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  1. Anesor

    How soon is too soon?

    Ah, you’ve stumbled on to the great mystery of fiction with any relationship, because there is no true answer. It depends on the writer’s intentions and the specific characters. You seem to have already done some thought, and THAT fits these characters, Another story may have a different answer. Try not to worry about how it will seem to others, the first person you need to please is yourself. (And a writer can do either extreme if set up right)
  2. Anesor

    Getting started

    Start in the action. That will tell you what needs to be in the start. I started one NaNo in the middle of the escape from a prison and decided it was better to do the worldbuilding in later flashbacks, Memory lane trips are kinda boring starts to me as there’s little tension or relevance to current action. You need to hook the reader and they don’t have any investment in a flashback until they have met and feel for the character… GL!
  3. Anesor

    what do you call it?

    I heard that commune as a term existed before the soviets.
  4. My mind just boggled when the tags for the first chapter of a mashup story elsewhere was seven hundred words longer than the chapter.

    LSS, I decided not to read it as there were dozens of chars and worlds I don’t know nuttin about. The big mashups I’ve tried don’t give enough background and the more famous ones are ooc enough I begin to feel they were included more like clickbait.  I already have five stories pending to read for a while, no more. :jaw:

    1. JayDee


      I’ve seen some stories like that on here, like every damn tag selected and it’s a drabble about Bobby-Jo getting some cheesecake with “LOL! MORE TO COME!” Like, what’s she gonna do? fuck the cheese cake?

    2. BronxWench


      Lemme guess… AO3? They let you tag as freely as you want, with the end result that the tags become meaningless.

    3. Anesor


      It was AO3, but stories that are long with large casts in all fairness need more than a handful. I know now I would tag my Choices1 very differently.  My current big story has nearly ten viewpoint characters, and they go through all kinds of physical and moral crap. 

      You know me, I don’t wallow on the physical pain but the moral and strategic when bad stuff happens. How does one deal with the painful crossroads or morality and battlefield tactics, and the emotional aftermaths? What happens when your lover really cannot forgive something done to save lives and shorten a battle? (in this case abandonment and lots of angst)

  5. Anesor

    Plagiarism stopper?

    I admit I do download stories I like. Not because I have the slightest interest in copying them, but to read/reread/group a series together. I have intermittent connection issues and computer issues, so reading them live can be a problem. I can group stories into bookshelf folders for heat or tropes or themes or pairings. No site lets me set up indexed story lists in a convenient useful way. That doesn’t even touch the sadness I feel when an author has pulled a story I loved for whatever reason and I can never reread it again… even if it was incomplete. The first fanfic I really liked, I lost the bookmark and the author was ill and I only have faint memories over a dozen years old. A friend showed it to me so I don’t even know which site it was on. So I DL my favorites for later, like the worn paperbacks in my room. I have plenty of my own ideas and no interest in being a plague.
  6. Frustration (noun) When your first chapter in months after block really hit, has to be totally rewritten because you switched from 3rd person to 1st.

  7. Anesor

    narrated story or read a story?

    I’ve done it purely a few times, but I find it awkward. I think it’s been done well most often with detective stories, though one of my favorites is the epistolary Sorcery and Cecilia. I rarely write it up as a log or diary, so my last may be a Captain’s log from Isabella(DA) Tho, thinking about it, I actually lean in that direction as most of my writing is rotating 1st person… sort of a perfect personal mental story/log, loaded with “I’s.” My readers get only the interpretation of the POV which is unreliable and may not consciously notice some things. They are telling their story to someone without any real need to censor. I really like when you see the same scene from different views- but not interspersed or omniscient. A lot of older stories, esp romances open up with diary/journal entries before new stuff. I think this is very useful for serial writing since it will be days to months between chapters. The original Trek used that to regain story momentum after a commercial break.
  8. Day 9 or 10 of my head cold. Awaiting GP callback. Uggh.

    1. BronxWench


      Ugh indeed. I’m doing my level best to avoid getting sick this winter.

    2. CloverReef


      Pooor you, that sucks! Drink a shitton of mint tea! My mother used to steam my head with mint oil when I got head colds. and the ol’ Vick’s slathered around your neck and wrapped in a big scratchy sock trick. 

  9. Happy NewYear! :wiz::balloon::chook::cheers::party:

    Hope yours goes better than the poor schlubs who made the float in Pasedena that broke down and prevented the end of the parade… :bash::coffee:

  10. Holiday cold whapping me about the head… earlier than some years.  Can I rent new sinuses?

    1. JayDee


      Get well soon!

    2. BronxWench


      Ouch, and fell better! Chicken soup, maybe? :hug:

  11. Anesor

    Exhaustion and Writing

    Sad when RL is determined to take away some kinds of fun… have a sand tart.
  12. Anesor

    Exhaustion and Writing

    Heh, these were ideas for boredom and block. Exhaustion from NaNo and holidays were part of it for me not lack of ideas. I have files of ideas and inspirations, and about 6 that want attention right now, and an original on hiatus until the new year. (I really don't read outside my current fandom, like I won't touch lotr or any anime) I had to skip the whole period of that collection was in the works as we had a major illness in the house and what time I had went to a college-level writing class and the anthology I’m in that just released. Some projects you just have to let pass. I’m trying to wean myself off fanfic into originals for publication, probably my new year's resolution.
  13. Anesor

    Exhaustion and Writing

    Is it a particular topic or fandom? My worst block on stories come when I’m trying to force a story and refusing to work on something else. I feel bad for stuck stories, but getting mad makes it worse. Most often I break block by working on a new story, often silly/satire. I have to be careful that these side stories don’t take a life of their own as I have too many active stories. I get really stuck when I think I SHOULD work on my more meaningful big stories and then I get stuck across the board. My muse just gets bored, frustrated, and doesn’t like being told what it should do by planning. Right now I’m doing cleanup on all the drafts I did for NaNo and one plot bunny sticking Vader in something like Quantum Leap (no Al) taht is running short and fast. Write anything, even a blog journal, to get the words moving...
  14. Anesor

    Exhaustion and Writing

    Dunno about you all, but even aside from the hectic tasks to prepare for the holidays, I’m just tired of writing. I have plenty of things I want or need to be writing (I’m six weeks behind in a writing class) but I can’t seem to concentrate for more than an hour or so on writing. Nodding off is the first symptom. I usually get some done on the actual days of the holidays as we just have a quiet meal, our big feast is the 24th and then we relax. Are you managing to get anything done right now, or are you in a hiatus?
  15. Nothing starts your day off much better than a warm and fuzzy review of a story that has been out for a while and that the reader gets the core concept...

    1. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      And pay the favor forward with some nice Holiday stories and review them :)

    2. Anesor


      I already review almost every story I read. The only ones I don’t, are the abusive and/or creepy OOC ones. My profiles on sites and many chapter notes I include pay it forward requests for people to review all the stories they like. A fair percent of my days I spend more time doing reviews than writing my own. It ’s a good/bad habit.

    3. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      I’m less of a reader, more of a writer, so that’s why I don’t review often, simply because I’m not reading that often.