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  1. Uggh, can’t seem to add my one-shot to the archives.:blink:

    1. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      You should be able to add it like any other story.

    2. BronxWench


      Where’s it hanging up? Let’s see if we can get it sorted.

  2. Apathy from readers isn’t exactly negative, though it makes me feel very negative about my writing. I live (writer-wise) for a thoughtful comments and chatter from readers, positive or even negative. (I admit some commenters are harder to understand from language usage) Next best are raw hits and likes, they just don’t give the same validation. Apathy is almost being gaslighted by your own work, leaving doubt and angst. I thought finishing a finale chapter this month would not be an issue, but RL+story block/angst+reader quiet makes it a struggle. If struggle with a story goes on too long, I start a new one, often humor or parody.
  3. One of the hardest things is to take a time out when someone has completely misunderstood something. Bit rephrasing it when the upset is at its highest, I think is more likely to get the other even more upset. I’m not letting it go, as I’m upset they took something wrong, but I can’t really find out why they took it wrong. It’s so hard not to jump on the exchange, though...
  4. … And MacGyver uses the dog’s striped suspenders to catch and throw away the grass green grenade...
  5. That’s why I’m careful with my guns, I’ve seen too many in text and video where the hun was not only there but balloons and blinking lights were there. I prefer the stage magician where a detail is there but unimportant. with red herrings added sometimes.
  6. I’ve got several idea files: original, one for each fandom, and a few for particular AU’s. the biggest issue iis never gettng back. A 30 day challenge is waiting for a chapter 16/16. If I start that one, one of the other two will be abandoned, I’ve learned how fickle my muse is. Showers?? and it’s gone.
  7. I have a bunch on hiatus because I had too many cool ideas I could not resist starting. Sometimes i get a little cornered moving between two sections, and can’t go forward. right now my laptop keyboard needs replaced and it will be weeks until the part comes in. There just isn’t room for my storyor comment window AND an on screen keyboard. One stopped as no one read it. I’m toying with a summary postscript, as all that was left was lots of battle and onle a few small char things. jst don’t have the time to finish them, especially as I want to get back to original stuff.
  8. I think like that too, it’s almost like internal marketing. I have to catch and keep the readers’ eyeballs. have to get their interest quickly with the immediate events like being locked up, a setting that is familiar, a feeling, a bit of sass… later they can discover the plot or true love. But my story has to intrigue them enough to read page two. But I have problems with external marketing, I posted a Star Wars/Gilligan’s Island mashup parody comedy but it’s sitting like a dead duck. (it was a plot bunny that would not go away) Checkov’s Gun is also a plot hook as the readers will wonder if and how the broad ax mentioned over the mantle might be used: heirloom, decoration, weapon, fireplace, or…?
  9. Perhaps a little, but editors and publishers were harping on it in the 80’s, long before social media impacted attention span.
  10. Very nice example, providing details and emotional weight without massive academic detail.
  11. I try to make it a rule of thumb that things like background and descriptions can only be a few paragraphs at a time before something happens to move the focus away. Since that was the kind of thing that makes for big blocks of text, my average paragraph length is much shorter than when I started. Another rule is that one speaker, one idea is a paragraph. I know my eyes glaze when paragraphs hit 20+ lines and I start skipping to where shorter paragraphs say I’m past the too much detail. I know I probably miss a few guns but I want to get to the good stuff: dialog, tortured angst, or action of some kind. Maybe all three at once?
  12. Ah, I’m a pantser not an outliner. If every word is planned and intentional in setting, theme, plot, character, etc, my muse withers and dies and I can’t write at all. My one attempt at planning ahead sent my one NaNo off the rail and never recovered. To me it feels like I’ve been written into a corner and there’s no joy as there’s nothing left to discover. Turn me loose with a sketchy idea or two and I’m fine, I fill in as I write. I have to make sure I don’t overthink it. Setting and mindset will often include extra stuff, as even freedom fighters need to do RL along with the good stuff. I used to read mainline romances and their outline/checklists became painfully clear because there was nothing that wasn’t significant to the story. Every object was a Checkov gun, so there were not surprises and little life. Not everyone in my life was part of the plot about my degree. Those cheesy books were good as negative examples.
  13. Mine is unintentional as well, but it has happened multiple times. I’m just rolling along, telling the tale and reach an unexpected problem. I reread what I’ve already written and see something mentioned as scenery and color (and sometimes posted many chapters ago) and LO! there is a gun, sitting there, primed and all ready to be fired. You’d think I’d planned it. It doesn’t happen as often as I’d like. I figure if I’m surprised, the readers may be too. I think it’s because I have sketchy outlines more often.
  14. Could you explain what you mean by ‘disingenuous paragraphs of encouragement?’ Sadly, a lot of reviews are short of meat to them, so all you get are feelings. Sometimes you get helpful details to improve problems or understand what works, but that is a minority for me. For me, any more detail than a like makes my week.
  15. Yeah, I forgot to mention that you should find some way of indicating that you are crossposting. It would be very embarrassing to get a Hall of Shame warning when crossposting. (I used the same account name for each site, and they were the same day more or less...)