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  1. In 48 hours my mother should be released and home from hospital/rehab. Yay!

  2. This was one of those weeks, losing connectivity for days was not the low point: ?ulcer? surgery for my mother is… feh.

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    2. Anesor


      friday she also got dignosedwith gall stones and additional surgery possible, but treating with meds. moving to temp niring facility tomorrow. maybe home friday.

      lonely times



    3. BronxWench


      It just gets worse! I am so sorry! :( :hug:

    4. Anesor


      temp facility and home fridayis an improvement over last friday. she shounds better and I’m actually trying to stop editing and get back to writing


  3. I’d go further than that in a lot of settings heroic recoveries have been known to proliferate. Comic book and high fantasy, even especially if you helped bury the body after the funeral… sometimes very necessary if the face character of the setting died without any meaning, or they are too crucial to the franchise. Prof X comes to mind, though all of us can name a dozen more… How familiar are the chars with that trope from myth?
  4. Wonderful way to enjoy a heat wave: spend 8 hours trying to figure out why email took a powder 8pm last night. settings are fine, but cannot connect. whee!

    (even the eweb inteface was down for 6 hours) maybe proxy settings? or I forgot to sacrifice a chicken on Bill Gates’ birhtday) email spotty until further notice

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    2. Anesor


      the servers are up. My email client cannot connect, it looks like 50% chance either my AV or firewall is blocking the login popup and the email client doesn’t have the login anymore.  Pop3:por110 was supposed to go byby, but I’ve been using recommended port995 for a good while.  or 2)I can’t help but think port 995 isn’t accepting connections at all, and my client never puts up the login window without the connection.


    3. BronxWench


      My ISP email ( POP) uses port 110, while my IMAP email uses port 993. Might be worth a try...

    4. Anesor


      took 48 hours of pain, but it looks like proxy server settings that affected ONLY the email program, a BFE service, and new AV.

      My ISP is discontining thePOP3 110 port and switching to 995. I spent WWednesdayon the phone with comcast. but late afternoon my mom’s comp was fine. so it was not the modem/router/sever settings.  the authentication wasn’t happening and there was not way to manually change it in the settings. the popup was the only way and the popup never appeared as it didn’t make a connection… ALL other programs/updates/sites seemed fine.

  5. Anesor

    Opinions on Duotrope?

    It looks like it’s an index of markets, and was just mentioned in a new Writer Beware column. (for a market being delisted) Has anyone used it? Is it worth the time? They do have school memberships. But for me, the modest cost is still a sizable piece and would have to wait for the holidays. I will admit I’d been considering No Man’s Sky for my big gift… But if the magazine is useful to a real person (a shock perhaps, but a writer who hangs out here qualifies) I’m more likely to give it a try. Thnx
  6. Yes. This is what I’d do. Stay with the main group, with how they saw/heard/felt the smaller group’s possible death. Have it affect them fear and grief. Make sure they are running by the seat of their pants and guessing. But have some guesses be way off, and they get injured/take losses because of wrong guesses. They don’t know why they hear a distant tank and keep wondering when it will catch them. but the tank is helping them indirectly. The main group has sparse and confusing input and IS hearing actions of the smaller group, but they don’t know. This might be tricky, and a grid/timeline with major actors and sound/sight/evidence that crosses groups. I did a bit of this for my first real fanfic and had a spreadsheet with three hero groups and a villain in a magical gate maze/prison. But I swapped POVs between three characters and it was a nightmare to write. I’m attached enough that I can’t judge anymore if it worked.
  7. Decided to finally put an image in my profile banner. but how do you represent cross-genre interests?  <u portrait leans fantasy, so the banner went SF and I can’t draw. 

    Honestly I’m avoiding some paperwork until after the banking day ends...

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    2. JayDee


      5 frame gif with slow frame change rate cycling through 5 different images?

    3. Anesor


      I really am fine with a sense of wonder starscape… I don’t have any strong ideas for the other genres.

    4. Sinfulwolf


      Lol. All fair points.

  8. Anesor

    Starting Scenes Like A Boss

    Yeah, I really work to start a story with a question/problem/cliffhanger so the reader wants to know what’s next. Needs to know. Chapters either start with the problem the last ended with, or if I’m feeling mean change characters for a different plot thread. I really want to hook the immediate issues in the first couple hundred words. I’m selling curiousity or attachment to the POV to justify the time spent reading. Not always as well as I want, but it’s a work in progress. Some I remember working on more: Good person being sent to life inprisonment despite saving a passel of children in the crime. New mine-slave escaping night of arrival after a brutal march. Meditation on the enemy interrupted by a jealous student. Ghost vision of a murdered child makes lead flee from their duties despite the danger. Some great tragedy is hidden by amnesia and uncovered by symbols in divination cards. Exploring dark tunnels is broken by sliding down steep slope into darkness and noise will bring enemy attackers. Some took far longer to get rolling and I wish I’d done better. (and now I am forcibly trying to resist rewriting all my start!)
  9. Finished a story that I’m not sure if it’s a novella or novelette over the weekend. I’m casting around to start another original, but feel no sparks. (while a handful of semi fanfic clamored for seed starts last month) …need more time!!

    1. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      @CloverReef is clamouring for some tentacle/foot-feetish action.

    2. Anesor


      That brings a very odd Cthulhu and shoes comic to mind, but no fetish action.  :think:

  10. Anesor

    Putting original songs in a fic

    Ouch, a video or audio novel for a very rare song is way too much work. It’s a very different skill set, the same way watercolors are. I sometimes feel sorry for those on the Youtube content treadmill. I think I’ll stay with words and limit most music mentions to the background. Songfics are foreground.
  11. Anesor

    Putting original songs in a fic

    That sounds fine in my book because it grows out of events in the story and ties in. I was speaking about pop songs that depend on exterior materials for the story or scene to make sense. Original songs that are written as part of the story must fit the mood of the story. Michael Bolton didn’t know the mood of my story twenty years later and his lyrics may mean something totally different to a reader based on their RL and that takes control of the story’s mood out of my keyboard. Your “Burn It Down” sounds like a useful grace note and the memory of a terrible cover of it by Jerry Lewis will not disrupt your story. (Hope I was clearer this time)
  12. Anesor

    Putting original songs in a fic

    I will admit most songfics and even ones that allude to a song in detail usually fail- because the song detracts from the characters and mood of the story, almost without exception. Stories come to a screeching halt even more if the song is out of context for the fiction, like popsong and vaguely medieval fantasy that doesn’t have any jet planes… I avoid songfics also because the song also rarely enhances the story unless you already know it, and the lyrics alone don’t cover the mood. Because of that I resist reading or writing songfics. I included a marching song/prayer in one story and found it incredibly hard to write. The artistic payoff for the extra erroft is not worth it. I really resent a writer’s demand that I track down and listen to an unfamiliar song to understand the chapter. I’;m not in the same emotional space when the writer came to love the song. And when I have, the music didn’t move me so it ends up a negative experience. No win scenario.
  13. Anesor

    A New Take on Celebrity

    There’s have to be some kind of learning on top of the celeb template. You probably don’t want the bot to forget things that happen or please the owner. And the core programs would overlap, leaving interesting code bugs like shutting down in electrical storms for safety or walking into wall when seeing a banana peel on the ground. I would be interested in when a bot, and probably all the bots finally leave the Turing test behind, and become aware instead of very mobile blowup dolls. What happens is one learns the real one is alive and well and had a baby out there? Or if they realize the odd in no period or babies? Even if there is no overt rebellion (Asimov’s laws) that doesn’t mean it will be easy...
  14. Are you slamming AI linguistics?
  15. Anesor

    How long do you prefer chapters?

    Admittedly, it depends on the author and even the mood of the chapter. Shorter chapters that work well are usually humorous or sharply focused on an emotion like angst or pining. Short chunks are sometimes a drive-by posting without character or plot advancement when an author wants to post something but is verbally flailing as to what. I've written shorter than a drabble when there is a total breakpoint for characters, and up to about 7k which are usually my finales. I prefer to write 1k to 4k. I like to read in that range as well. I can and have spent many hours on one well written and gripping story. (I won a bet with myself as a teen and read a thousand page paperback in one twelve hour binge-) But one of the reasons for chapters is to control the pacing of the stories, balancing plot, character, and climaxes. I know I have to end the chapter when a cliffhanger appears, otherwise I’m wasting the tension and reader’s wishes to know what happens next. One of the sweetest things is to see comments from readers howling to know what comes next. If the chapter seems on the short side I may go back and add or elaborate on a scene, but my muse is usually insistent on stopping if the narrative hits a cliffhanger. Another is to break the story into manageable chunks, as a writer and as a reader. (don’t we all tend to write what we like?) Chapters longer than about 6k, if that is typically clear from story stats, already have a strike against them. They require longer blocks of time and I cannot count on uninterrupted time as I got older. If I often get interrupted by RL I lose track of events and have to go backwards to refresh the story's flow. Really long chapters above 15k are approaching novella (and I'm reluctant to even start stories like that in fandoms I follow). There are several fanfics I've loved but had ended up dropping as I could not easily reenter chapters partway through without a visual marker. (I cannot dog-ear a scrolling page like I did before reformatting electronic books) I kept looking a while back when I started revising an original for professional publication and found answers ranging somewhere below 10k but no upper limit. One of the better suggestions was a chapter that most readers can finish in about fifteen minutes. Guessing that is another story, but 5k in 15 min → 333 words/minute as words per page is a slippery value... The time for editing long chapters or even stories is not a linear relationship either but a steep curve. I can easily edit a 1k flash in a day. A 2k is a day also. A 5k can run a week, even outside any time for a beta. A 60k novel? The sheer bulk is not just intimidating, but tracking all the bits of theme, character, plot and finicky details can drive you mad. I still have not come up with a way to organize it for my novels. I have found as my life got busier, I enjoy strong shorter pieces more, as a reader and as inspiration. One of my favorite writers right now can write an evocative, insightful story that rips your heart out in under a thousand words, many times a week. (Sorry to ramble on in a topic about length but answering tl:dr would not explain why that applies to fiction as well)