camps better. You can also set different goals too/  I really need to set a month aside to work on revising my originals.  I found my short/flash stories lean strongly to horror and longer happier. Maybe you should try flash as that gives faster results and easier to fit in busy schedule.  I usually fit one in in twodays.

      I’m yet another Dean of WIPs.  My fanfic is all Star Wars, I’m doing the final chapter of a 4 chapter, and have a handful in medium length plus my usual big story blocking nearing the end.  I’m in a short writing class, but the required prompts aren’t reall grabbing me. I really wish this teacher would STOP starting classes during NaNo.

      this is my free time after midnight so i read and game. I hope to collect all my ideas if i can’t sleep. too. sleep well!

  9. NaNo starts in about 2 hours! Eek!

    Got a pro credit this week. yay!

  10. Anesor

    AFF Halloween Party 2019!

    Hmm, my timing is off again, having some RL agency issues presently. I’m a firm maybe, likely after the 1st.
  11. Anesor

    Looking for new terms.

    Seconding using terms from World of Darkness (werewolf the apocolypse,and vampire the masquerade) at least for ideas. Those systems also provide alternates, like their darker are Sabbat. Since you are doing normal and darker variant, that might get to be a lot of custom vocab, is the lifestage that different dark or light to require separate names?. I saw a recommendation for fantasy writers to limit your custom words to one page. The words may be second nature to you, but readers get annoyed if they have to flip back and forth (had comments in a critique group too on this, and mine were greek derived) For elder vamps of a coven, I’ve also seen Sire (also used in Buffy/Angel, which is more well-known than WoD) I’m personally not sure I could take Latinate terms for ‘wolves or vamps seriously. Not everything old and respected is roman, and taking these names from another language might make it fresh. Alpha/beta/omega is already used in so many non-shifter stories, using it is a two-edged sword. [And to switch genres, do the latin-sounding Sith lords’ names in Star Wars make you laugh like me? Sidious is intimidating, Vader is germanic father which is strange for Palpatine to give him, and Tyranus is asking for scatological mocking. Sith names just keep getting less intimidating: Lumis is especially humor inducing: look out for Lord Light!] If I wanted a diferent flavor. I’d go old english or really ancient like Egypt or Asia.
  12. Struggling with a chapter since March, RL and block, not unreated.  I finally *gasp* wrote out most of an outline, that’s how stuck I was.

    And nasty paperwork too.

    1. CloverReef


      Aw! Well hurrah for the outline being almost complete tho! What usually inspires you?

    2. BronxWench


      I know that feeling. Between work, family, and the rest of it, I’ve been struggling to write as well. We’ll prevail, though! :D


  13. Anesor

    How soon is too soon?

    Ah, you’ve stumbled on to the great mystery of fiction with any relationship, because there is no true answer. It depends on the writer’s intentions and the specific characters. You seem to have already done some thought, and THAT fits these characters, Another story may have a different answer. Try not to worry about how it will seem to others, the first person you need to please is yourself. (And a writer can do either extreme if set up right)
  14. Anesor

    Getting started

    Start in the action. That will tell you what needs to be in the start. I started one NaNo in the middle of the escape from a prison and decided it was better to do the worldbuilding in later flashbacks, Memory lane trips are kinda boring starts to me as there’s little tension or relevance to current action. You need to hook the reader and they don’t have any investment in a flashback until they have met and feel for the character… GL!
  15. Anesor

    what do you call it?

    I heard that commune as a term existed before the soviets.