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  1. When you lose interest...

    Sounds like a plan. Good muse feeding.
  2. When you lose interest...

    And we can babble at length on many topics, evading our own block.
  3. When you lose interest...

    ‘rereading further back’ is for me as writer to reconnect after time away. I do not want a reader to have to reread to get the character. (Though I have seeded plot whammies and mystery answers way ahead of time) My revisions add 10-20% of the wordage, unless it’s flash or short shorts.
  4. When you lose interest...

    I can understand pulling to repost from scratch. but I still miss several stories I adored from my earlier fanfic days that just plain disappeared. Once or twice a repost lost something in the major edits. I’ve noticed it sometimes in my own stuff, that I can edit the life out of the story. One writer I admire, I’ve realized in their recent works they just don’t evoke any emotion good or bad. That’s what happens when I work on something too long. Grammar/spelling is better but I’m so detached from the characters that I don’t care about them and so why would a reader? If I force myself to keep working, there’s no feeling in it, and that is when mild block becomes lethal. I need that momentum. Rereading further back reconnects with their emotions… then comes getting started writing anything, if the block got bad. [Right now I have an interesting permutation: my muse wants to write something, but I don’t know what. It’s like having the munchies but when you can’t figure out what you’re craving. I don’t know what I want to write...]
  5. With tomorrow’s bloodwork, medical issues should slow down. Yay! If I can close down my epistolary fic, that time can be moved toward attacking my dusty original story… :bash:

    1. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      May they only jab you once on the bloodwork.  (I had to be jabbed a second time when I did mine earlier this week.)

    2. Anesor


      This was an above average phlebotomist, way better than the last half dozen at least.

    3. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Rare find, congrats!

  6. When you lose interest...

    I got interrupted by the holidays and a couple stories that are in that tricky final chapter so I really lost the feel for one story going forward. I was still recording ideas that will improve the last dozen chapters, but I lost the feel for my leads. I reread a handful of chapters and that really helped. (I’m drafting chapter 24 and posting ch 14, so my block hasn’t been obvious)
  7. When you lose interest...

    I also believe a story should not be removed for almost any reason. I have revised, and replaced a chapter at a time as I revised. I don’t think block is enough of a reason, even for blocked stories, because usually I just need one interested person to ask a question to help break the block. (why betas and writing buddies are invaluable) Murphy’s law says I’d pull it down exactly when someone is excited and partway through. One of the best reasons to leave it up is because it is a high when someone comments on a very old story.
  8. Thing is, affording an editor is prohibitive for me. I just don’t have it, nor am I likely to have it in the foreseeable future. I’d love one, because I can almost see the edges of problems. Finding betas has also been a problem, the ones accepting new projects at a meet place seem to be newer writers than me, finding only typos. One way to really, really kill my muse is to have stories just sitting around waiting for a second opinion/editing. And running through it over and over for typos and grammar kills any life in the tale. I’ve got two Nano original novels stalled at that point. I used to have up to two betas at a time, but RL and time take that. For fanfic, I clean it up as best I can. But I have seen abysmally bad proofreading in fanfic and profic. And lately it is patently clear which people are using voice input by the wacky similar words and dropped suffixes in their story. (insider<>initiate, not like they were suppose to) Sometimes they note betas, and I want to weep. And when I see it in major authors or from a major publisher it’s worse. Read older books and there were fewer, so I think it’s industry wide. Some big authors are reputed to have ditched editing, I can’t verify as I don’t read them. I’m hoping to find a beta or editor, but if the choice is putting out with some errors and not publishing at all, I’ll put it out and let the devil take the hindmost.
  9. Feedback affects my stories, but often in indirect ways. Critical reviews don’t bother me the way they used to, partly because it’s often clear they are bringing some huge bias by what they say. I can’t stop that. One troll went away after I thanked them for a page length list of spelling and grammar. I got some outrage and anger on my first story, and I tried to diplomatically tell them to flake off when I calmed. More recent I try to tag what might set people off, and haven't really had any jerks in years. Confused readers are either explained in a reply or I may make a fix. The last irate one came from when a reader thought my lead hated an entire class of people. I was already fice chapters ahead and I was confused. After a little back and forth when I asked what gave them that impression (many reviewers never reply when you do want to fix it) and it ended up being basically pronoun confusion. They thought the lead was hating the slaves, instead of the slavers. A couple chapters later they included a comment that they liked the changes. One or two commenters, by their language they are very young or have developmental issues… so I’m just glad they’re reading, period. And feedback comes in where I'm wondering if they read the story I wrote. An early confused person accused the story of a kink I would not write... Sometimes I may do minor shifts if some feedback gives me an idea that sparkles. I don't make structural changes from feedback. Selfpub is a blessing and a bane. there is no longer an excuse for a wannabe writer to complain about the pressure of finding a publisher. It is a lot more work today, even if you have a pub. I could not believe an aspiring writer couldn’t find any ideas… My files of ideas keep growing faster than I can write... I adore insightful comments that a reader is thinking about events and what's happening off camera or might be coming. That they get the themes or subplots I’m building. I also really appreciate if someone points out an accidental grammar or spelling problem. Feedback affects much more in longer stories. and hits aren’t really enough warm fuzzies for my muse. I’ve pulled very few stories, because of my own dislike or career plans. One shots or three shots, I’m just not as emotionally invested in the feedback. The bigger issue is that a total lack of feedback just kills my motivation to continue when the writing gets tough from block or RL. I had a DA2 story that just withered and died. I knew how it was ending the schroedinger’s viscount problem. No one else seemed to care enough to read for several chapters, so I didn’t care enough to write it. I have plenty of other ideas. (I’ve written about 200k in a different fandom since this) = = = On the good side I found out a college bud I lost touch with is a part-time editor, but I haven't decided how stalker or pitiful I want to appear when I ask.
  10. (Anesor) I think there are a lot of group enterprises where the leader must have a vision that moves the story/election/season/series forward. The success of that project depends on how well the group implements that idea. If the group nerfs the project is can still suck. And an enthused group can’t fix a broken or weak idea. ST:TMP springs to mind. J Michael Strazinski and Joss Whedon’s signature creations depended on that vision, that they implemented despite hirdles involved. It take a team to implement, but one person with a vision to have something to implement. (anesor) I think we should be careful about overusing the term ‘rut.’ What is it, there’s only X number of basic plots? And one we prune for setting, there’s fewer. But the basic quest, the basic hero of a thousand faces has a billion stories. And how many times have you read a story where a clever writer may make no particular change to an old trope, but it is written so well, you don’t care. I suspect there is no trope that cannot be revived by a good writer. What we’re really meaning as rut, are things like when it’s done by the numbers, rut by publisher design. Repeating themes, character-types, settings are the meat and potatoes of fanfic. They repeat because I think many enjoy the tropes of that fandom. Also 2nd kind of repeat/rut, is because the readers and writers are still coming to terms with broken or abandoned themes and events of canon. (Wait! this makes no sense in canon! ‘if it’s not alright, it’s not the end’ You can’t kill that character, they’re the heart of the series!) Other so-called third ruts, are themes the writer’s muse may get off on. I know my muse loves doing struggling for redemption and forgiveness. Figuring out doing the right thing when that can be very slippery and the stakes are high. Scripted ‘hack’ writing as it’s seen by outsidersoften is not. Dickens and Alcott write stiff that ha dno respect, but they also wrote classics. A lot of big name writers started in harlequin and potboilers. Ruts are only bad if they are boring and you no longer enjoy it. And, if I get stuck, I change fandoms or projects. My favorite theme remains, though.
  11. Strain finally going down after weeks of medical snafus and ER visit. Xmas will be late this year. (no food, no prezzies, no cards) children only ones done! Eeek!

  12. I don’t worry about ‘the,’ I worry more about using my lead’s first name all the time, so I make the effort for that. I checked my 13 chapter fic that is today’s project and only one chapter used ‘the,’ So I think that’s okay.
  13. Inspiration

    I lose the notebooks too, and I have issues putting pen to paper. computers are bigger and never go >2m away.
  14. Inspiration

    I’ve lost more ideas when away from my computer and I don’t write it down. Many good ones do not survive the maelstrom of my attention. Scraps of paper get lost. I don’t have to start writing it right away, I can start on an idea from my idea files much later. I have lots of ideas, but I am planning for the new year to stop chasing fanfic as much, I need more for my Kindle releases. Feeding and encouraging my muse is important: reading fiction I like, watching TV and documentaries, reading thoughtful and wide ranging columns… all work as muse fodder. Of course I can get a story idea that I can tell is hugs and far too big and I almost mourn it. When writing I can sustain a roll if I have music in the mood I want. Finding and remembering songs is a challenge. NB: I’m closing in on my Nano total, but had an employee pull a no show…