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  1. Just plain knowledge: know the cutting edge of inventions and social-political trends. Invest/protect Rothchilds. help templars escape… for a big fee. invest in Jamestown. just plain sponsor the better doctors. just pick anything 20 yrs in future or more if the idea is the problem not the technology. Cowpox anyone?
  2. Good luck with that. I don’t have access to Word. I will note that repagination when you have autosaves in LibreOffice tends to slow or gum things up when your file gets bigger than 50k words. Inserted art hurts too. I turn off autospellcheck while I’m working on my draft and slow saves to 10 minutes and it stopped crashing. Repagination and spelling take too many resources I think. I turn spelling back on for editing.
  3. Most of my plot bunnies are friendly, they rarely get rabid. They just keep spawning. Right now I’m satisfied with the villains in my active stories. I usually create the villain for my plot and then develop as I go. (and feel inadequate). When I look back I have motive and a tracery of backstory, they just don’t feel like enough. (I really don’t want to shift to antagonist 1st person POV, as I want the readers to know as much or little as the villains) I did try profile/outline and my muse ran away. If I go to that level detail I can’t revisit enough to actually write. That muse has a short attention span.
  4. My villains are not that well set up, and many are existing canon ones repurposed for my fanfics. I hope to develop more, but my writing is so slow right now, I work more on plot than detail. I like redemptive arcs, so are those characters anti-villains or anti-heroes? I usually stick to motives and a simple timeline/plan.
  5. I use LibreOffice from draft to formatting final layouts for self-pub. (Open Office pretty much lost it devs after it was required and hasn’t added anythig in over 10 years) I use iDrive for backups which has been as low as 10$ for a year.
  6. Hospital stay was followed by a case of shingles I thought was insect bites.  ‘Bout all I’m interested in writing is a crack fanfic...

    1. pippychick


      Ouch… hope you’re feeling better soon.

    2. GeorgeGlass
  7. Hey, add it here, sometimes a slightly different wording to trigger a new approach.
  8. Happy new year's pneumonia still lingers

    1. BronxWench


      Yeesh! And of course the snow isn't helping...

  9. frustration = when someone who's consantly borrowing money for bills and doesn't repay, buys the lender a large TV. Then seems surprised they're dismayed.lender

    1. BronxWench


      Jeez. Can you return the TV at least, and try to recoup some cash that way?

    2. Anesor


      No, it wasn't to me and I have no say. What is this cultural contamination that someone who can't addord to pay their bills, buys expensive gifts. A budget Xmas doesn't mean you don't care for them. Why does someone who has no real interest in tech HAVE to have a new laptop AND tablet AND smartphone. This is someone who doesn't use them for anything more than videos (no email, no high games, no making video/art/writing) its a keeping up with the Jones... arrgh.

  10. Whew, the hardest NaNo yet. Not sure it was worth the strain. Wish we didn't have the puppy and that is a mix of guilt as it's not her fount her care has fallen to us....

  11. Arrgh! Relatives who buy expensive gifts you don't need, don't want, and aren't interested in droping enerything to learn during NaNo/holiday rush. They don't even use theirs, it's just consumption.

  12. I DO NOT need to deal with jury duty stuff during NaNo!

    1. BronxWench


      Oh, tell me about it. I have a trade show, an insurance audit for the business, and I'm trying to sign up for classes for the spring semester. Oh, and Thanksgiving dinner needs to be cooked, too.

    2. GeorgeGlass


      In my experience, jury duty consists largely of sitting around, so maybe it will provide you with forced writing time instead of taking time away.

    3. Anesor


      Heh, I can't write with too many people around. But my handicap doesn't allow that kind of frequent outings. I did tell them I would be happy to do virtual jury-ing.

      Someone is giving us a Turkey on Monday, so we're not sure what to plan for.

  13. Still struggling with word count for NaNo. RL will not let go.

    1. BronxWench


      Hang in there... It will come!

  14. Uggh just finished total rewrite for NaNo voice, Was terrible that I was blocked in only one day.

  15. ... And NaNo 2015 is off! Good writing to all playing!