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  1. Anesor

    How Many Active Stories do you Have?

    Yes, think it though and write it up as a story. Post it with a link to here.
  2. Anesor

    How Many Active Stories do you Have?

    I’m managing to hold firm and not start any more, but my 2 most active are slightly stopped. bah humbug.
  3. Anesor

    When you lose interest...

    I have to consciously stop myself from going back to tweak old fic posts. I did a full reedit of my first long story and that just about killed my muse. My muse really, really prefers the first creation period. This does cause problems with larger original works when I’m aware of problems, but repeated edit passes sucked all the joy out of my own original novels that now languish. It’s not that I don’t edit, but I made guidelines so it doesn’t suck out the joy. And these work well for even long fanfics. Not originals it seems. When you start a new day/session, reread the previous one to remember where you left off. Copyedit here, fixing phrasing and typos. Keep an eye as you write, too, but don’t sweat it when on a roll. Tomorrow can handle the typos. Do a pass on a finished chapter on the next day, looking for brainfarts and missing props. Run a spell checker and mine catches simple grammar too. This is the stage I like beta comments, especially on story and theme- more than just simple typos. I also like a fan beta so I don’t give Qui-Gon an X-wing. If I won the lottery, I’d hire someone to edit originals. Make changes and another pass. POST here. I let myself have a few days to do any simple edits that I or readers catch in fanfics. After that, no more editing. The chapter’s now canon for that story and I don’t want editing to domino and force a joy-killing full edit. Edits are for BIG issues, like where a reader thought my lead was cursing the slaves instead of the slavers because of undefined pronouns. I’m finding it easier to resist editing older stories, the older they are. I have not gotten any horrified or offended comments on even old subpar stories, kudos and likes just keep slowly accruing. And frankly, take a look at the typos and screwups from big publishers and big name authors who DO have multiple editors. Give yourself a break. Editing after a point is only when you were really unclear. (sorry to ramble)
  4. Anesor

    A Question of Consent

    I think there’d have to be a massive change of circumstance for it to move outside Stockholm syndrome, rape and abuse patterns. Free will, free movement, and the right to say no without penalty is only the beginning. How would you separate someone saying yes because of a habit/pattern of abuse/fear even if the threat appears to to be gone? Learned patterns, even psycho ones, for survival would persist. How long does it take for prisoners and rape victims to recover to even react to sex, trust and intimacy in a more healthy way. Most accounts I’ve seen is a long time if ever. And I honestly don’t think the abuser has much more than a snowball’s chance in.. after removing personhood and agency over an extended period. I had a rape survivor in an early story, and they had several screws loose back at home during recovery when it wasn’t an abuser who was nice sometimes. In retrospect, I think I probably had her recover too fast, but I had little comments on that part of the story. If I wanted to somehow shift a rape/harem into a romance somehow, I would think there would need to be a more compelling reason why the wannbe sheik thought any of this might be okay, like raised in an isolated cult. In another galaxy. If they/she visited him in prison and they got together when he got out in twenty years everyone would have agency and maybe there might be love. But I have to think about the women wanting Charles Manson free for their HEA makes me sad.
  5. Our local station has cancelled regular programming for flailing about a massive noreaster… which still hasn’t produced an inch of snow.  Yapping about something that hasn’t happened, when I want my Jeopardy. :bash:

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      Netfliiiiixxx <3

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      Welp, it’s arrived here...

    3. Anesor


      I thought you’d get hit, it was veering 70 miles north.  Too bad it didn’t veer more.

      Sadly, Netflix doesn’t carry Jeopardy.  There’s too many episodes for a game show. I’m blue that the local station stopped showing Joy of Painting.  Bob Ross is so soothing when he explains how easy oil painting is… you almost believe you can. My online comcast dvr recorded 65 eps of SW Rebels when I wasn’t looking. A handful more and I’ll have the whole set! I can’t even figure how to turn it off.

  6. Anesor

    Differentiating First Person POVs??!!

    Well (took me almost a day to see this, but it’s in my wheelhouse) for almost ten years I wrote almost exclusively rotating 1st person rotating POV. I liked it because I could control clues to both the reader and the characters. That first cast had really strong personalities, I bet I could write a new scene with their unlabelled POVs and my long-suffering beta could still identify which character was speaking even after five years. A half million words. And that strong personality is the most important thing. These characters had different moralities and ethics, people skills, slang/formal language usage, faith/lack thereof, careers/specialties- especially if illegal, goals. That’s before you even consider traumas and obsessions and backstories. Pick a specific actor/part for their line delivery, think how different Robin Williams was for the genie and in Dead Poet Society. Make a familiar character/person to be the core basis and add setting based stuff. Yes, this is all characterization, but that last bit that makes the character gel and become unique and memorable. It binds the fictional universes together, because without chars, the story is just a checklist of events. (stories like that are so painful) This is why stories heavy in OCs are a challenge, the new characters haven’t differentiated enough to be interesting. I had mental baseball caps I put on the change gears to another character in that first series. I don’t know how I made them the first time, so newer ones are seconds. You need that strong personality and look at the scene/events from their bias and needs. They look out your eyes at the scene you made. You could joke that I have multiple personalities: assassins, paladin, shadewalker, healer, Sith, and Jedi. It would not be that off, and waiting in line causes odd commentary... Later series weren’t quite as strong. And I’m struggling in my current big story. Original flash stories and other shorts just don’t have as strong personalities they focus on revelation/plot.
  7. Awfully glad out total snowfall this season has been about three inches… :jaw:

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      This is so weird for me to read because it rocketed back into the 70s just yesterday. It’ s so hot, I'm sweating through my eyes :cry:

    3. BronxWench


      I want to know where @CloverReef is finding virgins. They’re getting scarce around here…:D


    4. CloverReef


      @BronxWench In Saskatchewan we grow em in fields next to the wheat and Canola. 

  8. Anesor

    How Many Active Stories do you Have?

    No, it’s more a RL living situation where nothing can happen on the fly. We each have different physical issues, so no one can jump. At least I have no shortage of ideas.
  9. Anesor

    How Many Active Stories do you Have?

    Oh, I record them in files backed up in the cloud, as I lose notepads and have trouble writing with pencil anymore. The only ones I lose are in the bath.
  10. Anesor

    How Many Active Stories do you Have?

    I’m trying to slowly kill that. You can give two writers, ten writers the same idea/prompt and get at least ten different stories. There are SO many stories that take different paths if X scene went differently. The more annoyed the fandom, the wider the divergence. They may be similarities, but each writer spins it differently. The plagarists aren’t that bright and don’t drift further away as the story goes on. My ideas are stories I’d like to see, and there’s plenty of writers who can do them justice. And if they don’t, I may take a crack in a few months when I get a slot open.
  11. Anesor

    How Many Active Stories do you Have?

    Yeah, I had a three week block on one story as I stopped in the middle of a speech where one char was setting up a prank that tied into the final challenge and close. When I came back to the tale, all I had was the look of mischief in one character’s eyes and the sinking feeling in the POV that they might not find the learning experience was not going to be fun for them. And that was ALL I remembered about the next sentence and scene. I knew where the tale would end, but this is fluff with serious undertones, so it was no joy buzzer prank. So I really empathize with getting lost. I originally wrote most stories with rotating 1st person POV, and I got to calling each persona like a Lon ballcap I could put on, and then the next lead’s ball cap. I’ve noticed the ballcaps were stronger the characters had a stronger voice and smaller canon. The SW ones now are wispier. Anyone else remember the Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd toon where new hats kept landing on their heads and they’d swap from hunter to judge to bride and groom? That’s the way I handled it for a while.
  12. Anesor

    How Many Active Stories do you Have?

    I have far too many cool ideas for my time and RL ability to record them. On occasion I manage to farm them to another writer in a story comment. Got one adopted just last night. I only use Excel during a complex plot or combat. For story ideas, I keep ideas in plain text files by broad topic areas. Right now I have one for original fiction, for Star Wars fics, for DA, and for NWN. I also have a folder on my desktop where I drop shortcuts for possible blog posts. These files all grow faster than they shrink. But answering the original posting (got the digest late today) I have three SW fics, one big and two smaller, posted within the last month. Two others are ready to start as soon as I close at least one down. I have a whole bunch of hiatus’d stories, that I want to continue. Most stopped from block, and some as I realized that juggling more than three brings me to a stop in all of them. Of course I don’t like having only one as swapping stories lets me sidestep block most of the time. Three stories seems to be my sweet spot. Raw Counts: Book4 choices, Book3 AMT, side novella AMT, DA2 alt, another DA2 alt, Serial original novella. And two original novels awaiting enough cash to get an dev editor. Only one or two SW are hiatused, and I know one will start the sequel before Easter. I’m getting better at keeping a lid on new stories. All hiatused are less than seven years, most less. Three active, ten hiatus, and 2 in between. I think I’ll stop babbling now.
  13. Anesor

    When you lose interest...

    Sounds like a plan. Good muse feeding.
  14. Anesor

    When you lose interest...

    And we can babble at length on many topics, evading our own block.
  15. Anesor

    When you lose interest...

    ‘rereading further back’ is for me as writer to reconnect after time away. I do not want a reader to have to reread to get the character. (Though I have seeded plot whammies and mystery answers way ahead of time) My revisions add 10-20% of the wordage, unless it’s flash or short shorts.